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  1. So good to see the box office numbers back in full swing. Cruella looks to be posting big numbers this weekend based on pre-sales. Conjuring too. Haven’t been back to the cinema yet but can’t wait to catch A Quiet Place 2 on the big screen!
  2. Boris Johnson is an absolute DISGRACE. Gaslighting and insulting a whole country by backing his political advisor and suggesting he was following his fatherly instincts and showed integrity by travelling 260 fucking miles for ‘childcare’. Utter disgrace, and an insult to every life that has been lost. He has lost all credibility and support of the nation.
  3. Glad Boris’ condition is improving, but this headline is disgusting. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. It’s The Sun. Vile paper full of hatred and propaganda.
  4. Whole of the Uk just clapped for the NHS. Really amazing to see, my whole street was out clapping.
  5. So they reduce tube services and it leads to this instead! What a fucking disaster.
  6. Boris is simply telling people to ‘avoid’ social places (pubs, bars etc) but isn’t doing anything to close anything. Probably so the government doesn’t have to subsidise businesses. I just got onto a train leaving central London and it is very busy. Not at all like most other parts of the world right now. Wonder what the situation will be like here in a few weeks.
  7. Boris is an absolute joke. Honestly the reaction right now in the UK is just pure anger and confusion.
  8. Parasite will easily become the highest grossing foreign-language film of all time. Amazing performance.
  9. Incredible 2nd weekend for 1917 with a 13% drop. Looks like this is turning into a massive hit and Oscar buzz is also increasing. Great opening for Bad Boys too with $5m.
  10. Bad Boys for Life is doing very well around me. Much better than expected, it’s actually got quite a lot of sellouts or full shows tonight. Wouldn’t be surprised if it opened near £5m. Could be an interesting race for number 1 between it and 1917 (which should have a very strong hold).
  11. 1917 should also have very strong weekday business given as it appeals to the older crowd too.
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