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  1. Joker - 8/10 First Blood - 8.5/10 Rambo: First Blood Part II - 5/10 Rambo III - 6/10 Die Hard with a Vengeance - 7.5/10 (first half 9/10, second half 6/10) Starship Troopers - 10/10
  2. The Phantom Menace beating The Lost World's opening day is my earliest box office memory.
  3. Wonder Woman (2017) - 5/10 Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - 9/10 Glass (2019) - 6/10 The Black Stallion (1979) - 8/10
  4. The Passenger (1975) - 5/10 Knight of Cups (2015) - 6/10 Sunshine (2007) - 8.5/10 The Rental (2020) - 7.5/10 Adventureland (2009) - 9/10
  5. Rings is trash. If I want high adventure, I'll just watch Conan the Barbarian.
  6. Only a single, solitary point for Total Recall, Under the Skin and Escape from New York is aggravating. Also, more people need to watch the 1990 masterpiece Tremors starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more charming and enjoyable movie.
  7. Of all the great Steven Seagal movies one could vote for, someone decides to vote for The Glimmer Man and Under Siege 2: Dark Territory lol.
  8. I'm good so long as the most overrated movie of the 21st century, The Dark Knight, doesn't win.
  9. Y'all make fun of him but if you wanna see the real Zane, check out another movie set on the high seas called Dead Calm. It's a terrific little thriller.
  10. Good movie day. Lost Highway - 8.5/10 Mulholland Drive - 11/10 Dead Man - 9.5/10 Breakdown - 8/10 Those last two seem to be flying under a lot of people's radar. Check 'em out!
  11. Btw, great job with the countdown, @The Panda. The presentation is just amazing and very professional-looking. Out of curiosity, how long does each post/movie take to do, what with all the pictures, text and whatnot?
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