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  1. Halloween had some feminist messages, I stan.
  2. How can you remake something so great? Courtney Cox made Gale Weathers an ICONIC character in horror history. As did most of the whole main cast in the first one...Parker Posey as Jennifer Jolie? Untouchable. I just love those characters so much...
  3. I am lowkey annoyed...like this a part of my culture. Grew hearing this story all the time, and to see one of the leading faces being a white woman? Why couldn't Patricia Velasquez, star of the iconic The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, be the lead? Like...respectful to the origins? Why it gotta be white then...?
  4. Jamie Lee when she sees the number from midnights alone...
  5. Tea, and I remember seeing some great names for the same roles, but they weren't white and brunette... And tea at Ryan, am tired of white men directing. The whack ass excuse no female director is ready? LMFAO, tragic.

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