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  1. Loving these comments comparing the quality rise to TWS. Most of the first MCU sequels weren't as great as the first outing.
  2. Evangeline got alot of hate from critics and fans for her character Kate on Lost. Is she finally getting her due? "It's about time"
  3. Just saw this on Facebook omg! Kevin Feige says "Ant Man and the Wasp connects directly to Avengers 4." From the facebook comments lol "Seriously? I wanted to skip that movie but since Feige said it connects to Avengers 4, I'll have to watch it." "I didn't watch the first Ant-Man I plan on catching this one thou" Upping my prediction to 275m
  4. Is I don't want to spend the whole movie wondering about that if it's not true.
  5. @water truly is the most insufferable poster here when I find myself liking GraceRandolph, the 3rd most insufferable poster's posts.
  6. The only Disney animated classic I saw in theaters was Alladin. I wanted to see TLK so bad but didn't see it til it was on ABC. I recorded it on vhs. Funny thing is I already knew part of the plot from playing the video game demo in Sears lol.
  7. The first film I remember seeing in a theater was Terminator 2. We were late getting there so my dad just told us to sit through and watch the next showing lol. Man I loved the 90s. Terminator 2 will forever be one of my favorite movies ever.

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