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  1. I have no idea where you got the idea that financial data works on your opinion.
  2. Been adapted a lot but they often seem to insist on changing it to have a happy clappy ending instead of the book's nihilistic one, and it kills it.
  3. There's her mentioning the same thing we heard months back that the film has a different look than most of them, heavy on location and natural lighting.
  4. Sure he did. Right before he goes to make the third GOTG after finishing this film. A director thinking their newest film is their best ever is hardly something unique, and Gunn is not playing the stupid Marvel/DC console war interest types are.
  5. He didn't bring up TROS, he brought up Star Wars. He was in three films, and no doubt all three had some additional shooting. Reshoots don't equal "massive last minute retooling in post-production", they often are mundane things like missing shots or scenes they find they need in editing (called pick-up shots), or alterations to existing shot scenes.
  6. Would have liked more work from Bear McCreary, talented as XL is. Bear was obviously a massive Godzilla fan and I expect would have incorporated more classic Ifukube tunes, particularly from King Kong vs Godzilla.
  7. Whispers News is a spoof site like the Onion, in case it wasn't obvious.
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