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  1. I finally saw this in a theater. Been broke a lot last few weeks and was getting worried I wouldn’t be able to see it in a theater close by if I waited any longer. It was definitely worth watching on the big screen. Thought it was actually really good and I thought the story was very interesting. ALOT different than your average MCU film but for the better. Critics did this one dirty.
  2. If James Gunn was the director of this, we would know 100% without a doubt whether REDACTED are in this or not. Anytime some one reports something false about his movies he shoots it down with no hesitation. James Gunn, the rumor slayer. Sony could’ve squashed this story from day one but they chose not to.
  3. I don’t even give a fuck about this franchise but @ViewerAnonis a fucking moron lmao I hope you enjoy getting sued.
  4. Sony has wanted a sinister 6 movie for like 10 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if a spin off is announced after this releases.
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