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  1. Soo when movie theaters open up again in indy in July will we still wear masks or will it all lift after July 4th? (I Live in Indiana btw) I hope I don’t have to wear a mask for 1 or 2 and a Half hour movies. I just don’t know if that’s even safe. I hope no one not us not me or anyone in the movie passes out from wear in the movie all the way through. Cause to me that’s just not safe. If we do have to wear masks for a little while longer I hope local movie theaters can provide masks for moviegoers who can't find masks or unable to get one. Specifically my local Amc theaters.
  2. So it's still going to be released theatrically? Despite the streaming rumors?
  3. With Black Widow still on the theatrical release schedule will Mulan still be released theatrically or going to streaming?
  4. https://www.comicbookmovie.com/black_widow/black-widow-is-definitely-still-set-for-a-theatrical-release-despite-rumor-to-the-contrary-a174177
  5. Anyone knows if the review embargo is going is still going to be lifted on 3/23 or 3/24 despite the delay? If so what time/date could we expect them?
  6. Just in: Japan new release date revealed 5/22! https://www.disney.co.jp/movie/mulan.html I wonder the usa release will belikely around memorial day weekend or same weekend as japan?
  7. We Loved this trailer! We Loved the artistic style and the comedy and the story they are revealing to us! Looking forward to this one. Here's our reaction video to this trailer! Hope ya like it!
  8. We Think the humor could be targeting kids and families but it could still be very fun and good time at the movies! Still pretty okay trailer! Still looking forward to seeing it. Here's Our Reaction and Review to the new trailer! Hope ya Guys Like it!
  9. Really Liking what the film is Setting up. Very intriguing about Taskmaster. Still need to see more on the story. But otherwise great trailer! Here's My reaction and review to the trailer! Hope ya guys like it!
  10. We Really Loved this film! Beautiful and Touching and very sentimental to me and brother who lost our dad 20 years in January at young age. Here's Our Movie Review Guys! We did film It outdoors with our new camcorder and Handheld mic. There's A Huge Difference in Sound and Picture quality! Hope y'all like it!
  11. I still believe that it will be another win for pixar and will be in the mid to high 90% Range on RT. Looking forward to seeing this film on March 5th!
  12. It Was definitely fun and good family film! Here's our movie review to this film! Introducing our new handled mic! Hope ya guys like it!
  13. We are Super Epic-ly Excited for it! Loved this trailer and the villian's backstory twist! Here's Our Reaction and Review to the final trailer! Hope ya guys like it!
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