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  1. Lol why because I think a Bond movie should have a Bond girl in it?
  2. A big problem I have with Skyfall is how utterly sexless it is for a Bond movie. While its overall a good action movie with a great villain, there is only one Bond girl and shes in the movie for maybe a total of 5 minutes with little bearing on the plot before being disposed of after an abrupt shag. This is what puts it decisively below GoldenEye and Casino Royale for me, both of which have arguably the best Bond girls in addition to being overall great movies. Spectre was a bit of a rebound in that regard but overall the movie wasn't the strongest, though miles ahead of QoS.
  3. Decade+ late but I just watched SUNSHINE. I didn't know much about this going in but wow talk about a film that completely drops the ball in the final act. What was a genuinely thrilling, visually delightful, and relatively smart hard scifi movie turns into a really poor hide and seek slasher film where Sam Neill from Event Horizon shows up along with aggressively shitty camera angles/cuts, editing, and lens flares. Its like this movie went through a last second rewrite with a new director midway though production for whatever reason. Disappointing because I love space travel movies.
  4. It really should've moved to September. October is too crowded and I don't think the BO has recovered from COVID to handle that many big movies at the same time. found another critic reaction on twitter
  5. Most of the bond movies are coming to Hulu on Oct 1. I haven't seen any of the Connery or Moore ones in at least 20 years so I don't remember a lot of those movies. I need to re-watch those in preparation of the inevitable beating they're gonna get as hot stews of patriarchal masculinity and misogyny in No Time to Die Reviews and opinion pieces.
  6. Its bonkers and goes full throttle with the cheese and I appreciate that. Its not necessarily great but its a fun and memorable film unlike Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, and Quantum of Solace, all of which are completely forgettable in every way. Also I was a freshman in High School at the time and early 2000s Halle Berry was like every teenage dude's fantasy.
  7. Can you really compare the BO of the Connery films of 50 years ago to more contemporary entries of today though? Much more people went to the movies back then on average than they do today. The boxoffice and the nature of moviegoing has changed dramatically since then and will it continue to change. I'm not even sure if we can compare films coming out now and in the future to films that have come out just 2 years ago since COVID may have permanently reduced the amount of people who are willing to go to theaters. Die Another Day is pretty great.
  8. Bond has been on screen for 60 years and its never been as commercially successful as it is now with the Craig iteration. For that reason I suspect the next incarnation of Bond won't be that much different than the Craig movies in style and aesthetic. Why dumb it down or change it towards a YA audience? If anything, when Bond shed the goofiness and camp, things you'd probably otherwise associate with younger audiences, the franchise become more commercially successful. Bond will always adapt in order to remain relevant. The more serious Craig version of Bond was a direct respon
  9. Thats a really good spot. I hope this is good because I'm not feelin House of Gucci. That movie is giving heavy American Hustle vibes in that the only real reason for its existence is for a bunch of A-listers to play dress-up and overact for awards season only for everyone to forget about it immediately after. Reading the reviews for The Last Duel, I'm assuming its gonna end up somewhere in the 70s on RT. The only really negative one I see on there right now is by someone so hung up on the sociopolitical aspect of the film that she didn't bother talking about anything
  10. "Maybe you need to stop getting pregnant, I'm tired of my children dying inside you" is played completely straight and probably the most hilarious line I've seen in quite awhile.
  11. Its wild a new Matrix movie is coming in today's world. The first movie came out during the tail end of the hyper corporate computer .com boom era where things were still more or less functional. A lot of people still had money and 401ks even if they didn't like their jobs. Now, fast forward 21 years later, everyone is broke as shit living in a late stage neo-liberal Zion-like hellscape awash in plague largely controlled by space traveling oligarchs while willingly posting on the Matrix. In one of many ways the first movie can be read or constructed, The Matrix was a culminati
  12. such a good movie scared human beings are capable of anything they can have my toilet paper when they pry it from my cold dead hands
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