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  1. There were already reshoots in September (which, as is the case with any MCU movie, were planned well in advance). This is a second set of reshoots.
  2. Don't Universal have some sort of PoD deal depending on whether a movie opens above 50M?
  3. Manifesting three Halloween and three Scream movies over $100M DOM by the end of next year.
  4. There are 100 legit gripes to have about this movie, so complaining that the guy who was shot six times and then got up and walked away is a weird one to fixate on.
  5. Pros: Robert Longstreet is far better than he had any right to be and acts rings around everyone. This feels like the first 'big budget slasher' since Scream 3? It feels big. The idea that a big angry mob can't stop evil is very on the nose, but the idea works for me. I like that the movie sympathises with Laurie but still holds her to account. Alyson's and Laurie's rage inadvertently led to Karen's death, and I want to see the fallout of that. Loved seeing Michael all playful and curious. The deaths of the Cameron and the elderly couple are
  6. Michael wasn't Jason-lite at all. He was vicious, sure, but he was constantly pulling pranks and having fun with the bodies. This was definitely the creepiest he's been since the original, and it's maybe the only part of the movie that 100% works.
  7. I'll get into my thoughts a bit later (lots of good undone by unbelievably clunky dialogue), but my audience ate it up. Lots of wincing and laughing throughout.
  8. It's not a pandemic movie, it's a movie in which the pandemic has happened. Big difference. But we can complain for the next year instead.
  9. Everytime I watch Scream 2 I think about how much better it'd have been if Derek and Hallie had been the killers as originally intended. Mickey's reveal is so flat. Still, it has the opening, Cici's death scene, Gale's chase through the sound room and Sid's escape from the cop car, which are all super fun and exciting.
  10. Halloween 18 got praised for JLC and the drama more than anything. I think it's fair that critics were expecting more heft from this movie.
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