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  1. It could. That would be around £55m. We’ll have to see how well it opens however I can’t see it doing below £50m.
  2. Wonder if Frozen can top Toy Story 4’s £13.3m OW. That is the highest ever 3 day opening for an animated film. Somewhere between the £12-14m mark is doable. Pre-sales, especially for Saturday, but even Friday evening are looking very strong.
  3. Expectations for Frozen 2? Pre-sales already looking very strong for an animated film. Should have a very big opening, above £10m for sure, and a long run throughout the Christmas period. £50m+ seems likely.
  4. If Joker has another drop of 35%, it’s weekend will be £1.1m. I imagine either of the above could top that, but it isn’t a given. Maybe Ford vs Ferrari is more likely.
  5. Another amazing drop for Joker, this has been one of the most impressive runs ever in the UK and the fact it could end up near £60m is insane. £2m to go until it passes TDKR £56.3m which will be this weekend or sometime next week.
  6. £2.4m weekend (only 29% drop) for Joker, £51.6m total. So it’s made almost £5m in the past week. It’s basically guaranteed to pass TDKR now. £8.4m required to hit £60m. Can it do it?
  7. Around $70m probably, could be closer to $75m depending on late legs.
  8. Wonder how much the Rugby World Cup final will effect BO. In theory it shouldn’t too much as it’s this morning, but It will have impacted people’s day plans.
  9. Joker is unstoppable. 36% from last weekend. It should pass £50m by Sunday. Absolutely laughable for Terminator. Why do they keep making these films?
  10. I’d say closer to £46m although I’m not sure how much half term would have boosted it so could be more. £55m is definitely looking more likely as every week passes. It just depends how well it continues to hold throughout November.
  11. Possibly although I’d be surprised if it was over 50%. Have to wait for estimates this afternoon.
  12. So Joker stays at the top (Fri-Sun) for a 4th week despite a host of new films. Very impressive. Pretty bad for Terminator, but who’s surprised?
  13. It probably will give it a bit of a boost, but not on the same level as family films.
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