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  1. I implore any anime watchers here to watch Steins;Gate. Probably the best time travel story I've seen anywhere including books and other media. It just requires a lot of patience to go through for the first half, when it is basically setting things up. After you finish the series though, probability that it'll be in your top 10 list is over 95%.
  2. Ok, lets complicate things a bit, shall we? Draw a graph, with OW at x-axis and multiplier on y-axis. After you have done plotting, draw iso-awesomeness lines (contour lines, lines joining all points having some constant value, in this case awesomeness of the movie). As for example, if you think Avatar and Titanic are equally awesome, then you should join the two points representing those two films (77M,10x) and (28M, 22x). Lets see what happens next.
  3. Hmm, yet to see gravity. Cried during: Titanic Schindler's List There must be a few more, but I can't remember at the moment.
  4. At last, someone who doesn't consider Goodfellas to be Scorsese's best attempt. PS. I don't consider Hugo to be his best attempt either.
  5. I think people need to get an Expectation Lowering Procedure training before they are allowed to post predictions. Lecture 1- Just because you want a film to succeed and it exceeds expectations in the first weekend doesn't mean that your predictions should make humongous jumps.
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