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  1. No, Captain Marvel was a solid movie, but to ignore the impact of Infinity War, an all time great blockbuster with one of the best cliffhanger endings in modern movie history (it'll be remembered as the best non Empire Strikes Back cliffhanger ever In my opinion) is crazy. The SECOND I saw that logo on the beeper at that post credits scene I literally said, "welp shit, looks like I have to see Captain Marvel." When people were predicting CM's opening weekend I was one of the people saying "150 million at least based off the post credits scene alone." I had a co-worker literally tell me a few d
  2. Lol. I already said MCU surpassed Star Wars worldwide though, I know the numbers; they're staggering.. I'm talking about simply in the United States. It hasn't. I mean I don't know what else needs to be said. Star Wars A New Hope adjusts to Well over a 1 billion Star Wars Force Awakens Adjusts to 976 million, so basically 1 billion Empire and Jedi adjust to over 850 plus million Menace over 815 million Take out the re-releases, Force Awakens is basically 1 billion. and the first star wars would likely still be in the top 10. lol
  3. Actually, considering Wonder Woman was following Suicide Squad and BvS, two universally panned movies with a lot of stench on them, it's actually a monstrous testament for the movie and the iconic character to gross more than Thor 3 and Guardians 2 domestically and have some of the best legs for a movie in its genre ever. This will be viewed as hate but WW imo was a (much) better movie than CM. CM literally had its opening gross handed to it by the Infinity War post credit's scene. CM is attached to the mega rolling machine that is the MCU; the brand at this point is Teflon. CM is a solid m
  4. ....disagree, Force Awakens would've definitely pushed 300 million in the summer. I know MCU is the thing right now but that said you can never discount a hyped Star Wars movie, especially one that was 32 years in the making.
  5. Official Prediction OW: 285 Million WW Opening: 1 Billion DOM: 775 Million WW: 2.5 Billion (I really want 3.4 billion to overtake Avatar and also Avatar with Inflation, but I won't get too crazy)
  6. No mang, I should've put a "Rolling eyes" emoticon or something. I couldn't stand the hype around Avatar and didn't think Cameron would replace himself as the top grossing movie ever. I was just emphasizing that I wouldn't be surprised if Cameron pulled it out again in ridiculous fashion. I agree with you that the Avatar sequels won't gross 3 billi each. lol.
  7. Did it outperform Force Awakens? or any of the other 4 movies adjusted? 😕 *shrugs* I think Endgame will beat Episode 9 domestically btw. It's MCU's world right now, literally, but based on what I said i believe MCU has not surpassed Star Wars in the states in terms of historical importance. Sorry if it upsets people. It's not hate lol, just an opinion.
  8. I saw Deathly Hallows 2 at midnight...definitely one of the craziest times I've had at a theater. Dark Knight - My friends had to get tickets for a 3:20am showing, everything else was sold out, saw it again the same morning. Endgame will likely surpass all of those!
  9. Pump the breaks. Worldwide/Overseas, yes (praying for Endgame to beat Avatar, the most overrated movie of all time) but in the US no Marvel has not "surpassed" Star Wars in the US overall. Inflation wise and rounding up Star Wars basically has 2, 1 billion dollar domestic films and 5 films in the top 20 of all time. MCU is game changing and huge, but in the end Star Wars will remain more iconic in the states at least; just my opinion. I don't believe Iron Man, Black Widow, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Captain America etc will be held in higher regard historically in cinema than
  10. Saw it yesterday. Meh. 7/10 (was 7.5 heading out of the theater but has dipped since). GF gave it a 5, she's indifferent on Comicbook/MCU movies (Loved BP for example and loved the old X-Men movies like X2, and she's a feminist for an example). Which is actually a solid rating. lol But really the movie had issues in the first half and definitely finished stronger than it started, which is not the norm for most comic book movies these days (It's usually strong first 2 acts meh 3rd act. I'd argue the opposite for this one). The cat was great, the the Skrulls were fun, and the soundtrack was a
  11. Honestly, one of the best movie scenes/moments I've seen in a while, regardless of genre
  12. Most underrated (mainstream) movie of the 2010s by a wade margin
  13. The Village? Lmao. To this day, I've never seen a movie fall apart within the last 20 or minutes like the Village did. I think Shyamalama's best movies are Sixth Sense, Signs (even with maybe the worst plothole ever, it was overall very good imo), the Visit (underrated), and Split. Unbreakable when I first saw was underwhelming to me but I understand why it has a cult following. So 5 movies ranging from slightly above average to great is actually not bad, even if the other movies are (Happening, Lady in the Water, The Last Airbender,After Earth) well,trash. (Haven't seen Glass yet....)
  14. The hate is real. lol. Can you send some links? I saw one writer i think via Forbes (i think could be wrong) that was trying to downplay its success, smh. LOL. So sad.
  15. Love the Rock, but no. Will Smith peaked higher than the Rock. ID4, Men in Black and sole headlining movies like I Am Legend, Hitch, I,Robot, etc. Rock is huge but not Will Smith, as of now, IMO.
  16. o.O hahaha. Don't know about that. Spidey 3 tho yes for sure.
  17. I've learned after Titanic and Avatar, both of which i consider to be the most overrated movies around; and I consider T2 the GOAT action movie so i respect Cameron too. I can't count out Avatar 2. That dude just seems to connect with audiences - all time only Spielberg during his heyday could be argued as being better in this department. Wouldn't be shocked if Avatar 2 grossed like 3.5 billion or something (even though i don't think it will. I think it will drop but it just can't be counted out)
  18. Anyone thinks this can challenge Force Awaken's domestic total or Avatar's worldwide total?
  19. Everything you say make's sense.....But if you go back looking at the trends of US opening weekends...Something is going to break it in under 5 years. I'm going off memory here but let's see the OW Records Since 1989: 1989: Ghostbusters 2 / Batman (didn't The Last Crusade break it too? i forget) 1992: Batman Returns 1993: Jurassic Park 1995 Batman Forever 1997: The Lost World 2001: Harry Potter 1 2002: Spider-Man 2006: Dead Man's Chest (and in between this time it could be argued The Matrix Reloaded and Return of the King could have broken it -
  20. Yeah if The Lion King is nailed right, marketed right (which it will be) it's got a shot (domestic opening weekend); i wouldn't be surprised if it hit a 275 million opening or something crazy like that. I'd be shocked if it opened below 200 million. Kids, Grownups, the soundtrack. I don't wanna get TOO hyperbolic but the argument could be made The Lion King live action is like the "Force Awakens" of the animated live action adapted movies that are gonna come out.
  21. Great point Batman did it with it's first 3 movies (Batman 89, Batman Returns, Batman Forever) and then The Dark Knight (four overall). Ghostbusters 2 did it, Jurassic Park 1 did it, Return of the Jedi did it, Rocky 3 did it (i think). But in terms of recent times with these mega openings it is true that the recent ones have been nostalgia fueled.
  22. I'd agree but i remember everyone here was SHOCKED when Avengers went down in 2015 with Jurassic World, then Force Awakens broke JW in December. Force Awakens gets beat 2.5 years later (tho if it stays at 258 Force Awakens retains it adjusted right? I'm sure IW will probably be like 262-263 with actuals). Now we're like "it won't be beaten anytime soon." I'd say odds are Avenger's 4, and/or Lion King have a shot at the US opening. You can't ever count out Star Wars but Episode 9 is gonna suffer in it's opening due to Last Jedi - if it's received better it'll be shown via its legs not the open
  23. Forget about the 258-263 million. I'm O.O at the 640 million worldwide opening. GOT. DAMN. I think The Lion King actually could outright break the opening weekend record next year (at worst challenge it), but that worldwide opening? What movie has a chance in hell at that in the near future? Avatar 2? o.O The next Furious movie has no shot due to diminishing US returns. Star Wars Episode 9 won't do it either.
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