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  1. Wow is October OW record gonna be broken twice in the same year? I hope it is, cause that would be exciting. It's gonna be so close!
  2. Well, that means they missed it, because it's not on the list. Or are you saying it's making less than those countries on the list?
  3. Interestingly, it's getting overwhemingly positive reactions here in Indonesia. We do have some questionable taste in movies, but lately it has gotten better and better. Usually movies with reviews this bad have bad WOM too (eg. The Nun), so I expected the same for Venom. But from the comments I heard/read, people actually love it. Only few of them hate it. It's so weird. Maybe I should wait until this weekend for more comments. Or the movie is not that bad at all and it's entertaining enough for the general audience to enjoy.
  4. catlover

    Crazy Rich Asians - OS Thread

    It just opened in Indonesia. At first, I thought people here weren't that interested in the movie. But the book is apparently quite popular and the success in the US really built the hype. So this time the late release actually helped. And having seen the movie, I think the WOM will be excellent. Many people here are familiar with the Chinese culture, especially Chinese in Singapore and South East Asia in general (notably in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia) which was shown a lot in this movie. Some of the jokes were even funnier to us. With landmarks like Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands, the locations were also familiar, especially to Indonesians who often go to Singapore. But most importantly, it's a great rom-com. I can't even remember when was the last time I saw a classic rom-com this good. So I expect a good box office performance in Indonesia.
  5. As expected, it's HUGE in Indonesia. Horror movies, especially from The Conjuring universe, are almost the same level as MCU movies here, box office wise. And MCU is the biggest/most popular movie franchise.
  6. catlover


    What a weird question. If the Japanese didn't like MI:Fallout, it wouldn't have gotten close to MI:RN and 5b yen to become one of the biggest movies of the year. If you're talking about legs, they're fine. Nothing indicates that the Japanese didn't like it. Just a little bit shorter than expected thanks to crowded summer and Code Blue overperforming.
  7. Why are you saying this over and over and over again? It's borderline trolling 🙄. If you think it's a terrible release date, then when is better? Because I don't see any other options. Also, it's already made a lot of money in SK anyway.
  8. As a mathematician I feel like I need to step in. Especially because someone mentioned correlation coefficient, and was kinda misinterpreted. Correlation in math is difined by the coefficient, a number between -1 and 1. If it's 0, that means it's completely random. The further from 0 the stronger its correlation. We know that many movies whose trailers had very high number of views, also had very high OW, and the opposite, low number of views, low OW. We also know there are exceptions and outliers, and the relation is not exactly linear. That means, the coefficient is not 1 or -1, but it's NOT 0 as well. In other words, we CANNOT say that there is no correlation. Maybe if someone has enough time to construct a statistical model we can have stronger conclution. But from I've seen, there IS some kind of correlation between trailer views and OW. Maybe not strong, but enough to warrant a discussion whether a movie will open big when it has relatively high trailer views.
  9. Much more? It will make close to MI4 in USD, which is $51m (don't know if it can make more than that, not exactly an SK box office expert). So how much more do you expect it to make? I mean it opened way bigger than I expected and then held pretty well in its 2nd weekend against the biggest opening ever. The way I see it, it's doing pretty good. I don't know, maybe my preception is wrong. In that case, feel free to correct me.
  10. Lily James was the best thing from the movie, aside from the songs. Cher did add some glamour to the movie, but it was already good withour her and didn't need any saving.
  11. Looks like it's opening well in Japan, bigger than the previous movies. Also doing really good in SK and will outgross Rogue Nation easily there. So much for the worst release dates. 😉 To be fair, it is facing tough competitions in both countries against local films that recorded either one of the biggest or the biggest opening ever. So it might not be the best, but far from the worst.
  12. Just saw Mamma Mia 2. I think it it will have long long legs. People will see it mulitple times. It was so much fun. Someone have already said it, and I agree, it's a better version of the first one, with better writing and a bit of emotional punch, something the first Mamma Mia lacked of. I wanna see it outgross the first one.
  13. catlover

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    Casually ignoring Indonesia in which JW2 already made almost $14M as of July 1.
  14. Wow South Korea! And yess Indonesia! With that OW, it will likely cross $10m in Indonesia and if it does, then it will be the 5th consecutive $10m+ movie for MCU (SM:H, Ragnarok, BP, IW). Before that, only 4 other MCU movies managed to do this: The Avengers, AoU, IM3 and CW. I'm amazed at how Ant-Man became this popular here. Maybe because the tone of the movie fits our taste. It's light but not stupid, entertaining, funny, with cool actions, and more relatable than Doctor Strange or GotG.

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