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  1. That's interesting. Here the average would be around $3.2-3.3 for the whole country. Compared to other countries, it's very cheap, but apparently it's even cheaper in India. In Jakarta, on weekends the prices can go up to $5.3 for regular and $10 for premium seats. IMAX though, surprisingly has around the same ticket prices as regular screen, even IMAX 3D.
  2. I was like, oh great, this forum and its overreaction again. But then I watched the Prince Ali clip, and... wow. It is bland, lacks of excitement and energy. Also, the point of making the live action version, is to watch all of the magic in the animated version comes to life. In this sequence, it's the genie. But then they made him appear in his human form, stripping all the magic from it. Well, it's only a small part of the movie. We saw a glimpse of a scene in the cave with the genie and it looked intriguing. So did the magic carpet ride scene. I'm still optimistic that it will not be that bad, and I will still enjoy the movie.
  3. Nah, Endgame deserves it. It's the "final" chapter of a sucessful cinematic universe that we had never seen before, that marks the end of an era, with characters that have been a part of people's lives for 11 years, more epic, more emotional, a bigger phenomenon and IMO a better film than IW. Even if you think IW is better, all of the other aspects I mentioned make it suitable as the record breaker, no?
  4. Do you have the list of the highest grossing films in India? Cause I'm so confused, I got different numbers from multiple sources. Also, I know Dangal is up there, but no chance of outgrossing PK?
  5. I really liked the ending. That Pikachu was actually his dad. It kinda justified Ryan Reynold's voice and also gave the movie an emotional punch. The guy wanted some kind of relationship with his dad and then it turned out that all this time he was having an adventure together with his dad. It's flawed and cheesy at times, but overall a solid and entertaining movie. The girl's acting was pretty bad though, especially at the beginning when they first met.
  6. I would say it still has a chance to hit $50m. But I'm just being optimistic. It doesn't matter anyway, it's already a huge success in Japan for a CBM.
  7. It means, doesn't matter if EG passes $50m or not. Because even if it ends up being just below $50m (for example $49m), it's still an amazing result and a huge increase from IW.
  8. How do you know he didn't ask about them too? The scene in the trailer might be an edited version. Maybe that is the exact scene where we learn the rest of the Avengers' whereabouts after Endgame. And it's kinda spoilery so they edited it out for the trailer.
  9. In Indonesia, it already passed IW on Friday to become the highest grossing film of all time. Legs are even better than I expected. All of its first 8 days are bigger than Captain Marvel's OD, which held the OD record before EG broke it. Looks like it can reach $32m and 10m admisions by the end of this weekend. That's my optimistic projection anyway. Could be lower than that. Now the question is, how will EG perform after this Monday. Because Ramadhan starts on Monday, and people will focus on their religious activities, like going to the mosque more often than usual, and spend more time with their families after work by breaking the fast at home, rather than say, go to the mall to see Endgame. Also Pikachu is coming.
  10. That means Indonesia's Tuesday was $2.3? Bigger than Monday? I guess Wednesday being a public holiday probably helped it. Thinking it could pass $30m by the end of this week. Crazy.
  11. Wait, EG is gonna pass 5B yen easily, no? Let's say it averages 350M for the next 6 days. Then by the end of this Super Golden Week, EG will have amassed 4.57B yen. Surely it will make way more than 430M for the rest of its run? And if the daily average becomes 400M, then it's 4.87B after Golden Week. So maybe 6B+ total?
  12. Where did you get 24%? EG's OW in Indonesia was 35% higher than IW's OW. That's a pretty huge increase, considering IW was already huge, breaking OW record by almost the same percentage last year. You do have a point about not having enough theater though. I think EG has reach a maximum capacity of theaters in Indonesia, or close to that.
  13. LOL at Indonesia's Monday number matching CM's OD which broke the OD record. And this shows that the reports saying $2.5M OD for Endgame was wrong and massively underestimated. Anyone has the actual OD in Indonesia? It was supposed to be around $4m, but I've never seen any official reports about it.
  14. Yeah I know. Sometimes we exchange DMs on twitter talking about what we post here. 😊
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