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  1. ddddeeee

    MIB International UNDER 110M

    Heard that it's surprisingly good.
  2. Comer had to drop out because filming got pushed back (again) and now clashes with season 3 of Killing Eve.
  3. Cast is fab so far, but Branagh's going to need to up his game if he wants another 'Academy Award Nominee/Winner' poster or trailer. Wright's character's mother has the most fun role. Excited to see who plays her.
  4. Chucky is an icon. People who have never seen a Child's Play/Chucky movie still know who Chucky is (not dissimilar to everyone knowing about Pennywise despite never having seen/read It). I think the potential was definitely there.
  5. I was at a Patrick Doyle concert in 2014 and Branagh had prepared a video introduction. He pretty much slated Frankenstein but had a good sense of humour about it.
  6. I'm in - it looks fun. I do think that, with a bigger distributer, a Child's Play remake could have been huge - like bigger than Halloween.

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