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  1. I get that Futurist usually posts entertaining gobbledygook when it comes to politics, practical vs CGI visuals, and James Cameron, but in this case you actually have people like Bill Maher openly saying he hopes there is a big recession so Dems have a better chance in 2020. Even though, like, a LOT of people still haven't felt the "recovery" of the 2008 collapse in their pockets which was a big(if not the biggest) reason why the orange man won in the first place.
  2. I got a pretty good feeling Amazon's LOTR The Second Age show(at least 20 episode first season!) is gonna be much better than anything Star Wars puts out going forward as well. Get Cillian Murphy as Annatar!
  3. Just started watching A Quiet Place and the little daughter gets whacked in the first 10 minutes? lol
  4. on one hand its really nice for news/updates on pretty much anything on the other it has unquestionably made people dumber and amplified groupthink to the eleventh power
  5. After reading this thread and the Avatar 2 thread, in recent weeks its become clear that the ultra Cameron/Avatar fanboys just aren't the same anymore after their empty CGI tale lost the only thing it had to a thoroughly corporate product that at least had one memorable thing about it, Thanos. The ones who haven't been banned or ragequit and packed their bags for pandora just aren't posting with that fire and passion anymore with Thanos snapping their BO record. This was a good victory.
  6. we finally got a conspiracy theory thats uniting the country, I see #ClintonBodyCount and #TrumpBodyCount trending on twitter
  7. i don't know anything at all about wheel of time but its on my to do list
  8. I honestly think Amazon becoming a respected high end streaming platform is gonna live or die by this. They bought the rights for $250 million and are spending another billion on it right out of the gate, if they fuck this up I hope we still get 1-2 day shipping. I hope I'm not setting myself up for disappointment but I'm juiced as fuck for it. "Free reign to invent new things/characters as long as it doesn't contradict existing material Tolkien wrote" just sounds like the best possible outcome of that deal imo. They have a skeleton to work with and and they just have to flesh it out. Game of Thrones to me was just great(at least seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 even though 8 was fucking awful) and we need another top tier fantasy show. Hell, given what Shippey has said about free reign as long as they don't contradict or alter anything Tolkien has written, you could have a 20 episode first season with a whole new story/original characters without even getting to Sauron and saving him for later seasons. Speaking of Sauron, I just picture the final shot of the show(or one of the later seasons) of him played by someone like Fassbender or Bardem(just spitballing here) standing on a beach in Numenor looking at a beautiful sunrise that is slowly blocked out by a giant tsunami in the distance with a grin on his face.
  9. I think maybe the only reason why Trump hasn't bombed or invaded Iran yet is because it was John McCain's dying wish. I'll take that one
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