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  1. @peludo @sanidadgob y en: https://covid19.isciii.es #COVID19 #EsteVirusLoParamosUnidos 12:08 pm · 29 Mar 2020·Twitter Web App
  2. A little bit OT: for the Germans here, who do use itunes/apple TV: there is always a 3.99€ offer thing for movies and documentaries, I am used to around 500-600 titles at once. Actually there are 1016 titles listed, maybe bcs of Corona? I‘ve done a fast check, e.g. all Lord of the Rings / Hobbit movies, Matrix, 2 of the 4 Mad Max, older Superman, some German successes,.... are listed there. A few classics as well, rather new ones too. But a few of those only have the German language, a few Indie-movies do not have the German language, so just in case, be aware. I do not know if the Austrians get the same titles? In addition: starting Monday, I think till Friday you can buy itunes gift cards at Aldi Süd (Aldi South), if you do buy them there and you redeem the ones starting at 25€ up to 100€ (not the variable amount ones) before / latest at 18. April 2020 you‘ll get an added 15% bonus. Can be used for all purchases beside German books, for those a Rabatt.... is not allowed per law here. = the 3.99€ movies would be even cheaper.... I am not typically one to advertise such kind of offer, but in times of social distancing, closed cinemas.... maybe someone finds it helpful?
  3. oh, goodey, we get snow again today/tomorrow... lower regions will get wet/windy weather, perfect for catching a cold, perfect situation. /s
  4. As far as I understand all the articles... there are not small differences between the abilities of the machines too. Also the tubes (term?) within the hospital walls... has to be on separate circles and so on. Some machines only are able to support, some can take over, some have additional equipment, see the link then. It is never a good idea to judge out of 1 detail, especially if said detail has rather broad variations, or? Weekends the numbers here tend to be lower than the reality, as testing might still be done, but e.g. some of those doing the tests need to go home to their children as no emergency children day care is even available at weekends, need a break,... same counts for the people actually being the ones doing the press releases. And other reasons. Just a thought....
  5. I‘ve read they found out there is a similar in testing method, security measures, and chemicals test for a non-related pet illness, they think they can add veterinary test labors to the mix. And some new procedures, some new supporting equipment,.... here they say they will increase what is already increased possible per week count amount to a daily count, for the whole country up to 6-digits!? Not sure anymore, so many changes, announcements, new developments.... Lab capacity is not everywhere allowing for more, in a region here last week was a big ‚Panne‘ (break down of...), as an important testing chemical was out and they lost 2000 active tests of ill people, the test/probes already being in the lab. Hence why I asked, there seem big differences from city to city, state to state even within a country, how much more it must be from country to country and so on.
  6. Quite possible I think, plus it can take time between the infection, the first symptoms and the full brunt of worse cases. Does anyone have. umbers per city / region of the max possible testing counts per day? In Berlin its e.g. only 2000/day, some are negative, the not known count is at such way higher.
  7. That is what I meant with my post as you asked about how much it might help. I understood the articles I‘ve read as such, they‘ll die of asphyxiation till they get a chance to make it, with it it increases the time to fight. But the hospital I gave the link to added oxygen via blood something too, if I understood that part right (medical English I am not used to)
  8. Tyrol news says France now has 2314 dead (death?) count. The count of the infected rose to over 38000. A German newspaper has this article: The mother of the 16y girl that died in Paris (France) says the daughter only early on symptom was a cough, for a week she got treated with a coughing medicine and inhalation. Only then the symptoms increased at Saturday to breathing difficulties, at first the test was negative (not sure when that one was done). Doctor called for the ambulance, fire fighters in full protective gear arrived instead, she was in the ICU in a very renowned hospital, Wednesday she died (positively tested). edit: yikes, I just read those numbers are still without the death counts of elderly and similar care homes, only starting Monday they will add those too
  9. I hope its not stress based over the corona economy problems, the minister for finances / economy (not sure about the term in English) of Hesse (Hessen), a big state within Germany, seemingly killed himself by throwing himself before a train.
  10. Here the companies can apply for ‚short-worker-something‘, the government will pay in this case 90% of the costs / difference = in non-corona-cases it is usually less (70%?). Literally millions will get it here. I think its for 3 months at max ?? Maybe you can inform yourself with a legal advice department focused on rules that are work related ? People can not get kicked out for not being able to pay rent for I think 3 months in addition (they do have to pay the rent later on), also a corona specific new rule. Some good standing companies try to misuse actually that rule, its for people, not for companies like adidas (disgustingly especially as they do have quite some reserves). I think they said the EU will look into some support programs too? Ask ask ask, if there is not a solution yet, maybe there will be one in a week, a month,...?
  11. Thank you a lot, even if I am not sure why (nothing special). I love to have time again to be here, sadly the reason is a real bad one. Love to read all the post of all of you too! In news: 2 scientists at the University of Leipzig de-coded seemingly an important Enzym the virus needs for multiplicating (? term) itself, to influence it would help to hinder the spreading within a patient, but it wont be ready to use until later returns of the virus (as in the future, much time and probably money is needed till then). As they assume it will be a recurring / returning virus, hopefully it will be helpful in the future
  12. at that time he was very much not involved with politics, the articles are about how he and his dad ignored lots of laws systematically, ignored court orders (his poor tenants), and how racists he behaved in Las Vegas, up to an open letter of the casino manager of the casino he owned (and even before that). As in how he ordered to fire an accountant for being Jewish without cause and worse I only saw the first part with 2 or 3 of my nephews, I was in the ‘80++ the designated driver for certain nephews for most of their cinema trips
  13. @IndustriousAngel see Tyrol, did you get the story about the 22y female Tcheck (?? = I mean a Tschechin) who is under quarantine, her ignoring that, going for a mountain walk up to 2300m high, where she gets lost, phones for help.... Usually the mountain rescue comes, but in this case: helicopter of the Ministry for Home Affairs flies in, takes her out on a ROPE (nono, no viruses 🦠 on board of the helicopter), takes her down into the valley and fines her... My brain makes a movie scene out of that, like big bad machine gun military helicopter arriving....
  14. Question, did all Ukrainians manage to leave Poland or are they still waiting at the borders? Saw a disturbing picture about it, but no update
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