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  1. Such an amazing movie! The chemistry was so real and sexy. The train scene and the ending with Elio staring at the fireplace were devastating.
  2. Hmm it says "There was an issue finding a ticket for this showtime, please try again later". Is it sold out now?
  3. Has anything been finalized for the time/location of the meetup? I might be able to drop by.
  4. Twilight was 8.5 years ago and THG was 5 years ago, most of the fans are at least 18 now.
  5. This movie was so perfect in every way! Story: A+ Voice acting: A+ Visuals: A++++ Music: A++ I really hope it makes a lot of money in North America. I can't believe it was snubbed at the Oscars though.
  6. iceroll

    This Is Us

    I can't believe there isn't a thread for this show yet! It's one of the best performing new shows on NBC in the past few years. I think it's quite great too, probably my favorite NBC show right now. The characters are so great and well-acted.
  7. Why is that? I'm not familiar with WOKJ, and BOM hasn't had a "community" in years.
  8. I'm surprised it's only 70% straight, that's much lower than the general population. So many fabulous people on here
  9. Cool to see that you're doing another top animated movies ranking! I did think to myself that I wanted to do another one but I'm not active enough here anymore.
  10. They were struggling a lot a few years ago and managed to turn that around tremendously. Before FF7, they didn't have a single movie that opened to more than 100m, now they have 3 this year including the OW record holder.
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