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  1. Unless they want do a very long movie then I think the Green Ranger should be save for a second movie. If the first movie does well then I can see them doing a few sequels. Lord Zedd is too awesome to skip out on.
  2. Liam Hemsworth was rumor to play the Red Ranger for this movie. I would welcome him to be in the movie as the lead role since he can act. If Jennifer Lawrence can bring in a crowd of people to see a movie then Liam Hemsworth has a shot.
  3. Makes me wonder how big the budget would be? You would need someone like Industrial Light & Magic to pull off the special effects for the Zords.
  4. I have more faith in this movie then I did with TMNT. At least the movie has the producer of First Class and the writer of the recent Trek movies.Now we need a good director and a decent cast. The Hunger Games franchise is almost done, so Lionsgate needs a new franchise. Lionsgate does a good job on marketing The Hunger Games, so I have faith in them marketing this movie well enough unlike Dredd.
  5. If Will Smith can't return for Independence Day 2 then what the chances of him coming back for Bad Boys 3?
  6. People compare the two because they were both popular action shows for young boys in the early 90's (Well TMNT did came out first, but the show was still strong in the early 90's). Both shows were made to sell toys. Also the 1995 MMPR film got over shadow by Batman Forever and Pocahontas that summer. More kids went to see those movies instead. I don't find Power Rangers any siller then TMNT. Both franchises can't be view taken seriously since they both have silly conpects.I think the movie should turn out fine depending how good the cast and director are. TMNT despite it's bad reviews, still d
  7. I can see the movie doing well in the Asian market. The movie will likely do well in China, Korea and maybe Japan. In South Korea, the Sentai Shows are dubbed in Korean and slap the Power Rangers name on to them. Power Rangers is pretty big in Korea from what I've been told.
  8. Silence - September 4, 2015 The Revenant - January 13, 2016 Godzilla 2 - May 25, 2018 The other two movies seem to have release dates already.
  9. Can you say the same for TMNT? The new TMNT did better then what people expect despite the bad reviews. Power Rangers has been doing very well on Nickeldeon and the toys for the newer shows have done well too. The new shows on Nick help Power Rangers stay relevant to a new generation of fans.
  10. July 2016 seems like a bad idea. I do wish for a better date though. I think the movie making over 100m DOM should not be a big issue. Power Rangers is a big house hold name and the series is still popular with kids. The original show has a lot of nostalgia to many people since the original show was the most popular action show to kids in the 90's next to TMNT and DBZ. I would like to do a Over 100m club, but I think it's too early.
  11. Interview with Roberto Orci http://news.tokunation.com/2014/07/21/roberto-orci-talks-power-rangers-movie-ign-19352
  12. Predators was a nice breath of fresh air after two awful AVP movies.
  13. Old news, but no one else posted this yet in this thread. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/power-rangers-movie-enlists-x-718684 They seem to be taken this project seriously. I hope they get a good director. With good marketing and possible good word of mouth, I can see this movie making over 100 million DOM.
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