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  1. I think at least the 'a.k.a.'-entries might be for their TV releases as the German title is added beside 'Filmdienst' (= ~ film service) says it never had a theatrical release here Not sure about the countries where a release date got added, there Germany is not listed https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0073310/releaseinfo?ref_=tt_ov_inf Question: was there a theatrical release in your country? Denmark @tawasal do you know a source? Spain @peludo do you know a source? Portugal @CJohn do you know a source? I know we have members from Sweden and Turkey too, but an not remember their actual user names
  2. sometimes its not about better, sometimes its about if you click with the story or not. E.g. I do not click with Jaws neither (saw it in a drive-in cinema a bit after its initial release), to me its a bit boring story-depth wise, never understood why others love it so much (but I've seen it in German, sometimes dubbing can take away a lot) = not sure how to word that. Someone mentioned having seen 200+ movies out of that time, in case that was based on my list on page 2, I've seen far more, those on said list are the ones I might add on my list as being at least medium quality in my POV, or it was then considered a 'must see' for a lot of people (where I add not my thing = I did not agree to that take) or certain ages or.... = only meant as a help see release year at IMDb, less work to look it up for others or as a reminder. edit to add: I still plan to do my list, but it takes time, time is short here for the moment, I hope for next week
  3. If they want to do more non-team-up movies, I think that might be an idea for part.... lets say 4 Never start too big, too many film makers fall into the trap of not having enough remaining to be able to do bigger in the next part, and in that scenario the villains should be already introduced, or it gets boring at best. If the start is too big too often they fall into the next trap of doing bigger per e..g. higher death counts or.... instead of increasing the interesting/complex/fleshed out parts of a story (with slightly to some more action mixed in as well).
  4. That was a great episode! Not a fan of how I define as the average horror, but that one I felt like it would scare in RL way more than some other ideas in media, as it takes away so much of what in RL we‘d need to organize an effectual counterattack In combination with it’s partly funny presentation a great twist with cliches and so on too
  5. AUS has official / governmental lists per year, as I guess you are aware of as you are from Sidney? I am not at home and wont be there for a few more days, so I do not have access to my lists and links, but I think those include admissions as well, maybe ask DeeCee? I think he has those links at hand.
  6. After gotten nominated to win an Oscar or not depends often enough which other actors AND which other movies are also nominated. Joaquin Phoenix has 3 Oscar noms, one as supporting for Gladiator (Benico won for Traffic), and 2 for lead = The Master, and for Walk the Line. Lots of other movie titles he got recognition for too, see Her, Inherent Vice, To Die For, Irrational Man, Two Lovers, You were Never Really Here, Buffalo Soldiers, Quills, The Yards, The Immigrant, and some more Nearly all of Jared Leto's noms and wins are for Dallas Buyers Club, incl his supporting actor Oscar To even speak about a comparison makes not a lot of sense to me (I go for my own impression, out of the stll active male actors he is rather high up IMHO) to BOT, have a lot of fun here! (and I agree)
  7. Thank you for the explanation I had an idea hat might be the cause ;-) Still feel 3-4 weeks should be more than enough time for that, and it would benefit the variety of lists per year
  8. Jonny Tran asked why people should even ~ care / react r however you want to call that, that 7 critics gave a rotten = its about 6 out of those 7 being top critics, not the total Correct and I am till very glad she didn't get that movie
  9. Sometimes you jump too fast I think. The discussion before you at first wrote about it being discussed here at BOT was solely abut the splits of the reviewers at RT. its bcs who reacted negativley and who positively. 6 out of those 7 being top critics seems .... interesting. In other cases here at BOT people often argue the top critics count more as not being newbies nor blogger, are usually people with film-making studying background, in opposition to so many wanna-bes. Especially nowadays, as so many new 'reviewers' got added at RT, they gained at bing the ones to look their take up. btw it has an interestingly high average rating for that low of a Tomatometer, seems like at least some gave decent ratings, but gave still a not recommended = movie not bad, its more about not liking something I guess (did not read those bcs of spoilers) Top Critics: TOMATOMETER 45% Average Rating: 7.2/10 Total Count: 11 Fresh: 5 Rotten: 6
  10. Aehm as far as I understand the news, see in May, she is not even in a contract per her producing company with Sony anymore, she works now with Universal The only ~ open project with Sony is as far as I am ware the Darktown project that got announced 2-3 years back, something together with Jamie Foxx, but at IMDb is not even a 'in development entry for that one, so I am guessing its not active. The only sensible thing to do with Rothman now there IMHO
  11. 1. such statements are never 100% correct 2. to do well is not the same as doing its own record breaking extremely good, see it being the new #1 Sony release, surpassing 007 3. nope, he is not the most popular character in the cinema part of entertainment. He is it maybe for parts of the younger audience (that are a sadly small part of GA nowadays), and to a degree for certain gamer fans. Just in case: I not only teach media at a school, but I also run the school's library. Here are books, comics, movies for all of the character, I see pretty good which characters get picked by pupils the most, also which of them also pick games related material and so on. I also discuss a lot with adults of my circle, parents of the school (who are in part not happy I offer those kind of books as well), and other reasons I get input by others about movies and books. He was #1 for an older than now teens generation, like my 6 nephews, who are all in their late '20 to late '30, but not all of them even watch CBMs anymore, and as far as they do still watch them (not only them, also their friends and families), they love the actual MCU line up at least the same. And lots of the DCs and so on, The most of the audience isn't as limited to one character/world as some here seem to be, in the end it's story has to appeal and the execution to be done very well, way more important than game connections in the sum. edit: Btw, the Verse movie you choose as an example is not live action (that is what's the discussion here is about) and as such not really an good example IMHO, plus its BO is sadly a bit less than at least some here hoped for also If the name would be as strong as you think I guess the BO would have been higher
  12. As you excluded filmed stage production I am not sure if I'll get 15 together, I am not an in general into musical gal 😉 Only bcs I am curious, do you know the movie?
  13. Its interesting to read here some comments about what Disney 'got' from Sony. Are people even aware what Sony's then even (only) bought rights for? Hint: way less then some here seem to assume. Some should probably at first read up on the details before posting such ... questionable posts?
  14. According to those examples to me Bedknobs and Broomsticks would be eligible. = Because all those sung magic spells, the explanation of the 'special street', the diving deep (in double meaning) into the magical under sea world and so on. it seems to be a part of the magical part of the movie?
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