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  1. That Gitesh Pandya tweet is unintentionally funny. "Justice League drops 1% on Wednesday, Holiday Weekend Business starting"
  2. LOL wtf JL is staying flat on the day before TG? Oh boy, I think this could completely collapse on Monday. And 2 weeks after that TLJ opens...
  3. That Haradrim commander looks and acts like something out of Fury Road more than a decade earlier.
  4. On December 15th Disney gonna barge into theaters all like: Even though I think their bullying / draconian rules they're imposing on theaters for TLJ is fucked up, I'd love to see another 40m 1st Monday/149m 2nd weekend lol. TFA's first 2 weeks were so fucking wild and fun on here.
  5. The diminishing returns on this franchise was a long time coming. I'll continue to gloat thank you very much. And btw, my favorite movie of the year so far (Blade Runner 2049) was an even bigger BO disappointment and I didn't care when some here gloated about it flopping. You're still gonna get a lot more DC movies in the near future whereas the Blade Runner trilogy won't be completed for another 35 years.
  6. I think its deserved after the 3 prior movies (Man of Steel, Batman VS. Superman, and Suicide Squad) all got middling to terrible reviews/reactions. Until now there has been zero incentive to change gears and change course from a financial POV because they all made good money(how SS made fucking 330m is beyond me). If shit movies like these could continue to make money indefinitely its not good for anyone, including masochistic Snyder superfans.
  7. Oh man if BKB were here right now LOL, he'd be eating this up. I thought he was funny whenever he wasn't talking politics.
  8. Snyder just needs to go back to doing uber stylized shit like Sucker Punch, 300, and Watchmen. Why he was ever chosen to be the ring leader of a major comic book cinematic universe in the first place is baffling.
  9. 200m+ and rave reviews(Rian Johnson getting his own SW trilogy write/direct pretty much confirms that) would be enough to knock Abadah down to #3
  10. Studio clusterfuck. He claims Netflix let him have pretty much total control on his new movie Bright, but I have no idea what to make of that movie going by the trailers.
  11. You know after BvS and SS I was starting to think that the DC/Snyderverse movies(and CBMs in general) were like McDonalds... just gonna make a shitloads of money no matter what. Justice League(lets remind ourselves it has Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in it lol) might end up more influential/game changing than The Dark Knight, Logan, and Deadpool if it finishes around 200-220m domestic. Like, could it be that you can no longer just slap together a movie like this on autopilot and make shitloads of money?

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