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  1. The real Welsh accent sounds silly enough already. RDJ's interpretation sounds even better.
  2. Decent. The horror really doesn't work at all (it's about as scary as this episode of Murder, She Wrote I'm watching), but the cast keep it afloat.
  3. Jamie linked to an inactive porn account lmao. Many = Tommy, Lindsay, Brackett... Lonnie Lamb sounds like a logical guess. Maybe Marion Chambers? I'm guessing there are interviews with people who have encountered Michael or something.
  4. Brian Andrews has a bad reputation. Using his, erm, clout to try and get with female fans.
  5. She has a cult who worship her and who somehow feel she's being purposefully and personally targetted by producers when, as you say, she is not in this continuity, and they went out of their way to add her to the RZ films. She doesn't help by having a rant every few months. I guess that's what happens when you go to cons and have tens of men tell you that you're the best thing since Jesus because they get off on the fact that the cute little girl became hot. It's all weird and creepy.
  6. They should've left this to die here in August. The May release seems random because they haven't/aren't doing reshoots.
  7. Rooting for Maleficent just for Pfeiffer. I am still accosted by her role in Ant-Man 2.
  8. Harington is shite, though. Really bad.
  9. I was hoping that we would stop pretending Kit Harrington isn't terrible once GoT ended.
  10. Batman is at once the silly caped crusader who runs along a villain's giant typewriter and the dark knight who solves grisly murders with his intellect. They're all Batman movies; we just have our preferences. The idea that a movie needs to centre entirely around Batman is silly because the mythos are so much more than that (also because Batman Begins exists).
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