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  1. This is tricky. TFA might be the event of the decade in North America and Europe, but I live in South East Asia and Star Wars is faaar from an event. Meanwhile, Infinity War was huge almost everywhere in the world. And since I think Endgame will be even bigger, I chose Endgame.
  2. catlover

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    The Incredibles: 97% on RT Incredibles 2: 94% on RT Finding Nemo: 99% on RT Finding Dory: 94% on RT I guess liking critically well-recieved movies means you have incredibly low standards. 🤷‍♂️
  3. catlover


    I want it to get there, but EG will have Pikachu in its 3rd weekend while IW had nothing for 3 weekends, and screen lost is crucial in Indonesia. So, I think even if it opens with $14-15m, it will only finish around $30m. For CM I expect it to finish at $19-20m. Will be 2nd or 3rd biggest ever. Could be lower though if Us hit it hard.
  4. catlover


    I've seen a video on youtube where this girl was asking people on the street in Japan to watch Detective Pikachu's trailer and tell her what they think. First of all, they didn't even know that the movie was coming out. Some of their comments were "What is this?", "That's weird/scary", "That looks different", "It's more for adults than for children" "Why is Pikachu so fluffy?". They didn't explicitly say whether they liked it or not, but based on this, I'm not expecting big numbers from Japan.
  5. catlover


    It certainly is. That's like 80% of Black Panther's total. Although, knowing the numbers from the first 2 days, I expected it to get around $10M OW and it did. But before it opened, nobody in the right mind thought it would break the OD record and get the 2nd biggest OW ever, so close to IW's $11.4M. It's the only movie to cross $10M in its OW, beside IW of course. And with 2x multiplier, it can be the 2nd movie ever to cross $20M. And all that, with strong competition from a record-breaking local movie. I can only imagine what kind of numbers Endgame will make.
  6. catlover


    Ah I see. Should've figured that on my own lol.
  7. catlover


    Just like India then. I've been wondering, why is Sunday bigger than Sat? Here in Indonesia Sun is usually lower than Sat in terms of box office, just like the US. It makes sense because on Sat you have the whole day off and you can go out until late at night since you don't have to worry about going to work or school the next day. While on Sunday, especially Sunday night, people prefer staying at home or if they go out, they will come home early.
  8. catlover


    Yeah I read that. But they said $2.2M was for Thursday. And Thursday was a holiday so the number for Wed would be less than that, but then it doesn't add up to $4.8M. Maybe that $2.2M was actually for Wed. That's why I need the official reports for confirmation. Btw, I was the one who gave the explanation about the holiday 😅. And it's related to Hinduism not Buddhism.
  9. catlover


    Oh wow that's bigger than expected in Indonesia. So I guess 2.2M Wed + 2.6M Thu? If that's correct then the OD record was broken? Seriously I need some detail reports because this is crazy. That would put IW's 5-day OW (which is the biggest ever) as a realistic target for CM!
  10. catlover


    Thursday was a holiday. It's called Nyepi, or Day of Silence, celebrated by Hindus, mainly in Bali. But it's a public holiday for the whole country. $2.25m is HUGE. One of the biggest days ever I think? Even if you include Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I'm not sure though about that.
  11. catlover


    While that might be true, South East Asia is actually better than any other regions in Asia, in terms of gender equality. Especially the younger generation, which is the main target of this movie, they don't care if the superhero is a female, or if the movie has a strong women empowerment message. They just want to be entertained. In fact, the WOM is very positive in Indonesia. I have yet to see any gender-related complains. The only negative comments I've seen are about the action scenes. And about how the beginning was a little bit boring. Other than that, people absolutely love it.
  12. catlover


    If CM breaks this record, that means the OD record will be broken twice in the span of only 1 week. I personally don't see it, but it's possible. Even if it doesn't do it, it will be close to IW's OD.
  13. catlover

    Indonesia Box Office 2018 - I am .... AQUAMAN

    From Deadline: I've never seen they mention anything about Indonesian movie before. But then this is a huge achievement. That $2.05M equals to around 720,000 admissions. Including previews it's 800,000 on OD. More than twice the previous record OD for local movie, which was 313,623 adm. The first movie is the 4th biggest of all time, after Infinity War, Jangkrik Boss Part 1 (a local movie) and Fast & Furious 8. This sequel will not beat IW's total beacuse of the rush factor and the fact that Captain Marvel is coming in several days. It might not even reach the first movie's total, but who knows. The question is, will Endgame reclaim the OD record? Well, I doubt it, thanks to the reported 3 hours runtime that will limit its potential in one day. But I expect it to break IW's OW and total record.
  14. Looks like you have no idea how big GOT is. First of all, Avengers & GOT have a lot of common audience, with Avengers having a bigger one thanks to the kids and family crowd. Also, GOT is getting bigger and bigger each season, and this is the last one. Fans have been waiting for more than a year for this very moment. It's an event for GOT fans. So no "tiring out" whatsoever. Having said that, I don't think the impact will be significant. The biggest effect will be GOT's last episode, and that doesn't come until Endgame's 4th weekend.
  15. OMG Extreme Job! Roaring Currents is too far away, right? So it will settle at #2 all time? Can't wait to see it! It will be released here soon.

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