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  1. Snyderbros are some of the creepiest bunch alive His entire filmography is just mediocrity at best, so why would "his" cut be any better than the turd that was released in cinemas? I hope it is released so the world can laugh at that version too. This idea that that the "snyder cut" is gonna be like the Riddler's Kingdom of Heaven Director's Cut is just delusional after how mindbogglingly awful Batman "Vee" Superman was.
  2. lol @ all the people raging over Scorsese, it says a lot more about them than Scorsese. He's allowed to have an opinion, especially when he wasn't rude and explained his POV very well in that op-ed stay mad, nerds
  3. This is because LOTR was made by a then hungry overweight man-child that dreamed of seeing LOTR brought to life since he was a kid. LOTR was a passion project through and through and it shows from the moment we see alliance of men and elves at the end of the 2nd age marching against Sauron on the slopes of Mount Doom to Frodo, Bilbo, and Gandalf sailing to the undying lands. IMO thats what is sorely missing from these new Star Wars movies, they feel like nostalgic market researched corporate products with some comically pandering on-the-nose nonsense and no real stakes. At the end of Empire, Luke lost his hand after getting his ass kicked by Vader and Han Solo was frozen in carbonate. What are we left with at the end of TLJ? Pretty much nothing which is probably why they they arbitrarily brought back Palpatine after they realized they shit the bed. You guys remember Palpatine? He was pretty cool, huh? Well, here he is!
  4. this is a fact at this point whenever I see napoleon posts propping up the canceled snyderverse I just hear "eye of the tiger" playing in the background
  5. terrible trailers trailers and another sequel to a franchise fucked beyond recognition didn't see this coming boys
  6. That 9 minute Diablo 4 cinematic/trailer was incredible, maybe they should get into the business of making horror movies lol.
  7. Those guys are so monumentally full of shit lol. If they were asked about diversity, human rights, or the importance of free speech in art under normal circumstances, they'd be riding in on that horse all day. But when asked about ass-backwards China, they evade dance around the issue while saying "we're not political, we business bro" in as many ways as possible because of all the extra dollars that market brings in. Kinda Amazing how China is sorta acting as Hollywood's(and other companies like Blizzard) MPAA or South Park
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