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  1. Yeah, cause that worked out well for Mulan.[/sarcasm]
  2. I know New Mutants had a lot working against it but I thought it would do better than that. Especially since there's essentially nothing else out here at the moment. The numbers for Tenet seem reasonable so far.
  3. Why the next 3-4 months? We really have no idea how long this thing is going to last for.
  4. How does BOM have Monday's numbers already? I know it's an estimate but it seems kinda presumptuous to post that on a Sunday.
  5. Anyone else not able to get the Worldwide section to work? It won't switch off of 2020 for me.
  6. Ugh! I hate how under yearly, you now have to specifically click on "in year releases" to not have late in the year releases split up across two years. Also even then, the numbers are still not updated right away.
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