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  1. In. CONJURING UNIVERSE is red hot right now.
  2. Would Titanic and Avatar have been shoved off into the “popular movie “ category if they released today?
  3. eddyxx

    Venom Under $100m

    Out. It's going to do 100m on opening weekend.
  4. If this movie can deliver as many memorable unintentionally hilarious scenes, dialogue, and memes as TDKR , then I will be fine with Sony shitting out umpteen villain spin offs. But I doubt it as Nolan is not the director.
  5. Oh no, I hope she is ok. https://www.businessinsider.com/fan-bingbing-china-actress-vanishes-media-banned-from-mentioning-her-2018-8?amp%3Butm_medium=referral
  6. Venom should've been a period piece film set in the early 00's with Drowning Pool's "LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR" on the soundtrack. The character just oozes that edgy 00's appeal. Put some Slipknot on that soundtrack😎

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