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  1. Why does Sonic look like a small man wearing a furry costume?
  2. For all the initial complaints, DP Pikachu is ultimately just Pikachu rendered realistically, it's the exact same design. This rubbish Sonic on the other hand doesn't even have the same silhouette.
  3. Sega: Nintendo did a realistic Detective Pikachu? We can do that too! LOOK:
  4. Difference between her and ATJ is people actually like her. She's closer to a Cranston for this film given the popularity of Stranger Things.
  5. Yes. Godzilla as a franchise IS giant monster brawls, absurd plots and humans taking-up-way-too-much screentime-get-back-to-Godzilla-already. This holds true in the silly Showa films, darker Heisei films and the varied Millenium films.
  6. It's a trailer, they throw all the action in. Godzilla 2014's trailers were deceptive too, making it look a lot darker than it actually was, and also making it look like Godzilla had much more screentime than he did.
  7. Yes, this film clearly has more action. And it should. Trying to just do Alien again resulted in Alien 3. Doing something different but still faithful resulted in Aliens (incidentally trying to do Aliens again resulted in Alien Resurrection ). Godzilla 2014 did the slow pace, hide the monster fights deal, and well, but it climaxed in a monster brawl. You can't go backwards, into never-show-the-monsters again. Shin Godzilla didn't hide Godzilla like large parts of Godzilla 1954 did, he's on-screen constantly, smashing shit. But Anno wasn't wrong to do it, because he was doing his own film rather than just repeating what came before, though it remained faithful to the series. The director is a veteran of horror films. In fact I'd say he is a superior director to Gareth Edwards (Trick r Treat is certainly better than Monsters), and I loved Godzilla 2014. He knows how to do tension and pacing. Just because it's gonna have a lot more on-screen action than Godzilla 2014 doesn't mean it's suddenly going to be Transformers The Last Knight.

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