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  1. I'd care if they got a shitty DP, but Wolski is definitely no slouch.
  2. Ozymandias

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I'm glad I never got deeply attached to Star Wars because it feels like its just become a magnet for mountains of shit. Stupid youtubers in their Star Wars shirts surrounded by their toys ranting/bitching about Kathleen Kennedy and the state of the franchise 24/7, nerds driving one of the actresses off of social media, entertainment "journalists" blaming racism/sexism for the reaction to TLJ, the constant eye-rolling hoopla about how "progressive" the new movies supposedly are("pansexuality" and feminist droid being the latest), the "nostalgia forever" vision at Disney, etc. Even though I think the franchise is creatively bankrupt at this point, I'll still see the "main" movies. But I do agree Star Wars in general is getting annoying, or at least reading/listening to anything about it is whether its from a fanboys and haters that repeat themselves 24/7, people at Disney, or entertainment journalists.
  3. I spent too much of my younger years playing Blizzard games. Also played a lot of Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft up until WOTLK came out.
  4. Haven't played a video game in like 10 years, but back in the day I remember Diablo 2 being the greatest thing ever from the story, gameplay, and battle.net this cinematic was incredible way back in 2000
  5. Ozymandias

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    on my first day off in a week Netflix crashes fuck you Netflix
  6. lol those os numbers after 3 weeks holy shit
  7. It Follows was creepy as fuck almost fell asleep during The Witch
  8. That is pretty ridiculous, especially considering that Swedish version cost just 13 million, and was a superior movie. Looks like an actress playing dress up and put on a weird accent she practiced for 5 minutes.
  9. He was a straight up cartoon though from the haircut, scars, his actions, and dialogue. The funniest part is when he's blowing up the tree while sipping coffee saying things like scattering the roaches or something. Oh and his terrorist speech. The only great scene in Avatar is when he jumps out of the exploding ship in the armor suit thing. Looking forward to resurrected cyborg Lang or however the fuck he's coming back. Thanos actually was a decent(not great) villain. It only took Marvel 10 years though.
  10. Lol. Alden whathisname isn't Solo, its pretty obvious thats the biggest reason the movie flopped, people just didn't buy it. And Jake Sully left such a lasting impression on audiences that Sam Worthington has had a strong and vibrant career in Hollywood ever since with hits like Clash of the Titans and Man on a Ledge.
  11. Jurassic World is hilarious, its actually one of the best theatrical experiences I had due to the crowd I had on its opening Friday night. I sat next to this big black guy and his wife who couldn't stop laughing at the Indian guy. Haven't seen it since though.
  12. TLW is fucking tedious how do you make a movie about dinosaurs eating people so boring?

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