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  1. Really sounding like some multiverse madness is going to result in McAdams playing Clea There's a Funko character listing that says 'Christine Palmer', but the concept art clearly shows Clea
  2. Trailer doesn't seem to have made much noise outside of the fanbase/general horror fans
  3. The stars completely aligned for H18 to do as well as it did - a big drop is inevitable regardless of how good it is Surprised they didn't show any of the 1978 flashbacks
  4. Olsen was in London from when filming began to the day it ended. She's going to be closer to a co-lead than a supporting character.
  5. I rewatched KotM and...had a blast? I hated it in theatres. Mothra is the one.
  6. This was fun. Really wish McCreary or Desplat would have stuck around though.
  7. Hammer has been found out to be abusive to lovers and this is a nasty, violent story about toxic love. It's really not something that can just be shrugged off - it's right there, and Hammer's character is right in the centre of it (along with Gadot's and Mackey's characters).
  8. I love Branagh, love Christie, LOVE Death on the Nile (becoming increasingly convinced that it's her best), but it's time for a dump. Another year's wait isn't going to help this situation in the slightest.
  9. Elfman will use Giacchino's theme. https://composer.spitfireaudio.com/en/articles/danny-elfman-on-the-evolution-of-midi-composing-ideas-on-voice-notes-tim-burton
  10. KotM has Godzilla team up with a moth to fight a three-headed dragon with a pesky, mischievous pterodactyl loitering about. It's almost impressive how they could make a movie with all that so dull. I'm out.
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