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  1. Huh expected more from WWY after that Friday number. As of 7 pm it's still behind TS4's 1st Saturday. Meanwhile, TS4 dropped 30% so far from last Saturday. That's waaay better than what it looked like on Friday. It recovered really well.
  2. No, it opened big enough to ensure that number. Also, it won't drop that big on the weekend and will stabilize after this.
  3. I thought about that too, but I don't know. Still too early. For now ¥2b ($18.5m) in 3 days. Btw, WWY full Friday: 208,996 TS4 first Friday: 146,259 WWY is 43% over TS4 for the full day I'm scared for TS4 though. It dropped more than 50% on Friday at the usual locations, thanks to WWY. I hope it won't drop more than 40% for the 2-day weekend.
  4. Weathering with You on Friday : 148,917 (7 pm update) +53% over TS4's number last week at 7pm Looks like it's gonna have a HUGE OW.
  5. No one agrees on that. Just because one person doubt you doesn't mean we all think like that. I mean it's okay for him to disagree, and he could be right in the end, we don't know that. But you have the data, you know how to read it, so it's your right to share (or not to share) the early numbers you got, whatever they are. And we still very much appreciate it.
  6. I don't know what do you mean by that, because nothing about this movie looks unfinished. The visuals, the music, and songs are very polished. Okay maybe some songs are not as impactful as the original animation, but certainly not "unfinished". To me, it just doesn't flow smoothly. It jumps between scenes without letting us reach the emotional peak in some scenes. And it's not because of the lion's expressions, or voice actings. It's just how the scenes play out and edited together. Not sure if my explanation makes sense lol. But that's how I feel.
  7. Finding Dory wasn't that well received compared to the other Pixar movies, but it still managed more than 9x multiplier. Let's say because of the holiday and discount it had on OW, and harsh competition, TS4 will only get 7x multiplier (which is quite low for a Pixar movie in the summer). Applying that to $12.7m 2-day weekend gets us $88.9m. Adding $3m from OD, it's $91.9m. I would say that's the worst scenario. So $100m is very very likely.
  8. No, admission-wise it dropped 36% on Sat, 15% on Sun, 25% on Sat+Sun. But since Toho had a discount day on Sunday, it dropped bigger gross-wise, hence the 30% drop.
  9. Dude, it literally said that Aladdin made ¥491m for the 2-day weekend, which means a 30% drop. Where did you get this 15-17%? With 30% drop, a ¥9.5b total as of Sunday makes more sense. Which means, Monday is included in that ¥9.8b total.
  10. But Corpse always gives us the actuals for the whole top 10. The official reports give us details only for the no. 1 movie and the new releases that week. For example, they reported detailed numbers for TS4 and the new Pokemon movie, but only gave Aladdin's total as "over ¥9.8b", without giving us the exact number. I actually think ¥9.8b+ is through Monday, because it looks too high for a total through Sunday. Also, they released the numbers on Tuesday, so if Aladdin had crossed ¥10b on Monday, they would have said it. But they didn't, so it hasn't happened yet. So Olive is right. And that ¥491m IS actual number. It did drop around 30% on the 2-day weekend. Which means Corpse's forecast for Aladdin was really close to the actuals.
  11. That is so true. Been following Japan box office for years, and this is my main complain. No box office numbers reporting system whatsoever. We rely on people who either have access to the data, or make the system themselves (like corpse or that daily numbers blog owner).
  12. I'm very happy with Aladdin's crazy run, but at the same time sad that TS4 couldn't reach its potential because of that (at least one of the reasons).
  13. Wow! Inflated or not, that is a crazy number for TS4! Definitely waaay better than I expected. So looks like we will get another ¥10b+ and $100m+ grosser. Well, Japan was more Pixar than WDAS, until recently. In fact, before Frozen, Dinosaur was the highest grossing WDAS movie with only $40m.
  14. Okay, I knew it's gonna be bigger than usual, but I didn't expect it to be this big. 412k at 9pm? That is insane. I'm excited about its performance. I'm curious about TS4's receptions there. I hope it's gonna be another ¥10b grosser this year.
  15. Also context, on the 14th which falls on Sunday this month, tickets are discounted at Toho Cinemas. On top of that, Monday (the 15th), is a public holiday. So while it is great, this Sunday's admission number is heavily inflated.
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