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  1. I haven't seen shit cause we are in a pandemic, but I hope Birds Of Prey (Wonder Woman 1984 too if applicable) snatches nominations and awards. ❤️
  2. The drama in this thread, I love it. I wish it got crazier before it got stopped! Drama is the only entertainment I get out this place now...a tragic beauty. I peeped a couple pages, but the back and forth is not that bad? Not as bad as it used to be, LOL. The shit we used to get into back in the day...iconic! You all will never be as iconic as me though. ❤️ @Ms Lady Hawk Thank you for fighting the good fight! I am sad you got a large post while the other one got like a few lines. I wish it were equal, to be honest, so much for equality! Just enjoy some drin
  3. Wait, I never heard about this... Not Zeesoh, the Russell of this season, winning! I was the Parvati of the season. ❤️ Cook Islands though.
  4. A. One of the tightest DCEU films to date, Top three with Shazam and Wonder Woman for me. So many things done well, the chemistry is just really strong with this cast. I really hope we get to see more from them.
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