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  1. Here's Our Reaction/Review of the Shazam! Teaser Trailer! Hope ya like it! Looks Like a Great LOL Kind of Fun movie!
  2. Here's Our Reaction/Review of the first new aquaman trailer! Hope ya like and come check it out! BTW This Looks totally lit and amazing!
  3. Here's Our Movie Review of Ant-Man and the Wasp! Hope ya like it!
  4. Here's Our Movie Review of Incredibles 2! Hope ya like it!
  5. Here's Our Amazing and Funny Reaction/Review to this amazing new trailer! Hope ya like it!
  6. Now This is Gonna Be Big Hit Based on those reactions! EDIT: Just Found Out The Review Embargo Does Lift on Monday June 11th at 12PM EST.
  7. Sooo tonight where can I watch the la premiere livestream? Any links yet?
  8. Here's Our Reaction and Review to this witty and funny new trailer! Hope ya Like it!
  9. Critics Choice Score is revealed 80/100. Does that mean another 90% RT Score at best? (even though it's a little soon to tell) http://www.criticschoice.com/search/?s=Incredibles
  10. So I have a little question (not to ruin anything like that) I've noticed mr. Incredible and elastagirl are wearing their original suits from the beginning of the first movie and they were wearing it during the meeting Winston in the trailer. But weren't they destroyed in the house explosion after the final syndrome battle? I'm a little confused on that??
  11. Here's Our Movie Review of this Amazing Funny and Intense Movie! Hope ya like it!
  12. Cool! Just making sure i heard right!
  13. I wonder with the Livestream tonight they will release a couple movie clips online during or after the live stream??
  14. So guys according to report search on Instagram and Twitter New Zeland and Australian theaters are reporting that tix are now on sale in those territories! Hmmm, I wonder tix will go sale here in the US in 40 mins, tomorrow morning, or Saturday?
  15. So while other sites like Fandango Regal and Cinemark, for example, are saying the movie is 118 Mins (1hr 58mins) others (as of today recently) are now saying it's 126 mins (2hrs 6mins) 2 Sites Like AMC https://www.amctheatres.com/movies/the-incredibles-2-49549 And Cineplex https://www.cineplex.com/Movie/incredibles-2?cmpid=NPCS_Home_Showtimes_ENG (Though it does say 125 mins - 2hrs 5mins) Does anyone know what the official Length of the movie is? (Regardless it is destined to be the longest Pixar film to date - which is a very good thing for us older fans of the first movie in 2004)

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