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  1. Lol somebody thinking this won’t reach 200 mil. Sure, Jan. It does look like it won’t reach Moana’s gross tho which is surprising. Sequel’s be front-loaded after all. $700 to 800 mil WW and 225M+ DOM ain’t nothing to sneeze at tho, still an improvement on the original
  2. Interesting that the Ralph drop is higher than Coco, Moana and TS2’s first Mondays. but lower than Frozen or Tangled. (I don’t count the limited release on Frozen) Princess factor probably is indeed frontloading it a bit, along with sequel factor. Using Tangled’s multi, Ralph 2 ends up with $245 mil approx, while the insane Frozen multi is $360 mil approx. Going to think Ralph ends up between these two maybe at around $275.
  3. Lol I'm astounded by Ralph's performance, for a Disney sequel to a B-property, it's performing like an absolute champ. I'm so happy because I love Wreck-It Ralph and I also loved the sequel. I'm glad it's able to stand against something as bland as Illumination's Grinch. The only worry is that its late legs will find some hard competition in Spider-Verse and Poppins, but that's far down the road from now and will have several weekends to itself.
  4. They REALLY need to drop the Frozen short ASAP. It's hurting people's wants to see Coco in theaters a bit. Disney should yank it on Friday.
  5. Oh, Tele, you cranky codger. It actually has been in pre-production for a very long time. When Rickles died, it was noted that the film had yet to move into production and he recorded no lines. I think the possibility for the axe is there, but it has to be soon.
  6. Really the only terrible Pixar sequel has been Cars 2. Cars 3 was just okay, Monsters Uni I kinda liked, Finding Dory was pretty good, and Toy Story films are obviously amazing. Necessary? I don't know but they don't have a shaky track record.
  7. They want to take advantage of the full "season" I'm sure.
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