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  1. Here's Our Fun Little Reaction and Review video to this Breathtaking and interesting Teaser Trailer to Frozen 2! Hope ya like it! I Was 70% Awake when recording this btw.
  2. We Saw It Today at the Fandango Early Screening at my Theater and WE LOVED IT! The Final Moments the in movie Delivered on an emotional level and it all paid off! Catch our full movie review tomorrow Premiering Live on YouTube at 9 AM EST! We Hope ya like the review video and can see the movie!
  3. Seth Irskens

    Spider-Man: Far From Home | July 5, 2019

    We Liked this Trailer! We Admit that mysterious villain appearance was a little bland but it overall works! Here's Our Reaction/Review to this funny action-packed trailer! Hope ya like it!
  4. We LOVED This Movie! Great Comedy Emotion and love Jason Mamoa's Comedy Gold! Fun Movie! Check out our Fun Movie Review when it goes live tomorrow morning! Hope ya like it!
  5. We Loved This Movie BTW but not better than original - always an instant classic. Here's More on our fun little movie review with consistent subtitles due to a windy day. Hope ya this manageable and works for ya! Hope ya Guys also like the review as well.
  6. We Loved This Movie! We Hope you can Check out our movie review to this movie! Hope ya like it!
  7. Here's Our Reaction and Review to the Amazing new trailer! 2019 is going to Super Special AMAZING!
  8. We Loved This Trailer Too! Looking forward to seeing it This March! My Birthday month! Be Sure to Check out our fun Reaction and Review Video of this amazing new trailer! Hope ya Like it!
  9. We LOVED this Trailer the Power and Emotion and Live Action CGI is BREATHTAKING! Here's our reaction and review to this new teaser trailer! Hope ya guys like it! Happy Thanksgiving btw!
  10. Our Movie Review Crew except one person Loved this movie! It Was such a fun and Laughing ourselves silly movie! Be Sure to Check out Our Movie Review of Ralph Breaks The Internet! It Premieres This Morning at 9AM EST on YouTube! Hope ya Guys Like it and will go see this movie! We Highly Recommend It!
  11. We LOVED this Trailer and We Are Super Thrilled To See It Next Month! This Already keeps looking better and better. Here's Our Reaction/Review to the final trailer of Aquaman! Hope ya like it!
  12. We thought this was an adorable cute trailer for this movie! We Can't Wait to see it! Here's Our Reaction Video to the new full trailer! EDIT: We Reuploaded this Video due to a personal issue with the previous video. We hope this is better.
  13. Seth Irskens

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    Liked this Teaser Reaction Video they did - Clever Pixar Marketing! Here's Our Reaction and Review to this new Teaser Trailer Reaction - Hope ya like it!
  14. Seth Irskens

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    We Actually thought this was a decently good trailer. Perhaps the marketing will surprise in the coming months. I think this will be good. Let's Stay Hopeful guys! Pixar said it themselves They don't make movies just for money or cash grab they specifically make films if they have great stories to tell. I think this will do great both critically and box office. Here's our Reaction/Review to this trailer!
  15. We Loved this Trailer Too! Catch The Premiere of our reaction and review of the trailer as well! Hope ya Like it!

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