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  1. Who in this cast would have enough pull for this? Maisie? Lol
  2. I'm here to watch the bonfire. And I'm on lunch at work. I'll get more enjoyment reading people shit on this movie than watching this movie if that's where you're going with this post?
  3. Aw this was the quote I read but not sure where it comes from. "This marks the first time Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers has ever awarded a movie one star in his review. Some famous close calls in the past were "The Matrix Revolution" and "Showgirls", each of which received one and a half star."
  4. They could've at least have given him a grey dye job. A young looking but grey haired magneto is true to the source material.
  5. I still havent seen fan4stic. Probably wont watch this either. My time and money is too valuable.
  6. Movie studios should release bad movies to make people pay to see good movies🤔 By jove, I think you've cracked the DCEU formula.
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