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  1. So CAYOM is dead now? Shame, I really miss the good ole days. This game always felt like a niche for me. I have many fond memories of it. And I regret that it seems dead now, when I may have finally had time to come back for a little while, like a month or two. Maybe some day it will re-emerge.
  2. It was...different, kind of. Like, I don't like it, but I do like it. It's really stupid...especially the whole idea of a day like that...but it's also somewhat fun, and even though I knew so-and-so would die, or this guy would save those people, or whatever, it was still fun to see it happened, and I loved "bitch-get-smacked-in-the-fucking-face" moment, but I wish the mom had chosen to like shoot-to-harm those dumbass neighbors of hers. You know...pop some knee caps or something. Or take all their money and possessions and make them be the poor people.
  3. It is a rare occurrence that I make a film that ends up number 1 on Numbers' list, so this is a huge honor. Also glad Avarice made the Top 5.
  4. I actually really liked it...but I don't like the ending. From what I've read so far, it would be my number 1, granted I haven't read everything yet. But the ending just didn't fit.
  5. We're going to stick with 5 BP noms. I think we had this kind of debate before (it may have been in the CAYOM at BOM, though), but there simply aren't enough films released yearly for there to be 10 BP noms. It would reduce the exclusivity of the category (as it has in real life, in my opinion) and would cause many undeserving films to be nominated. Many years don't have five worthy films, let alone ten. Think of it this way: wouldn't you feel more accomplished to get a BP-nominated film if there were only 4 other films nominated that year than you would if you got a BP-nominated film next to
  6. I wish in Order of the Phoenix they wpuld have included the scene where Umbridge sits in on McGonagall's classroom, and McGonagall ignores her until finally Umbridge reminds her that she was there, and McGonagall insults her by saying that she does not allow students to speak in her classroom.
  7. One of the best supporting characters of the series, and my personal favorite of the professors (well Snape's a better, more complex character, and Dumbledore too, but I really like McGonagall a lot).Her best scene is when she stands up to Snape in the last movie. Just amazing. the intensity with which she comes at him. She just unrelentlessly flings streams of fire at him, never giving him a chance for anything else.
  8. I'm making a movie based off this song and the video montage here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKWydA69o9EIt's one of the best songs I've ever heard, and one of the most meaningful ones as well.
  9. I've been watching the Harry Potter movies, and I can't help but feel so sad when I get past the 4th movie, and especially the 6th, 7th, and 8th ones. I decided that this will probably be the last time I watch all 8 movies for a few years at least. And it makes it harder for me to watch them because it feels, for some reason, like it'll be the last time I do watch them. But in a few years, I think I will return to the movies again, so it's not really goodbye.
  10. That has gone down in the CAYOM history books as perhaps the biggest meme of all-time (CAYOM-wise).
  11. This was one of the scariest movies I've seen in ages and much scarier than the latest Pararnormal Activity. Very chilling and well-thought out, with some silly horror cliches that make you scream "Don't go in the attic!" and "Get out of the house!" and so on. A terrifying movie.
  12. So to clarify that earlier confusion that Numbers presented to me about The Road Home and time issues and in which I pointed out the different time zones and their small references in the film, here are the points that mention them:At 1:43 A.M.Jamal says to Anne (Burstyn): "We may be in the suburbs, but this is still Chicago."At 1:51 A.M.Waitress at diner asks Anne when Louis (her son) will be coming back from ConnecticutAt 1:54 A.M.Julia (Moore) heads out on a lone country road leaving a small town, the sign of which reads the name of some small town in Connecticut
  13. Well PTA looks to be having a trilogy here, so maybe Lynch can. (PTA's had one in Y3, one in Y4, and one set for Y5, by the same 3 players who would do the Lynch "trilogy"). That said, it depends I guess on what each one is about and on who can get theirs done most reliably. My Lynch film will be a revision of one I did in CAYOM 1.0 on BOM called "The Shepherd's Wolves", about a sheep with a golden fleece and the people who desire to find it for their own greedy purposes.
  14. Ohhh, I was planning a Lynch film next year, too.
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