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  1. Every time this thread gets bumped I think this movie got delayed again.
  2. It will at least top it domestically which I'm not sure Hobbs and Shaw will if this weak summer is anything to go by. This has been the worst summer for movies in years.
  3. I never took the claims seriously that Disney was becoming a monopoly by buying Fox but it is quite clear that the consumers have made up their mind that Disney is the only product that they are buying. That doesn't make them a monopoly though. Not yet at least. The other studios need to step up and make movies that people actually want to throw down 30-100 dollars a pop to see. Cause it's way too easy to wait for the streaming release to justify spending that type of money weekend after weekend. I see maybe 2 or 3 movies a month now if even that and most of the time it is a super hero film or a horror film. Movies that I can actually feel should be watched with a big crowd. Rocketman looks good but I can wait to see it on red box.
  4. And I just realized that there hasn't been a single non Marvel/non Disney Hollywood(I ain't counting China)movie that has topped Antman and the Wasp domestically OR worldwide so far this year! Hollywood can't even outdo Marvel's B squad. The year looks really sad until It chapter 2.
  5. If it wasnt for Antman and the Wasp, Marvel would have a streak of 6 billion dollar movies in the span of 17 months! Black Panther Infinity War Antman and the Wasp Captain Marvel Endgame Far From Home Truly unprecedented and a run of film box office that will probably never be topped. So much for comic book movie fatigue.
  6. So this is inevitable at this point right? Surely Disney wouldnt let it get this close and not push it over?
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