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  1. Wow. Even Godzilla is ahead of Dark Phoenix on movietickets.com right now.
  2. I also think that since it releases around the 4th of July week, people don't know what their plans are and might be keeping their options open.
  3. I'm surprised no new films are in the top 5 yet on movietickets.com.
  4. Is MT.com broken currently? The numbers don't look right.
  5. You're talking about a cartoon show on Kids WB. It's a completely different thing. And even then, the Superman and Batman animated series were on for years beforehand.
  6. Warner Brothers really only has themselves to blame. They wanted that big Avengers money but they couldn't be bothered to put the work in and just started throwing characters together hoping to coast on the hype factor that Marvel has built up over the course of several movies. I was super excited for a Justice League movie but I always said it would never work without doing the solo movies first. Make people invested in those characters first. Otherwise, putting them together is only really cool because it happened in other mediums.
  7. Yeah, it's already made more than any reasonable person could've asked for. I'm just hoping for a little more of that hype to continue into Far From Home.
  8. Why do people think Endgame had such a big drop this week? Last week kinda made sense given movies tend to have bigger drops in their second weekend but I expected a bigger hold this time around. Was Pikachu just too big of a release not to have an effect?
  9. That was my thought too but then I don't know why the cast didn't just say that. I get that they're not supposed to spoil the movie but that's something you'd expect to be addressed in marketing.
  10. The problem is in order to make less than 2.3 billion it has to actually be released.
  11. Yeah but I think we've seen more Godzilla in the trailer for this than the previous movie's entire runtime.
  12. I don't really understand Godzilla tracking. The movie looks insane. Although I haven't seen much marketing for it so who knows.
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