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  1. Awful weekend, but it was literally scorching and I didn’t see a cloud all weekend so I’m not surprised. It’s easily one the busiest weekends of the year for festivals/outdoor events with Notting Hill Carnival and multiple music festivals. One more week of school holidays. TLK should have topped £70m by tomorrow.
  2. Both TS4 and TLK are doing huge business. TS4 late legs have been impressive and the absolutely shit weather lately is definitely helping too. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is looking very busy tonight, it could do £6-7m over the 5 day.
  3. Fantastic weekend for all films. TLK will pass £50m with ease and probably £60m too. TS4 is also having some great late legs and could end up getting close to the £60m mark too. Spiderman Far From Home should also become the highest grossing SM movie.
  4. Return to cooler weather should mean soft drops this weekend. Wouldn’t be surprised if TLK has a £10m 2nd weekend.
  5. It is. Temps are forecast to potentially get up to 38c this week (100f), and temps on the tube are much higher than that. It’s actually disgusting down there.
  6. Lion King significantly up from estimates again, £16.7m opening. TS4 had a fantastic 29% drop and is at £47.3m. Just a note, there is a heatwave this week with temps possibly breaking the all time record here. Not sure if this will impact the BO in a good or bad way as people may actually want to escape the heat. Pray for me and my commute on the non-air conditioned tube. 😓
  7. Likely as business will be much more spread over the summer compared to BatB which opened during term time. It probably won’t reach the heights of BatB though. Could be a close one between TLK and TS4 (which looks set to get to around the £55m mark).
  8. The fact it’s summer holidays will probably limit how high this can go as kids can just go now during the week. Even though BatB has an OD over £1m below, I can’t see TLK topping its £19.7m OW. Still a fantastic opening though.
  9. Friday’s key openers were led by the UK’s $6.5M which is the biggest launch day for a Disney-branded live-action film ever. It’s the 2nd highest opening day of 2019 behind only Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame.  $6.5m is about £5.2m. Probably sets it up for an opening weekend of around £17m. Most schools have broken up for summer now so summer weekdays will set in.
  10. Lion King is doing insane business tonight. Like Avengers level. Expect a huge opening.
  11. Pound is really suffering right now and keeps dropping amid Brexit uncertainty. Some forecasters are predicting dollar parity so the future isn’t looking great at all for $ grosses in UK. $100m now requires a huge £80m which only a few films have ever topped...
  12. £50m+ is basically guaranteed now for TS4. Another huge success. The Lion King pre-sales are looking insane, a £14m+ opening weekend wouldn’t surprise me. At mininmum it should clear £12m.
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