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  1. Wait, I never heard about this... Not Zeesoh, the Russell of this season, winning! I was the Parvati of the season. ❤️ Cook Islands though.
  2. A. One of the tightest DCEU films to date, Top three with Shazam and Wonder Woman for me. So many things done well, the chemistry is just really strong with this cast. I really hope we get to see more from them.
  3. I supported it this weekend, but yeah, it's so sad. Such a fun great film, deserves better.
  4. Panda and Slam liking this? Y'all down for misogyny? Okay. It was a joke, and two, even if I didn't make Top 5, I played a hell of a game, jerk, lol.
  5. Sometimes, I wonder why you snub me, and then, I see some of the shit y'all post. And I remember why I stop posting, lol. Anyways, I deserve Player Of The Year for Survivor, but y'all gonna snub me anyways. I needa do these, but I haven't seen enough of the nominees...
  6. My karma strikes again...you hate to see it! I am truly the most iconic bitch up in this bitch. Shoulda never gone after me, lol.
  7. I guess this is goodbye...for now, bitches. I hope you all know I am the one of the deciding factors to who wins this season. Bet y'all asses, I will remember who backstabbed and lied to me. I may forgive, but I never forget. And I WILL be having some words with the Jury about this. You all got me fucked up. Anyways, more about me and less about y'all basic asses, I played one hell of a game this season, and I knew at some point people would see me as a contender because of my mastermind. From my conversations with many contestants in this game, I realized I was a target for elimination for about five times, and lately, I was the main target these past FOUR weeks. Took you all a long time to get me out, and you all had to go through hell and back, even losing some of your own allies in the process. I am a bad bitch, period. While inconsistent due to everything going on in my life, and Captain Wondyful (@captainwondyful) has been aware of my situation, I have nothing but adoration and love for her. Thank you for continuing this game. I appreciate all the effort and time you spend in writing these great stories. You make one hell of a storyteller, and I especially wanna say thank you for capturing my essence and personality right, very few get that right. To all those who remained loyal and truthful, I thank you for your service. I will remember this if I ever decide to return. As you all know, I was originally not supposed to be on this season, but Slam (@SLAM!) was very nice and allowed me to be the last contestant to join (before Spaghetti tried to one up). I hope some of you (not all) are careful with you who trust and align with in this game as it is clear there is one person playing both sides of the game. Good luck to my boos cause I will not be forgiving as the baddest Jury member, know that.
  8. SNAKES. Y'all scared of a bitch who ain't afraid to play the game and brings competition? I knew it.
  9. Lol, what? Mods, why are you all letting these men talk outta their ass? Kristen Stewart is more well liked than you can imagine, judging by the reception she seems to have on social media. I think this mostly on marketing, and that's it.
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