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  1. And what has that to do with pushing for ppl to see it?
  2. Quote? After reading so many strange conclusions here in the thread I'd like to read that myself
  3. he reacted to a lot of posts in the sum and again the quote you use was about the UNKNOWN to us for NOW budget real costs for the studio. Yes the budget and the additional costs will be obviously the main starting point for calculating the final sum and more. But not the only ones. But if the 'budget' - in this case the costs plus this, minus that, are in question for reasons e.g. like he stated, then it is too early (btw around 1-2 years too early see later) to be sure about anything and as such way too early to use them as 'proof' for anything as well DHD does release way later in time (like e.g. in their ~ years end summaries) and uses for that the 'agreed on' official budget as far as even released, plus the changes they learned per statements, articles of other media and so on. Sometimes they use guesses out of the industry they get their hands on. Or something like the Sony leak happens or the papers they did in preparation for the stockholder something some years back at Disney's But not at this time-span in release because at this time DHD (nor anyone outside of the involved ppl, and even them only to a degree) Are you earnestly think anyone here would assume all of the merchandise revenue go to Disney? I guess even the freshest newbie will know better. Yes, there are fees beforehand and %. But there is also a lot like Again, me personally are not in doubt about Solo not good final BO number, but I doubt the necessity to be so over the top about it (btw, even if they wouldn't have sold one ticket ww there would not be a need for a lot of the behaviour here). Solo will have way less impact for Disney than at least some of you would love or like. That's all about in the end, and give some possibilities as examples The main reason I started to post about Solo this time (and shortly before that at Chine/International about another movie that too got some ppl loosing their minds over) is that IMHO a few here seem to have earnestly a problem to stay friendly with/to members and staff that have another POV (I do not mean myself, I mean certain members that get out-of-line in their wording to others), especially if those dare to bring up points that are actually based on more than generalities - its about black and white spitting aggression ... posts vs ppl trying to show the shades of grey (who sometimes also loose their nerves a bit) I do not get excited about anything numbers related one way or the other. I am not at BOT for predictions, used spoilers as it is so long (again)
  4. PM me when you want to speak to an German female who is maybe as old as your grandmother and is interested into a lot of things. (I am not constantly here, if RL-projects call I am sometimes away for a long time) Every time I tried that one out I had the feeling a lot of ppl speak to ppl they do spek to at other places already. Very seldom did someone react. Maybe I do not understand the system there. Did you ever see Rashomon? To me a really great film. The Truth. A funny thing. Most of the time it is a mix of reasons, who to weight them varies too, depends on the POVs, their past experiences... of the involved also.
  5. I know fans who do re-watches a lot, I know females who re-watch 'their' actual movies (if one 'impacts') here in Germany too. Or if someone loves to discuss movies, and drags friends with (mostly hims). Personally I rewatch movies especially if i think I didn't understand ll what was said as I usually watch films in the OV - and am interested in details for some reasons, or when a lot of ppl complain about translation mistakes. Sometimes ppl even ask me if there was a difference . Or if I didn't get the chance for the OV, but later on I find a place and am still interested. And very seldom simply for the fun of it.
  6. For what it is about it is in my POV. It does have simple to access/find Wikipedia entries for ppl who actually do want to start to look into it. And a lot of literature links to read up to. For foreign language speakers it is even helpful to find out the usual terminology, so you can copy the terms out and add the franchise name into the search machine you want to know more about it. I picked it also bcs it is neither SW nor HP/DCU/MCU (to not start a side discussion about who has the bigger one again when using actually hotly discussed compaarisons), its about to get an idea how big the merchandise part can be, not about what is actual or not. Like we still use for adjusted discussions Gone with the Wind or whichever else movies get picked for e.g. differences between hard copy home viedeo then , in between and now.
  7. I didn't look into if its 'only' or only... General: They use in the most cases calculation models. I think Barnack told recently about them making more effort now (or for a time, that was the detail I was not sure how to understand), but as the Sony leak did not give us hints about merchandise... and the influence of a solo title to the complete franchises sales/income is not for us accessable anyway, I'd take that as a guess out of the industries averages for now
  8. Agree, take a look at the memorial chart and tell me why ppl still think it is so http://www.boxofficemojo.com/alltime/weekends/md.htm What do ppl do as tradition on that day beside visiting gravesides/memorial sides... going to the movies? Something like get-togethers with their families? Parties? Barbecue with friends? If it is mostly out-door maybe we have to include weather reports? Not about Solo, I am into general BO, the details that might influence general BO and under which conditions. That interest me way more than the BO of a solo movie (feels like I never used that term as often)
  9. Agree. At the time you wrote that, Friday's were est. higher by Asgard 1, (in case someone jumps on that formulation) but some here are sounding like a caricature of a doom screaming drama queen It does have a lot of snow ... too I do agree to that based on that (I do not watch a RL playing during winter... in summer typically) He wrote that as the estimates were higher, plus see 1 post earlier, a mutli-area company like Disney does look at franchise titles in another way than only per BO Not denying the numbers, just pointing out they are not all to look out for Aehm, at the time of that post there were maybe 20% pages of other movies actually in the release, games,... and 80% of what he stated will be now enough = in my POV that makes this post an aggressive without reason one. So who is the pathetic' post? (Immature wordings anyway)
  10. Read up on the Cars series, compare their ratings, BO with budget,... and ask yourself why they still get made from time to time (and their ~ spinoffs if you want to call them such) The movies are only a % of what they make for certain franchises, others do not have the same possibilities. It's also about being still 'there' in the minds of the potential merchandise customers and future plans like streaming services. Budget % that went over for whatever reasons are not what I think is used to do calculations for future projects (BO will), analysis why it went over will be included in future projects, especially counting for projects not already in the making, but those will get some attention too I like it. It's in my POV a refreshingly not dire story beside... a fun movie. strange, the quotes you used were not about Solo being a success, they were ~ about the reasons the additional filming might have other costs than other genre-films with additional filming He does not say it is an success (no one says that) it is about if it is really that a bad situation like in my POV too many here try to make it look like Yes, it looks like not making its production budget back, but there are different reason why it is less of a minus than the usual calculation models let assume some ppl here, incl ignoring the tax rebates, merchandise see the Cars example above and so on. The difference is, in most cases a movie needs to make the money out of BO, TV rights and HV. If it is a movie with only local story, it needs it per the local BO, if not.... With franchises there are other calculation models reasons and so on.
  11. It is not about paying VAT, it is about the amount being usually near-ish the general VAT of a country at max - just a very rough rule of thumb. It can be less too. Spain's VAT is ~ 21%, their rebate is usually 20%. So them giving 40% for filming on the Canary Island shocked me
  12. Agree Wasn't he the one who pushed for fast releases in the first place (including or especially SW7)? I hope someone has the energy to look that up. if someone is willing to work through some teen-orientated comments incl websites, only an idea: the www over-dramatic ~ hysteria brainwashes the younger ones to jump on the anti-is-cool-train and hinder their parents to pick it for an afternoon out of the house, missing as such an opportunity to form an own opinion. Not excluding parents from the dislikers of.... I do not doubt there are ppl who do not like the movie itself, but a huge majority of the reasons given in what I skimmed over, do not have anything to do with the movie itself, or seem not having seen it, but watched e.g. reviews, or... = those seem to drown/overlay those reactions that might actually give reasons for disliking it after actually having seen the movie. The only place where I found reactions for not liking it (or not that that much) that do actually give reasons beside the same empty (as in not giving examples, no balance,...) chants' was here at BOT, mixed through with ppl who actually do like it. Outside BOT it seem partly a bit dangerous' to like it, see YT-promis that had to deactivate their comment section after telling they liked it, up to getting death-threats. In the end it takes on IMHO a new dimensions of a kind of mob-mentality Generally as stated some days back, it might get seen like I see it, it being a 3.7 prequel-side-story, means not a main story by more ppl than some expected. Too early before it got more of an foundation by the main stories, less of an controversial situation Only examples for possibilities out of many more reasons possible in addition to the IMHO not many real basic reasons given by the varying anti-groups here, who love to crusade against .... till the end of time
  13. Ahhh, haven't seen that for a while. I forgot totally that detail. My problem is, I use the English words that I do know or think to know, but sometimes I do not get it right and am aware of it. As such I concentrate more on, there seem to be a misunderstanding... than what the detail is even about. I also miss sarcasm,... for the same reason. Other users often use terms I am less or not familiar with, so it is for me often harder to understand the other than to write. Depends on... I'd like to watch the unchanged versions again too, especially to see what I did forgot and so on
  14. Oh, and finally a SW movie where neither a death star needs to be destroyed (not even a word about one) nor the survival of The resistance, a planet in the threat to get blown up. Compared to the other SW films nothing even similar big is at stakes - but see Romancing the Stone... there does not have to be always such high stakes. And, if Han wouldn't have helped the starting resistance would have has already their ~ super-fuel, a point more against Han starting the rebellion idea
  15. I want to see it again I do prefer not to see every time an event movie, that would be a bit too much high whatever, I prefer a change of notes. Thought how to describe it for @MovieMan89 asking how to leave the expectations before the door: Do not expect it to be something pushing to new levels like so many films do (action genre, SH genre,..) Some prefer the showy gala event with lots of entertainment, like a famous rockband with lightshow and all the works, drowning out the thoughts or... And some prefer the get together, where ppl can still breath, actually think whilst enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of an quality solo instrumental music entertainment person Lets say you are a fan of musician xy and have only seen his/her big gigs, you might be not enjoying it, if seeing/hearing him/her using 'only' an acoustic guitar before a small audience / on a smaller stage than you are used to. Or you embrace it for what it is and enjoy the evening At least to me that is the difference between Solo and SW 7 in a way. In my POV it does not take away anything from the other, its just not the same

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