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  1. "This will be the end of comic book movies" says increasingly nervous man for the 16th year in a row.
  2. Ever since it was announced, I've been waiting for conservatives on Fox News to say that Disney is promoting a "black militant terrorist group". Never underestimate old white people's irrational ignorance.
  3. I gotta say I miss the chance of one of these MCU films being a stinker. When you know they're all going to be rave after rave it takes a little bit of excitement out of the RT watch.
  4. The fact that Black Panther and Wonder Woman even got the green light after being held back by racist/sexist producers (I dunno about anyone in WB but Ike Pearlnutter is a sexist and racist POS. And a Trump supporter, how surprising ) is a political triumph and statement in itself.
  5. I dunno. I thought this gave a good indication the film would be a serious look at the human condition and what it truly means to be a hero.
  6. Let the directors do their thing and trust in the source material and not tell them "giant robots will never work on film" or "the big purple guy won't work, make him a cloud".
  7. The title is garbage! Should've gone with Super friends. DC just can't get it right. Give the rights back to MARVEL!!!!11111!!!
  8. If the ensemble is not the focus...why make a Justice League film? This sounds horrible and just like the Singer X-Men garbage franchise. No thanks. Hope you're wrong.
  9. "silly" "fun" "goofy" It's like Iron Man 3 all over again. Is Hela actually Trevor

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