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  1. All but a handful. There are even a few scores with 'Music By Hans Zimmer' that he wasn't involved with at all.
  2. This trailer gives me the absolute shits.
  3. Jamie Lee Curtis becoming a hit magnet as she enters her 60s. You love to see it. Her filmography for the last twenty years is shocking (her incredible performance in Freaky Friday excepted, of course). I hope a prestige project lands her way.
  4. All the stars would have to align for Halloween Kills to make half of that....
  5. Lucas told Williams he wanted a great love theme (in the vein of the sweeping romances of Rota and the like) for Anakin and Padme. The idea that he purposefully tried to depict a horrible romance is a new level of reaching.
  6. Decided to watch the Endgame and FFH 'extras' today. Essentially thirty minutes of cast promo hidden as 'featurettes'. Quite embarrassing.
  7. At least doesn't look as completely inept as Girl on the Train was. Here for another electronic Elfman score.
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