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  1. I'm not too worried. So far, all the marketing for the solo films has been stellar. I'm sure they're waiting for the right time to unleash everything. This is WB we're talking about.
  2. Thank you. Plus, nothing has really been confirmed or RELEVANT to this film. If you're gonna be anti-black, just be upfront about it. Lmfao. Anyways, still pumped for this film.
  3. I would hesitate before believing any of of those reports. This is Chicago PD after all, not known for being the most truthful due to their history. So, if you're immediately taking this as fact, says a lot about you...
  4. As long as it ougrosses the first Scooby-Doo, I'm happy. Cause then, that means there's definitely room to expand since this isn't a big story or anything.
  5. Claire of Themyscira

    Weekend Thread: Miss Bala $650K preview

    Gina Rodriguez is also notoriously anti-Black. I ain't bothered.
  6. I'm wondering now if she's going to be on the soundtrack after her interview with Zach Sang. She made the official track for Fifty Shades Freed while starring in it... Could see her doing the same, but someone mentioned she could be playing Jigglypuff, what if Jigglypuff got a number? ICONIC. I'd love if she made a separate track for the film though in the vein of this smash hit.
  7. And so what if he met someone at a club? So what if he happened to be gay? So what if there were drugs involved? Pull your head outta your ass, and shut the fuck up on issue where you have absolutely no empathy for a hate crime. I'm really not the one to fuck with, y'all. Regular ass bitch or moderator or not, I will call your whack ass out.
  8. Men already complaining, lmfaooo. You all mad women are not one-dimensional or predictable or basic like y'all are? Anyways, loving the look of this. I am down for a new superhero flick through the hands and eyes of women.
  9. Near the end, global pop star and fashion icon and up-and-coming actress, Rita Ora talks about Detective Pikachu.
  10. LMFAO, ya shade hoe. Where is the lie though?
  11. Star of Detective Pikachu went to Jimmy Fallon to perform her latest smash single, Let You Love Me, which is rising on US Pop Radio and on iTunes and streaming services. @MCKillswitch123

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