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  1. Would rather they saved the crazy stuff for DS2 and focus on making a Spider-Man movie instead. Watts ain't the guy for this.
  2. Branagh said The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and Murder in Mesopotamia were his favourites during the press for Orient Express. It was Michael Green who pushed for Death on the Nile to be next.
  3. I think Death on the Nile is a better book than Orient Express. It toes the line between being genius and preposterous the best. It's her most crowd pleasing story, I think. People really love the 78 version, though, and I think it's convinced people that the story is a fun romp when it's really quite mean spirited and nasty. There are loads of great Poirot books, but they're really not (at least obviously) cinematic. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is probably her most acclaimed book, but it doesn't lend itself to film at all (the tv version is dire). My personal favourite Christie is Five Little Pigs, but I can't imagine them going for that. Murder in Mesopotamia would be a good shout if not for the supremely daft ending. I think The ABC Murders would make the most sense: it's a nice contrast to the other two (small cast, open world), the plot still feels quite modern, it's pacy and people really seemed to hate the recent BBC miniseries. It'd be quite easy to tie the beginning of that story to the end of Death on the Nile, too. I still think a smaller budgeted 'Hercule Poirot's Christmas' released in November would do really well.
  4. I really don't see why they couldn't push this back just a few months. The marketing campaign literally began today and it's out in two months. Along with Kingsman, Disney are throwing the Fox franchises to the dogs. Though, again, I'm really not sure where they could go after this. All of the other great Poirot books aren't at all cinematic. This is probably the most crowd pleasing of the lot.
  5. Looks beautiful and the cast is super kooky, but it looks as on the nose and overwrought as the last one. Not sure. Hear for some sultry Patrick Doyle music.
  6. IN THE PIPELINE: First Trailer For Kenneth Branagh's #DeathOnTheNile Landing Very Soon https://t.co/Fk1HtUR8FY
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