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  1. Imagine reading these horrific messages and thinking 'Armie Hammer is kinky, so what?' as opposed to 'Armie Hammer is freaking dangerous'. There's an obvious line between kink and abuse, and if you don't think a woman complaining about being sore, about how her safe words were ignored and him responding with how much he enjoyed it (rape is even the word he used) aren't abuse, you're a problem. And even if your deep-rooted misogyny means you can't see it that way, he even talks about loving the power he has over his sleeping children. That shit was distressing to even read. 'Cringe?' Piss off with that.
  2. I don't think people knowing the ending of this is important. MotOE has the most famous reveal of any whodunnit and it's had two hugely successful adaptations. DotN's ending is probably her most satisfying - the denouement is brilliant and the characters are some of Christie's best. I would've loved an eerie, gothic version of Peril at End House, or a melancholic take on Five Little Pigs, or a full-on thriller ABC Murders, but I'm here for a horny DotN.
  3. I wonder if they're ditching Clea until a third movie with Dormammu as the big bad (Mordo being his right hand man). Clea was happening when Derrickson was directing, but McAdams was out and now she's in so....
  4. I think people confuse Holland's charm in the role with his 'characterisation'. FFH isn't at all interested in Peter, but Holland's charisma largely covers that. SM3 is obviously overstuffed and convoluted to the extreme, but almost everything relates back to Peter and his story. It's a Spider-Man movie through and through. Watching FFH was honestly surreal. The humour is a complete 180 from Homecoming - the Ned/Betty stuff belongs in another movie. Peter getting photographed in his underwear (!) and then accidentally launching an assault on his classmate (!!) using technology given to him by Tony because plot. All Peter's classmates making quips when they thought they were going to die, the Aunt May issue being completely resolved between movies, Peter conveniently developing feelings for MJ between movies, Peter's arc being completely repackaged from Homecoming. I don't think any of these movies have ever been so afraid to commit to...anything. It's very TDW. Mysterio's silly plot and motivations are the best part. The rest is completely wild, but in a wtf way.
  5. I just rewatched Homecoming and FFH back-to-back today and FFH is kinda...bad? I really liked it when it came out, and all the Mysterio stuff is still super fun, but the rest is...yikes. It avoids all genuine drama and contrives drama when it's not needed - that 'looking at me' stuff with MJ coming from nowhere because they both like each other but can't get together because the movie isn't over yet.... Homecoming is still cute.
  6. The other MCU movie that Holland is signed for will be DS2, right? Maybe this is why Derrickson left.
  7. Branagh said two weeks ago that they were finishing up a new trailer, so I'm guessing the PVOD announcement is imminent.
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