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  1. Announced today its opening in a record number of theaters (4,529).
  2. This summer is underwhelming but you go down the list and almost every studio movie is making a profit given their WW totals. Even Baywatch may make a "profit."
  3. Look at how write downs become such big news... Why is that? Because Hollywood doesn't make movies that don't make money especially at the highest level. There is ZERO debate Transformers is a property with diminishing returns and TF5 very much validated that trend.
  4. The situation is not any less severe for Viacom/Paramount because they will eek out a profit on TF5. I try to explain this to you guys over and over... The major studios are all part of huge multinational corporations. Their earnings and revenue guidance has their movies making a profit, not breaking even lol.
  5. No that's exactly the point, most movies make a "profit" ... Woopdidoo. The future of the franchise is very much a question.
  6. More to a film's success than whether it made a net profit or not (which is very often already guided into earnings/projections).
  7. Yeah, they print money with all of the kids stuff it's sells. Just go into your local department store and you are very likely to find it.
  8. That's fair man. I'd add franchises usually peak in their first or second entry regardless. Especially among animated films.
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