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  1. Bohemian Rhapsody is still selling out. At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes it to $70m. Also, it’s passed the £50m mark now and will soon break into the top 30 films of all time and probably has a chance at top 25. Glass seems to be doing very well too, should have a strong opening.
  2. The Favourite is selling out shows tonight. Should have a very strong hold. Also, Bohemiam Rhapsody, even after 3 and a half months still has sold out shows this weekend. Crazy run.
  3. So Mary Poppins is around £34.3m now, about £11m in the past week. School holidays are over now which will mean minimal business during the weekdays, but it should continue to do well on weekends. Probably looking at a total around £45m. Good to see Aquaman recovered a bit over the holidays, hopefully it can leg its way to $30m.
  4. A lot of schools are off for another week so it should make another £10 at least over the next 7 days which would put it somewhere around £33-35m by next Sunday. I’d say £45m is a good target right now, perhaps £50m if legs are good after holidays end.
  5. That is a huge week for Poppins. Nearly $20m in 6 days. Aquaman up to $18.2m, should be able to pass $25m with ease and maybe still has a shot at $30m.
  6. Cinemas are closed on Christmas Day. Intersted to see what in made Monday and Wednesday though. I’d say £4-5m in total.
  7. 🙄 Honestly please try and explain how this is a flop when it’ll likely top £40m and has a good shot at £50m. Please.
  8. Paddington 2 made £43m. Only 33 films have ever made above £50m in the U.K and over half of them are Potter/SW/Bond/LotR sequels, and the majority of others are monster hits like Titanic/Avatar/Mamma Mia. Maybe I’m completely out of touch but what were people expecting for MPR? £70m? Also the screen argument is a bit boring now why can’t people get over it. It’s not like anything else is lighting up the box office right now. Hilarious how offended some are.
  9. Spiderverse is a massive flop so I don’t think cinemas would even hesitate to give its screens away. All the other films you mentioned are performing fine in the screens they have. The IMAX debate is the only one I agree with. You’re acting as if distributors will be horrified with results, an £11m 4 day gross is a great start for a family orientated musical just before Christmas.
  10. Dollars? I think cinemas will be very happy if this grosses over £40m, and anything over £50m would be a fantastic result. With the exchange rate today even the biggest films would struggle to reach $90m.
  11. Just because it had the widest release doesn’t mean they expected it to be the biggest film of all time. It will be one of the biggest films of the year. Anyone who thought this would make £35m in 4 days and gross over £120m clearly doesn’t know anything about the BO.
  12. 😂 no one expected SW numbers? And this has now where near the same number of screens.
  13. Increased significantly with actuals, £8.2m is very impressive and on par with Paddington 2. As it’s been increasing day on day, perhaps it’ll be nearer £11m after today. With the holidays it probably has a decent shot at £50m. Who said this was underperforming?
  14. MPR is looking very strong today, wouldn’t be surprised if today is its biggest day so far. Some cinemas I’ve checked are pretty much full up all day until evening so over £10m for the 4 day is looking good. As a matter of fact most film are looking very busy today.
  15. $9.4m for MPR, that’s about £7.4m, and with Christmas Eve included this should be at around the £10m mark in 4 days. I really don’t know what people were expecting but this is a very good opening, especially for the weekend just before Christmas. Sets the stage for some big BO returns over the holiday period.

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