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  1. Theres no such thing as a movie being too long if it remains meaty and focused. I think the easiest examples of long movies that don't have any fat on them would be the theatrical versions of the LOTR movies. On the flip side, The Irishman is about 30-40 minutes too long and Justice League is about 4 hours too long.
  2. Film twitter is just the worst whenever it comes to hair or accents in period pieces. "why didn't they get French actors or do French accents?" Could you imagine how cheesy and distracting that would've been? There are some accents you just don't do. Its like Ridley Scott said, "stfu, then you'll enjoy the movie" Hes already said they're not doing French accents for Napoleon and thank god.
  3. I seriously hope not but that teaser made me think of the Wheel of Time which was a cheap, tacky, and melodramatic disaster. I know its just a title reveal but I really didn't like the aesthetic at all.
  4. im really nervous about this after Amazon's godawful Wheel of Time adaptation
  5. Blizzard became money grubbing assembly line trash ever since they merged with Activation in 2008. Before that, every one of their games were extremely polished, groundbreaking, and ahead of its time.
  6. THE RISE OF SKYWALKER - Jesus. Jesus. Finally watched this! Boy, what a mess...and I thought The Last Jedi was bad! There really isn't much to say other than its a bunch of nonsense and a big waste of Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley, both of whom had so much potential after TFA. This movie feels like its trying to be both the second and third movies in a trilogy at the same time. Also, those desert scenes were pretty but very familiar...I hope Hollywood doesn't start overusing Wadi Rum. Dune used that place too. Maybe I just think Wadi Rum has become way too recognizable ever since in was
  7. most of the humor in this falls completely flat and is often just irritating as fuck
  8. If Jim's new movie about the uprooting and oppression of indigenous peoples is released in China it will change the CCP by making them see the errors of their ways. Only Jim can save the Uyghurs now. Jim Cameron 4815162342, Jim Cameron.
  9. Having just watched 1, 2, and 4 again I think they're all good. I think 4 is better than 2 though, that final act is so wild and funny I don't know how anyone can hate that one.
  10. I don't think its a bad movie, its just not for me. I got really bored during Goblet of Fire though and called it quits.
  11. I just re-watched the first movie for the first time in over 20 years and its a fucking blast. Scream 2 was pretty good too. I haven't seen Scream 3 but I'm gonna skip that one since nobody likes it. Never saw Scream 4 so I'm gonna start that one tonight.
  12. That Gucci love...star power is helluva drug! The fact that its also the only adult drama this year that wasn't a bomb probably helped. Haven't seen Gucci yet, but I suspect its noms aren't nearly as offensive as DLU's.
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