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  1. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Still thinking about Brawl in Cell Block 99 a few days later. With his first 2 movies being this and Bone Tomahawk, Craig Mahler is definitely a dude to keep an eye on. His next movie has Vaughn in it as well along with Mel Gibson playing dirty cops called Dragged Across Concrete.
  2. I just hope its decent. Predator 2 is pretty much terrible. I thought the first half Predators was actually pretty good but then it shit the bed shortly after.
  3. Can't wait for the Obi-wan, Yoda, Bobba Fett, and Lando prequels. Kathleen and Disney™ won't let us down. Lolwut? Lena Headey is clearly the MVP of GOT right now. Emilia Clarke role isn't all that compelling. Headey is also 10x the actress she is. And have you seen Terminator Genitals? Darth Chappie!
  4. I heard the Rich Evans laugh in the theater during that moment
  5. i want to know how a guy who wrote/directed Looper and flawlessly executed BB's most pivotal episode wrote a scene so dumb and made it look so cartoonishly stupid at the same time
  6. I'm that alt-right guy funded by the Kremlin to make multiple accounts on Flixter, imdb, and metacritic to bring the user/audience scores down while shitposting about diversity/representation on discussion forums such as this place.
  7. Doing nothing now is considered bold filmmaking in some circles. Snoke being a random question mark and Rey's parents being nobodies = bold and the maturing of Star Wars. Snoke being Plagius would've been dumb and Rey being related to Obi-wan or somebody we knew would've been dumb as well, but apparently doing nothing instead of coming up with new history/characters/story is bold filmmaking. Understand? #BoldFilmmaking #LordRianJohnson #GrowingStarWars #NothingIsEverything
  8. Honestly though, where is the sexual tension in these new movies? OT: Han/Leia PT: Anakin/Padme NT: ???? And no, tumblr fantasies about Poe/Finn don't count.
  9. The script is occasionally routine but overall its a taut well paced thriller thats elevated a great deal by its performances, direction, cinematography, and score. Its till hard to believe that whole Plummer recasting shit was pulled off, its completely seamless and he's the best part of the movie. Its a very dialogue heavy movie so I can see certain audiences getting bored because theres almost no action in it although theres one really grisly scene thats kinda hard to watch. Better than Ridley Scott's other good crime drama American Gangster IMO.

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