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  1. Not really feeling it. Don't think Flanagan is a good fit for Shining, at least not Kubrick's Shining. Much more excited about Midsommar, The Lighthouse, and even Crawl.
  2. lmao Endgame made more in 2 days than Justice League made in its entire run. DC tried copying the Marvel formula but failed embarrassingly. Hopefully going forward they will focus on director-driven solo films.
  3. Ronan is great. Turner got about the same emotional range as Sensei Seagal, only with a lot less charisma. https://theplaylist.net/sophie-turner-social-media-20190226/
  4. Just found out about this one. Looks solid. Moody and well-shot. There's not enough horror westerns.
  5. 90s horror was a freakin wasteland. The 00s wasn't much better. Torture porn. 🤢 Platinum Dunes. 🤮
  6. Good, but not great. In fact, I thought it was great up until the last half an hour or so. In my opinion, the entire mystery behind the doppelgängers just wasn't mysterious and satisfying enough. That got a "meh" reaction from me. Also, the final twist was pretty lame. 7/10
  7. Baumer didn't like it, and Futurist didn't like it, which means I'll probably love it...
  8. Hopefully Peele stays away from the comic book movie swamp. The dude is way too talented for that.
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