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  1. It's crazy to the think that the top 5 movies this year are Disney movies. And with Lion King and Star Wars it'll be the top 7. Talk about domination.
  2. How was it hidden? If you don't know to watch until the very end at this point, how is that the filmakers fault?
  3. I was kind of expecting a bigger increase since most people were busy with 4th of July stuff yesterday.
  4. Fair enough. I was half kidding but it's mostly just preparing for the worst so I'm not disappointed if actuals come in lower.
  5. I thought the Endgame factor would have a bigger effect on this since Spidey's actually in the movie unlike with Ant-Man in Infinity War. But maybe 2 months just is too soon?
  6. Why are they trying to make things difficult for us?
  7. $125 million over 6 days? What the actual heck? Even if they're under selling it, tracking going down can't be a good sign, can it?
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