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  1. Nice! I did not see this coming though. We know there is a huge market for local horror movies, but I thought we had to wait until KKN di Desa Penari. The 1st movie didn't even crack that number, in a year where we had at least 15 local movies with 1M+ admission (2019).
  2. Almost all cinemas are open here. But with 70% capacity and 70% showtimes compared to pre-Covid. Not to mention only vaxxed people are allowed in the cinemas. At one point, children were not allowed. Even if they are now, a lot of families with children still opt to wait for the movies to be released on streaming platforms, instead of going to the cinemas. So even if they're open, the impact is there.
  3. Okay thank you. Btw Infinity War made $25.3M in Indonesia, so not yet 2nd of all time in USD, but already in LC and admission. It will get there in USD too this week.
  4. Is Indonesia #11, which means less than $25.7M or are they forgetting it again?
  5. Will beat Infinity War to be the 2nd biggest of all time! 😱 Would have challenged Endgame in normal condition!
  6. It's not listed here, but I would say Indonesia is as impressive. It went from "it might not cross $10m" before release, to close to $20m so far. Will likely end up as the 3rd biggest movie of all time, after Endgame and Infinity War, with 75% capacity, reduced showtimes and only vaccinated people allowed in the theaters.
  7. No Indonesia? 😢 It should be around 15-16M by now?
  8. Just got back from my 2nd viewing. What's interesting is that many of the people in my show seemed to have no idea about Tobey and Andrew's possible appearance. They gasped loudly when Andrew showed up, and gasped even louder when Tobey showed up. While the crowd on opening day cheered and clapped at those moments. Other big reactions were Aunt May's death ("Noooo") and Andrew saving MJ ("Awww").
  9. Elsewhere? Does the world only consist of North America and Europe? Cause the hype here is crazy too. Close to Endgame level.
  10. OMG! I thought maybe 9-10M total before it opened LOL. They also added some mornings shows for today (Sat) and tomorrow (Sun) started at 9 AM.
  11. Not only Japan, they do it too here, whenever a show starts post-midnight. I think it's to avoid misunderstanding. Let's say someone bought tickets for Dec 16, 1:00, and now it's Dec 16, 15:00. They might think it's later today after midnight, when in fact, the show was last night and that means, they missed it. But when it's written Dec 15, 25:00, people will have a clearer idea. That's just my assumption though.
  12. On Thursday? Wow. What is work/school, right? Lol What is the general pattern for movies opening on Wed? Is Thurs usually the lowest? Because if it is, and it is this high, imagine Sat and Sun.
  13. Just saw it. Wow! The excitements, the emotions. It was crazy. People in my show were shouting, cheering, and clapping. What an experience. It's Endgame all over again.
  14. Well he has the data, so he might be right. Even after all the things I said in my post, there are still restrictions that limit theater's max capacity and showtimes, therefore limit the box office potential for movies. I was just commenting about the Covid situation. And about how $5M would be way too low since even Eternals managed to make $6-7m.
  15. In Indonesia it will surely make more than Eternals ($6m+). Especially now that previously planned stricker Covid rules for theaters are cancelled. Covid situation is also as great as ever, probably the best in SEA region right now, which I hope will stay that way, or get even better. The case number has been on downward trend for almost 5 months now and is the lowest since April 2020. So I don't think there's "uncertainty" here, at least until New Year. Pre-order has also started and it's through the roof. So maybe closer to $10m.
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