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  1. I'm curious to see the top theaters break down for last weekend. Was one posted? rth?
  2. This a great pot pandemic result. People actually got up and went and sat in a theater to watch a Black Widow origin movie. Not sure why people expect much more.
  3. This is a great result for BW. Hopefully, this will spark more movie going in the future. I might just go and see it today or tomorrow.
  4. Legend still alive! You guys have been on my mind. Glad to see box office is still going throughout everything. Love to see it.
  5. You were here from the beginning. Wow how time flies. We were all excited about Avengers opening weekend. I remember it like it was yesterday. What a fun ride!
  6. I was wondering if BP would hit a billion this weekend. But I forgot it has yet to open in China. Looks like it will get a good opening. That 38% is a big drop. No way around it. Hopefully it bounces back and evens out.
  7. Wow. What did you have it at? I thought overall 600-650m WW would have been a good number for it. Never in my wildest dreams...
  8. Guy Ritchie is an awful choice. I hope he proves me wrong. Aladdin is my favorite of the Disney Classics.
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