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    “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” - Harlan Ellison
    "It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly, one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts." - Sherlock Holmes

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  1. I know, only the first hour or less I doubted it - as it is too often the reason for varying problems at home (not there for the moment) More meant for how some told they got security warnings.... was not the case for me. Maybe my location, maybe the browser... I do not know what detail might add to a complete picture and which wont add. 😉. (including times of day per length and since when....)
  2. Probably not helping anyway, but just in case its a small little detail of interest: for around 27h only reaction was ‚server not found‘... never any other message or whatever. Tried it e.g. the last hour rather often, first time - I guess 10 minutes back - that I got in. I had to re-login between a few likes and this post. Twitter and/or facebook accounts... of BOT: maybe use those for saying technical problems... ? I thought for a time my ... let’s call it temperamental router is the culprit (we need a new one - since months). Saw questions about ~ if others too.... bla bla problems here at reddit. Btw, there is a certain member of BOT (if the same name is the same user) who quotes at reddit even in theead-titles eg our Asgard 1 per name (as far as I understand it that is a big nono?)
  3. @AndyK (Industrious, your ping was not ~ marked, so I think it didn‘t work)
  4. I buy movies for 4 different reasons (plus a few as presents, but as those are not part of ‘my’ collection...): 1. I have sometime in the past read something about it that made me curious, and if I see it as an offer... I’ll buy it to watch it at a time I am at home more than usual. Means I binge-watch sometimes quite some of those ‘will watch in the future’ titles, but it can take in a few cases a few years toll I watch those. The most of them I watch faster. 2. I have sometimes younger viewers with me (12y to 17y olds) who like to watch something they do not knew or... for those I like to have a few movies in reserve I am not interested in, in case they wont like the ones I am interested in. If I watch those at all depends on how they react to what... = only a small part of my collection 3. movies I love and love to rewatch, plan to rewatch. I am old, I love a lot of movies, I am an insomniac,... lots of time to do it. Sometimes (if its at hand as a disc or I also own it as a digital version) I only rewatch a part of it, like for a discussion or for a project. 4. One of my family members wants to watch a certain title, I am the one who usually buys those too (including for the husband) for reasons like I am more up-to-date where to get those for a reasonable price, or where to get it fast. I own way over 2000 movies and TV-series titles (one season/series = one title)
  5. No idea why I see this as its by a blocked member... I can give additional data out of a German BO forum, for this blog’s reason I give in especial the view counts for their subforum for the US: it is an area where a lot of views without so many posts in relation in comparison to here, and for some reasons people do not find it accidentally per a search engine, means the views are to a very high % done by members only or people like us, who also are active here. Till February 7 the views were pretty normal for the time of year, than increased a bit to a lot (+ 50%) see discussions about possible impact, till up to March 22, the last of the high view counts. From one week to the next in fell to ~ 30% of the normal views, means it fell roughly 2 thirds of the pre discussion increase for a couple of weeks and is still falling, to in a view of those not even 5% of what was (and even less of what it should be for the time of year). Why is it falling? Not because people wandered of or got banned, its the missing data. the missing news. And people have in part their own problems caused by the virus, in especial if you work in the cinema business (as a lot of the people there do, incl cinema owners) About people being more in the Internet: yes and no. It depends a lot for what the forum or YT-channel or... is about. Like news about the virus, how to cook, how to store, how to do e.g. canning, sewing (including masks), ... those increased a lot. Home-schooling.... too Book/audiobook recommendations, ... those I see an increase too. DIY tips, how to build e.g. a shelf or clean out rainwater pipes,... tools, ... increased too. Positive mood/stories at YT channels, eg animal rescue, wildlife sightings,... increased. People with children have often way less time or energy to go to a forum to bick or discuss no new news about their interest as some seem to use a forum it seems. The same counts for people working in health care and / or education, people working in the delivering business too, many of those work tons of overtime (at least here it is so). Also where to get articles that increased price-wise a lot during the lockdowns, for a reasonable price (a sheet of building plates got op fro. $17 to $54 as an example), comparisons of prices and quality too (DIY and foodstuff...) If there are no new news there will come a time where it gets boring to rehash, so why to even think about revisiting an old thread? If there is no real reason for a visit at a very specific forum, why being ‘surprised’ about the lower numbers? Why start a blog with such a ‘tone’? Sadly I am not surprised, not the first time I am very much wondering why people feel so negatively from the start. I probably wont get an info about a possible response as by a blocked member, just in case. (btw, I think the November numbers might be higher again, see election = an actual reason to meet and discuss... and it involves even the nice litte numbers, percentages,... some of us love so much)
  6. not interested enough that I didn’t do, as... you’ll get it I do not feel the need to put humans on pedestals, there are lots of people who do think a lot about themes, does not mean all (100%) they conclude is right for everyone on earth. I actually agree with him often, but as said, sometimes I am wondering. I wont expect of him more than from anyone else, nor do I agree with all he states = he is not a ‘god’ (no one is nor ever will be). In general, if you look through history, the stories of the sole rescuer, the knight, hero,... is usually there the most to find, where people feel they have no voice during circumstances/times they’d actually need a voice. my POV: Its not the SH, the knight, the ranger,... its the power amassed by people misusing it to the degree normal/healthy defense of the weak does not work anymore (or they got manipulated to the impression, see later) If in such a situation a power vacuum happens (e.g. some people work on creating a ‘strong man’ and that one e.g. dies) or a good propaganda/people manipulation campaign is at work for a time... than authoritarian speaking, behavior,... finds its ways to the masses instead to only the ones who love to be part of such a system too. The knight it the dream of someone with the possibility to right wrong to stand up for the ones not heard - it is a sign in a way, but according to how I understand your wording in the opposite way. The knight who fought for the people, that gets crowned, ... is the hope of getting someone who actually is doing it right. Sadly the dream gets smashed by people getting corrupted by the power or getting taking out or ... It a question of how many it reaches, what kind of people it reaches. The ones who want a just and secure system to live in too, or only the ones who want to be part of the authoritarian power. Stories about knights tend to be presenting the knight as someone who stands for minorities, the weak, and so on, the authoritarians misuse the holding down, even hunt of the minorities, the weak... as deflection of the real problems, usually under the cover of ‘moral’, or terms the people are concerned about. So when a link says he said the Marvel movies are to blame for Trumps election than I say whoever worded (or reworded it as a click-bait) missed a lot of points and didn’t grasp even the basics. If its click-bait I won’t add to the count by clicking on it. If he said something else, than maybe to find an article who did not twist his words to something else might have been more... correct, neutral,.... especially if respecting him in general. Or at least to give a quote where his real statement, the exact sentence that would actually clarify. Click-bait support, a try to swipe, to imply,... can be assumed otherwise. Btw, saw your post accidental, if logged in you’re still on ignore. Too many of those kind of... strange ‘accidents’ for my taste.
  7. If you want to get a real feeling about the small amount (in relation) the pre-filming script has on the endproduct, watch at first Buffy the Vapire Slayer - the movie, and then the TV-series of the same name. And than watch Joss Whedon when he tells how he literally cried about how the director... of the movie - in my POV in a way even destroyed - mangled his script. That goes or can go both ways in general. Actor’s abilities, chemnistry, director’s ability and creative power, producers, studio bosses... (bad example: T. Rothman) are usually way more impacting = whatever you didn’t like of his past work, was it him or others that did not do as you wished for? He has a rather short list, that does not sound like he has a lot of ~ input-power. Beside that, I am not a fan of judging before having seen the final product myself, and am not a fan of websites who like to pick at parts of the sum before the products is even finished. It might be not that good, it might be excellent, we will see... way later.
  8. I haven’t read it, but in a way he got support by ‘them’, via a big part owning stockholder = Isaak Perlmutter (and even worse, his wife) are seemingly big supporters. But I think the opposition is represented there too, I think Perlmutter is not very much liked by quite some of the Disney ‘staff’ (management included). Superheroes,... are nothing new, as I am guessing Moore might be the kind of guy to conclude for that IMHO not really thought through reasoning. Sometimes I am seriously wondering about e.g. Moore.
  9. Thx part 2 of that info made me laugh - in a surprised and agreeing way. Having read quite a few non-fiction books out of and about that time, also seen a few of the screen versions, I totally can imagine him in that role. Not sure about the title ‘Kitbag’ - I am guessing its meant as ~ duffle bag as so many military campaigns are part of the history of Napoleon. Or is there another meaning possible? See self-taught language limitations...
  10. It has a 6y and older rating here in Germany, I used it in my Media subject, one of the few non action.... movies e.g. 7th to 10th graders took / reacted to very positively. We watched it in English, it was rather easy to follow even for the weaker English learners (but I did a few explanations and so on beforehand, and watched it with subtitles). My mind can not fathom at all why it got such old age restrictions in the US, and in this case even in UK, but here its more about violence amd way less about nudity and/or language for a movie to get age restrictions. E.g. a few blood-less but e.g. even death including violence movies with no restrictions or e.g. 6years old elsewhere gets here a at least 12y restriction or even older.
  11. Agree. I think the ~ waiting queue of movies needing to get a release date will lead to unusual / not seen before groupings of e.g. also franchises.
  12. I‘d add a tendency to ~ known/familiar properties and/or franchises too, like ‘more-than-one-part’ movies and/or rather well known book series too. Also see Titanic, sometimes a historical event that’s very well known. That do have the tendency for lots of VFX in especial nowadays = not excluding.... Maybe based on the family goes together during that time, including the fathers (yes, I know its a cliché, but for some its sadly still true, I could/want to scream at certain parents at the school I work for based on that - too often its the mothers and not the fathers that actively try to hinder their daughters to join a ‘male’ subject or interest, including books and movies), something familiar in name at least might help to find a common interest pick. In principal I see Sci-Fi (space opera a big part of those) and fantasy as major X-Mas/Holiday genres (release date before New Years Eve), inhowfar people see SH movies as Sci-Fi too seems to differ. A lot.
  13. I think in times of the virus no release month will be a judgement of it being a dumping ground, the old rules wont apply for a long time, too many movies (their distributers) wait for a release date, are in a kind of waiting queue, it will take a long time (a few years) till there is even a chance cinema is back to what is normal. Including to get the new rules of what the new normal in the future will be, how many screens there will be even available and so on. Vaccine found means not it is ready to be produced in the amount needed, to build the matching production plants (a d its equipment) takes time too. Till the economy... is back to normal so all potential viewers will be able to buy a ticket or two is again something to consider. And the changed way to spend free-time, alternative hobbies and interests could have an impact too. There will be a few big successes / huge numbers movies, but I think it will be the smaller and middle ground movies, also the count of tickets sold, how many movies will get released per year, and so on, that will show inhowfar cinema is really doing later on. Every movie released during uncertain times like nowadays wont reflect on the quality of the movie and so on fully.
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