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  1. They weren't going for Nicholas' legs either though. If you watch, even the ones by his legs were reaching for the torso.
  2. I know the answer to that, but it's a spoiler. Read only if you don't care about being spoiled.
  3. Also, there may be a lot of humans out there who are having trouble finding food, etc. When they all die that just adds to the Walker population.
  4. Yep. That's in the major spoiler up above that I posted as well. That he was seen filming in a major scene last week.
  5. Huge spoiler for season 6. I'm talking HUGE. For both book readers and non. DON'T read if you don't want to know. From Watchers on the Wall:
  6. How do we know they won't have much to do for 3 seasons? We have no clue what George is writing or what he's told D&D. Besides, if they hadn't condensed stuff for S5, it would've been even more boring than some thought it was.
  7. He wouldn't be forbidden to take pics with fans if that were the case. See Nell Tiger Free (Myrcella) who has tweeted lots about being in Belfast and is just there for her funeral. There wouldn't be the secrecy.
  8. Welp. The worst kept secret in TV history continues. http://watchersonthewall.com/yes-kit-harington-is-in-belfast-again-irish-actor-joins-the-cast-of-game-of-thrones/ Can it possibly be more obvious? I mean he's refusing to take pics with fans in Belfast also. He never did that.
  9. The body wasn't doing the acting though. So, it wouldn't be fair if they let that matter. It was all in the face.
  10. I do notice that people aren't bitching about Kit being horrible anymore. He's given more to do and he shows what he can do.
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