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  1. Bond still on track for at least £90m, and it has half term next week. Good start for Venom, should have a similar run to the first, although I expected a bit more based on shows near me. Wonder if Dune will topple Bond. Pre-sales look strong, especially in IMAX/large format screens. £5m 4-day opening would be great, and think it should do very well over half term holidays.
  2. I can’t believe how well Venom is doing in some places. Vue Stratford is surely taking the top spot this weekend. It’s 2pm, and it’s basically sold out every single show until 10:30pm. That’s 12 shows. Insane! Bond also similar, virtually sold out all afternoon and evening at both Stratford and Shepherd’s bush Westfield’s. Should be another huge Saturday coming up
  3. The 11:15pm show for Venom at Vue Stratford is almost sold out, and the 12am show is nearly half full… that is pretty spectacular and almost unheard of. Not even Bond sold out shows that late. I think with the short run time and the type of film, Venom definitely plays very well with the late night crowd
  4. I’d agree. £8m would actually be a fantastic opening. Having a look at some of the cinemas around though it does look like it’s doing pretty big business, but maybe it’s not the same everywhere. Hopefully RTH can grace us with some numbers tomorrow.
  5. Venom is doing crazy business at some cinemas in London this evening. Vue Stratford is virtually sold out till the 10:30pm show, which is also about 75% full in one of the biggest screens. Wonder if this could get near £10m opening…
  6. So high 60s likely by the end of the weekend. £85-90m is current trajectory.
  7. Venom pre-sales are looking very good, could be a close weekend race for number 1. I expect Venom’s best chance at taking the no.1 spot would be today, with Bond retaking the top spot on Saturday and Sunday. Bond’s Saturdays have been absolutely huge.
  8. I don’t see the issue with Halloween showtimes. It’s a horror, the majority of people won’t be going to watch this at 1 in the afternoon, and it’s not going to be getting multiple shows an hour like a big blockbuster, or even the biggest screen for that matter, especially when Bond and Venom are out. The showtimes it has are probably enough to meet demand. It’s getting 15 shows on Friday at Vue Westfield, 17 at Vue Westfield Stratford. That is pretty insane for a horror actually.
  9. Bond £52.6m (c.$71.5m) £15.3m 2nd weekend (-27%)
  10. To break into top 5 of all time, needs to top Endgame’s £88.7m. Will see how the next few weeks hold as quite a lot of upcoming competition, although that never seems to have a big impact on Bond.
  11. - Skyfall £53.4m after a £16.1m second weekend - Spectre £64m after £13.1m (but opened on a Monday, 3 extra days vs NTTD) - Quantum of Solace £31.5m after £8.2m - Casino Royale £27.9m after £8.5m Spectre made another £31m after the 2nd weekend, and I can’t see NTTD making less considering the 2nd weekend is quite a lot higher, so £80m is almost a done deal. I’d say £85m is the current target. £80m with current FX rate is $109m.
  12. That is incredible. So likely £15m+ second weekend! Nearly as high as Skyfall. At least £80m total looks like it’s happening.
  13. Think we’re heading for another HUGE Saturday. Looking around me there are sellouts everywhere, literally looks identical to last weekend. Wouldn’t be surprised with a £6m Saturday.
  14. So over £11m Mon-Thu, that is excellent. May well clear £50m then by Sunday
  15. Given the popularity of The Crown, I’m intrigued as to how this’ll perform. It’s receiving critical acclaim and will probably have a long run over the Christmas period.
  16. So should be around £35m going into the weekend. Probably around £48m by Sunday with a drop of around 40% on last FSS. Would need a sub 30% drop to top £50m.
  17. That’s pretty good, would be above £2.5m then, which for a school day is impressive.
  18. Stunning opening for Bond. Will probably top £45m by Sunday, and depending on how well it holds, might even be nearer to the £50m mark by that point.
  19. It should open closer to $100m in the US than $50m. I think a reasonable expectation is between $75-80m, although some are predicting higher.
  20. Incredible opening! Biggest BO day for a Bond film is especially impressive
  21. If Saturday is £8m, I can see Sunday near £6m due to overspill from yesterday. Films that have monster Saturdays usually drop quite softly on the Sunday (ie 20%) compared to a norm of 30%+
  22. Holy shit. Cinemas must be absolutely lapping this up after the last 18 months
  23. Damn, that is incredible. Just trying to think what the top Saturdays are. Endgame, TFA, Infinity War? For such a big market, it is so disappointing that we don’t have access to more granular information like daily box office/admissions for the UK like most other European countries (or even the rest of the world for that matter). I don’t get it
  24. Perhaps, but all shows around me tonight are sold out. Vue Westfield where I went yesterday is sold out virtually all seats until gone 10pm. 16 shows between 6pm and 10pm. It’s going nuts today. Definitely not a ‘LOT’ of spare capacity. Ofcourse Thursday did due to it being a normal workday, and also Friday. Full capacity days in the UK would top £10m, which Spectre did not come close to.
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