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  1. terrestrial

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    I should have read the rules beforehand, I only went through some pages and saw 10 titles for each post. Thank you a lot! With maybe I meant I am not sure about them, I need to get to see e.g. a trailer or whatever additional impressions to decide if I'll watch them in the cinema. For the moment I have no more titles as I am sadly not up-to-date about upcoming movies. The Irishman gets seemingly a release in a limited amount of cinemas (for award reasons) and then seems to be slated to get released in Dec 2018 at Netflix acc to the Wikipedia Germany Acc to them and their ~ source-links the anti-aging efforts are waaaaay higher than expected, thus making the movie not only way budget-busting more expensive, but might be a reason for the aimed for release date not being possible as well = I am now not sure either
  2. terrestrial

    BO Germany/Austria: Johnny English 3 opens on top

    Screen International‏Verified account @Screendaily 1h1 hour ago More Vue to buy German cinema group CineStar in $254m deal http://bit.ly/2PNCtAY
  3. terrestrial

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    Bohemian Rhapsody Aquaman Destroyer The Irishman Captain Marvel Greyhound Avengers 4 Wonder Woman 1984 Death on the Nile sorted per assumed release date maybes: Dark Phoenix, Shaft, SW 9, pick what you want as #10
  4. Just in case you do mean this not as a joke: If a studio/distributor only has small numbers remaining its not uncommon to not report at once, daily, or... Weekends can be the same, why let ppl work at a weekend, when there is (nearly) nothing to report (costs...)? The have had 7 new releases in 2018 (and 4 holdovers early in the year from last year), the last 3 releases for 2018 only wll start at 2 November, then they will probably pick up the regular reports for the remaining titles. If there are still titles remaining then. If you take a look at the MCU showdown charts at BOM you'll see that it is normal to leave out quite some details late into the release, counting for all of them out of this release frame at least: Avengers 1 till CA3 (I didn't check the later ones) Beside, the charts we get to see are not all created by reported numbers, see this hint by BOM, to find under every single day chart Beside the second time 😉 Incredibles 2 and Christopher Robin were above Ant-Man & Wasp in the latest Thursday's chart, a few seem to be interested of they will let it stay in the report charts till Christopher Robin reaches the $100m mark
  5. If an actor has an age gap to an actor you compare her/him too you might want to look up movies done at a similar age before judging. Also: females have usually way more problems to get roles over a certain age, if someone has an ongoing career there is usually a reason for it. Or two...
  6. Helen Tasker I've never have seen any Halooween movie (Halloween as a holiday whatever thingie wasn't a thing in my younger ears in general here, not sure when it started to get adopted), but I know a lot of ppl who are aware about her. You might want to watch A Fish Called Wanda An example for a mediocre film is Blue Steel, beside being middle ground at best, I never forgot her performance, that is not bad for a 28 years since its release I think (edit to add: middle ground = based on the film is rather unevenly made, some other production details, no all small roles are equally good casted.... she is really great in it and I still love the movie) Btw, 7 times nominated for a Golden Globe (twice won) does not speak to me for her getting overseen in other roles = others seem to be aware of her too
  7. I guess you are a rather young one - or should watch probably some more movies out of earlier years. (Can't belief to find this kind of wrong statement in a movie related board)
  8. Some reactions here remind me about certain pupils of mine (who are hit by early puberty...) = way too ~ dramatic reactions to small details/reasons/whatever. We have to make an elephant out of a fly as a saying here.
  9. Deadline Hollywood‏Verified account @DEADLINE 55s55 seconds ago More ‘Halloween’ Scaring Up $14M+ Overseas, Slashing Way To $95M Global Weekend https://deadline.com/2018/10/halloween-international-global-box-office-openingl-weekend-1202486557/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter … I think the link might be interesting for quite some ppl for the comparisons and more
  10. Thx a lot I gueesed so just about too, but as the movie gets released in e.g. Indonesia at 5 December already, I am reeeeaaaally wondering
  11. terrestrial

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Where did the 'our finance' / donate thingie end? Or better: how do the finances look like for 2018?

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