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  1. 4 hour 11 mins someones gotta beat ROTK EE's 4hr 10min runtime
  2. If you want to see the funniest big studio release of the decade if I remember correctly, the bad terminator, some digital metal robot thing(i don't even know) gets stuck to an MRI machine
  3. i don't know about that but GOT has a ton of good actors in it, people just like to focus on Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington
  4. checked RT just now before going to work and all i gotta say is LMFAO at the audience score dat all
  5. I think Snyderbros are the only kind of superfans I don't understand at all. I get the Nolanites, MCU, Cameron Cultists, QT fans, Fincher fans, etc.... But Zack freaking Snyder? I just...
  6. Don't worry man, big tech monopolies are censoring/deplatforming people here under government/media pressure.
  7. What? The tracking had Alita making what, about 50m total prior to release? Its gonna make around 80m instead... that makes it a #SuccessStory
  8. Success Story™

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