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  1. I go for the memes and stay for the salt. Btw, the people on /tv/ (and SHH for that matter) are completely clueless about box office. I cringe everytime some one on /tv/ predicts a marvel flop.
  2. I think the RT score will he in the high 80s. If they release a Endgame trailer with Captain Marvel in it then it'll hit 180m OW.
  3. After GOTG came out. I felt either this or Infinity War(with its 60 superheroes) would be the first rotten Marvel movie. Now theres no telling which film will end the streak!
  4. All I remember about first reactions for Age of Ultron was that its Hawkeye's movie🤣 then reviews came out and said "eh...could've bern better."
  5. Thanks. I hadn't clicked the "must see" button or whatever it is yet. Gotta counter the trolls.
  6. I thought all these posts were about Captain Marvel til I got to terrestrial. The fuck
  7. Do you think Infinity War stole the attention away from Black Panther? It just kept making more money and has left a bigger cultural mark on the zeitgeist.
  8. But Endgame is released a month and some change after Captain Marvel. No way they'll wait til April to release the final trailer. Expect the trailer to come out the week of Captain Marvel. Remember when people said no way Marvel would overshadow Captain Marvel with releasing the Avengers Endgame trailer directly after the CM one?
  9. A new Jim Cameron movie is released and it crashes the board. Amazing. The admins might want to upgrade their servers before we reach December 18th, 2020.

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