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  1. Wait, I never heard about this... Not Zeesoh, the Russell of this season, winning! I was the Parvati of the season. ❤️ Cook Islands though.
  2. A. One of the tightest DCEU films to date, Top three with Shazam and Wonder Woman for me. So many things done well, the chemistry is just really strong with this cast. I really hope we get to see more from them.
  3. I supported it this weekend, but yeah, it's so sad. Such a fun great film, deserves better.
  4. Panda and Slam liking this? Y'all down for misogyny? Okay. It was a joke, and two, even if I didn't make Top 5, I played a hell of a game, jerk, lol.
  5. Sometimes, I wonder why you snub me, and then, I see some of the shit y'all post. And I remember why I stop posting, lol. Anyways, I deserve Player Of The Year for Survivor, but y'all gonna snub me anyways. I needa do these, but I haven't seen enough of the nominees...
  6. You are ignorant if you do not believe the harassment John faced prior to the premiere of TFA, after, and now has not been a product of racism. If you actually paid attention, this was all starting to brew when people were incorrectly attacking and harassing John for an interview where he was supposedly extremely misogynistic about Kelly Marie Tran and the harassment she faced. It was a tirade of mostly white women, most of whom have an ovary explosion over Reylo. Eventually, he had to speak out and apologize when it was pretty clear that was not what he meant. On top of this, like Oscar, he has been pretty vocal about his experience with these films and his feelings towards it. Like Oscar, he pretty happy to be done with it. However, Oscar has not faced the kind of harassment John has faced. On top of this, like others have said, Harrison is notoriously frustrated in his feelings towards Star Wars, etc. Carrie and Mark used to make comments as well. The only person who seems to be taking the brunt of everything IS John. And now that he spoke out on Reylo, rightfully so, it's a gross and stupid ship for the likes of crazy and dumb white women. And this is the weird since Adam AND Daisy have both expressed their disdain for it, but John is the problem? You don't call racism? Bullshit, I do. And if y'all wanna make it about acting, John wasn't the worst of the main trio. As much as I hate to say it cause I love Daisy, but if anything, she's the weak link. If she isn't comfortable or happy with the material, it's pretty easy to read, despite her charisma and all.
  7. The next time you wanna indirectly shade me or whatever, do it directly. Don't be a scared ass pot-stirrer. Get some courage, sweetie. And before the mods wanna crack down on me (instead of going after actual instigators and perpetrators of ignorance and messiness), this is my last response in this occasion to this JLaw stan. If y'all delete my post, I'm coming for y'all too. I don't appreciate being mocked, especially on a sensitive topic.
  8. The racism John Boyega is STILL facing is disgusting, and acting like this isn't because of the color of his skin, y'all are dumb. He's been attacked and harassed since the first movie, and I don't blame him for speaking up and trolling the haters.
  9. My karma strikes again...you hate to see it! I am truly the most iconic bitch up in this bitch. Shoulda never gone after me, lol.
  10. The film shoulda been longer. I deadass started rewriting this movie while trying to explain my issues with it. Mess.
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