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  1. Quite weak for Aquaman, only £1.4m in 2 days. Should pick up a bit this weekend but I can’t see much more than £6m 5 day.
  2. I don’t think Spiderverse will beat Aquaman. Previews were poor and presales look very weak from what I’ve seen. I don’t expected huge numbers from Aquaman either but it should have a decent 5 day opening.
  3. FB2 will probably end up around £35m. Far cry from the almost £55m that the first made. Bohemian Rhapsody is having a stunning run, looks like it could get near £45m. The Grinch has also been holding very well which should continue throughout the Christmas period although it faces direct competition from WiR2 this weekend.
  4. FB2 must have had quite a strong Saturday and Sunday as it ended up with a $16.3m opening, which is around £12.7m. 3.6x OD which is more than the first film. The 2nd weekend will likely be where it falls significantly behind as the first film had a very soft drop (41%) for a film that opened so high.
  5. Not surprised to see a drop. £3.5m OD compared to £4.3m for FB. FB had a huge £5.9m Saturday (37% increase from OD). Same increase would give FB2 a £4.8m Saturday, and an OW around £12-12.5m. Still good but it’s not going to get anywhere near the heights of £55m like FB. £40m would probably be the limit. ER is also very shitty right now due to the Brexit chaos, but it was terrible for FB too.
  6. Very interesting to see what FB will do this weekeend. The first was huge here, and it was always going to be big, but I don’t think many expected it to make £55m which is only behind DH2 and PS, and on par with CoS. Pre-sales do look quite strong, but the first one had an absolutely massive OW with £15.3m. It seems all throughout Europe so far this is having decent increases but I think to increase from £15m would be very difficult for FB2. Even matching that figure I think is challenging, I’m expecting low to mid teens, or between £13-15m.
  7. Sounds like it’s choppy like GoF, and I know you’re not the biggest fan of that one... very intrigued to see this though.
  8. Heretic

    Bohemian Rhapsody OS: $428M OS | $603M WW

    This is doing gangbusters in the UK. Should fly past the $50m mark.
  9. This looks epic! REALLY love the trailer, you can sense the scale of things much better after that. Honestly can’t wait now.
  10. The first Mamma Mia actually made around $130m in the UK. BOM’s exchange rate calculations are trash. If a film is re-releaed they automatically adjust the $ total to the current ER at the time, which makes no sense at all.
  11. The Vue website have introduced a new queuing system to book tickets. Seems a bit ridiculous. I went on and was 22,000 in the queue with a wait time of 20 minutes. At least we know today is a good day for BO. Probably some increases from yesterday.
  12. Also, today is the first day of proper cool and rainy weather across the UK in months so I expect it will be a very strong day at the BO.
  13. The pound is really weak right now. Over the past few months it’s dropped from 1.4 to 1.3, so not great for BO totals in $.

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