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  1. What's your problem with this movie? And you don't know how would be the boxoffice without Covid and HBO Max.
  2. You can't see a movie in a theater without the Healthy Pass and only the 44% of the population already have it...
  3. Each Warner movie released in the last months dropped more than 50% on the second weekend. Tom&Jerry-53% Godzilla vs Kong-56% The Little Things-56% Conjuring 3-57% Judas an The Black Messiah-57% On the Heigths-63% WW84-67% SJ2-¿68%? Those Who Whis Me Dead-69% Mortal Kombat-73% And TSS will drop more than 60% even with amazing WoM... The Hybrid release is a killer.
  4. Delta variant,Delta variant... Another excuse to restrict rights. PS:I'm vacinated so i'm not a negationist but i'm tired of this variant bullshit.
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