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  1. efialtes76

    Wednesday Numbers - Shazam 1.9.

    40% drop for Shazam...
  2. efialtes76

    Tuesday Numbers - Early Estimates

    Same Wednesday of Boss Baby. GiTS -31% Power Rangers -32% Skull Island -27% Beauty & Beast -20% Logan -18%.
  3. efialtes76

    Tuesday Numbers - Early Estimates

    The Boss Baby dropped 20% on Wednesday. Shazam won't drop 44%...
  4. Kubo is one one the most touching movies ever! So, so beautiful.
  5. Friday increase was around 168% vs 156% for Boss Baby. Boss Bay increased 70% on Saturday and decreased 35% on Friday. With the same increase/decrease Shazam would do $24M. $23M is more realistic.
  6. Easter Holidays is one of the better dates for the boxoffice! BvS did €5.45M in 5 days(€2.61M on Thursday a God's Friday) And one year ago RP1 opened with €2.5M, Peter Rabbit incressed 1%, La Tribu only dropped a 12% and Red Sparrow 14%.
  7. efialtes76

    Russia Box Office

    128 ml Rub in 2 days for Shazam.
  8. AndhaDhun is doing average at best.
  9. $150M? $125M-$130M Max.
  10. Nice? HTTYD3 did 12,935 on Wednesday.
  11. Even without TS4 Frozen 2 wouldn't win against HTTYD3.

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