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  1. Had a slight suspicion the tracking for Aladdin was a bit low. Caught it last night, it’s a crowd pleaser, perfect type of film to enjoy over the holiday weekend. Hoping JW can pull 30m 4 day. Looks like it will end the streak of getting a 3 multiplier but to be expected following its massive opening.
  2. I think TFA has warped our perspectives a bit. Let’s not forget that TFA was the first modern blockbuster to break the OW crown and claim top domestic performer and did so convincingly. We’ve seen the OW record fall countless times and most didn’t come close to being #1 all-time. I know a counter argument to that would be since Endgame broke the record by such a large margin it’s road to #1 is easier. It’s true, it beat the previous OW by 38%. Only other recent example that comes close is Spider-Man which beat Harry Potter by 28%. A still collosal opening for its time much like Endgame. Spider-Man fell about 200m short of the all-time spot despite having a terrific run. In fact, if Endgame ends around 850m it will be around 90% of TFA’s total, much better than the 67% Spider-Man had against Titanic. Maybe not a true apples to apples comparison, but what was true back then still applies today; what goes up must come down.
  3. That’s a fair point. Once the 2nd weekend started coming in, things kinda came back down to earth and while the numbers are huge, they weren’t blowing people away. TFA made every prior blockbuster look like a bitch domestically. Now that is the benchmark so Endgame gets measured to that standard, whether fair or not.
  4. Agreed. Also the advantage new movies have of opening Thursday night has essentially made the OW 3.5 days. We often judge the movies 2nd weekend drop with previews taken out. But that’s still money and demand burned and Endgame is the first movie to truly take advantage of how much demand can be satisfied in an opening. TFA opened during the holidays so it was slightly subdued but based off its performance, I have no doubt it would’ve pulled something similar with Endgames release date.
  5. Another reason I believe Endgame is falling harder than most people would like is during its OW, many people were forced to get 3D showings due to 2D showings being in higher demand. That brought the 3D share up to 46% in its OW, a pretty high number in 2019. But once the demand goes down, the 2D share goes up and 3D goes down. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 3D share is below 20% now. So the amount of people watching week to week might not be as steep as it looks, but in terms of real dollars it’s feeling it.
  6. I had a similar assessment, the first ones modest run gave its sequel plenty of room to grow and it did just that. More than doubled the original OW and final gross. 90m for a hard R action movie was a huge win but where would it go from here? Now we’re seeing the third attempt to pull off another massive increase and enter official blockbuster status as one of the great action franchises in recent memory. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is. It’s refreshing to know movies can still impress me despite the fact we witnessed a movie make 357 million dollars in a weekend just a few weeks ago.
  7. Just thought of another recent example. Alice in Wonderland: 334m Alice Through the Looking Glass: 77m Only 23% retention. Alice in Wonderland is one of the flukiest BO runs in recent memory. Probably the film that benefitted the most on the post-Avatar 3D hype. After it made $1B WW, that benchmark lost some of its luster for me.
  8. We’re having some good synergy going today. I say essentially the same thing haha. Just like the good ole days at BOM.
  9. I would venture and say every comedy from the 70’s and 80’s that got a sequel saw massive decline from the first. They were effortless cash grabs that rarely got original cast to come back and were usually shit movies. Hollywood has learned its lesson and now is dependent on sequels so we see much higher quality sequels than in years past.
  10. Yep, I’m in full agreement this is rare territory. I do take in account the low opening of the first to slightly downplay it but usually when the first one opens low, the sequel is the one that reaps all the benefits and the third has the task of matching it which isn’t the case here. This is unprecedented to see its audience expand in such a short time.
  11. Endgame vs. TFA reminds me of Revenge of the Sith vs. Phantom Menace. I remember being so stoked after Sith’s then massive 50m OD and 158m 4 day. I was pretty confident it would pass Menace, WOM was mostly positive and it had finale factor. But like Endgame experienced with TFA, Sith just couldn’t keep up with the relentless consistency of Menace after it’s huge opening and fell well short.
  12. Yep, the F&F franchise biggest strengths was flipping the script and deviate from car racing and focus on delivering over the top action and its emergence as an OS juggernaut. But it’s had some misfires as a whole, understandable after 8 entries. The Bourne trilogy saw healthy increases with each entry but peaked after 3. It’s hard to keep the momentum going, but if JW 4 gets made, I wouldn’t doubt it.
  13. If you told me a couple years ago after seeing Jungle Book open to 100m and Beauty and the Beast to 174m that Aladdin is tracking to pull in sub 100m over Memorial Weekend I would’ve laughed. Aladdin has always been a fan favorite amongst people my age (27) and that might be actually one of the things hurting it. Everyone is going in with the notion that Robin Williams genie cannot he matched. It’s definitely one of the more iconic characters that Disney has. That kind of iconic resonance can be a detractor because this remake is already seen as inferior. I hope I’m wrong and it does well. But we saw Disney pay the price for stretching Star Wars beyond the saturation point with Solo. With Dumbo and now Aladdin, it looks like their live action remakes could be following a similar fate. Lion King will do gangbusters to make up for it though.
  14. Good examples, I guess you can throw Thor in there as well. In raw dollars, Toy Story’s growth looks impressive but in terms of actual audience growth it was a slight improvement from film to film ala Lord of the Rings.
  15. I’m not saying it’s wrong but Keanu Reeves has been known to be very selfless throughout his career which is one of his better traits. He took paycuts to get Al Pacino for Devils Advocate and Gene Hackman for The Replacements. He gave a portion of his paycheck to the stunt men on the Matrix films. Contrast that to Bruce Willis who turned down Expendables 3 because he was “only” getting 3 million dollars for 4 days work and wanted more.
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