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  1. Benioff and Weiss might be shitty writters, but damn it, they are really fucking good at directing. That Dany shot with the dragon wings behind her was beautiful.
  2. And Tyrion throwing the Hand's Queen bagde in her face was also a really satisfying moment to watch. It felt like old Tyrion again.
  3. Not gonna lie, Drogon burning the Iron Throne and Jon finally petting ghost really got me excited while watching.
  4. Seasons 1-4 are television masterpieces that should be watched by any aspiring writer. Books 1-3 too. And while seasons 5 and 6 are not as good as the previous seasons, "Hardhome", "Battle Of The Bastards" and "Winds Of Winter" are the best episodes this whole series has ever given us. Especially BoB. That's why regardless of how bad it ends this sunday, I'm not gonna say Game Of Thrones was an 8 year waste of my time because it taught me so much about storytelling and I had very fond memories of university and the internship, because of Game Of Thrones and the Song Of Ice and Fire books, theorizing, discussing and stuff with friends. It was a really fun ride that I will remember very fondly. Sad that season 8 dropped the ball but I'm not too mad about it.
  5. She was bringing her meals, so she had to approach to Daenerys, or at least that's what the conversation with Varys implies.
  6. She said to Varys that the soldiers where watching her, then Varys responds "of course they are, that's their job". So yeah, they knew about the little girl.
  7. Another idea occured to me just now. That little bird Varys was talking to at the beginning of the episode, she was also plotting to poison Daenerys with Varys through her meals, right? If the whole point of the execution of Varys was for his betrayal for plotting against her then why not burn him with the little girl too? Not only it adds more weight to the scene but it also does a much better job at building-up her madness if she's willing to burn little childen too and her snapping at King's Landing would have been much more believable. That and killing Rhaegal in this episode with the scorpions instead of the last one could have made the script much better.
  8. Nope. HBO knows this is their golden goose and the very reason why people suscribe to their channel package in the first place, they would have been glad to make this a 15 season show if they could, hence all this talk of spin-off shows. Also I highly doubt popularity would die down, Game Of Thrones is the only television series that never dropped in average viewership in the ratings, every season got bigger than the last, this one being the biggest yet. The fault of all of this disaster is solely on D&D and no one else. They got tired of the project, they wanted to take a shortcut and make less episodes and be done with it so that they can move on to something else (Star Wars). You can tell from the "Inside The Episode" videos that these guys really want to get out of Game Of Thrones and judging from the quality of season 8, it shows. They should have gotten another showrunner after season 6 that is just as passionate for the material as D&D initally where when the series started and make 4 more seasons to end the story without the rushing. Shows change showrunners all the time so it's not a wild idea. If D&D can't handle a behemoth like GOT all the way to the end, what makes me think that they won't drop the ball at the third Star Wars movie they make?
  9. Oh boy, the only thing thing that could ruin this even further is cut-to-black in the middle of the damn final scene, Sopranos style. That would make me throw my TV out of my window, I shit you not.
  10. I just wish Bryan Cogman or Dave Hill would have written all of these episodes. It's no coincidence that they wrote the only two good episodes this season. They're much better writers.
  11. True, at least we got Infinity War and EndGame. Though I have to admit that I loved the Cleganebowl fight. Easily the best moment of the episode.
  12. Depends on the situation of the country, it should at least match Infinity War.
  13. Number of tickets sold on the week of April 26th to May 2nd: AVENGERS: ENDGAME - 397.679 (NEW). DUMBO - 20.186 (200.836), CAPITANA MARVEL - 19.744 (521.032), THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA - 17.934. ¡SHAZAM! 11.320. I am so sorry I don't have the totals of La Llorona and Shazam, or a more detailed week for that matter. It's been chaotic lately. Internet is getting shittier at both my house and at work.
  14. When the Humanitarian Aid situation happened on Feb 23, almost 200 security forces (Military, Police, National Guard, Transit, etc. even a freaking canine guide) crossed the border to Colombia to side with Guaidó (who's back in the country btw). And they confirmed that the chain of command truly is broken there. And there's rumors of even more security forces deflecting. So yeah, he's fucked.
  15. Not really. I see this coming to an end really soon. Ever since Guaidó appeared in the political stage, Maduro has commited mistake after mistake, witch is good for us. The final days of this motherfucker in power will be the bloodiest and most violent ever, but it will be necessary to get to the transitional goverment of Juan Guaidó and be a free and capitalist country once again.
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