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  1. I only watched the 2004 film for SMG. This new one looks like trash.
  2. Definitely star wars. DC has already rebounded making critical and financial hits while Star Wars looks to be headed in the direction of Transformers.
  3. Its gonna take a couple of REALLY bad movies to kill interest in MCU. It'll probably never reach the heights of 2018/2019 again but one stinker alone wont stop this train.
  4. I saw the trailer for this in front of knives out. Not sure about a slavery horror film as thats what it looks like.
  5. So I would kill for Ludwig Gorransson to score a James Cameron film. I'm listening to his score for Black Panther again and it's such a cut above the majority of MCU scores. It's such a shame that Jimbo would have to do a film for this to happen.
  6. I just wanna say that there probably are no fans of the TV series Alias who were surprised that J.J. could not make the landing with this film series.
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