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  1. We don't know how big her role is. They cast a pretty young actress (only about 13 or 14) so I doubt they intend for her to immediately headline a film after DS2.
  2. Turning a profit on a blockbuster released in theaters during a pandemic has to have Legendary chuffed as hell.
  3. If anything 110 is much longer than I expected, I thought 95-100 maximum. Current blockbusters feeling the obligation to be 135-150 minutes are a problem, not a standard.
  4. Money sure, but every year it's "Record low ratings" and "The Oscars are dead no one cares!". The latter of which isn't true, it's just too limited in watching opportunities.
  5. They'll receive a resurgence when they get with the times and expand these award shows to streaming, and let go of the old "one TV network" format. It isn't the 90s anymore. Throw the Oscars on twitch and youtube and people will watch them.
  6. Movie also features Rodan getting webbed in the face by Mothra and Godzilla laughing at him, Godzilla going full boxing on Ghidorah heads, and Ghidorah shooting Godzilla in the dick with his gravity beams.
  7. They're doing that because it isn't out for almost a year, and there was no knowledge on whether that release would stick.
  8. Doubly odd given the first film seemed to also close off his relationship to her with him going full time sorcerer.
  9. I don't know that this person is reliable, but I can easily see Charlie Cox appearing in a cameo just as Matt Murdock, not Daredevil. In a lawyer capacity for a scene maybe. That way you don't need to get into the specifics of how canon the Netflix shows are supposed to be considered in a post-Marvel TV world.
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