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  1. Booked my Bond tickets for Friday night. Pre-sales as expected looking very strong, I reckon £20m for the 4 day is a good bet but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a bit higher.
  2. Now that this has a date (title is weird but whatever), I’m excited to see some footage. Hopefully this means the trailer will be out soon, maybe with Dune would make most sense. I hope this is less convoluted compared to CoG, the premise sounds promising in this aspect at least. In terms of BO, I don’t think it’ll bomb like some in here are expecting, but it would surprise me if this matched CoG in the US. 500m WW would be a very good result given the current circumstances.
  3. So good to see the box office numbers back in full swing. Cruella looks to be posting big numbers this weekend based on pre-sales. Conjuring too. Haven’t been back to the cinema yet but can’t wait to catch A Quiet Place 2 on the big screen!
  4. Boris Johnson is an absolute DISGRACE. Gaslighting and insulting a whole country by backing his political advisor and suggesting he was following his fatherly instincts and showed integrity by travelling 260 fucking miles for ‘childcare’. Utter disgrace, and an insult to every life that has been lost. He has lost all credibility and support of the nation.
  5. Glad Boris’ condition is improving, but this headline is disgusting. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. It’s The Sun. Vile paper full of hatred and propaganda.
  6. Whole of the Uk just clapped for the NHS. Really amazing to see, my whole street was out clapping.
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