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    “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” - Voltaire
    “One always speaks badly when one has nothing to say.” - Voltaire = see bad politicians getting their seats by being polemic and worse
    “It is one of the superstitions of the human mind to have imagined that virginity could be a virtue.” Voltaire = see how normal it seems to be to judge gender differently, and to judge the freedom of the possibility of changing the choice
    “Opinions have caused more ills than the plague or earthquakes on this little globe of ours.” - Voltaire = see misused freedom of speech
    “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” - Mark Twain

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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hercules_(Marvel_Comics) Hercules is since 1965 a Marvel character. He belonged to eg the Avengers at least for some time, had his first own series in 2008. Belonged also to The Defenders, Heroes for Hire,.... There is a comic series were the Pantheon gods fight against the Elders Also a series where ‚someone‘ kills eg all gods present in the Pantheon, eg Hercules is among those who find the dead and dying sister Another series has the Pantheon fighting against the Skrulls (Conan too belongs to the Marvel
  2. I already answered that To mini-series,.... the influence of a director is usually even less for a series than for an average movie. As much bigger the budget, as much mire a pre-existing franchise, the impact of a director, the possibilities.... decreases more and more. Not in every case, but more often than not. In the sum you seem to judge mostly in black and white, missing the many many shades of grey in between, also way too early on, dismiss / ignore every point for maybe adjusting to a less ‚one person is at fault’ judgement, and use a wording I‘d consider not bala
  3. I am not even sure if I like it or not yet, I only have seen as a sum ~ half of the first episode yet, so its again interesting to see how you ‚give blame‘ without even asking, jumping to conclusions too fast. Its not the director to blame if eg higher ups change things without asking (eg see one of the Wolverine movies) or even take over parts of all of the edit (see eg 13th Warrior), or if scenes are missing for reasons not in the hands of the director (eg if an actor dies or gets pregnant or can‘t travel or ends in jail or...., or a pandeminc is changing lots of details, or mone
  4. (account seems to be a good source for explaining details and also for giving some visual presentation of summaries)
  5. if you think that director is the sole reason for the problems of the Dark World than I am not surprised about your ways to lay blame before looking into or forgetting lots of details of its background To dismiss another’s country’s A\awards in that way does not help to improve the prejudice (or worse) impression I got.
  6. Not disagreeing, but maybe I have another general approach, like am more used to wait longer for the finale or...? See I feel often season one of a series needs time to get in the rhythm of the story or...? So many behind the scenes influence at the beginning, needs time to get into the flow. This case: How to edit on the same level if eg the director is in CAN, the editor is somewhere else, and scenes planed are missing or done in a changed version not of the same level (crew smaller, other locations, not available cast at certain locations, maybe even eg staff getting sick,
  7. director is eg a BAFTA winner, also a 7-times CAN Director‘s Guild winner and more. Probably more achievements than quiet a lot of others in the industry, or eg here. Personally I‘ll wait till 1. the series is finalized and 2. I know more about any project‘s background details in general and even more so during a pandemic till I look for someone to ‚blame‘. In especially in a made on order project in general, and agan in especial for a TV series / mini-series
  8. Agree mostly but think at first there might be a surge for especially a few probable blockbusters, for the hunger and more to be able to enjoy again and so on. Then it can go different ways: eg if the probable blockbusters are really enjoyable, hit the right Zeitgeist too,... it might hold longer or even recover far more than I am afraid can happen also, especially if said probable blockbusters are not that great, not hitting the Zeitgeist, are eg depressing, too near to the reality people want to escape from, or eg based on a not happy ending less ~ rewatch-friendly for at least a p
  9. is not near of what is needed to get cautious people back to the cinemas agree, only not sure inhowfar for complete Europe the situation will be back to 100% capacity in July as no one knows about maybe needed additional shots for variants... for now I think they are considering the worldwide situation and possible developments more than even some of us do Not only for the virus, lockdowns, not being allowed to open for more like eg 25% capacity,... but also for the refusal to screen it by some chains based on / for the double approach of the studios,
  10. that is not something some seem to understand, sadly. As already stated (I think I did it in hs thread a few days back, not sure) there are regions where the clot thing happened 7-times as often like it should have happened and so on. Could be a thing of two charges or could be a thing of a complete other reason too. But I think its not good to exclude it 100% if there is a chance that if you exclude women on the pill, and also smoking women, maybe to be sure all smokers in general and maaaybe also people who’s hormone balance is out of balance, former long time pill taker,
  11. ads for me (do not have a YT account) Since a short-ish time (a week or so) even ads within the few Marvel Entertainment clips I clicked on, that was a big surprise, as the ads were not for Marvel (nor Disney in general) material, and why would Marvel allow any distraction from their promotion?
  12. Disagree to the fullest: 1. a pilot like Breaking Bad is not the same as the first episode of established characters. Its not even the same as eg the pilot of NCIS LA to NCIS, as those new characters too were not established characters. (picked as NCIS annoys me for not allowing the characters to actually grow) As such the ‚hook‘ is not needed to get eg interested into learning the details / motifs... of the characters. 2. its not even a normal TV-series, its the first part of a 6-parter after several movies with those characters being part of, and will not end lik
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