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  1. I'm ok with the title. It's a bit silly at a time where the franchise could use a bit of silliness. Odd number entries seem to work for Craig, so here's hoping.
  2. This is me as well. Though I think having dared to hope after seeing the BvS trailer all those years ago I've truly learned my lesson about having the slightest inkling of hype for any blockbuster ever again.
  3. Thought H&S would do better, honestly. That number seems like the absolute floor of okayness, anything less would have been outright disappointing. Put it this way: Vin Diesel is probably mildly relieved. ETA: I haven't even checked OS numbers where I'm sure it's doing well.
  4. It's pretty bad that when I saw the trailer for this, one of my first thoughts was 'Futurist's going be hate-jerking to this all over the forum'.
  5. Totally disagree. There's no point in DC trying to ape the MCU anymore. They tried; they failed. Making bizarre, unique movies that could never mesh in a shared universe is a great way to stand out. Whether the movies will actually be any good or not...
  6. We know the joker as a character can win serious awards, so that's not news. Much more surprising would be that anything with Todd Phillips' fingerprints on it could get that kind of traction. We'll see.
  7. Yeah, Madden's definitely more famous in Britain for Bodyguard than Game of Thrones now. That was a smash hit over here. Personally I can take or leave him but I'm not at all surprised Hollywood's taken notice.
  8. Tempted to be in, but the good reviews + that star power... Incidentally, for the type of movie it is you really gotta hand it to the Revenant's for that box office. 198/533 is crazy money for an R-rated, virtually wordless survival film whatever you think of its quality. DiCaprio, man...
  9. My comment was aimed more at me than anyone else. We've done this whole 'finally, this feels like terminator again' dance before, but if it somehow snatches victory from the jaws of defeat, then great.
  10. If awareness translated to dollars this would be one of the biggest grossing movies ever. Seriously, my twitter feed hasn't shut up about it at since the trailer dropped.
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