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  1. I'm planning to read the books and then catch up with the mini-series. My dad has always loved those. I caught the Orient Express one but didn't care for it and thought Chastain (who I love) was awful.
  2. About to start 'And Then There Were None'. Heard great things. I've been meaning to read more Christie (thought Orient Express was a blast) but life keeps getting in the way.
  3. I think Elfman will keep the Superman theme and the Wonder Woman theme will cameo. Zimmer's new Batman theme is rubbish and should be ditched.
  4. Going to see this again tomorrow. Even more excited than I was the first time.
  5. That's better. Pfeiffer! So happy she's back.
  6. That hatefully bad trailer has stalked me for every release I've seen for months. The hook is that one of the main characters from the first... is back? What a pitch. I'm finally free.
  7. It's already got a cult following. Let's stop pretending that this is some critical disaster when there are quite a few people - including distinguished filmmakers and critics - who passionately love it.
  8. This is J-Law's best performance. She makes walking around a house compelling.
  9. This has been pitched as a sequel to Halloween II from the get-go. H20 is kind of lame anyway. 5 and 6 were awful but they had atmosphere to spare. H20 is lit like an episode of Dawson's Creek.
  10. mother! (2017)

    I'd read that the last act was insane so I was anticipating some baby/pregnant lady violence but it was the escalating invasion of privacy at the end of the second act that made me incredibly uncomfortable. As someone who needs to be in control, two twenty-somethings sitting on a sink made me anxious. The more I dwell on it the more I love it.
  11. mother! (2017)

    She was really good but underused. This was the J-Law show.

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