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  1. I don't buy those numbers at all The Rescue only increased a 9% today(4 times less than WW84) and Bath Buddy is doing 22 mln + every day with 1-1.5 mln in presales...
  2. Saturday numbers are wrong too. Courtesy of Corpse; Confirmed Chains that are resuming 100% capacity on Sept. 19th:109 CinemasCinema CityCinema SunshineKorona World CinemasSMT Cinemas (membership priority plan)T-Joy EntertainmentConfirmed Chains that are remaining at 50% capacity on Sept. 19th:Aeon CinemasToho CinemasUnited Cinemas
  3. Tenet is doing great. Much,much better than mainland. 63k admissions on Friday. 89k Saturday. 92k Sunday.
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