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  1. It’s impossible [not to be, when you] go to opening night to 23 movies, in packed movie houses, and seeing the moviegoers’ reaction. That’s what drives us creatively as we make all of these, certainly culminating in “Avengers: Endgame” and “Far From Home.” There’s nothing better than that, and we don’t want to lose it. I’m hoping we don’t have to. If there is nowhere else to put those movies, that’s another conversation, but I’m encouraged by the theaters holding on. Also, what’s happening overseas in countries where [the pandemic] is more under control. Guess what? It’s human nature to want to get together an have an experience. That’s continuing in very big ways in countries where they are able. Kevin Feige is probably like “you’ll pull Black Widow from theatrical when you pry it from my cold dead hands”.
  2. So I’m watching X-men origins for first time all the way through. Near the end this happens and I’m wondering how this isn’t a meme lol
  3. She looks pretty hot like this lol, other than that the trailer just made me think of Joker.
  4. I didn’t take anything like that from that quote. It sounds like the movie is going to be ultra violent and have a lot of goofy humor (I don’t mean that in a bad way) kinda like Super.(James Gunn’s last R rated movie),
  5. The end battle looked way darker than this gif on hbo max. Bad encoding or something? I had a few buffering issues but it was only for a little while. Movie is maybe 15 minutes too long. I liked it but my sister was disappointed.
  6. They associate Snyder with the far right because the far right picked him(and DC for whatever reason) as their go to director. I dunno if it’s cause he’s a gymbro or their need to be the underdog.
  7. Is anyone else rewatching the first movie before the new one? I’m watching it right now.
  8. 9 am pacific time, 12 pm eastern time. Yeah I’ve seen some ads with critic quotes in it advertising it as in theaters and on HBO max.
  9. What is with all the Jenkins hate in the previous pages. She’s a wonderful person and a talented director and y’all are out of your minds.
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