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  1. Ok so I've finally caught up with the thread since Friday and I've YET to see a post from @ZattMurdock after he posted post after post saying there would.be no trailer. Ijaccccckkk
  2. Iw is the best MCU film. Avengers takes too long to get going. Its needed because its building the team but IW is exciting from beginning to end.
  3. Um. He left because he didn't want to spend the next 4 years of his life working on Marvel movies. (He's currently working.on a.HBO series and a Buffy reboot. Thank.you)
  4. Am I reading this shit right? Avengers 4 trailer already has 1.1m likes? Surely that is a glitch!
  5. Buffy was ahead of its time with the nerd trio as villains. I remember when the season was airing, no one took a bunch of virgin nerd losers as a credible threat.

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