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  1. I thought half of this was really quite good and half was very silly. I was entertained throughout, though.
  2. For all Johnson's talk of Death on the Nile and Evil Under the Sun, this movie seemed to owe a lot more to Christie's , which is my favourite Christie of the 20 or so that I've read. Surprised to see it hasn't been brought up at all (by Johnson or viewers).
  3. This reminded me of Scream in that it manages to be a hilarious deconstruction/spoof of a genre and a legitimately great movie in that genre at the same time. I am smitten.
  4. The last Freddy and Jason movies before Freddy Vs Jason were, and still are, the lowest grossing in those franchises. Freddy Vs Jason was, and still is, the highest grossing in both franchises. There is a novelty here.
  5. Just watched an interview with Eoin Colfer and he said the movie's budget is $60M.
  6. Looks like this one takes place on the same night. Given DGG said the movie is 'chaos' and the shooting title is 'Mob Rules', I think this one's going to have the town going berserk. Also seems like JLC might have a majorly reduced role.
  7. Gaghan was with Elfman and Susan Downey today in London as they wrap up the recording of the score. I guess he's still involved in some capacity at least.
  8. The real Welsh accent sounds silly enough already. RDJ's interpretation sounds even better.
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