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  1. Yes, started yesterday (Saturday) for the shows on its opening day. I don't have the raw numbers, but from what I'm seeing, it's doing really good.
  2. Yes, I read somewhere it's scheduled to be released on Sept 22. The theaters open tomorrow (Sept 16) with Black Widow, The Suicide Squad, a couple Korean movies, and rerelease of F9. And then Shang-Chi, and then No Time to Die on Sept 29. Edit: It is official now
  3. Finally! 😄 Is Shang-Chi scheduled for the following week? Or we don't know about that yet?
  4. Sometimes I envy countries with small population. 41 million people in my country have been fully vaccinated and it's still only 15% of the entire population 😅. 72 million have recieved the 1st dose and it's still far from the target.
  5. Theaters in Indonesia have been closed for more than 2 months after we became the world epicenter of Covid in July, just after F9 broke the pandemic record. Now that the cases have gone down significantly (today we recorded one of the lowest daily case numbers in a year), the theaters are expected to open soon on September 14, but still not confirmed. It depends on goverment regulation that will be announced on September 13. Even if the regulation finally allows it, I still don't know how many theaters will be open, and how many screens will be available. Also I think Black Widow will be relea
  6. TC3 actual: 2.4m OW/850k adm Broke AQP II pandemic record!
  7. NOT Indonesia btw. This is a misinformation. They're speaking Spanish I think?
  8. And a $1.5M OW for AQP II!! The biggest since pandemic reopening. Here's hoping that this record will be broken again numerous times this year.
  9. Saw this last weekend. It's not as imaginative or as fresh as many other Pixar originals, but it's still REALLY good. Great characters, great story, with some twist I didn't expect. Definitely way better than Monsters University, and I even like it more than Incredibles 2, which has a higher RT score. I cried at the end, but then again, a heartwarming family story always makes me cry. Overall, I loved it!
  10. Overboard? What are you talking about? He's already one of the best in the world before Parasite was even released. Anyway, I'm sooo happy with Parasite's win. Bong has been one of my favorite directors ever, since I saw Memories of Murder and The Host for the first time back in 2006. And IMO Parasite was his best one. Also one of, if not the best film of 2019. And as an Asian, it gives me a little hope that maaaaybe, sometime in future, a film from my country can win an Oscar for Best Picture. Who knows.
  11. Yeah, if I remember correctly, after having amazing first week and 2nd weekend, Endgame dropped like a rock in Indonesia. I think it's also due to Ramadan. Meanwhile, Aladdin, riding its excellent WOM, had unusually great legs, thanks to Eid holiday.
  12. Yeah and so far it only dropped like 40% from Sunday. I think some schools are still off.
  13. This is what Corpse said at the beginning of the holiday: Now that we're at the end of it, and Frozen II is estimated to have passed ¥11b comfortably, beating WWY (and a ¥15b total) is more likely.
  14. Where did you get these numbers? Lol. You think too much of Let It Go. Yes, that song was one of the main factors contributing to Frozen's success. But without the other songs, it wouldn't have done anything. People love the whole soundtrack. One great song wouldn't have been enough to make Frozen the cultural phenomenon that it has been. Also, without the story and especially the characters in the movie, those songs, including Let It Go, would have been nothing. One of the main reasons people love Frozen is the characters. Otherwise, they wouldn't have cared much about Frozen 2.
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