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  1. This was cute. John Cena is actually a decent actor and Leslie Mann is so good.
  2. My bf wouldn’t see AQP with me this weekend Blockers was okay though, pretty funny, but low brow. I was impressed by John Cena and I love Leslie Mann.
  3. I meant personally, I could’ve used this movie 12 years ago. High school and coming out and all...
  4. I loved this so much. Wish it had come out about 12 years earlier.
  5. Planned to see Black Panther this afternoon but when we checked the showtimes this morning, nearly every showing at every theater in Boston was sold out or near full. One thing I hate about Movie Pass is not being able to buy tickets in advance... Gonna have to try again during the week!
  6. Dunkirk? Nevah change, BOT! I have no high horse to spew from though, I forgot to vote
  7. LOL spoke too soon - my fucking theater of choice pulled out! In addition to updating our terms of use, we wanted to provide you with the theaters that are currently no longer on the platform. You can see the full list below. Our goal is to make MoviePass an affordable option and accessible at the broadest number of theaters nationwide, and we'll continue working with the theater chains to make our vision a reality. We advise members to always double-check the MoviePass app for the most up-to-date list of supporting theaters. AMC Century City 15, Los Angeles, CA AMC Merca
  8. I love everything about it. So glad all of the theater chains are going the luxury and reserved seats route - even my local Landmark has luxury seats now, and all theaters now serve beer and wine. Booya.
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