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  1. I think it would be foolish to count Solo out. It would also be foolish to call it automatic as well. Infinity War will open massive but will it increase that much from Ultron? I'm sold on that yet. Despite the negativity surrounding Solo, the buzz from a while back was that Kasdan's script was outstanding-maybe there is a shot it can have relatively decent legs. If it can find a way to open to 150 or more then it could happen. I think 500 is the Magic Number for 2018. That likely gets the win. I would be on the under for Solo for 500 but wouldn't count it out as w
  2. With those updates, Star Wars is the first franchise to ever repeat, and it's now in the midst of a three-peat with The Last Jedi.
  3. Time to revisit this thread. The opening post is updated with victories for Star Wars in 2016 and 2017. Below is the list that has been updated on the first post of this thread: Since 1970, only 5 franchises have won the domestic crown more than once: Star Wars: 8 times- 1977, 1980, 1983, 1999, 2005, 2015, 2016, 2017 (3rd in 02) Batman: 2 times- 1989, 2008 (3rd in 92, 2nd in 95, 12th in 97, 8th in 05, 2nd in 12) Toy Story: 2 times- 1995, 2010 (3rd in 99) Harry Potter: 2 times- 2001, 2011 (4th
  4. One that makes me chuckle in an 80's nostalgia way is that Crocodile Dundee II was 1.9 million away from breaking the OW record in 1988. The series hasn't stood the test of time but the popularity of Crocodile Dundee in the 80's was no joke.
  5. Great call on Jurassic Park. For some reason it slipped by me that it has 3 OW records out of 4 films. Incredible.
  6. I don't know if I've ever been more awestruck and stunned by a number like I was with Spideys 115 in 2002.
  7. Totally agree. If one was to do a "Mount Rushmore" of opening weekends, Batman might make that list. I'm old enough to remember the line at my local theater as an 11 year old being the longest I've ever seen it to this day.
  8. A couple of notes on some franchises. Star Wars is probably the biggest opener of them all: -Of the 6 "episode films" 2 have broken the OW record by enormous margins (ROJ and TFA). - All of the episode films opened in the top 2 for OW except for Attack of the Clones which opened at #3. The incredible thing is that all the prequel films didn't open on a Friday. The Phantom Menace opened on a Wed, while AOC and ROS opened on Thursday. TPM and ROS would have certainly broken the OW record if opening on a Friday. -Currently Star Wars owns the top 2 spots on the
  9. Some things I have noticed: *Return of the Jedi was one of the all time greats. $23 million when the previous biggest opening was $14 million. It stayed in the top 5 for for a little over 6 years. *Temple of Doom was also a massive opening and stayed in the top 5 for 5.5 years. *The power of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise in the 80's was enormous as BHC II was the biggenst opener of all time in 1987. *Batman (1989) was one of, if not the greatest opening weekend event of all time at 40 million. The previous biggest opening weekend was 29.5. I
  10. I enjoy this type of stuff. Some of you will find it worthless, others may find it interesting. I put together a progression of some of the biggest opening weekends and where they ranked in the top 5 throughout the years. I started with the top 5 openings of 1982 (as that is when Mojo's info begins). Each time a new film entered the top 5 opening weekends of all time, I update a new top 5 list with it's opening day and how it stacks up. I think it's really interesting to see how big some openings were for their time. Many times a great way to understand how big something was, is to look
  11. John Williams will be considered this era's Beethoven or Mozart. I truly believe that.
  12. Looking at the numbers, anything 20 million plus is solid. Rogue One dropped 53% and that had 17% more kids on vacation at the time which is certainly significant. If it can match Rogue One's 53.3% drop, that would put it at 24 million which IMO would be outstanding. TFA drop shouldn't be looked at as it had 46% MORE kids on vacation and isn't a realistic comparison. I'm looking at 24 million as the over/under for excitement, with 20 plus being perfectly fine.
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