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  1. To be fair though, the DC shows are the basically the only thing that the CW has going for them.
  2. They kinda had no choice there though with production underway already.
  3. I'm sure Phase 4 is more or less mapped out at this point, but Feige (understandably so) doesn't want to release that information before Avengers 4 comes out.
  4. I still don't understand what Geetha Govindam is. According to Box Office Mojo, it doesn't even exist.
  5. Let's be honest though. It's probably gonna be phase 5 by the time those movies get made.
  6. poweranimals

    Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    Can shareholders really sue a company because they lost money? Isn't that kind of the risk when you invest in stocks?
  7. Yeah, let's just cancel a movie in a franchise that has already made over $1.5 billion between the first two movies. That sounds like a brilliant idea. Especially after giving them a large role in Infinity War which went on to make $2 billion singlehandedly.
  8. Those are somewhat surprising numbers. Most of them are to be expected I guess. I kinda want to see the first Captain America movie again in theaters. I'm not sure why but I never get tired of that movie.
  9. What the heck is Geetha Govindam? MovieTickets.com 1. The Meg - 18.6% 2. Geetha Govindam - 17,6% 3. Mission Impossible - 9.5% 4. Christopher Robin - 9% 5. BlacKkKlansman - 6.3%
  10. They should include Hulk in AM3. How cool would it be to see an ant sized Hulk running around? I could also imagine some great dialogue between Bruce Banner and Hank Pym.
  11. What happened to the reviews on RT? They took the score down and deleted all but 3 reviews.
  12. That makes no sense given that Ant-Man is ahead of both of them in the dailies.

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