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  1. Fantastic opening considering weather and sporting events. Will have a massive run over the summer holidays as kids break up this weekend. BO is back after a very quiet month. Could be an interesting race for number one this weekend but I expect Mamma Mia will take the crown. Should also be huge.
  2. Temps are expected to be in 30s down here in the south this weekend with mostly sunshine.. tomorrow some thunderstorms though and next week looks similar with temperatures cooling down. Incredbiles 2 will do big business nonetheless, hopefully at least £10m OW, although third place play off and WC final on Saturday and Sunday as well as Wimbledon final will likely dent things. Schools will be starting to break up in England now so expect very strong legs for Incredibles over throughout the summer. The BO has been unbelievably dead so I2 can really capitalise.
  3. Heretic

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    After it's 2nd week of $9.5m, JW has completely collapsed in the UK and only made $12m in 3 weeks. Deadly combo of the World Cup and one of the warmest summers on record that we are currently having.
  4. Should do very well. £40m+, £50m might be on the cards. For now, the BO will be suffering with this ongoing very warm weather and the World Cup. We're having the best summer in years and it looks set to continue through July.
  5. I would say around the first right now. Potter was always very consistent in the UK, so I don't see why it would suddenly jump by £10m.
  6. Amazing weather this weekend and looks like this weekend too. No big releases either so probably a very quiet week for cinemas and some big drops.
  7. Weather is looking very nice this weekend, and potential heatwave next week, so expect the BO to suffer even more.
  8. The England game last night had an incredible 21m viewers. The game on Sunday will likely have big impact on the box office.
  9. WC final is on a Sunday evening anyway so won't have much of an impact on I2. Should be huge over summer, wouldn't be surprised with £50m.
  10. Remember England are playing next Sunday which will have a big impact on the BO, so probably quite a steep drop for JW next weekend.
  11. JW had a very good hold in the UK, down only 34% Friday-Saturday for $9.4m weekend, up to $33.8m. It has a pretty free run until The Incredibles 2 on July 13th.
  12. NY is a great city. But London is better.
  13. IW will should pass £70m mark this week, making it the 10th film to do so.
  14. Heretic

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    It is, in dollar. Remember in countries like the UK the pound is very weak now compared to 2015. Even if it mached JW, which it won't, it'd still have a significant drop. £64.5m now is $86m compared to $100m in 2015. JW2 is looking at probably looking at half of the first in the UK. Probably aiming for £40m or so, which is $53m. Not a bad total in pounds, but the ER is very poor.

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