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  1. such a good movie scared human beings are capable of anything they can have my toilet paper when they pry it from my cold dead hands
  2. you hang out on Las Olas Blvd a lot? I used to work at Asia Bay Sushi Thai Bar there
  3. so I went to walmart today today and it was absolutely insane people are losing their goddamn minds I'm young and healthy(haven't gotten the flu in almost 10 years now) so I'm not too concerned though about all the hype
  4. guaranteed: Very, very good cinematography, sets, costumes, overall visuals, etc. Not guaranteed: a good script Its the Riddler way.
  5. good song, its not adele's skyfall, but much better than whatever the hell the last one was and I liked Spectre a lot more than most people. but with all bond songs, I think we need to see the actual opening credits to make a final judgement Edit: Skyfall was 8 years ago already? Fucking christ life moves fast...
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