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  1. efialtes76

    Official France Box Office Thread

    HTTYD3 OD included 130k+ admisions from previews. The drop wasn't bad against Ralph 2 and Alita.
  2. HTTYD3 did $2.5M in previews(Lego 2 $0.6M).
  3. So CM is the new best CBM ever of every year...
  4. Very good with a inflated Monday.
  5. What a surprise! Probably another overrated movie like BP or WW...
  6. Isn't so close. Instant Family opened on Thursday.
  7. Captain Marvel will open with $120M+ at 100%. And I'm not a fan...
  8. Lego 2-$3.1M Instant Family-$3.1M with previews HTTYD 3-$2.2M Alita-$1.8M
  9. efialtes76

    Alita: Battle Angel

    My mistake. I understood $200M-$250M IN China...
  10. HTTYD3 will have previews on February 23rd.

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