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  1. As far as the big cats go, Cheetahs/Tigers > Lions imo Both are also much, much more endangered. Tigers are actually on the brink of extinction in the wild and could soon join the Tasmanian Tiger that went extinct 100 years ago.
  2. Dead as in a money maker? Never Dead as in creatively bankrupt? I'd say absolutely until someone comes along and proves otherwise. Palpatine is back! Do you guys remember Palpatine? He was really cool, huh? Remember his iconic laugh, his creepy face, and enormous power? Well, here he is boys! Everyone loves Palpatine! Its like a Disney exec is dangling a shiny object in front of a cat. Star Wars is now so incredibly commercialized and repetitive to the point that it feels both self important and empty. I'm sure as hell not expecting the next LOTR, Fury Road, or Bladerunner to come from this franchise anymore.
  3. Chernobyl on HBO is fucking amazing, a great antidote to the awfulness of True Detective S3 I watched last month.
  4. I didn’t think the legs would collapse after its 2nd weekend but having seen the movie I get why, most of it is fucking boring outside the last act but even that was an lame underwhelming whirlwind of CGI. I don’t regret the shitposting though, sometimes you just gotta get it on.
  5. Genisys had felt like a cheesy TV movie, its the Alien Resurrection of the Terminator franchise on steroids with a plot so batshit convoluted its something of a minor miracle a big studio suit approved it. Dark Fate can be really bad(which I think it looks) and still be much better than Genisys.
  6. Some of those are pretty hilarious, like "mansplaining" is total flatline up until the end. 2012-2013 is around the time when you starting a hearing a lot of those words for the first time or a lot more frequently.
  7. it'll be hilarious if Terminator 3 ends up better than this, which is a real possibility after that mess of a trailer
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