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  1. Her most comics accurate costume to date, with the gold belt and gauntlets.
  2. "This person on twitter said it was bad and clearly it is bullshit" "This other person on twitter said it was okay, take that haters" ?
  3. A year ago Awkwafina was "that youtube rapper".
  4. Famed Disney composer Trent Reznor.
  5. I might add, going "NO ONE KNOWS WHO ____ IS!!!" in the franchise known specifically for taking little known characters and turning them into household names is monumentally stupid even for that clown.
  6. Does she say this about Jolie, a name ten times bigger than Harrington has or will ever be?
  7. She played an extremely minor character in blue makeup.
  8. I imagine they mean actually a princess, not just "female lead".
  9. There's been good movies with Batman in it, but not a lot of good Batman movies.
  10. White male is looked to as the "default".
  11. A lot. She's the key supporting character while Saoirse Ronan is the lead. You could figure that out just from the trailer, frankly, where she has the second most lines and footage (compared to Emma Watson, who is a bigger name yet had just a single short line in the whole trailer).
  12. MCU fans seem to look down greatly on TV shows for some reason.
  13. He became a big star because of Iron Man, not before. Before Iron Man he was washed up.
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