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  1. Anya Taylor-Joy starting to become the new Keira Knightley for countless period films.
  2. Guarantees an amusing second half of the show once he's started to have too much to drink.
  3. There are numerous 100% CG films with budgets under 100 (Illumination's films for instance). I can easily see the film costing in the range 80-120 million and no more. That 300 million number is absolute BS, that's for sure. The Lion King cost 230 million and that's every frame of a two hour film with the most extensive and state of the art CG possible.
  4. Somehow they went with motion capture to avoid just having some people in silly cat costumes with ears and some fur, and wound up designing CG characters that look like people in silly cat costumes with ears and some fur.
  5. Yes but why did someone bury an unopened Blu-Ray of Justice League on the isle of Fuerteventura?
  6. He's also probably referring to the fact that Watson is obviously a far worse actress as a baseline than Ronan, Pugh, Chalamet, Streep and Dern each, and thus she has to try pretty hard to keep up.
  7. Imagine typing "the progressive agenda" and then not immediately deleting it and smashing your head into the wall as punishment for having considered it.
  8. I heard news of William Hurt as General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross and came a runnin'
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