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  1. I wonder if tickets go on sale for usa next week? Also just in from critics choice site. Sent from my SM-J337AZ using Tapatalk
  2. Hmm... I wonder then if they will surprisingly say this will go to Disney Plus in October/November 2020 at this panel? Orrr... a brand new trailer with a potential D+ Announcement?
  3. Could it be possible we may here release date info on mulan soul and black widow wether theatrically or pvod/d+ on Tuesday's earnings call? Sent from my SM-J337AZ using Tapatalk
  4. At this point I'm inches closer to believing that Pixar's Soul and Black Widow will be delayed indefinitely or til 2021... Do you see them announcing something like that very soon??? 😞 It hurts...
  5. Do you guys think Mulan Black Widow and Soul will go to PVOD and D+ (Even if they have to do an Premium D+ Account) at this point forward?
  6. Soo when movie theaters open up again in indy in July will we still wear masks or will it all lift after July 4th? (I Live in Indiana btw) I hope I don’t have to wear a mask for 1 or 2 and a Half hour movies. I just don’t know if that’s even safe. I hope no one not us not me or anyone in the movie passes out from wear in the movie all the way through. Cause to me that’s just not safe. If we do have to wear masks for a little while longer I hope local movie theaters can provide masks for moviegoers who can't find masks or unable to get one. Specifically my local Amc theaters.
  7. https://www.comicbookmovie.com/black_widow/black-widow-is-definitely-still-set-for-a-theatrical-release-despite-rumor-to-the-contrary-a174177
  8. We Loved this trailer! We Loved the artistic style and the comedy and the story they are revealing to us! Looking forward to this one. Here's our reaction video to this trailer! Hope ya like it!
  9. We Think the humor could be targeting kids and families but it could still be very fun and good time at the movies! Still pretty okay trailer! Still looking forward to seeing it. Here's Our Reaction and Review to the new trailer! Hope ya Guys Like it!
  10. Really Liking what the film is Setting up. Very intriguing about Taskmaster. Still need to see more on the story. But otherwise great trailer! Here's My reaction and review to the trailer! Hope ya guys like it!
  11. We Really Loved this film! Beautiful and Touching and very sentimental to me and brother who lost our dad 20 years in January at young age. Here's Our Movie Review Guys! We did film It outdoors with our new camcorder and Handheld mic. There's A Huge Difference in Sound and Picture quality! Hope y'all like it!
  12. I still believe that it will be another win for pixar and will be in the mid to high 90% Range on RT. Looking forward to seeing this film on March 5th!
  13. It Was definitely fun and good family film! Here's our movie review to this film! Introducing our new handled mic! Hope ya guys like it!
  14. Man This Looks a really great setup for the finale F10 next year! Really Loved and dig this new trailer! Surprises I didn't see coming and amazing fight and stunt action sequences! Sold! Here's my reaction and Review to this new ofifical trailer! Hope ya guys Like it!
  15. Man We Liked this Trailer! Didn't Expect the explosion in regards to the joker like that in beginning. Looking forward seeing it! Here's Our Reaction and Review to the new trailer. Hope Ya guys Like it!
  16. Man I Don't Know what the critics were thinking of for this movie. But We Strongly disagree with the critics and this a crowd pleaser movie. As for us We Both Loved it! Very Redeemable and Incredible moving satisfying ending to the skywalker saga! Here's Our Movie Review! Hope ya guys Like it! May the force be with ya!
  17. Saw It Last Night. We Thought it was good fun film but overall we liked Welcome to the jungle better. But it delivered on the laughs. Here's more on our movie review! Hope ya guys Like it!
  18. Man we are getting stoked for this one guys! Really Looking forward to the emotional and funny storytelling of this movie! Gonna be a great March 2020! Here's Our Reaction & Review to this new trailer! Hope ya guys like it!
  19. Man this trailer we Like-y! Definitely ready to see this film next year! Here's Our Reaction and Review to this trailer! Hope ya like it!
  20. Abosuletly Thrilling Trailer! I Liked it a lot! Hope the movie will be great further down the road. Here's My Reaction and review to this trailer! Hope ya guys like it!
  21. We Loved the heck out of this movie. I totally smell two Oscar baits for Into the Unknown at the oscars for best original song and best animated feature potential winner. Here's our movie review! Hope ya guys like it!
  22. We Thought this trailer was funny! Liked the new faithful redesign! Humor works but can be sometimes childish. Well have to say what this film can do. Here's our reaction and review to this trailer! Hope ya guys like it!
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