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  1. How does BOM have Monday's numbers already? I know it's an estimate but it seems kinda presumptuous to post that on a Sunday.
  2. Anyone else not able to get the Worldwide section to work? It won't switch off of 2020 for me.
  3. Ugh! I hate how under yearly, you now have to specifically click on "in year releases" to not have late in the year releases split up across two years. Also even then, the numbers are still not updated right away.
  4. Well at least they seem to have added a lot of the data back that they originally removed. I'm just sad that the franchise rankings are gone. I enjoyed seeing how a movie was doing in comparison to past movies in that franchise.
  5. Just curious but where did Joker get most of its money from? Cause it sure wasn't from the US where it made a good amount but making a billion without China is surprising. Even Deadpool couldn't do that.
  6. I was kinda hoping they'd cave after all the negativity and change it back.
  7. I know "first world problems" and all but this is some next level bullshit.
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