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  1. catlover


    I don't know, I feel that the anticipation for A4 is even higher than IW. Before IW was release, people were like, "Yaaay all the superheroes will be seen together in one movie! Can't wait to see it!". Now it's like, "WHEN IS THE NEXT AVENGERS MOVIE?? I NEED IT NOW!!". This is not POTC3 or Mockingjay 2. Unlike in those movies where the cliffhangers didn't work, people actually care, and are emotionally invested in the MCU characters. But still, for A4 to increase from IW, box office wise, it will depend on the movie itself. Will it be at least as good as IW? Will it deliver what people want aka an epic finale/ending? All the ingredients for A4 to be good are already there, and I believe in the studio & filmmakers, so I would say yes. It will be unprecedented though, because in the cases where the finale part 2 increased from part 1 (BD2 and DH2), the part 1 movies weren't the highest grossing ones in that series. Whereas in A4's case, IW is already the biggest one. But there's a first time for everything.
  2. catlover

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    I think I'm in the minority because I love 3D lol. If a movie has a 3D version, I always choose the 3D screening. The ticket prices are either the same or around 70 cents higher (in USD). So, not that much different from 2D. Unfortunately for me, 3D screenings are getting rare these days. Now they're mostly for IMAX and 4DX only.
  3. A lot of 50-70% movies on RT are actually entertaining. I hope this is one of them. Going to find out in less than 12 hours.
  4. No reviews or reactions whatsoever? I'm going to see this in less than 48 hours and I'm very excited, but I need to know what to expect.
  5. Avengers 4 doesn't have to move because it most definitely will be released on the last weekend of April here, just like AoU, Civil War, GotG2 and IW. Also, the competitions after 3 weeks or a month don't matter. Most movies here die after 3 or 4 weeks. John Wick 3 is not a competition for A4 anyway. Now Detective Pikachu though, if it's released on the same weekend here as in the US, will take some of A4's screens and could prevent it from breaking the record.
  6. Wow already $22m in Indonesia! With public holiday today (Thursday) and one more empty weekend for itself, it will pass $25m easily. Our first $20m grosser AND $25m grosser. Crazy! After this weekend, DP2 will take most of its screens, so $30m is out of reach. But it's still a new record by far. Avengers 4 has the chance to break this record, but it has to have exactly the same schedule as IW, which is the last weekend of April with 3 empty weekends during its run. If it doesn't, then another movie will break it anyway someday thanks to the growing market.
  7. Wait a minute. It's already $13.4m in Indonesia?? There is no way it made close to $4m on Monday. I'm saying it not because I don't believe in this movie, but because it IS impossible. So its OW must have been largely underestimated. But judging from the numbers from other South East Asian countries, $11-11.5m OW actually makes much more sense than $9.6m.
  8. Wow Philippines & Thailand! Movies generally have lower numbers there than in Indonesia. Doesn't mean Indonesia's number is low. It's crazy too, easily broke the OW record. I think we're finally gonna see the first $20m movie ever, after FF8 fell short. It's just crazier in those 2 other countries.
  9. Thanos did it randomly, but in filmmaking perspective, it's not completely random. All original Avengers survived, while all new Avengers died, including all members of Guardians of the Galaxy, except Rocket. Loki doesn't count, he's not an Avenger and originally a villain. I think this is done purposely so they can focus on the original Avengers and tie up their stories in the next movie.
  10. I think, Loki had to die to give the audience the feeling that your favorite characters could be killed by Thanos anytime easily. At least that's how I felt. Usually we always know that the heroes will survive and win in the end. But after Loki died, I was worried every single time the Avengers were face to face against Thanos. And since Loki's character arc was actually finished, he's the one who had to die in the beginning.
  11. Just saw the movie. It's epic, it's crazy, and it's very very good! I'm amazed at how they managed to balance the stories and screen time of all those 1576 characters. Also the balance between dark and light, drama and comedy, and many different tones and genres of the MCU world. I need to see it again. Also, I'm pretty sure it's going to break OD and OW record in Indonesia. And a really good chance to be the biggest movie ever.
  12. catlover


    Wow that's HUGE for Doraemon! Reminds me of Detective Conan a couple of years ago when it started to increase its OW and total box office significantly after being stable for years, and then continues to do that every year. Will Doraemon behave the same? Interesting to follow. Also pretty good for Black Panther. I expected Wonder Woman number considering BP was not a well-known SH character.
  13. Actuals came in around $3m for 2 days (+34% over Thor 3) and $4.75m after 4 days. It's higher than average for a SH film. Especially for a film based on a character that nobody knew before Civil War.
  14. As usual, a supernatural horror movie is fully embraced by Indonesia lol. With this opening, it could be the 2nd biggest horror of all time just behind The Conjuring 2, and become one of the biggest movies in 2018.
  15. Not to mention winning Golden Globe 2 years in a row, a Tony, and possibly an Oscar also for 2nd consecutive year. And they're nominated for 2 Grammys and could win those too. All of that in just a little more than a year.

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