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  1. The BTS drama https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/behind-sonys-lackluster-men-black-relaunch-rewrites-infighting-no-urgency-1218949?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social
  2. Desplat's music was much more focused than McCreary's. It was huge and had a drive without ever feeling cluttered. It was also mixed wonderfully and there were about half a dozen moments when all the sound was dialled back and it was only the score guiding the visuals. Really might be Desplat's best score. McCreary's score was all over the show and mixed poorly; couple that with all the muddled images and you have a huge pile of sludge.
  3. This was...fine. Not sure anyone has ever phoned in a performance as much as Neeson did here.
  4. Hems is good and always has been. I know Taika invented comedy and everything, but Hems has a fair few big laughs in the first Thor and has some good weighty scenes too - like when Loki tells him that Odin is dead.
  5. Marketing has been crap. If you're going to make a MIB movie without Smith and Jones, don't market it as... MIB without Smith and Jones. We know next to nothing about H or M. Media keep talking about Hems and Thompson's chemistry, but I've no idea how the two play off each other based on the trailer. Seems like M has a cool backstory (the producers mention her arc is the heart of the movie), but they haven't made a point of it in trailers. I have heard the movie is good, which, if true, would make the marketing look even worse. There's not a single laugh in any of the marketing.
  6. No sign of the token Deadline exposé (razzle dazzle!) on the behind-the-scenes drama?
  7. MIB2 is pants, but I appreciate how the producers/Sonnenfeld knew it was pants and tried to make it as short as humanly possible. It's like 80 mins and the opening credits are like five of them.
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