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  1. Ithil

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    Last year's ultra lock-in for all the acting noms for the entire season sent it to Snoozeville. Got to the point that I was happy to see the Globes' split acting awards just to see some other people give a speech.
  2. Out, I easily see at minimum one of DP, Aladdin or Godzilla doing that.
  3. The other live action redoes might have their problems, but those are usually pretty specific and individual, with this film absolutely nothing seems to be working.
  4. That's a really silly way to talk about The Shining, as though it has zero presence outside its original theatrical run. It's very much become an iconic film over the last 40 years.
  5. That kid looks way too old to have a "talking buddy" type doll.
  6. Ithil

    Best Animated Feature 2018 - Predictions

    Into the Spider-Verse won 7 Annies including Best Picture and Director. I hope a good sign but you know how the Academy and animation go.
  7. I always make a point to say the term "seventh art" in order to signal how incredibly sophisticated I am unlike those boors.
  8. This is the bit where someone pretends to care about "corporate monopolies" for strangers on the internet.
  9. Ever since someone pointed out the child actress has literally no facial expressions it's all I notice. Like a Pokemon character
  10. That's a nifty match cut from a fellow shooting himself in the head to a ship launching from a planet.

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