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  1. They really should have gone the animation route with anthopomorphic animals ala Zootopia dancing like in the stage, at least that would have been more palattable than... whatever this is.
  2. This hurts. Kyoani was my favorite anime studio alongside ufotable. Fucking awful what happened.
  3. The ending(s) will f#ck up your head. Just a heads up.
  4. This is just one really big epilogue. Not really a bad thing, I still liked it a lot. More so than Monster U or Finding Dory, but... IDK.
  5. Yeah, but Good Dinosaur has very stylized characters that happens to be in a photorealistic enviroment while Lion King is going for full realism with both the characters and it's enviroment, therefore Good Dinosaur is still an animated movie.
  6. As an Elton John fan myself, I really, really liked this movie. I hope Egerton gets a best actor nom cause' this is suberb job.
  7. Depends on the situation of the country, it should at least match Infinity War.
  8. Number of tickets sold on the week of April 26th to May 2nd: AVENGERS: ENDGAME - 397.679 (NEW). DUMBO - 20.186 (200.836), CAPITANA MARVEL - 19.744 (521.032), THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA - 17.934. ¡SHAZAM! 11.320. I am so sorry I don't have the totals of La Llorona and Shazam, or a more detailed week for that matter. It's been chaotic lately. Internet is getting shittier at both my house and at work.
  9. When the Humanitarian Aid situation happened on Feb 23, almost 200 security forces (Military, Police, National Guard, Transit, etc. even a freaking canine guide) crossed the border to Colombia to side with Guaidó (who's back in the country btw). And they confirmed that the chain of command truly is broken there. And there's rumors of even more security forces deflecting. So yeah, he's fucked.
  10. Not really. I see this coming to an end really soon. Ever since Guaidó appeared in the political stage, Maduro has commited mistake after mistake, witch is good for us. The final days of this motherfucker in power will be the bloodiest and most violent ever, but it will be necessary to get to the transitional goverment of Juan Guaidó and be a free and capitalist country once again.
  11. No box office this week. Massive electrical outage has affected the entire nation so no movie theatres in the country was open.
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