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  1. Definitely better than the first... lot more laughs on this one and love Carnage and Shriek! Here's my movie review of it!
  2. It looks like another home run for the Disney Animation mouse house! Hope to hear the LMM songs soon! Here's our reaction and review to this trailer!
  3. We really liked this movie! Emotional and Heartfelt! Here's our movie review - hope ya guys like and love it!
  4. Could this film also get a 45 Day Window theatrically then free on Disney Plus or is it all Disney, Pixar and MCU films from this point forward going to do this? I prefer this option what Shang Chi is doing over hybrid premiere access!
  5. Another well done funny and great martial arts masterpiece of a mcu movie! We really loved it! Here's more in our movie review here!
  6. Wow... man this looks incredible!!! Excited for christmas to come! Here's our reaction and review to this trailer!
  7. I smelll a definite potenital awards contender at the oscars next year! Wow this looks Amazing! Here's our Reaction & Review to the final trailer!
  8. So AMC Just updated Mask Guidelines.. https://www.amctheatres.com/amc-safe-and-clean?rel=safe-and-clean_reopening_alert_alert So if it's mask recommended I don't have to wear a mask correct?
  9. Hmmm.. could it be finally possibly true about August 10th for Spider Man No Way Home Trailer? (according to this source) Also does anyone know if they are reputable and reliable? https://insidethemagic.net/2021/08/spiderman-no-way-home-trailer-release-al1/?utm_content=buffer7ee46&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  10. Man Definitely worth the 1 year wait! Great Fun film! Kudos The Rock and Blunt! Great Duo! Here's our review to this movie!
  11. We Had Fun time with this satisfactory good movie! Definitely better than the first movie 20 years ago! Here's our movie review!
  12. The Red Fox Form looks so cute! I Love the Design! This should be another cute funny Pixar movie! Here's our reaction and Review to the teaser trailer!
  13. We Really Liked this film! Definitely Worth the 1 year wait! Here's Our Movie Review to this amazing thriller film!
  14. We Enjoyed this movie! It was definitely worth the 1 year wait! Here's our Movie Review!
  15. Absolutely Loving it more! The movie is going to be crazy bonkers! Here's our reaction and review to this crazy awesome trailer!
  16. When are more Critic Reviews dropping? It seems on RT there's at least 27 reviews... it seems odd.
  17. Really Liking what I'm seeing so far, this looks a dope funny movie! Excited to see it next month in theaters! Here's my reaction to this trailer!
  18. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/amc-regal-cinemark-movie-theater-lift-mask-mandate-vaccine-1234984330/
  19. We are loving this! It seems very fun! Here's our reaction video to the new trailer!
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