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  1. I mean you can see even there other than Titanic it's been dropping in recent decades in general, as high grossing moved to blockbuster, and blockbuster moved further away from award darling. It was going to happen.
  2. Always doubly hilarious given Derrickson isn't even a very good horror movie director. From the Platinum Dunes school of "Loud noises and orchestra strings!".
  3. The rapid rise of Taika has been impressive. He was doing his great low key films in New Zealand for years not being well known but acclaimed nonetheless, but post Thor he's fast become a geek icon and in demand everywhere, doing Star Wars or cameos or presenting opportunities, now winning awards, etc. He's not lost touch with his roots either, he's doing another small film in New Zealand again before he heads back to Thor.
  4. Hell the central subplot of the film (Song Kang-ho's character's festering resentment at his employer) is done completely in silence, he never says a word about it until the climax, you just watch his silent acting and it does the explicitly stated synopsis of Joker better than that film in only a few lingering shots of his face.
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