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  1. Saw this last weekend. It's not as imaginative or as fresh as many other Pixar originals, but it's still REALLY good. Great characters, great story, with some twist I didn't expect. Definitely way better than Monsters University, and I even like it more than Incredibles 2, which has a higher RT score. I cried at the end, but then again, a heartwarming family story always makes me cry. Overall, I loved it!
  2. Yes, he's one of the best, no doubt. And I don't think I'm the only one who think that.
  3. Overboard? What are you talking about? He's already one of the best in the world before Parasite was even released. Anyway, I'm sooo happy with Parasite's win. Bong has been one of my favorite directors ever, since I saw Memories of Murder and The Host for the first time back in 2006. And IMO Parasite was his best one. Also one of, if not the best film of 2019. And as an Asian, it gives me a little hope that maaaaybe, sometime in future, a film from my country can win an Oscar for Best Picture. Who knows.
  4. Yeah, if I remember correctly, after having amazing first week and 2nd weekend, Endgame dropped like a rock in Indonesia. I think it's also due to Ramadan. Meanwhile, Aladdin, riding its excellent WOM, had unusually great legs, thanks to Eid holiday.
  5. Yeah and so far it only dropped like 40% from Sunday. I think some schools are still off.
  6. This is what Corpse said at the beginning of the holiday: Now that we're at the end of it, and Frozen II is estimated to have passed ¥11b comfortably, beating WWY (and a ¥15b total) is more likely.
  7. Where did you get these numbers? Lol. You think too much of Let It Go. Yes, that song was one of the main factors contributing to Frozen's success. But without the other songs, it wouldn't have done anything. People love the whole soundtrack. One great song wouldn't have been enough to make Frozen the cultural phenomenon that it has been. Also, without the story and especially the characters in the movie, those songs, including Let It Go, would have been nothing. One of the main reasons people love Frozen is the characters. Otherwise, they wouldn't have cared much about Frozen 2.
  8. If you follow box office, you know you can't compare Us to IT and A Quiet Place. Both are the exceptions. They overperformed and surprised everyone. You can't expect every original horror movie with good reviews that opens big to have the same kind of legs. Us was treated like a follow up, so there was a rush factor, hence its big OW was relevant in this case. The legs for Us were good for what it was. It's just that some people's expectations were too high, so when it didn't meet theirs, they called it "bad".
  9. Indonesia 2019 top 12 (imported movies) Indonesia all time top 12 (imported movies) You can install the Cinepoint apps if you wanna see the whole charts.
  10. Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you guys are having a better day. There are massive floods in several areas of my city today. Followed by a power outage. So me and my parents are evacuating to my sister's apartment, that is unaffected. So yeah, what a way to start this new year, huh? 😅
  11. OMG this user again! 🤦🏻‍♂️ I think we should start to ignore him/her. Saying "I'm not pessimistic. I'm just asking", but also "It's doing me a concern" at the same time. Lol Corpse has always said that this week adult movies would get greater increase than family/kids movies, because kids were already on school holiday last week.
  12. Are you comparing the TOTAL box office for ALL movies in each franchise? That's not what we're talking about here. Anyway yeah, Frozen is the biggest worldwide. While it might not be the biggest in North America, Latin America and Europe, it's still pretty big in those regions. And of course Frozen in Asia is a monster.
  13. Yup. In Japan, people like to spend New Year's Eve with their families at home, watching TV. It's the tradition there. In many other countries, families gather on Christmas Eve. But in Japan, they do it on New Year's Eve.
  14. So it's exploding in Scandinavian countries, just like how Coco exploded in Latin America, especially Mexico?
  15. Its performance OS is actually in line with my expectation. I always knew it's gonna lose at least $100m in Japan. I mean it's almost impossible to match F1's number there for any movie. It has to be a rare phenomenon with extraordinary legs. And I wasn't sure the increase in other countries would be enough to cover that. Turns out, it's more than enough. Now DOM, is the one that I think falls in the GOTG2 category. I thought it could reach $500m. But hey, $470-480m is still good for me.
  16. Why are you taking everything negatively? And then the overreacting. Oh it's $93m in SK instead of $95m. It's over. Oh it's gonna be $930m OS instead of $950m. Not impressive. I'm starting to think you're just trolling.
  17. Of course the higher the better. But what I was trying to say is, at this point, Frozen 2's performance OS is already impressive, whatever number it's gonna end up with. You don't need to make it sound disappointing if it doesn't reach $950m OS.
  18. So if it ends with $930m it's not impressive, but $950m is? So Frozen 2 needs to increase exactly $76m from Frozen 1 to be considered impressive? Who made the rules?
  19. I always had this feeling that Frozen 2 would make it. There was this talk about which animated film would pass $10m for the first time. I thought about TS4 because I2 made $8m. But then I remembered I2 had superhero theme and it was released right in a middle of Eid holiday, which was immediately followed by school holiday. A perfect release date that cannot be replicated until maybe 2050. So I was sure that Frozen II was gonna be the one. But people were still skeptical and it made me lose my faith a little bit. I'm so glad I was right. 😁
  20. I just saw it. I LOVE musical, but this, was something else. It was so creepy and had this cult-like weirdness, I don't know. I was just so weirded out. It's also boring as heck. I enjoyed maybe 1 or 2 songs, but that's it. Jennifer Hudson was great singing Memory, I love the song, and I was supposed to be amazed. But I just could not look past that awful CGI'd face. And they had boobs? And butts? Like, why? And I wasn't the only one. 30 minutes in, people started whining, and then chatting. Usually I would shush them, but this time I understood lol. Then they started walking out. I had never seen so many people walking out of a movie like that. Just when people here in Indonesia are starting to appreciate musicals, thanks to La La Land, The Greatest Showman, especially Aladdin and Frozen 2 this year.
  21. Update for Frozen II, nearing the end of its run here. What an unprecedented achievement for an animated film.
  22. Last weekend's top 4: Details for SW9: That's slightly lower than SW8's OW ($3.1m). Also, @newbie BO buff is worried that SW9 will not have better legs, so its total will be less than SW8's $5.2m. Which means it will be outgrossed by the local movie that is currently at #2 and very likely by the one at #4 as well. So yeah, not very good but kinda expected.
  23. I personally hope it can reach ¥15B. Cause that's the number I've had since the first time Frozen 2 was anounced. Although of course, the higher the better.
  24. Thank you! I thought Endgame made it too. It was close. But yeah, should be a record with 6 movies.
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