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  1. Yeah... the sequel to Return of the Jedi with the original cast returning wouldn’t have done “nearly as well” in April. Now this is where I’ll say pump the breaks.... hahahaha #alllovetho
  2. I was literally championing Force Awakens a few days ago literally saying that once Endgame passes 935.million I’ll concede and say MCU > Star Wars in the US hinting that I didn’t think it would happen. it just opened to 360 frigging million dollars. It has an a+ score. Marvel fans and general audiences seem to love it. Hell, I was disappointed in the first 2 hours, and still gave the movie a 8/10 due to that last hour and would still see it again. Force Awakens has basically been snapped out of existence. It’s a question of whether this can approach 1 billion.
  3. First billion dollar domestic and about 3 billion worldwide? Incredible what we are witnessing. Is this and example of the max that an opening weekend can get? Any non MCU movies that have a shot at either of these within the next 5 years? I rethought it and it’s likely no aside from an avatar sequel (and I’m only saying that out of respect for James Cameron being 2-0 at getting the number 1 spot with his last two releases)
  4. It’s pretty much done. Barring like a 70 percent drop next week due to the crazy burnt off demand this behemoth should blow past force awakens. Competition won’t matter. Also in another thread I said If Endgame beat force awakens total in the US than I would officially say MCU > Star Wars in the States. I’m just about ready to concede but I wait for that 2nd weekend drop just to be extra sure. Lmao. MCU trusted in their characters, developed a crowd and critic pleasing formula, and simply changed the game giving characters that people thought had no chance of being A list worthy 12 years a
  5. 157+ million OPENING DAY???!! Holy ****ing S***! Wow. Force Awakens Domestic total is not only in play, it could be left in the dust within a few months. I thought 300 million would be tough, but 350-370 million is absolutely flipping crazy. This record has a great chance of lasting longer than 5 years (we’ll see tho). MCU is king. Bravo. I hope Endgame puts an end to Avatar’s worldwide gross. (As for the movie, 8/10, last hour is worth it alone)
  6. Dude i got hate for saying I don't think Endgame is gonna beat Force Awakens 935 million. That wasn't MCU hate, that was just respect for how insane that total was. The damn movie beat Avatar's total in like 15 days or some crazy **** like that. Endgame might do that too but still. TFA was a beast. Let's see if it can get close. Would love to see a movie break 1 billion in the states for the first time.
  7. I actually agree, the only movies I can see having a puncher's chance are: A Matt Reeve's Batman Sequel- This would require Reeve's first Batman film to be universally accepted as being better than the Dark Knight, and Batman would have to be reinvented in some way and Phoenix's Joker would have to be well received, not a one off, and included in the sequel; likely not happening. Harry Potter 9 with the original cast Star Wars sequel trilogy movie, barring Episode 9 gains confidence back from the fans. I thought Lion King could break the record b
  8. OW Record Years Since Batman Shattered it in 1989 (off the top of my head, forgive me if i'm wrong) Batman: 1989 Batman Returns: 1992 Jurassic Park: 1993 Batman Forever: 1995 The Lost World: Jurassic Park: 1997 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone: 2001 Spider-Man: 2002 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mean's Chest: 2006 Spider-Man 3: 2007 The Dark Knight: 2008 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: 2011 Marvel's The Avengers: 2012 Jurassic World: 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens: 2015 Avengers: Infi
  9. Congrats to Endgame! Can't believe 300 million is happening (I still believe Force Awakens would've done it or come extremely close if it was released in the summer). Crazy. Theoretically, how high can an opening go? Could we see a 375-400 million opener within the next 10 years?
  10. Congrats to Endgame! Can't believe 300 million is happening (I still believe Force Awakens would've done it or come extremely close if it was released in the summer). Crazy. Theoretically, how high can an opening go? Could we see a 375-400 million opener within the next 10 years?
  11. Ultron was one of the worst MCU movies and by far the worst Avengers movie. 6/10 from me, maybe lower. Avengers 1 and IW >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ultron and honestly Endgame based on the trailers alone which show nothing compete with Ultron too so the movie will likely be better about 25 minutes in. Only redeeming thing about Ultron was Hawkeye's backstory with
  12. Agreed, i don't think any of the MCU characters (aside from possibly Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark, maybe Black Panther due to significance) will be as remembered or revered as say, Yoda/Obi Wan/Darth/Luke/Leia/Han but that said if i were to separate cinematic villains into "Tiers" I would place Thano's from Infinity War (and likely Endgame) as a Tier 2 borderline Tier 1 level villain. You've got Hannibal Lecter, The Wicked Witch, Darth Vader, The Joker, Norman Bates, etc and then you have John Doe (Se7en), T-1000, T-800, The Predator, Thanos, Etc then you have other great villain that are a
  13. Lol. I'm confused though. I said MCU has surpassed Star Wars worldwide and I just said IW was a borderline masterpiece. How does that not make one a fan of Marvel? I also said I hope Endgame beats Avatar and that domestically it would gross 850 million..... How is that toxic hate? Because I said I doubt that it beats Force Awakens 936 million? Just slightly confused, I love the site been lurkin for years and i love Box Office; not really flustered by the whole keyboard warrior thing. *Shrugs*. Just a poster giving his opinion. Didn't mean for things to get "toxic." lol
  14. ....Annnnnnndd with that said Force Awakens still with 936 million. So there's non adjusted numbers. Has any MCU movie aside from Endgame which hasn't officially opened yet beaten Force Awakens total gross? Yes or no? The answer is no. Even Rogue One outgrossed every MCU film aside from Black Panther, Avengers, and Infinity War and (soon to be) Endgame domestically. 3 soon to be 4 MCU movies outgrossed Last Jedi but none will outgross Force Awakens domestically. So once again, Star Wars peaked higher in the states. This isn't a diss towards MCU ya'll, calm down. lol.
  15. Nah No Man's Land seen alone is better than most of if not all of CM. I felt like CM went through the motions. It was "necessary" but nothing special. 7-7.5 from me which is for some is accurate and for others is hating. WW's high notes: No Man's land, the crew WW rolled with, the movie score, the chemistry between Pine and Gadot, the fact that WW's character was so naive in regards to understanding the nature of mankind/humans, I really felt the movie was pretty stellar. The 3rd act falters but is no worse than run of the mill villain comic book movie fare ala Iron Man's Iron Monger, Whiplash
  16. Iron man is still in my top 5 comic book movies. Even with the mediocre sequels he's always killed it as Tony Stark regardless of the individual or ensemble films. I would love for him to get a nom.
  17. Yawn, and even when taking out adjustments Force Awakens is 936 million, far and above any Avengers movie. domestically. Even with Endgame, I'm predicting 850 million (admittedly falling for the hype), still well below that number and likely the absolute peak of the MCU (meaning that subsequent releases will be big but won't be as regarded as the OG 6). As for the bold; I'm not going to say that isn't a possibility, could happen, but it hasn't. A Harry Potter reunion movie could break records opening weekend as could a Nolan "Dark Knight Returns" or "Batman Beyond" movie with Christian Bale r
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