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  1. Definitely partly due to more child tickets for SM than there would be for NTTD, and as others have stated, premiums for NTTD seemed to be slightly higher.
  2. Another excellent hold, £90m still within reach. Can’t see how it misses Endgame at this point.
  3. Good for Scream, could even do near £2.5m if it stays more or less flat today. Probably will be close race for no.1, but Spider-Man will likely win Sat + Sun
  4. NWH £4.5m (-26%), £79.3m total. Incredible hold post holidays. Another thing of note is West Side Story which increased this weekend, total £5.9m. I reckon this will leg to £10m over the next couple of months which, given its absolutely dismal performance worldwide, is quite impressive.
  5. Remember I just estimated £74-75m going into the weekend based on no data at all, but on the assumption that after Monday (which was a bank holiday), it should have been around the £72m mark. Taking the middle ground of £74.5m, and a 50% drop from last weekend, it would be at £77.5m by Sunday. I think £90m is a bit of stretch at this point until we see how it holds up. EDIT: Didn’t see the £74.8m actual on the previous page, so I guess my estimate was spot on. But yeah, £85m looks almost certain at this point. £90m, we’ll see.
  6. NWH will probably be around £74-75m heading into the weekend, and around £78m by Sunday. With virtually zero competition for weeks, it could make a run for £85m ($115m, same as Endgame). Astounding run.
  7. Schools are back now, possible that some schools had staff days yesterday.
  8. Wonder if this includes yesterday… I’d assume not
  9. $92.4m. Should hit $95m tomorrow and will pass $100m next weekend.
  10. Should be very close I think. After Monday probably £71-72m (~$95m). Aiming for $110m now.
  11. Sorry, I think £57.4m must be by Tuesday actually looking at it again as it made over £3m on both days! So over £70m after the 4 day weekend. Unbelievable. Titanic and TLJ are firmly in sight now. Endgame seems a bit of a stretch, but 7th biggest film of all time is above anyone’s wildest imaginations for a Spider-Man film.
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