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  1. £50m+ is basically guaranteed now for TS4. Another huge success. The Lion King pre-sales are looking insane, a £14m+ opening weekend wouldn’t surprise me. At mininmum it should clear £12m.
  2. So fell a bit short of £15m in the end. Still a great opening and has a shot at becoming highest grossing SM movie. Good hold for TS4, if it weren’t for Lion King I’d say £50m would almost certainly happen. Should at least get to £45m and it has a decent shot at £50m still. It will have topped £40m by Sunday and most schools break up for summer next week.
  3. $3.4m OD Tuesday for Spiderman. Around £2.7m. Very good for a Tuesday non-holiday. 70% above Homecoming. Sets it up nicely for £15m+ 6 day.
  4. Great drop for TS4 considering the weather. Aladdin should be able to leg it past the £35m mark which is a fantastic total. Spiderman pre-sales are looking strong, wouldn’t be surprised if it made upwards of £15m in 6 days (Tue-Sun). Homecoming managed £9.4m in 5 days, however Endgame will likely give this one a significant boost.
  5. Excellent start, better than expected, around £11.8m. A good comparison for this could be Minions. That too opened at the end of June, with an £11.6m 3 day, and ended with around £46.5m. Minions faced Inside Out and Ant Man during the summer, so quite a bit smaller than the double whammy of Spider-Man and The Lion King that TS4 will be battling against. Still, we’ll see how close it can get to £50m.
  6. UK opening is strong that I thought actually. Very good opening.
  7. Also the good weather today seems to be impacting BO a bit, I don’t think TS4 is teaching its full potential. Can’t see it topping £10m, although don’t really have a clue on what level it’s performing right now. There are so many showtimes, one every 20 minutes in places so it’s not filling up shows which may make it look like it’s not doing as well.
  8. One big disadvantage that TS4 has is lack of summer weekdays. It’s opening a month away from school holidays which is unusual for big Disney tentpoles but The Lion King has that spot this year and that could pull BatB numbers.
  9. Amazingly, Aladdin stayed top this weekend ahead of MIB, with £2.9m and a total above £30m. If it weren’t for Toy Story 4 coming out this week it’d almost certainly hit £40m. Toy story 4 pre-sales look very strong. Toy Story 3 is still the biggest animated film of all time here with £74m, next highest being incredible 2 with £56m. Right now I’d say Toy Story 4 won’t hit those heights, but £50m is possible. As for its opening, I can’t see it missing £10m. Incredibles 2 opened to £9.7m, so between £10-12m seems likely for TS4. Pound is obviously much weaker than in 2010 so this won’t get anywhere close to TS3 in $. Maybe a bit more than half.
  10. Dark Phoenix flopped badly, beaten by Aladdin in its 3rd weekend. Aladdin should pass or be very close to £30m by Sunday.
  11. Given it’s a live action remake of a popular Disney animated film, Aladdin always had the potential to do well but before its release most were expecting it to disappoint. So the fact it’s holding so well despite intense competition has surprised people.
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