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  1. The Heard praise, her MIND, her IMPACT. Deep just kicked over his nightstand!
  2. He said we're full of shit. He is the one that needs to calm down. This isn't his first offense either. Some of y'all mods are slick as fuck and like to sweep things under the rug when one of y'all fuck up. Some of you all should not even be taking when you have expressed controversial opinions and whined about the flack you received as if anyone forced to say something ignorant. And you're not seeing the issue because maybe it doesn't apply to you? Maybe it isn't for you to care about? Maybe it isn't for you to see? Ever thought of that? Sure, you all should be hoping for accurate and significant representation of people of ALL color AND background, but this is a big SHOULD as if you all are HOPEFULLY not ignorant or racist. Big IF. I am screaming at you all thinking the TITULAR character is Latinx should be enough as if the legend did not come from Latinx folklore. You think they could get away with doing otherwise? The shit you all pull from your ass... Our issue is the fact the MAIN character is white, fuck Italian, she is WHITE. Like her being Italian is going to have an impact on how the story transpires, in a LATINX (or MEXICAN) story? The thing is the fucking setting SHOULD matter because where did this originate in the FIRST place? And Los Angeles? Has there ever been substantiated lore dedicated to this city with hosting activity or stories to La Llorona? Likely the ONLY believable and substantiated city in the states that has held any claims is San Antonio. Just because Los Angeles is home to many of my community, does not mean it can sub for the setting these stories take place. At some point, this becomes from an interesting and respectful adaption to a dishonest and disrespectful one. Why Los Angeles and not San Antonio? Why Los Angeles and not one of the biggest cities in Mexico? Is Los Angeles more marketable than Mexico? Is Los Angeles prettier than Mexico? Is Los Angeles not as brown as Mexico? Etc. If so, then this is not only a disrespectful stance but a harmful one as well. When do these people and places being valid enough to earn the respect they deserve and need for the stories and people they birthed or inspired? I am mad because yet again we are being exploited and used to fill the pockets of mostly white executives and such. I am mad because the authentic and honest stories of ourselves and in this case, this folklore, is not enough. I am being told we are not good enough to be talked about and written about, and for some of you all to come in here and say some of the shit you say is disrespectful. I could go on and on, but to some of you, this may seem exaggerated and pointless, and if you are reading this and this is you, you are part of the problem. I am just tired of being told by white people what I can and cannot be mad about, what is and what is not diverse, and what is and what is not racist.
  3. Latinos can speak for themselves, hun. And I can say I would be happy with any kind of representation. La Llorona could have been a significant cultural event for the community, and instead, it has become exploited by white people to cater to white audiences.
  4. There were dark-skinned Vikings though, babe.
  5. Claire of Themyscira

    The State of Survivor

    All jokes aside, Spaghetti, you and I have forged a beautiful and significant bond outside of this forum. I absolutely admire you and the heart and tenacity you possess. Through many conversations and heart to hearts, you have broken down my walls and gotten the see the person I hide behind this facade I have taken for protection. When no one else believed, you did. When no one else listened, you did. When no one else tried, you did. You have been one of the most caring and loyal forces in my life, and I would love to return the love you shared. I will support you through thick and thin, go out and conquer the world, love! One step at a time though.
  6. Claire of Themyscira

    The State of Survivor

    So, did I win?
  7. Halloween had some feminist messages, I stan.
  8. How can you remake something so great? Courtney Cox made Gale Weathers an ICONIC character in horror history. As did most of the whole main cast in the first one...Parker Posey as Jennifer Jolie? Untouchable. I just love those characters so much...
  9. I am lowkey annoyed...like this a part of my culture. Grew hearing this story all the time, and to see one of the leading faces being a white woman? Why couldn't Patricia Velasquez, star of the iconic The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, be the lead? Like...respectful to the origins? Why it gotta be white then...?

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