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  1. Lazy ass bitches, I would NEVER. They should hire me instead.
  2. Chill, sis. 60% is in that middle ground where it could go either way.
  3. I’m not saying you were. Just saying that 47 Meters Down slayed, despite the odds.
  4. 47 Meters Down was carried on the entirety of Claire’s shoulder, and there was only so much Entertainment Studios could do for their first feature after paying Claire $5M for the other leading role.
  5. Me being spot-on with my Mission: Impossible - Fallout prediction. I STAY winning.
  6. I'm excited for Fallout, despite my man's messy words a few days back, but I'm truly waiting for The Meg. Something about it SCREAMS summer fun...and I'm also eagerly anticipating The Predator and Halloween. But yeah, hope The Meg does well...they missed out not casting Miss Claire Holt, a proven draw that carried Mandy Moore and 47 Meters Down on her BACK.
  7. This seems like the film that would attract people who didn't see the first. It looks engaging and fun, and UGH, the music??? Why not? I'm definitely seeing it, and I haven't seen the first...
  8. Yeah, take the whole six-inches, not just the tip and all...
  9. Claire of Themyscira

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    I mean, I don't blame them when she tried to make Amber Heard seem like a mess and all. On top of that, she's said some questionable ass shit that makes me wanna drag her... However, I agree. If you're gonna come for her, come for ALL of them.
  10. Claire of Themyscira

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    Get that bitch!
  11. Claire of Themyscira

    SUR(V)IVOR: Episode 1 - Just Scraping By (Part 1)

    Hello, gurls.
  12. Brooke was a gem, by far the most likable to me. Wish Riley was a regular too.

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