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  1. Just to throw it out there, but maybe a small part of this decision was informed by the possibility that WB knew it had a stinker on its hands? No, I'm not saying they're dumping an incredibility expensive tentpole and it's clearly pandemic related, but... maybe that made the decision a tad easier? The trailers did look abysmal. (Not trying to start a flame war, just thinking out loud.)
  2. Bond will never give up on a theatrical release. I can see Marvel being slightly more open to that given Disney has a platform to promote and there's another 27 MCU movies in the pipeline.
  3. Yup, Farrell's makeup is next level. It's not just that he's unrecognizable, it's that he looks normal. It's not cartoonish, which would have been easy. Also, I had no idea John Turturro was in this and for some reason finding out made me laugh.
  4. I've read a few snippy British articles implying Bond let cinema down when it needed him the most since the delay was cited as a reason for Cineworld closing, but that seems willfully ignorant of how bad things are getting again. The movie's not a charity.
  5. I was saying the whole year was a write-off long before it was cool.
  6. Yes!! Foxx's Electro was an iconic work of genius. If he's in this next film it's already guaranteed to be great. Hopefully this will lead to the character getting his own multi-movie spin-off.
  7. Just heard on (british) radio news that producers say this will still release next month. If it were just the US that was bad at this point I could see it, but western europe is a mess too now. All I can guess is they've made a calculated risk that things calm the hell down in the next 4.5 weeks. But it's still crazy.
  8. Oh, this moved. They kept that quiet, I wouldn't have noticed unless I read this thread. Either way, good decision.
  9. Roger Moore was the only famous actor they ever hired for Bond, and even then he was only known from TV. All this A-list actor speculation is for the birds. Anyway... how the fuck has this not moved yet??
  10. Boris Johnson has just announced that the UK is officially on course for a second wave. Get your 2021 calendars out, Universal.
  11. Count me in as someone struggling to see what the point in this is, other than obvious piggy-backing off brand recognition. "Hey, did you love the Uncharted cut-scenes but hated all those moment where you actually had to play the game? Well boy do we have the movie for you!" It's not like the Witcher which was already a book series and had a gigantic lore behind it - playing the set-pieces was the entire point.
  12. Slightly less shite than the previous posters, but not by much:
  13. Slowly but surely the UK seems to be bracing itself for a second wave. The new rule of 6 is just the start. Bond should be very worried right now.
  14. Yeah, but clearly Tenet isn't ticking people's fancy enough - and I say that as someone who seems to have liked it more than most. Even with a few more markets to open it's not going to make another 150% of its haul so far.
  15. To be fair MCU paychecks are famously terrible until you've had a few hits with them... But yeah, this story's sounds completely made up.
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