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  1. Thanks for clarifying that, maybe a good example why I added that Just looked up 'want to see' at RT for Endgame and Captain Marvel 'user-rating' aka at first 'want-to-see' (in my POV a stupid thing to still uphold it see trolls) 8,793 'ratings' for Endgame, 99% want to see 4,730 'ratings' for Captain Marvel down now to 81% want to see (since the strange wave of anti-... - fill in something I can not respect - arrived, quoting never said things, e.g. since Brie Larsen has been careful to state she doesn't want the Press Tour to include types like me when she - in this case - merely asked for more gender diversity in the press things (major outlets seem to send very predominant / mostly white males) and The Last Jedi) If after the release of CM it might look like her being very important for Endgame, I am curious to see if Endgame too will get those strange visitors. Mostly with user-names consistent of a male given name a letter for the family name.
  2. I wrote I wasn't happy about that post also, but condensing is not the same as to imply the need 'to cure' something mind-related. As in there is sickness before there is the need for a cure. To me he/she seemed more like, if someone has an ... lets say Nolan-Batman Avatar saying something unexpected, unusual to read in a certain thread, and another one reacts to that snippy / condensing .... And there is still the possibility that it was meant even less 'bad', it was rather short to be sure. The rest seems to me, who has no idea about anime, manga, whatever (I do not watch anything that is animated, do not play computer/something-station/whatever games,...) and its culture, fandoms, problems,.... more than over the top And now hopefully back to Endgame
  3. Every country/region has another system to collect data. In a lot of cases its done by companies, some sell data some give top 5, top 10, or... Some countries have less money earning / controlling systems (as in no being a solely money making seeking company), depending how they get financed / who is the organization that wants to know the data (e.g. film industry) they release data like they please (e.g. not having a staff working on weekends is cheaper) If I remember it right in the UK the British Film Institute releases weekend numbers, they are not commercial like BOM, or... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Film_Institute Its an interesting read to a degree, especially how they nearly lost 'themselves'/the existence of the orga. You can look up which ppl working for the BO part at e.g. screendaily do use also e.g. twitter and so get some morsels about this or that movie early on, that magazine does release per distributor / week for UK. There is/was an Ian something at Twitter, but I de-followed him as he tweets a LOT about sports, TV-series'... = private tweets / not screendaily related, I am not interested into (or do not even know), and around award time (the big UK ones) it cluttered my Twitter ~ BO-only feed The div. sources for weekend I guess you know? If a mile-stone got reached, a record broken sometimes the tweet account of the runner of insidekino.de / insidekino.com (German) tweets it too (as in additional to his weekend results on said website), and so on. Our Asgard sometimes posts details too, the new Indian guy (Charlie...?) seems to posts some too, and... maybe someone else knows additional sources? Actually strong headache.... not sure, but I think there is an additional possibility, maybe for professionals only.
  4. India isn't included in their International market area yet. For the moment its China and SK for Asia. The rest in spoilers, I am over my grrr-BOM-ww-chart-rant from yesterday I prefer it if a website does not release a ww chart if it is incomplete in such a way.
  5. Maybe its a language thing, to me 'Ignorance can be cured' is a way worse formulation than to conclude out of an Avatar... something. Or is it 'anything'? Its not a sickness of mind to not being interested enough into a genre,.... to be able to differentiate between different regions of source material, hence the 'uncalled for' reaction
  6. That was uncalled for in my POV. It was pretty obvious what he/she meant. Not that I like his/her post that much neither, but it was a step 'higher' in m POV. I understand that you look more or less only for 'cool' fight scenes in a lot of 'not-your-kind-of-movies', but personally I am hoping and am sure it will have more to offer. Or I'd wont watch it, for me that would be too boring (and I love fight-scenes too, especially good coordinated multi-person fights and sword fights,...).
  7. @Valonqar Please move that to the movie thread it is about.
  8. Neither, meaning that for both counts. I think a (small) part of posters here and at other threads is doing it for ~ reasons. I do not belief people like you or other xy-fans are the same at all. I think 95% of the ppl showing interest are showing it, bcs of being interested, nothing more, nothing less. But if backreading CM and Endame (not all posts are still to see), over the months and adding what was said in other threads as well, a few used wordings that do sound otherwise, especially in the sum.
  9. Liu Lang Di Qiu aka (The?) Wandering Earth was ~ last week with then only 33 screens #10 in dom, but it wasn't added into the top 10 chart time-near or at all. What might be a big missed opportunity I e.g. do look into top 10 to look as a first step out into what might be interesting to watch in a cinema
  10. for dom Why I really do not like BOM for ww vs The-Numbers.com (who are behind with the dom part of the big nondom movies based on seemingly not really getting reported for dom) Glass is not #1, and Happy Death Day 2U even farer away from #10
  11. 1. the most of the $200m+ ppl seem to be Wonder Woman / DC or a certain other (I wont name it for reasons) fans that seem to think its funny to edge on others, maybe even to later be able to say how disappointing a good OW for an origin movie will be (some wordings seem to look like that). If true, than maybe, but some seem to have been carried away with those, or being new to BO, or...so no to general. Motifs still should count, or? 2. Its against the rules at BOT to speak in that way about e.g. directors, actors,... or other members. At least I see the wordings as insulting at best, I think others do so as well. The thread was already closed down for a time, the last time someone got thread-banned. Hence the ban question I guess
  12. it was not about dom final, the posts are about OW

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