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  1. The Queen is still hugely popular here in the UK - even amongst the more republican she's still admired for her near-constant work. The only other royal with a level of popularity approaching that is William. I'm fairly indifferent, but can appreciate that the Royal Family represents a pretty big part of our nation's identity on the global stage (and is responsible for a lot of tourism). In related box-office talk, I'll be intrigued to see how Spencer is performing. I went to a packed screening at the Barbican earlier this week. It's an odd film - I'd normally expect anything royal
  2. There's nothing left to say about Bond's performance by this point. That it's on track to land number 3 all time is insane. I do wonder if it would have made much more with or without pandemic - bizarrely enough, being the first truly massive film post pandemic might have given it an all round boost with more casual audiences. Dune should get to £20m with a 3x multi off this weekend. I wonder if it can get to £22m to dethrone Shang-Chi for number two of 2021 spot? In any case, Spiderman will easily out-do it come December. Still unsure on Eternals - personally, the middling reviews
  3. I think there's also room for growth for Part 2 in Europe too (and it's been a success here in any case!). There have been some restrictions (occupancy caps and vaccine pass requirements) in varying levels across quite a few territories. Even in the UK (where there are zero restrictions right now) Dune has arrived at the tail end of a lot of cannibalisation (including NTTD likely entering the top 5 all time!) so might have a bit more room to breathe for part 2.
  4. So... Maybe another 60-70m from international markets (depending on Australia), and around 90-100m from the US. 330-350m total
  5. Oh god yes. There was a scene between Chalamet and Ferguson where I had literally no idea what either of them was saying.
  6. Rege-Jean Page feels like a great choice. Young, well-known-but-not-A-list, looks effing fantastic in a tux, and seems effortlessly suave and charming based on his interviews. We don't know if he has the chops for action yet but the guy looks pretty fit... I'm sure it won't be an issue. And different enough from Daniel Craig to feel like a fresh start (not just in looks but would imagine his to be a suaver, smoother Bond). And yes, his being mixed race might rankle a few fans but would likely attract many more younger filmgoers (and the naysayers will come round if the film is good enough anyw
  7. Perhaps... I'd imagine WB are waiting for the US release before making a final decision. At the very least I think they'd want to see how this one fares theatrically v HBO Max before committing. I live in hope!
  8. 100% this. WB will have factored in an HBO Max impact, and will have knowingly sacrificed a % of BO in return for potential subscriptions. I think it's still to early to call as so many key territories are yet to open, but these first three weekends have been encouraging for the prospects of a sequel. I think $360-$380 feels like a likely WW finish - respectable given the circumstances and sets the scene for a solid increase for part 2 (fingers crossed)
  9. Not my favourite... Casino Royale, Skyfall and Spectre were all more memorable/striking. Although having rewatched OHMSS yesterday I appreciate some of the callbacks these titles make (Britannia in particular)
  10. I have no idea what NTTD will do in the US but $54m feels low. That would equivalent to Casino Royale OW numbers adjusted. $70-75 perhaps?
  11. So £19m FSS / £24m 4 day looking likely?
  12. Skyfall was lightning in a bottle in the UK. Bond 50th anniversary, London 2012 Olympics, Adele at the peak of her popularity, glowing reviews and a general sense that this was a return to form for the franchise after QoS. I'm not sure if we'll ever see anything quite like that in the UK again.
  13. My spoiler free reaction - Probably my favourite pre-credits sequence in a modern Bond movie. - On the other hand, the credits (and Billie's song) are generic as hell - Can we have more Ana de Armas in everything please? Her sequence with Bond is another early high point. - When it flies, it really flies - when it gets bogged down in exposition it feels like the boring bits from TDKR. - Daniel Craig has never been better - this is a great swan song for him. He'll forever be my James Bond. - I was skeptical about Lashana Lynch / girl boss 007 but it works v
  14. Hoping Dune can leg it out to $120m from current markets. In terms of others (I'm spitballing here): S Korea + Japan - maybe $20m between them? China - no idea, going with $35m for now UK - it's a stretch but $30m feels possible. We love literary fantasy here, and it feels like Bond has kickstarted the BO back to life here Australia - again no idea what the situation will be in Dec but going with $10m Other markets - $30m US - thinking $50m OW / $120m - HBO max will cut into any legs $245 OS / $120 US - $365m WW... hopefully enough for part 2
  15. You're not alone. I was beginning to think it's just me. For me it was just too much hard work to try and comprehend what was happening. I don't mind being pleasantly perplexed by a film if I have confidence it's all going to come together... But it never did. I honestly felt bored a lot of the time - in spite of all the incredible visuals and craft on display. The score is legitimately amazing though, I'll give it that.
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