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  1. Looks like Solo is going to make around 65% of TFA's OD.. in 4 days. Maybe £6m opening. The only thing that will benefit Solo is the fact it's bank holiday on Monday, and also kids are off this upcoming week as it's half term. But still, looking at a sub $30m total. Pretty horrendous. Too many SW films in just 2.5 years.
  2. Deadpool looks busier at Vue Westfield than Solo. At some cinemas it's doing okay, but in some it's looking pretty diabolical.

    This might miss $50m in UK.

    $18m in the UK is only a 10% drop which is actually fantastic considering wedding + weather. Not a big drop at all.
  5. Looks like IW could miss $100m mark by a small margin, but excellent run either way.
  6. I don't see more than £30-35m for Solo. JW has £40m+ potential.
  7. That's good for DP considering the circumstances, I thought it'd do worse.
  8. Box office is getting slaughtered today. Royal wedding, amazing weather and FA Cup final. My local cinemas are looking empty this afternoon, even for Deadpool

    Definitely will in UK, and the weather is good tooZ
  10. Did Deadpool have the same opening set up? Deadpool 2 has basically had 1.5 days as showings started at 6pm on Tuesday. Very good though, Deadpool opened to £13.7m, so I guess a similar number can be expected, although the royal wedding + FA cup final + good weather this weekend will probably have an impact.
  11. IW should be past the £60 mark ($81m) after this weekend.
  12. Yes. Between 90-100m looks likely.
  13. UK's Monday was £2.7m ($3.7m). Will drop over 50% today. Good news for BO is that the weather is going back to normal this week which means this weekend should have a better drop.
  14. Don't know about other places but my local cinema is looking pretty dead today. There's about 20 people in the 1pm showing of IW. Don't know who would want to go to the cinema on a day like this though..

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