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  1. Hereditary is one of the best horror films of the last 10 years. I actually forgot to vote for it. Night of the Hunter is great, but I wouldn't consider it a horror movie.
  2. Tbh, I thought it was a pretty silly club as well. I just didn't state it here. At least I hope didn't.
  3. The Stingray

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Wasn't aware TIP still made good music.
  4. The Stingray

    First Man (2018)

    Fantastic! The flight scenes were out of this world. The moon landing gave me goosebumps. That music!
  5. Just crazy that this club has a chance of actually succeeding. Great call, baumer!
  6. Mine. 1 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 2 The Thing 3 The Shining 4 Halloween 5 Alien 6 Carrie 7 Phantasm 8 Scream 9 Suspiria 10 Jeepers Creepers 11 Angel Heart 12 A Nightmare on Elm Street 13 The Exorcist 14 The House of the Devil 15 Mandy 16 My Bloody Valentine 17 Nosferatu the Vampyre 18 Switchblade Romance 19 Poltergeist 20 Possession 21 Rosemary's Baby 22 Wolf Creek 23 Candyman 24 Dust Devil 25 The Brood 26 Kill List 27 Friday the 13th 28 The Fog 29 The Fly 30 The Entity
  7. Mine. 1 The Thin Red Line 2 Wild Things 3 The Truman Show 4 Saving Private Ryan 5 He Got Game 6 The Last Days of Disco 7 A Simple Plan 8 Out of Sight 9 The Big Lebowski 10 Rush Hour 11 Ringu 12 Ronin 13 Dark City 14 Enemy of the State 15 American History X
  8. The Stingray

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    The Landing track from the First Man soundtrack is fantastic!
  9. It’s difficult to discuss “Venom” without some mention of the infamous feculence line shown in the trailer—the symbiotic monster warning a naughty thug about leaving his dismembered body flailing about like “a turd in the wind.” It’s a laughable line, but maybe there’s something to these recurring themes; after all, endoparasites are often found in feces, and “Venom” stinks like a horrid flush that just won’t go down the drain. - The Playlist Not surprised. Not one bit. The movie looked awful from the get-go. DC and Sony are making it easy for Marvel. There is no competition in the game atm.
  10. The Stingray

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Venice Bitch by Lana del Rey is crazy good!
  11. The first one had some style. This one looks phoned in. It's almost as if Sly himself directed it.

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