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  1. We're not getting into a war with Iran even though the Soleimani assassination was an extraordinarily stupid move when its comes to safety of personal in the region. Iran can't realistically retaliate directly without getting their airforce and soviet-era missile defense systems knocked out in a day leaving all of their important assets, infrastructure, and government buildings as target practice for US carrier groups and Tomahawks.
  2. So the US just killed Soleimani in an airstrike at Baghdad airport haven't read anything about it yet but lol what the fuck bro?
  3. the main themes will be rescuing a bunch of goofy space animals and war profiteering via arms sales because boldness and subverting expectations automatically = gud
  4. the fuck is a shipper 've been seeing this word in the last week, is this a new internet thing i'm unaware of
  5. This trilogy didn't have a 2nd movie so I don't know if thats entirely fair. The TROS is simultaneously trying to do damage control for TLJ and trying to be the 2nd and 3rd movies at the same time. Plus theres a ton of decisions in this I guarantee never would've happened if there was a 2nd movie, the most obvious of which is everything to do with Palpatine which was so transparently a last minute "oh shit what do we do" gamble. TROS is schlock, no doubt about it, but its kinda glorious schlock in a way whereas TLJ is just trite nonsense. I think TROS makes TLJ worse because its clear now it was like throwing a wrench into gears. I don't think JJ should've wrote or directed the 2nd two movies because he only had 1 job to do with TFA which was to ease people back into Star Wars with a safe movie and because he's not that good with originality, but not some pretentious douche like RJ.
  6. Lol Boyega, sorry bro but you're character was written as an inconsequential douche bag in TLJ so of course you weren't gonna get to hook up with the most powerful Jedi/Sith hybrid, sorry... that would've been stupid anyways. Rey developing a romance or feelings with a Sith actually could've been some juicy material, but doing that properly is just way too good/mature for Star Wars. Thats what I hate so much about these last 2 movies, TLJ think its good for doing absolutely nothing whereas TROS overcompensates for that by pandering to the extreme. Both are the polar opposites of lazy awfulness.
  7. doesn't make much of a difference to me to be honest as I've never been a huge star wars enthusiast even though I really appreciate and admire the OT(who doesn't honestly), but if she's gonna remain the creative oversight over Star Wars its gonna be entertaining when they're making 250-300m domestic on average
  8. lmfao this can feasibly make less than half of TFA did just 4 years ago? That is a complete disaster, especially for the "end" of the "Skywalker Saga". This is what happens when you make a really terrible film(TLJ) and immediately follow it up with another one. How does KK keep her job much longer after TLJ, SoLow, and this
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