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  1. That GG nom is the only one I could think of. So maybe there is a boost from that.
  2. It means it stops dropping big.
  3. Yeah I think this small drop on Tuesday could also mean it's stabilizing. GG might have effects too, but not that big, especially compared to the Oscars. We'll see on Wednesday.
  4. It's doing amazingly well in Indonesia. Without any real competition until SW9, which will take a lot of screens but is not really a huge threat, it will outgross the previous one easily.
  5. I saw it last week and I enjoyed it a lot! Better than the first one. It's fun, hilarious (more funny jokes), with exciting new game locations/setting and action scenes, strong characters, and a surprisingly solid story. I think DeVito and Glover's characters really elevated the movie. Johnson and Hart were also spot on and hilarious as those two characters. It's flawed, but overall very entertaining. And I don't understand why it's failing in China. After seeing it, I though the people there would really enjoy it.
  6. Yes, on the last week of December, weekdays will be strong, but New year holiday will be waaay bigger than spring break. Not only schools are off, offices are closed too. It's one of the 3 biggest weeks for box office in Japan, aside from Golden Week and Obon.
  7. Looks like the last $10m+ of 2019. Unless SW9 surprises. But very unlikely.
  8. It's gonna rise to #1 this week. Or at least #2. Christmas will be good for Frozen 2's album sales.
  9. Oh wow bigger than estimates. Less than 11% drop! Weekly drop on Monday is looking good too. It could even be deflated because of yesterday's craziness.
  10. Unfortunately that's unlikely. #10 is Age of Ultron with $15.5m. Frozen II needs exceptional holds for that to happen. But with Jumanji taking many of its screens in several days, that would be really hard. I think #12 is the highest it could get. Btw what an interesting yearly ranking. MCU, action and supernatural horror films are expected to be there. But to see a Disney princess/musical film, an animated/musical film, and a psychological drama on that list, is pretty absurd. I mean I was one of few people who believed that Frozen II could cross $10m, but this is waaay more than I expected. Maleficent 2 also came out of nowhere.
  11. That's what I love from Frozen 2. It's about growing up, moving forward, and taking that first step out of your comfort zone. In the process, some things may change, but don't worry, because there are always things that will never change. All of the songs have this theme. They really carry the story and character developments. Btw, the songs are doing great on iTunes US. Idina's Into the Unknown is #4 and #32. Combined, it's #3, just below The Weeknd's 2 new releases. While Show Yourself is at #11 combined. And it looks like the album will rise to #3 on Billboard 200. Will it be the number one Christmas seller? It seems like a perfect album to gift.
  12. But judging from the huge increase on Saturday from Friday (last week and this week), it does seem that Frozen 2 might skew younger for some reason. It will though. Tomorrow is a school/work day, so less people will go to the movies in the afternoon/evening. Maybe the discount will even it out, but still, it will slow down.
  13. I think $500m is happening. Even if it barely gets there. Christmas will help. Especially because it looks like Frozen 2 is a very weekend/holidays-heavy movie (big increase on 1st Sat, and doing really well on Thanksgiving week).
  14. That's very possible. In fact, that's what my Japanese friends would usually do. Back when I lived in Japan, they would made me wait for the discount day to go to the movie together. Meanwhile, I always got foreign student discount everyday.
  15. The main demographic of Frozen is family, with small children. When do you think they prefer to go to the movie? 4pm to 9pm? Or 10am to 4pm, before the sun sets? Remember, you cannot generalize that for every movie. It depends on the demographic of the movie.
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