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  1. I can't remember if crumbling started in the age of Ultron weekend thread or the jurassic world one...
  2. Everything sounds great except for him having creative control over the comics. I prefer 616 stay separate from mcu. Also I guess this means he signed a new deal with Marvel. The old one expired this year.
  3. Was anyone expecting Joker to outgross It Chapter 2 worldwide and domestic at the beginning of this year? Move over Pennywise. Theres a new clown in charge.
  4. Fucking clown world man. I'm a liberal but this shit is embarassing.
  5. Is it just me or is starting to get crazier out there?
  6. What job do you work where no one talked about Infinity War or Deadpool or It? Just 3 films off the top of my head released in the last 5 years that everyone was talking about.
  7. The media sure does hate this movie. I saw a article on CNBC yesterday criticizing the movie saying that its allowing some pedophile to get royalties for a song of his that was used in the movie. They'll try anything to tear this movie down but it's not working. 🤣
  8. Obviously the monday number was good because people avoided opening weekend so they wouldnt get shot by the incels. /sarcasm
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