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  1. The Meg's box office article title puns will write themselves.
  2. Gonna be weird hearing Bale with his actual accent. But Mangold movies are always worth a look, and the American angle should ensure it does a bit better than Rush.
  3. Forget being too old, Elba's too famous for Bond at this point. The actors should be up and comers before taking the part, not already huge A-listers. I do think that PR pretty much dictates they have to get a non-white actor to play it next time, though.
  4. She hasn't had an unqualified hit solo album for ten years, so I don't think it's too off the mark to say that. As far as her music goes she's basically a legacy act at this point, which no doubt partly informed her decision to branch out into stuff like this.
  5. Yes, it did. It almost certainly isn't going to be one of the top 5 films released this year, but sometimes you just have to acknowledge a film for posterity's sake.
  6. Awful idea. Apart from the fact that most SH movies really, really don't deserve Best Picture noms no matter how much their fans love them, it lets the Academy off the hook from just having the guts to consider genuinely great blockbusters as worthy of standing shoulder to shoulder with indies. Even allowing more than 5 noms was a capitulation, but this is just nuts.
  7. Fury Road's great but any movie that's called one of the best of its genre will invariably get its naysayers.
  8. This site in a nutshell: people arguing about a movie acronym you can't even decipher. ETA: oh wait, I just got it.
  9. As others have mentioned, the movie has no 'signature' action scene. I suppose it was meant to be the skydive, since it was featured in posters, but it doesn't feel like it when the scene plays out.
  10. The Paris and London scenes were a lot of fun. The helicopter finale went on waaaay too fucking long for its own good, they needed to shave at least 5 minutes off that. Incidentally, is the next film already confirmed or am I just imagining that?
  11. Liked it quite a bit. A slow start but the second half is as full-on as you'd hope. 'One of the best action films ever' is seriously pushing it though - just go in expecting another solid M:I entry.
  12. I might be kind of interested in this were it not for Todd Phillips' involvement. The high priest of hack journeymen directors.
  13. I predicted the film would be crap but would still make lots of money, so I was more right than anyone.

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