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  1. just watch the 13th warrior again for the first time in ages with some changes to the script it could've easily been an unforgettable classic, but that soundtrack is just amazeballs
  2. cameron just needs to let this go the first 2 terminators have the exact same story except with different characters, its time to let this franchise rest in peace
  3. Michael Bay, Zack Snyder, and Tyler Perry
  4. Those days are over. We crushed avatar, saw its fanboys driven before us, and reveled in the lamentation of their navi
  5. I have it on good authority that nothing in this movie approaches the joker/harvey dent hospital scenes in TDK
  6. y'all just sensitive and insecure #IStandWithMarty #RealCinema #JokerMovie #CulturalGenocide #ThemeParksRides #Marvel
  7. Lol I've been reading reviews over there for like 10 minutes now and the dedication is impressive. That site feels like like the end result of college-aged white liberals trying to out-woke one another. It might feel like parody right now, but just you wait 5-10 years... dun dun dun. RT approved is the first step!
  8. the more I see from this the hokier it looks granny sarah saying cheesy lines and terminators doing back flips and and other shit in slow motion with cg fast and furious set pieces isn't doing it for me if thats tim miller's vision for terminator with jimmy's blessing then i don't think theres a better example of a franchise thats run its course than terminator
  9. haven't opened this thread in a long time but just lol How does this doofus not understand that James Bond is 110% a male fantasy? You turn it into Jane Bond that fundamentally changes the appeal of the franchise and kills it dead in its tracks commercially. Its nowhere near the same as turning Thor or Captain America into a women.
  10. Hey man I'd rather real cinema thrive at the theater, but I just don't see it with the the capabilities of streaming platforms with 8 hour movies like Stranger Things S1, True Detective S1, or The Expanse/High Castle on Amazon. Movie theaters are gonna become primarily for the comfort junk food of cinema aka CBMs and empty CGI spectacles like Avatar, Terminator Sequels, Transformers, and Disney Wars. I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry.
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