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  1. SPIT??? I would NEVER... I would DEFINITELY throw hands though.
  2. I was the highest scoring bitch of the week? This was MY time to shine and I got Cardi??? I am OFFENDED. My one and only true vocal inspiration is Christina Aguilera, bitches. Other than that, it is VERY accurate that I would outshine everyone though. This is for the gays! This is for the LGBTQ+ community!!! This is for Mexico!!!!! This is for everyone who has EVER been ignored! Now, where's my special privilege of automatically advancing to the merge?
  3. Well, I've read that someone came out saying that all these "spoilers" people are leaking about a few movies, one of them likely BOP, are actually false. So, I'd still take it with a grain of salt, whatever she's spouting.
  4. Y'all being messy as usual and turning every thread, every weekend for the worst. Y'all stay doing it every day, every time for everything. It's become a RITUAL. Stream Ritual by Tiesto (FEAT. RITA ORA).
  5. Finally, someone who knows and recognizes me as the best bitch on this site. The homophobia and misogyny blind these people too much. Also, I cannot help stanning an amazing and beautiful and charismatic woman like Rita Ora. She does it ALL. I stan TALENT.
  6. It's at a B. A lot of characters were treated like jokes after they experience obvious development in their arcs. One of the two main deaths was a joke, and it fell short after not knowing how to treat this character at all. It was too long, and a lot of the fanservice coulda been cut down. While I do agree some of the scenes were touching, they could have selected only a few instead of having so many bog the movie down. Some moments of forced and unearned representation fell really short and were obvious acts of pandering without actually making any effort. There was some strong performances across the board, but there coulda been much more done. The last act was pretty stellar, some of the best I've seen in a blockbuster. I just wish the film around it was stronger.
  7. I don't like the undoing of Thor's development, Natasha being reduced to a shock death, the shoehorned in gay representation, and the forced female teamup after sidelining ALL their female characters in the movie and universe.
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