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  1. I'm always like 20 hours late on everything now due to my new job but looooooool at that F cinemascore. Congrats Aronofsky and co
  2. Killing Them Softly was kinda shitty. I only heard about it after the all the hoopla about the F cinemascope and people hating on it so I wasn't a victim of misleading marketing(misleading marketing can DIAF though). Its pretty much just a boring and very on-the-nose movie.
  3. The Classic Conversation Thread

    i watched the first season again recently because i didn't remember anything about the first 3 seasons besides the basics, and it was funny seeing Jaime Lannister with both hands and as the smug-smartass-handsome-best swordsman-in-the-world with his prince charming hair compared to what he is now Edit: oh and Theon when he still had a cock!
  4. The only comedy I've seen that I'd actually call a masterpiece or close to it is Office Space It never gets old
  5. Has anyone contacted @davincicode1 for his thoughts on IT beating GET OUT in 1 week for biggest horror movie in recent years yet?
  6. The Classic Conversation Thread

    It was nice knowing ya, Key West
  7. I'd give this a solid B, I was never bored and I liked the kids, especially the girl. I think if I could sum up what this movie is missing it would be elegance. Its just not organic enough to ever truly soar and be genuinely thrilling or disturbing like one of my favorite horror movies THE MIST which ironically is another Stephen King adaptation. There are moments in this that could've been insane if they went all the way.
  8. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Thats even lower than Trump's, lol. She won't run again, even she knows you can't come back from losing to Trump, but she and her exceedingly creepy acolytes like Peter Daou will never stfu and go away.
  9. Just saw IT. Well, as far as overhyped movies of the year go, its certainly better than SHIT RIVER. I mostly enjoyed it, but felt it was missing something to make it special.

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