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  1. Hopefully it's archived because I'll be at a convention tomorrow.
  2. Do you really think they're going to let this thing get delayed? Hollywood has already lost enough money over the last couple years because of Covid. No chance they're going to let this strike last long if it even goes through.
  3. That won't stop people from predicting the next big opener to break $100M OW.😜 Well actually, Eternals might have a shot.
  4. Wow. It's gonna be a huge drop this weekend, isn't it?
  5. This is opening the same weekend as Indy 5? I wonder which one will move. I can't see them both staying.
  6. Do kids even have Columbus Day off anymore?]
  7. China never tell us anything. 😟 We're really just forced to assume at this point.
  8. It honestly seems unlikely with Eternals coming out a couple weeks later.
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