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  1. This is looking and feels better than the first movie... We are pumped for it! Here's our reaction and review to the trailer! Hope ya guys enjoy!
  2. We Are in Awe of this trailer! Fighting Stunt Coreography and cinematography STELLAR! Here's our reaction and review to this trailer!
  3. Welcome Back Fast and Furious! I've Missed ya lots! Here's my reaction and review to the new official trailer!
  4. Much Better Trailers than what we got last year! We Are Super Excited for this! We will be seeing it in theaters and reviewing it on July 9th (July 8th for advanced showing) Here's our reactions and reviews to this!
  5. We're Pretty divided on this. I absoulety Liked It loved how creative and funny It is - it's definitely an improvement. My Brother is unsure about this. Here's our reaction and review to this trailer - which side are ya guys on?
  6. Less than 24 Hours... ... I really hope this will be a much better improvement than the first movie 20 years ago. Even With LaBron or NBA players who will be "Actors" in this movie. I mean they need act In this movie and be players. That's one the reasons why the first film is nostalgic but it was terrible and unfunny. I really hope and believe they need to stick the landing and step it up also learn from their previous movie 20 years later and actually make a GREAT Movie out of this. I believe so that they will but am a bit nervous.
  7. We Really Liked this film! Gorgeous Animation Beautiful story and lots of humor! Definitely worth $30 on D+! Here's our movie review! Hope ya guys Like it!
  8. I'm predicting tomorrow disney will announce a simultaneous hybrid release for black widow (may 7th in theaters and premiere access) and the rest of 2021 movie release slate will be following suit - simultaneous hybrid release (in theaters and premiere access) while keeping thier projected dates. I mean disney cannot force people who are uncomfortable go to the movie theaters. I for one am not. I think it's the right buisness decision to this for the rest 2021. Go for it Disney.
  9. We Kinda dig this trailer. Emma May indeed nail the part. Definitely got some Joker/Harley Quinn/Psycological thriller vibes. Here's our reactions and review to this official trailer! Hope ya guys Like it!
  10. Man despite being 9am (recording this) and we were a bit groggy from waking up we actually are more excited for this film now! This looks pretty darn cool! Here's our reaction and review to the trailer! Enjoy!
  11. If this seems to be happening then hbo max needs to get it on roku tv and app pronto. I dont wanna miss this and snyder cut on hbo max.
  12. We love that armadillo dude and this trailer it definetley looks like another big original win for this movie. I Hope they can release it in theaters or maybe a hybrid release. Here's our reaction and review to this teaser trailer!
  13. Does anyone know if this is going to have songs in it (like a musical) and is she going to be a legit Disney Warrior Princesses? (Sorry Mulan)
  14. This was a phenomenal film! We really liked this film! Definitely Oscar bait for sure. Here's our Movie review! Hope ya guys like/love it!
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