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  1. Sounds just like everyone is expecting - the original score meets Lost Themes.
  2. A Danny Elfman/Tyler, the Creator collaboration....
  3. ddddeeee

    The Predator (2018)

    Weird. Everything Black normally excels at he completely messes up here.
  4. They're gonna release a teaser with scenic shots set to a twinky, trailer version of 'A Whole New World', end on a quick clip of Smith bopping about and all this drama will be forgotten tbh.
  5. This was crazy - sometimes in a fun way, sometimes in a bad way, but mostly in a boring way.
  6. Worst movie I've seen in a while. Hoping we finally move away from this 'loud = scary' crap soon. Bring on Suspiria.
  7. TIFF man said it was a 'stellar sequel' and the best slasher movie since Scream (the latter is...high praise indeed). AWForum people are saying they've heard positive things. The Dark Shape (user on here and OHMB) saw it pre-reshoots and liked it a lot.
  8. Looks kinda well-made but basic and pandering. It's going to be 'The Force Awakens' of the horror genre. Not gonna lie - totally here for it though.

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