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  1. Saw it yesterday. Loved it. Yeah there were slow parts, especially at the beginning. But overall didn't feel like an almost-3-hours movie. Bill Hader was indeed a standout, but honestly all of them were great. And once again, Skarsgard was a perfect Pennywise. To me, it wasn't as scary as the first one, but it was more disturbing in a way that makes you uneasy and uncomfortable. Although, my friend who was with me thought some of the "forms" that Pennywise appeared in were ridiculous, so he found it laughable. He has a weird sense of humor so, I don't know. Anyway, the story and characters definitely were the focus in the movie, and that's why I loved it. Good balance of horror, thriller, and drama with sprinkles of comedy.
  2. I'm guessing school has started? Kids movies are dropping hard. That also means, TLK skews older.
  3. Oh I understand you, very well. In fact, I too don't let the critics dictate what I like and what I don't, what I should see and what I shouldn't. But I also get why people rely on critics, because they are percieved as more credible than their friends or co-workers. Also, I didn't say critics review is the only factor. It's just one of many. Of course the trailers, WOM, and other things are also considered in the decision making. To me, reading reviews of a movie is not that important, but to many, it is the main selection process. That's what I was trying to say.
  4. Is it really that hard to understand? Most people don't have enough money to see every movie that they want to see. So they have to be selective. Only choose the ones that are worth the money. One of the selection processes is checking the reviews from the critics. If the reviews are good, then there's a bigger chance that they will enjoy the movie, than when the reviews are bad. That's not always the case, but it's another problem. It's actually that simple.
  5. Just saw it. I had a really fun time! Very entertaining. Samara Weaving has a very promising future after this. Everyone was great actually. Henry Czerny had some of his Conrad Grayson persona from Revenge, and it fitted this movie. I'm with critics on this one, I thought it's really good.
  6. Yeah, I expected more from her. I thought she's gonna be the Tommy Lee Jones of this movie. But the movie was fun. I enjoyed it a lot more than London. Kinda surprised it opened as big as London though. I thought it would decrease like most sequels. With better reception, it could have better legs, and outgross it in the end.
  7. I'm sorry, I just need to say this, cause I think you are missing some facts. Of all the countries you mentioned, you forgot two that have the 1st and 3rd most Muslim population in the world, and also big markets for movies: Indonesia and India. Do you know how many people saw Endgame in the theaters in those 2 countries combined? More than 30 million. Around 13-14m are Muslims. Not to mention Pakistan, which I assume in the millions as well. So yeah, still a lot.
  8. So Weathering with You did cross ¥10B on its 34th day (Wed). According to the news, it has grossed ¥10.07B. It's the first Japanese movie that reach the milestone since Your Name.
  9. Corpse said 50-50. I would agree. Depends on how it holds after Obon and after summer is over. I want it to get there, cause the movie was sooo good. Not as spectacular as Your Name, but almost there. It actually had similar structure and feels as Your Name, but with different theme and different elements as plot devices, and also a bit darker. I think that's the only thing that bothered me. At times, it's a little too depressive for me. Other than that, stunning visuals, emotional and engaging story. Also,
  10. Really? That's not a challenge at all. I mean, for people who understand English well enough like me. The point is, I don't find subtitles distracting at all. I guess we are "trained" since we were little to read subtitles when we watch movies. Because almost all foreign movies here in Indonesia are not dubbed in our own language, including kids movies. Unless it's for TV broadcasting, then kids movies are sometimes dubbed. Subtitles can be distracting when the movie is in my own language though. For example, an Indonesian movie with English subtitles. But I can still ignore the subtitles, and sometimes they help if I can't hear the dialogues. So really, watching a foreign movie with subtitles is not that hard. If we can do it, then you can too.
  11. That drop in US$ is only because of exchange rates. $105m means around ¥11b, which is actually more than TS3 (¥10.8b).
  12. Some corrections, if that's okay 😁, because: 1. Detective Conan has already cross ¥9B and will have a 4DX re-release. 2. TS4 will cross ¥10B. 3. One Piece is a frontloaded franchise. 4. SW9 will increase from SW8. 5. I'm not even sure Cats will be released in 2019. Getting near ¥20B is a tall order for Frozen 2, but not impossible, so I didn't change that. Also, this is a calendar year ranking (Jan-Dec 2019). A Japanese yearly ranking will be much different since SW9 will be counted as a 2020 release, and maybe Frozen 2 too. And Fantastic Beast 2 is counted as a 2019 release.
  13. Yeah, TLK is locked to pass Endgame. It will pass it before school starts. Or at least by then it will be close.
  14. Wait, what?? I'm Asian and I think Liu is very handsome. He's as good looking as Hemsworth, MBJ, Momoa, and other male MCU/DCEU actors. Definitely not regular. Honestly, I find this whole discussion absurd, especially about how Liu doesn't meet this so-called "standard".
  15. I will go to an early screening of WwY tomorrow before its official release next week. I know it will hard for it to reach Your Name's level, but sounds like it's still a great movie. So excited!
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