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  1. 100%. Dare I say because Barker's involvement was lesser? Dude's an amazing writer but not a particularly good director.
  2. Desplat ->Bear McCreary -> Junkie XL Funny how you can trace the aspirations of each film through the composer choice. The decay.
  3. I was trying to figure out which Imagine Dragons song they should use next time, but why fix what isn't broken? Believer, again. What a moment in our lives.
  4. The score hasn't been recorded. You aren't getting 90+ people in a room to record for a long time. This will be delayed. I'm sure Branagh would like it out asap after Artemis Fowl premieres in just over two weeks. 💀
  5. Saunders is playing Van Schuyler and French is playing Mrs Bowers.... Bening is playing a new character, Brand is Dr Bessner.
  6. Laurie isn't dying in this movie (the promo for these next two movies said 'The saga of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers isn't over' and DGG talked about Ends being the end of this Laurie's story), so I'm not sure what this conversation is even about.
  7. With Laurie probably sitting a lot of this out, I hope Our Judy Greer (and her Christmas jumper) is the de facto lead.
  8. Carpenter's been able to score the movie and it's pretty much done. No reshoots were scheduled after the test screening.
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