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  1. The main characters are generally hot up-and-comers, which might be the intention given the nature of the plot (love triangle) - I find it a bit hard to believe that Branagh doesn't have contact with a wealth of big-name luvvies who'd be more than happy to work with an ensemble for a month in London. That or the cost of recreating 1930s Egypt meant the cast budget was slashed. It is what it is. I'm excited for Mackey, and I think Branagh and Gadot can do a lot more with Linnet (she's really annoying in both of the previous adaptations). I can't see this being a hit, though. It's going to be a repeat of the 1970s Poirot movies - big hit with MotOE and then a huge drop with DotN.
  2. Started reading Barry Sonnenfeld's memoirs because I thought there'd be lots of cool tidbits about the Coens, Raimi etc. Erm….
  3. This gives Raimi around six months more to work on it. This is great news. November seems more fitting, too - though a Halloween release would be fun.
  4. Just read an interview with Peter Deming and he mentioned that he was going to shoot Spider-Man 4. He also shot Drag Me To Hell and Oz (and Evil Dead 2 way back when). I wonder if Raimi and Pope fell out. The Wachowski sisters seem to have ditched him, too.
  5. Filming may well be delayed, but that site is just full of incorrect info. McGarvey hasn't worked on any Thor movie. People get paid for this?
  6. I'm not crazy on Deathly Hallows Part II (you can hear the producers breathing down his neck) but Godzilla and Valerian are absolutely brilliant. Balfe is brought on all these movies with a few weeks to score for a reason - he's a craftsman. He gets the job done, but it's never anything special. His Fallout score was so limp compared to what Kraemer did with Rogue Nation.
  7. This seems a bit more screwed than most. If theatres aren't open by October, does this get delayed a whole year? I know Blum promised it'd be out this year, but he responds to fans without thinking on an almost daily basis. They should probably hold off on the trailer for a bit...
  8. It's just been announced that Desplat got Balfed. I accept full responsibility for this and apologise profusely.
  9. Everyone's plotting how Raimi's taking all this time to get Tobey into the MCU etc when his goofy ass is actually laughing himself to sleep thinking about the thousands of ways he can use the cape to make Strange fall on his face.
  10. Blum said on Twitter that the trailer is nearly done and will be out soon.
  11. I rewatched the first because Raimi - really strong opening but the movie dies a death each time Mads pops up. Also, I've seen this movie four times now and I genuinely forget Stulbarg is in it each time. They needed someone to liven up the action - you have all this wild imagery handled in the most blah way possible (Marvel really need to move away from Ben Davis). Swinton probably gives the best performance in any MCU movie. though.
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