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  1. The problem with Lego Batman and Lego movies in general is that the ....comedy is too.... american orientated , people who dont know american pop-culture and those kind of stuff just cant get the laughs.
  2. OK, i am a man and i fell offended by this movie - the point of this movie IS ..... wait for it ....... MAN ARE TRASH. WOMEN ARE GOOD. MAN ARE BAD, LIARS, KILLERS, RAPIST, EGOMANIACS and so on. There isn't a single descent male carachter in this movie and as movie went the #metoo bullshit was far too obvious for me and my wife. Still the cast is great, the direction, the story is nice with a good twist but with two incredible stupid moments - the scene where their son died was really bad and the other was the ending - all of a sudden Liam Neeson is going to kill his wife, just like th
  3. Guys, guys, the point of the video was to prove that she would've been right about IW if it was not for those damn communists in China making her to be "not right", but nor wrong either...
  4. I AM BLOWN AWAY ......................................................BY WHAT A GIANT LOAD OF CR*P THIS MOVIE WAS. My english would not let me describe in its fullest how overrated i feel this movie is. Don't know where the praise for Michael B Jordan are coming from , i relly like him, but he overreacted , his dialogue was WEAK as hell, and his charachters motivations were laughuable. Then you've got mediocre action scenes and at places terrible CGI, Martin Freeman playing a semi-idiot, the white-knuckehead, Serkis was at times good but at times cringy and his death was anti
  5. Damn, this looks looks ....cheap. While watching i was thinking "This has to be the job of a tv director" ...and what do you know, i was right. This left a bad taste in my mouth, so i just re-watched the first movies trailer - it was awesome.
  6. My God, what a beast Inception was. As for Dunkirk, i see it closing at about 380. Grossing over 400 m will be up to China i think.
  7. Pirates was a good time - 7/10 Mummy was a bland movie - 5.5/10 Transformers was just bad - 3/10
  8. Such a good time. Hunnam wasn't bad, Law was pretty solid and overall pretty solid fun movie. Honestly i don't know what is wrong with people these days when it comes to fantasy movies, everything has to be the new Lord of the rings or it is a disaster or what?
  9. Kinda agree, the one exception for me is the Jungle Book. Those live action remakes will not be remembered in time and people will eventually go back to the originals
  10. Very mediocre, even boring at times. Liked the horror vibe of Godzilla more, even though the human cast in Kong is much better than that in Godzilla. It has great CGI but an awlful music score. Kong- 5,5/10 Godzilla- 6/10
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