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  1. £100m is extremely unlikely I’d say. Max I can see now is £95m with strong late legs.
  2. To be fair, 2nd weekend was not a 66% drop because the opening included a £12m Thursday. 3rd weekend was quite a steep fall though. Weather was very nice yesterday, and it was also the final premier league match day so perhaps that affected results a bit. The drop this weekend will hopefully be a bit softer before a very busy weekend the week after with Aladdin, Rocketman and SLOP2.
  3. £100m is looking unlikely unless it has very strong late legs. It seems to have slowed down quite quickly after its huge opening. Avatar and Spectre are the target now at £94m and £95.2m which would be good for 3rd biggest of all time. Will be close.
  4. Yeah it looks very busy, could top Endgame actually, although that depends if the capacity is enough.
  5. It will be quite difficult for Detective Pikachu to take the number 1 spot this weekend given the lack of screens it’s been allocated. Expecting it’ll be able to reach about £5m or so, but may not be enough to top Endgame.
  6. It’s a bank holiday in the UK today so Monday was probably around $5m mark.
  7. You must have seen the old number before Rth edited post, it will be around £75m by tomorrow. There’s little to no chance this passes TFA, right now £100m is the target, perhaps it can too Skyfall for 2nd biggest film of all time.
  8. So could hit £75m with tomorrow included. Just misses out on 2nd weekend record, but I guess a big drop was expected given how huge the opening was.
  9. £50m in 6 days. 😂😂😂 Will crack all time top 7 in 11 or 12 days.
  10. I don’t see this missing £100m. It should already be near or past £80m after this bank holiday weekend.
  11. We’ll see, but I just checked my cinema and it looks like a weekend. 4:30 show is almost sold out and evening shows are looking almost as busy as the weekend. This is not playing like a normal film at all.
  12. I’m thinking Monday will be over £5m. Not sure what the records is or who holds it...must be Spectre or TFA? But I wouldn’t be surprised if Endgame breaks it.
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