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  1. I Thought this film was okay and my bro thought it was bad. There were good moments but this remake is emotionless and uncanny to the original animated masterpiece. Here's our movie review! Hope ya like it!
  2. We Thought this trailer looked good from production design and casting. We Still need to see more. Overall it's okay. We're still bummed no cricket or mushu, But nevertheless here's our reaction video to this new trailer! Hope ya like it!
  3. We Really Liked Mysterio and this movie in this! Best Spider Man movie in the mcu by far. Here's Our Movie Review to this spectacular movie! Hope ya guys like it!
  4. We Liked it! And the Character Swap between Kids and the elderly adults. Here's Our Reaction and Review to this new trailer! Hope ya guys like it!
  5. We thought this was fun emotional and good film! Here's Our Fun Little Movie Review to TS4! Hope ya guys like it!
  6. We Loved This Trailer looks stunningly beautiful and from the looks of it a great incoming adventure story on how Elsa got her powers! Here's our fun reaction video to this trailer! Hope ya like it!
  7. Anyone know what time will the review embargo lift for Toy Story 4 this thursday?
  8. LOVED THIS TRAILER! Laughed pretty good at the unicorns or horses eating the trash. Here's My Trailer Reaction Review. Becaue the trailer Came out late than anticipated and my bro had to work early in the morning he gave me the go ahead to do it solo! Hope ya guys like it!
  9. We Enjoyed this Film it was defintley a fun and magical expierence! And the music was so much better - No Autotune Songs (After that Beauty and the beast overkill last time) thank goodness! Lots of life and energy to them! Here's Our Fun Filled Movie Review to this movie! Hope ya like it!
  10. We thought this was a better trailer! It Defenitly looks great and more funny than the last trailer! Check out our reaction and review to this funny trailer! Hope ya like it!
  11. I Hope the final trailer will satisfy my brother and i next week. The Last one was underwhelming. But I truly believe this movie will be really good. Quick question any confirmation will this be the very last film in the franchise?
  12. Sooo does a review embargo lifting day before thursday showings typically means that disney has no faith in this and this going bomb critically? Does that mean our worst fears is a reality?😱
  13. We LOVED this movie! So Much Nostalgia with the anime and video games we grew up with. Check out our fun-filled movie review premiering live in 2 minutes! Hope ya guys like it!
  14. We Loved LOVED It! Absoulety very amazing and epic conclusion to the avengers mcu saga! Great job russo brothers! Here's our movie review of this amazing film! BTW yes i did try to go see with 2 of my other friends in the begining of the video however the imax projector went completly dead we did get to see it last night. However because 2 of my other friends couldn't make this mornings showing, we hope like this visual treat in what we did with them as it is understandable. Hope ya guys like it!
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