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  1. terrestrial

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Andrew Lawrence‏ @ndrew_lawrence normal country
  2. terrestrial

    Thursday numbers Solo 4.5 (Asgard2)

    @GiteshPandya11 Min.Vor 11 Minuten #BlackPanther finishes FEB/MAR/APR/MAY run with $698,882,949 & keeps playing into JUN. If #Marvel hit grosses another $1,117,051 then the domestic #boxoffice will break $700,000,000. Only 2 other films in Hollywood history have ever done that - Avatar & #StarWars ForceAwakens.
  3. Yes, I know, but they do not show that seperatedly if a movie is released in that ~ summary they do Nope, was way deeper early on
  4. Not sure how it is meant, in the thread's title is to read RT watch ongoing... whatever, audience is still rising, now at 64% liked it, from the lowest % I've seen (34%) that's an 30% increase User rating count is still rather low: 30,040
  5. terrestrial

    Thursday numbers Solo 4.5 (Asgard2)

    Did we know those? @ERCboxoffice 1 Std.Vor 1 Stunde Um. They may have to work on the title, but Sony and Affirm Films is dropping Alex and Stephen Kendrick's OVERCOMER on Aug. 23, 2018. They previously scored with 2015's WAR ROOM--$67M w/ a $3M budget. Tom Hanks' GREYHOUND has been called into duty two months early--now Feb. 8, 2019 instead of April 5. @DEADLINE 23 Min.Vor 23 Minuten ‘Silver & Black’ heads back into development (that one had earlier the release date Greyhound now got)
  6. Not sure if compareable numbers would be possible even if released today for the first time, as China has a strongly increasing local mocie industry too, and the Hollywood movies that do seem to get the higher numbers seem to be more focused on a lot of bigger action, speed,... Not saying solely. BOM does not list the local Chinese movies if the movie didn't got/get a dom release too. Means the impresssion someone will get whilst using especially BOM if its about non-Hollywood movies is a very wrong one
  7. They were a LOT of those kind ofmposts to read since the first numbers got released. He was part of the reasons the filming of the actual trilogy got pushed for (probably too) early releases. Agree. Including twisting the posts of others (happening in this thread also) to the meaning of 'excuses'.... when they were originally formulated as additional reasons (not accepting any other reason than their crusade against SW based on their hate for a certain movie) Disagree. I never understood the high estimates / tracking numbers (see trailer view counts), the mau reactions as it got announced It is a freaking prequel sidestory of 1 character (better said 2.5). Even without the articles about production problems, and whatnot, I think ppl throw around 'easy', 'at least', 'no problem' way too often If the film would not have had the troubles it might have gotten a full point better rating average. If ppl were not out wielding knives against the next instalment, if interview statements wouldn't have taken out of context or even changed in the wording/meaning for click-bait headlines, IF IF IF IMHO a 300m plus result is still never 'easy' If a discussion in the meaning of 'discussion' would have happen (as in the majority of the posts in the OW thread did not), than ppl wouldn't have reacted annoyed like they did. Incl to claim that every person who does try to provide additional reasons or trying to get back a reasoned style.... got named a ~ blind fan of a certain movie who wants to shut-up those crusaders. To give an example based on my posts, I didn't even watch the movie they crusade against, how can I be a fan of it? Yes, I do see the want to discuss it, no problem with that. But: there are the franchise war thread, the movie's dom and international thread, also some clubs, spoiler threads... why have the 'Schadenfreude/glee' posts in the hundreds by a handful of posters to happen in the 'actuals' thread to the amount that there is a maybe (felt like) 5% of post not about it (o.K., the occasional DP2, AIW is also there, usually short posts). Actuals is for all of the movies in release, numbers, changes of tc,... discuss the possible impact of those tc for movie xy, or use calculation models for the next few days or whatever, in my POV a handful of posters hijack the actuals for ... not what I'd call a discussion. But as they probably already did that there too, maybe there it would be more obvious how often they do the same posts (empty in the meaning per repeat)? Btw, if someone crusades FOR a movie, its also annoying like hell if it hijacks one thread after thread after thread..., even if it is for a movie I actually like a lot (I did put members for that on my ignore list as well) Where is the new detail, thought, the newly learned insight? In my POV actuals is not existing to restart the 'discussion' with the same posts over and over and over...... again. Interpretations of titbits out of the whole of another poster that gets twisted or overblown to support an earlier POV, no grow to see. People reacting vs. to that % of repeats (and the crusading style of wording) are not saying to shut-up for trying to 'cover-up' or whatever some try to imply here, they say in a way to go to the matching thread or find new points, learn out of the provided details whatever. The countless repeats are BOOOORIIINNNGGG. Here are actually ppl who are interested into the numbers... of other movies too, it is annoying like hell to even try to find the few posts about those here. Guess why I mostly read and write in the actuals threads (and International, China), they are usually the only ones that are readable for ppl into the BO for ~ naked numbers alone. I do (not last year) usually 2 movies a year were I follow up in-depth all financial information, also what too might have influenced the outcome (including weather, sport, local movies or politics,...) then I go to the matching threads too, or to some movies' threads I get curious per actuals or so. And too often feel like I have to 'flee' based on some pro/contra wars I know I am not the only one not interested into Schadenfreude sprees or franchise wars or whatever. Didn't understand the DCU/MCU %$§& neither nor why ppl think the BO of a franchise is a proof for quality of a film or... Also annoying is, that the existence of reasons for ppl like myself seems to get ignored per implying the motivations for 'its enough' is solely based on reasons that have NOTHING to do with the real reasons. As if there is no possibility to be interested into BO without being a fan for a movie/franchise/actor/director/whatever As I started to get interested into BO the franchises as we know them today did not even exist (beside one, but that was then not clear/obvious to become one) Btw its also about the sum of repeat posts since release, imagine a barrel for collecting rain water, if it is full, it is full. Agree, wholeheartedly I have not seen one post that tries to deny they are being above criticism, wordings like that are what I meant above too. No one has anything against criticism, only about the repeats, the one-sidedness, the 'Schadenfreude' in its amount (repeats again), the wrong place to do it especially in its amount,.... Not sure how you meant it (English is not my native tongue) Only counting for dom BO for now (ww it got surpassed a while ago), and not based on Solo, but the amount of releases per year, soon in dom not counting also. If cinema in this wording is meant as money made per cinema (BO)
  8. @TalismanRing Theater Count 2001: A Space Odyssey (2018 re-release) (acc to a tweet of today I think it should be 4, soon to be 5)
  9. Exhibitor Relations‏ @ERCboxoffice 3 Min.Vor 3 Minuten Ladies, take a bow. WB is dropping OCEAN'S 8 into over 4,000+ theaters next weekend--that's about 500 more than any of the previous OCEAN flicks.
  10. Hahahaha yes, that is him epecially about SH movies (excluding BP, I am guessing WW too)
  11. I know, but this week's weekdays are not that... impressive (that was what I meant with other days in calendar ...,... He did a bigger thing about it rather recently, sometimes it was that for a time, especially of it is not that high per day (and a SH) He started to write a lot more about a SH movie per day with BP I think (that he actually seem to like), maybe a co-reason? Maybe I missed a change in style during my absence? Generally, other magazines... I think the same counts, there will be a day were they loose a bit the interest, when no headline might be possible (see milestones), or other reasons to even look into it for them. It seems to be a quiet weekend upcoming, nothing big....
  12. Why should he? Its not a new release, its not making huge amounts in relation to other days in the calendar, it's about a SH movie (that he isn't into, beside very few exceptions), he still writes about it if e.g. reaching a new round milestone number or surpassed another kind of milestone. Only bcs we want those numbers, does not mean a certain # about movie xy is of the same interest for the non-fan writer at a magazine
  13. Difference in 'speed' for real # is e.g. a movie without any reasons for additional costs... all runs well during production = the agreed on budget is internally named let's day 2-3 years before release. Wth lots of computer work... final bills to the production company have usually a lot of arguing till the accounting departments of both companies end with a final amount. That is only an example for why certain movies get later on, if it surpassed the budget, an adjustment. Tax rebates... up to 2y later happening. When a movie has a lot of unplanned situations, extra work,... it can take a lot longer, as the accounting ppl have to wade through more papers that did not have beforehand preparation, only after the bill goz paid they can file it for the rebates... There will be a lot of estimates till then, but as comparisons in the past show, those estimates are sometimes far away from the reality. And sometimes not bad. If still interested into the more realistic #, you might want to look into it in a year or so.
  14. As @baumer too ponted out, Mendelsohn tends to typos and so on @ScottMendelson 6 Min.Vor 6 Minuten Of course, @robertliefeld retweets the post that I have to delete and re-tweet because I spelled my own name wrong on the Twitter handle. I kind of find this one funny (at least no one can imply any stupid payment accusation)

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