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  1. A quick but great gag, the whole X-Men team appearing briefly to shut a door before Deadpool can notice them. So the mansion is empty because no one but Colossus wants to deal with Deadpool's crap.
  2. Damon is one of the two rednecks Cable steals the truck from, the other was Alan Tudyk.
  3. They sure gussied up Negasonic; longer more stylish hair, fewer piercings, a cooler/more flattering costume, generally a more "sexy" demeanor compared to her grungy punk look in the first film. Her and Colossus felt a little sidetracked in this one, however, they disappeared for nearly half the runtime. I really should have seen the "X-Force immediately botches and dies without doing anything" gag coming but somehow I did not. Also the "baby legs Deadpool" scene is one of the funniest I've seen in years.
  4. Here is an illustration of this topic of conversation:
  5. I don't think casting a white guy would have gone over well. Which is quite the feat as usually Malek has quite the underbite.
  6. No, he put out info that he heard from one person who was at a test screening that it was disappointing. Then immediately made it all about himself and how persecuted he was, and also posted unmarked full spoilers for Deadpool 2 for...some reason.
  7. I can't see this doing a thing. Another pointless remake of a memorable horror film.
  8. On a positive note, they nailed the X-Men uniforms again Also I notice Negasonic is a lot more glammed up this time, with the styled hair, more flattering clothes, etc.
  9. People's obsession with telling everyone that they've looked at leaks is getting really grating. I've managed to be spoiled on this film, not by actually seeing leaked plot points, but by people who insist on mildly obliquely talking about the leaks constantly and blatantly giving away the context of them, making it impossible to not know what they are. And always phrased in the manner of "Uh, well actually if you look at the leaks...". Why would I look at leaks? Why would you assume I would before blabbering about them? Just watch the damn movie in the cinema like a normal person.
  10. BvS had a 1.9 multiplier. That's not mixed, that's hated.

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