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  1. IT over Get Out ($175m)

    Count me in!
  2. Wow, this thread is a mess. p.s. Finnrey ain't happening. KMT is Finn's new love interest. Rey is hooking up with Kylo. *exits*
  3. My show last night sold out (kendall square cinema)
  4. I knew those better than ESB tweets were bullshit.
  5. fapping over Adam Driver sexy ass!

  6. I hope they have this offer for Episode 8
  7. As of now: 1. Arrival 2.Moonlight 3. Elle 4. The Wailing 5. The Lobster 6. The Witch 7. Manchester By the Sea 8. The Handmaiden
  8. I can't wait to see the Cinemascore for this movie. People walked out of my screening.

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