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  1. Incredible 2nd weekend for 1917 with a 13% drop. Looks like this is turning into a massive hit and Oscar buzz is also increasing. Great opening for Bad Boys too with $5m.
  2. Bad Boys for Life is doing very well around me. Much better than expected, it’s actually got quite a lot of sellouts or full shows tonight. Wouldn’t be surprised if it opened near £5m. Could be an interesting race for number 1 between it and 1917 (which should have a very strong hold).
  3. 1917 should also have very strong weekday business given as it appeals to the older crowd too.
  4. Damn, that is massive! Around £7.3m. If this wins big at BAFTA’s/Oscars, £30m+ is possible.
  5. Yeah I agree, pre-sales are looking strong. And with so much award recognition this could turn into a big hit.
  6. Jumanji has had a fantastic holiday period, almost at $40m. Also, Little Women is doing very well and could leg its way to $20m. Frozen 2 will probably hit $70m, and TROS will probably hit $80m.
  7. $32.1m at of Monday (around £24.8m), which means around a £4m Monday. Pretty big. Cinemas are closed today but it should be over £40m by Sunday.
  8. Jumanji looks very busy today (much busier than Cats around me). Looks like it’s going to get a big boost over the holidays and could end up near £30m. Interested to see how Little Women performs here. It’s the type of film that could end up being a pretty big hit, especially since it’s critically acclaimed.
  9. How was Potter not dominant? What a fucking ridiculous and totally wrong statement. Potter was and still remains one of the most popular franchises ever. At the time, it absolutely was the most dominant film series. I live in London and I can tell you Potter is still insanely popular, you can’t get tickets for the Cursed Child in the West End even if you tried, and the WB HP tour is insanely busy all year round. Potter was the most consistent franchise when it comes to box office performance. 8 films, almost $8bn, and it still resonates hugely with kids, it’s not just a one generation wonder. Also, how would $1.6bn not be dominant? That would put it in the top 7 or 8 films ever. DH2 also made $60m in China, and was the 4th highest grosser of the year. It would have been huge today.
  10. Frozen won’t top £60m, but it should pass £50m. That make 6 films that would have passed the mark in 2019, which is a record.
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