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  1. I understand the usual differentiating, but I do not see any article about them having gone over the budget It gets mentioned that THR had reported the number, but for whatever reason the article telling that won't open. Might be the security details of my browser or me being in the EU (a lot of websites react on that since the new EU privacy laws) I tried google with hollywood reporter + Aquaman + budget, no result (budget is the missing term) Has someone a link to a reputable article so I can read for myself the exact wording?
  2. reasonable yes, but didn't saw any mention per fast glance about overshooting like e.g. it was to read then with GotG 1 you shortened the 1st sentence I am not sure what you mean. $200m after the tax returns?
  3. Is that $200m number the true production costs or the 'agreed on budget', means after tax returns? edit: acc to some websites the budget is $160m = budget / BO income needs are not the same as production costs, for the newer ones here. As long as no reliable source states the budget (not the costs) were higher as the agreed on budget, I'd run with the official budget for the moment
  4. Sounds high for the usual calculation models here at BOT (like ignore promotiion and Home video,...)
  5. My post was only about questioning all the selecting decisions being made by only one person, no matter who the person is. Especially as he has to do do other things as well. There might even be some contracts to ... run their course (?) (like e.g. someone has a contract till the end of 2019) and.... Nothing is absolute
  6. Numero BoxOffice‏ @numeroboxoffice 14m14 minutes ago More Weekly #BoxOffice Est. - Australia 1. #TheGrinch - $3.64M 2. #BohemianRhapsody - $2.55M 3. #Creed2 - $2.26M Top10 #Movie Results: https://bit.ly/2RU1Ulr
  7. I do not think it will be the decision of one person who at FOX-Marvel will loose her/his job and who will stay
  8. terrestrial

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Is that good or bad for you?
  9. I think it started with TDKR (BO and some mixed reviews), Felt sometimes like some felt their asumed superiority (culture, quality) was in danger to get lost.
  10. in addition: Doctor Strange also has 4.1/ at RT (for a 10-system like IMDb or the reviewers get at RT that means 8.2/10). And audience score at RT can be brutal against Disney as TLJ shows too Only bcs some users really do not like it doesn't mean all ppl agree to that
  11. They also release less, what can, but not must (see their mega-bombs), be a reason of more concentrated on one project work at a time by the people behind the scene. Even if I am not a fan of their reduced schedule big time. MCU might be also bcs there work some ppl there that seem to have fun with the material. What can be helpful in my POV. But I still do not like 4 of those and one have not watched at all.

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