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  1. Yup. Lol. My main criticism of the MCU was the "villain of the week" issue they were having in 75 percent of their movies (and most of the movies were STILL good so that's a testament to their execution.) They have officially fixed their villain issues with Hela, Vulture, Killmonger and now Thanos. Killmonger and Thanos are now in my top 3 comic book film villains (Heath's Joker will remain number 1 for me for a while). I didn't think Thanos was quite*** Killmonger but he was close enough and lived up to the hype (for me it was at minimum Killmonger quality of a villain or bust and Thanos liv
  2. I made a bet with a friend that Infinity won't gross more than Star Wars Force Awakens domestically (i think worldwide it has a shot). Do ya'll think it was a safe/shoebox bet?
  3. lol. Hey man, I like Marvel/MCU. I've seen every single one of em and i cited why MCU changed the game. But so did The Dark Knight Trilogy in it's own way - You're looking at the scope of studios, fine, i said that (eveyrone's copying it = Studios that what i meant haha). I'm legit saying Filmmakers are/were influenced by what Nolan's Batman films did. Look past the bias of not liking the Dark Knight, which you basically just revealed. I think some MCU films are overrated but i have 3 out of my top 5 comic book movies from it (Black Panther, Iron Man 1, Winter Soldier, and the other one is sti
  4. Look... I’m on 4 hours of sleep and I give infinity war 8.5/10... I’ve watched these forums for years and it’s a good time but I gotta step out for this one What films did the dark knight and Nolan’s films influence? Lmao Ryan Coogler literally said he was inspired by The dark knight dynamic of Batman and the joker when it came to tchalla and killmonger. And he said his killmonger was inspired by the joker The dark knight opened the door for comic films being taken as legit films- the oscars suffered such a backlash from not nominating it in 2009 oscars that they
  5. just to add the opposite: All of my friends who've seen it accept one have said it's "badass" "amazing" "good" and 1 said he didn't like it, but he didn't like begins all that much and tdk is very linked to it (fairly known by this point so it's not a spoiler; begins is even referenced in the teaser trailer)those who said it was amazing; 3 girls (no lie)3 guys, one of which didn't want to see it cause of Anne hathawaythose who said it was badass: friend who is a dark knight bandwagoner and forgot begins even existed. A friend who loved tdk and loved this. That friends girlfriend who didn't wat
  6. unless (God forbid) a shooting happens on it's opening day with the killer calling himself an expendable, there's no point of even asking if it's gonna be affected
  7. A movie that had a horrific attack in its name, with a killer who referred to himself as the joker, that has been labelled as the dark knight killer, and a tragedy that has been noted as the dark knight massacre... Constant messages on facebook indicating people r afraid of going to see the movie...US media going crazy linking Batman and Shootings together, news of copycats, etc... And this movie is going to finish with 430-460 million domestcally...and some.. R disappointed??... And at the same time some claim the shooting has had no affect on the film??????? SMH
  8. I'll agree with what was said about the joker. I'm not sure joker is more popular than batman domestically, but he is easily the most popular comic villain ever, and possibly the most iconic, sought after live action villain besides lecter and vader. Anyone who reads the comics know there's few better examples of ying and yang like those two. Plus, the joker is the easiest to market as well. If the next batman is in 3D and the joker is written and executed well by who plays him, whatever opening weekend there is at the time could be in jeopardy.
  9. (just adding) - tdkrises, x2, first class, begins, even superman the movie, v for vendetta all all great too. Avengers may be the most entertaining of them all, but the best? We'll see after the one liners and explosions wear off. (not a hater avengers Is top 5, top 3 best comic movie no doubt, jay sayin though) also, for me it'd be nice for rises to hit 400 million (it will) cause the trilogy will have 2 400+ grossers and 2 billion dollar movies. Avengers will join that in 2015 as well, unless it's crappy like iron man 2)
  10. Who says the avengers is the best comic book movie ever? I disagree, tdk and iron man and spidey 2 may have something to say about that ( just responding on my iPhone I can't quote who underlined that ta was the goat)
  11. clicked that link....Yea...Might as well put an asterisk next to the Dark Knight Rises run, i'm not even kidding either. Fans WILL eventually see it. But the people on the fence are gone for now, and WOM won't help cause of the paranoia from the shootings, not to mention parents not letting eager teens go, etc.
  12. If that 17 mill number is true...ouch. It's either the olympics, the shootings still, or a mix of both. I think some or underestimating the shootings impact. I told a girl i was going to see TDKRises again with family yesterday and she flat out asked "aren't you afraid to go? " and basically she's not going to the movies for a while. There's a LOT of people like that, not to mention the copycats right now, the fact that it's been reported cops are studying Batman comics. To be simple, to many ignorant media brainwashed people right now Batman = Death. The movie has CLEARLY been affected
  13. got back from a 730 pm showing in Philly....Sold out- Discount ThursdayTrailers: Man of Steel (mumbling, silence when the trailer started; good sign. I hate superman but for DC films sake the film needs to be good)The Campaign (lots of laughs)Total Recall (no response)Movie - A+Saw it a second time...after actually taking more of the movie in....I have changed my mind. The negative critics have got it wrong on this one. This movie could be the best of the franchise. The pacing was fine, the characters were developed JUST enough and the movie ties the trilogy together VERY VERY well. I actu
  14. Just called a theater located in university city Philly (Penn and Drexel colleges)- most populated college district in the US and Philly is 4th in media markets in this country. She said all movies in the past week have taken a HUGE hit. I would imagine tdkrises is that times 2. The shooting is basically crippled the movies potential. Box office fans might as well put an asterisk next to this movie. Be happy it's even approaching 400 million
  15. in your opinion....I thought it was great and compared to other comic book trilogies and other trilogies in general it's about as solid as you can get. LOTR, Original Star Wars, Toy Story, and i'd have to say Nolan's Batman flicks are right there or at least in the discussion.I liked the TDK but looking back on it I find it overrated at points, though it's still a classic movie. TDKR outclasses it in every department except the Joker, and Anne and Hardy were GREAT in their roles. Look at it as it's own entry and maybe give it another view and i think when people look back they'll be fond of
  16. At the people nitpicking tdkrises it basically comes down to how much good outweighs the bad and in rises the good destroys any bad along with the rest of nolans batflicks. I'll tear apart the joker right now; he's the greatest planner of all time, almost at superhuman levels. Everything works perfectly for him. Including when everyone dies in the same room except him. Harvey, while underrated and played brilliantly by echart is basically venomized in the last 30 minutes of the film, even though it was still Awesome lol. The emitter plot in begins doesn't even make sense.Every cop in these mov
  17. (just to add) Batman 89, while literally changing the movie marketing game, is still one of the most hyped movies ever, though it has been surpassed by a fair amount of flicks since (tpm, tdk, matrix reloaded, spiderman 3, rots come to mind) it's still a game changer in that department though
  18. Did I just read people saying batman 89 wasn't hyped up?!?! Lmfao, um what? The summer of 89 is nicknamed "Batmania" and it absolutely destroyed opening weekends at the time. There's still an amount of people who think Jacks joker was better than heaths (disagree there)that movie redefined opening weekends and movie marketing in general (.there was one poster; the golden bat symbol and that's it)infact the combo of bats/joker might be up there with the best box office results ever.The franchise is 2-0 on ow records and domestic number 1's when the joker is involved.
  19. Had another friends text me saying he was blown away by the movie, an he didn't want to see it originally because he hated hathaway.Either way, the film has people dissapointed, on the brim, satisfied, or amazed; should translate to at least above average legs.
  20. don't count the movies legs out ya'll. Had 4 people respond to me today about the movie; one didn't like it, 3 raved about it. There's a SLIGHT mixed reaction i feel, but i think legs will be better than most people think. Such a shame; there was DEFINITELY an impact from the shooting, absolutely no doubt about it. Next week will determine how much it can "recover"
  21. My roommates at a 6 am showing now and i know someone else seeing it at 6pm tonight. Guys....Keep the expectations in check. It's a third movie coming off one of the most loved movies of the past decade, hell past 2 decades and there was a tragedy on it's weekend and ya'll are disappointed with a 175-190 milli weekend? If anything, if this was 3D with no shooting this would have SHATTERED the record, and hell if this tragedy didn't happen we all know, even the haters know, this would have challenged it; If that range holds up that's a great number and it will make north of 450+ million....Th
  22. Nope. lol. After all that he does???? Not in control??!? That's my opinion anyhow. The Clown Prince of Crime commands the screen and overshadows almost everything, Bane is a different kind of animal; pure intelligence and brute strength, i loved it.
  23. Sad sad day. Prayers go out to the victims and there families. This is part of the burden of living in American (Free) society and it's a shame but crazies are out there and it's pathetic when things like this happen.BUT i am going to choose to talk about this movie and what I saw last night.I can see how some people will love or be meh on the film, but i LOVED IT. IMAX Theater was packed, regular theaters were packed, it was a madhouse outside around 3 AM. My expectations were met, i just wanted a solid film to close out Nolans vision of Batman and I got more. Nolan has BALLS and he took
  24. The bruce/selina storyline/subplot was brilliant, and it was done to perfection. It's so good in my eyes that while Nolan may put up a worthy effort I still on expect Batman and Catwoman's charisma to approach this film (if I'm wrong that's fine, i'd welcome it) Michelle owned the role and was great. Unfortunately it's a sad movie imo; it makes you feel kind of hopeless because Keaton's Bruce was practically begging for an excuse to escape from life as Batman and Selina was the purfect way out. I think Keaton and Pfifer's screen time was vastly underrated in this film.
  25. Yup, in fact, i just posted that while i don't see the Hobbit beating the Avengers or TDK domestically, worldwide is another story. I wouldn't write off Avengers staying at number 1 worldwide for the year just yet. Almost a decade of inflation + 3D prices, and the possibility of it approaching ROTK's admissions during the winter months could make it a monster overseas.
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