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  1. Come on there was little to no Avatar memes on internet. That's what is the most important.
  2. politics>sports>games>comics>movies>music>.....>everything else>....>porn Porn has fanboys? I mean what are they fanboying about. Who has the better boobs or something?
  3. This makes me wonder what a Fanboy thread from a Politics website will look like. Will it be worse than this thread or not. And BTW which field has the worst fanboys? Movies, Gaming, Politics?
  4. Neytiri: He's gonna kill us all! He's gonna kill us all!!! Neytiri's son: Mom! Mom! He's here to help! Quaritch: Come with me if you want to live.
  5. I came here for some Jimbo-fanboying photoshop works. I was not disappointed.
  6. I guess it's safe to expect The Meg II now? And in Meg II, that meg will fight other ocean monsters! (This is not the plot in The Meg right? I haven't yet seen the traile so I dont know)
  7. That's a great Fri number for the shark movie isn't it? I bet @baumer is very proud of its performance.
  8. Man this looks so bad. Almost as bad as Genisys's media photos.
  9. That's what happens when these VCs (Venture Capital) smell the blood of an internet-based business model. Here in China, you get a discount whenever you want to book a movie ticket using mobile phone apps. Basically the app companies lose money on every ticket they sell. The interesting part of this story is that this business has been going on for 5-6 years, and it looks like the game will continue for quite a while because the two biggest VCs (Alibaba and Tencent, who are also the two biggest internet-based companies in China) joined the game about 3 years ago, and these two have
  10. Good to see a franchise started from the 90's (yes it's based on a much earlier TV series, but the movie started 90's) is still going strong 20+ years later. I can't think of another pre-2000 one-key-character franchise (the same actor leading in all movies) that is still going strong. Maybe Rocky.
  11. "Hey Cameron, have you ever been mistaken for a truck driver?"
  12. Well, if we look at this as a defending post, that's kind of a false defending isn't it? No one here denies The Rock has been massively successful in movies right? It's like responding to "Justin Bieber is a dipshit for doing a lot of dipshit things in his non-singer life." by saying "Hey look at what a magnificent singer's career he has." Not that Bieber is comparable to The Rock tho. BTW don't hate me on this, but Justin Bi
  13. I definitely agree. His pro wrestling job required a huge amount of on stage acting and that's definitely a good preparation for his movie career. But like Arnold, he started the acting career at a rather old age, long passing the age when you can really elevate your acting skill through systematic learning. IMO Arnold's best "personal" movie is Conan the Barbarian and his acting didn't improve at all since then. The same could be said on The Rock and The Scorpion King. Not that The Scorpion King is as nearly good as Conan tho.
  14. The Rock started his wrestling career in the late 90's. It's reasonable to assume he started taking steriod since then. Not exactly a highly-advanced steroid era. And, steroid today has been hitting bodybuilders harder than in Arnold's era. Bubble gut reachs new height each year. He won't age as badly as Arnold did because he didn't need to take that much steroid and wrestling doesn't consume the body as hard as pro bodybuilding does. The Rock is 46, and he already looks better than Arnold at this age (1993). But, steroid will take effect no matter what.
  15. Let's face it, people don't really mean "The Rock always plays himself" when they say that. They just wanted to say The Rock can't act. "Always plays himself" is just a polite way to say it. This "always plays himself" phrase has a total difference meaning when being used on those who can act. You can't take it literally. It's like when a girl friendzoned you saying "you're a nice guy", she didn't really mean you're a nice guy. That's just a polite way to say "you're not worth me."
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