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  1. I'm definitely surprised they looked at the reception to Spectre and though "ok, let's have a lot more of his girlfriend's backstory and the Blofeld stuff", but maybe the trailer's just doing the film a huge disservice.
  2. Just keep the serialisation bollocks light and the plot staightforward and I'll probably be happy.
  3. Finally got round to watching this. It's... quite boring? It starts off fun with John running around Manhattan but it then decides to go all in on the lore, and the lore is hot garbage. Also the action is weirdly toothless: you'll see John's foes get shot multiple times to apparently no effect before the fifth shot, magically, puts them down. I feel like previous movies had a bit more weight to the violence, but maybe I'm just remembering the initial novelty. There's already going to be another one but these movies are the definition of 'wait till it's streaming' for me.
  4. The war 'reality of war' stuff in TLJ was well-intentioned but poorly executed. Rose lecturing Finn makes no sense because he more than anyone knew how shit war was - he left the First Order for precisely that reason.
  5. This is true but it's also a comedy thing. How many foreign comedies do well at the American box office?
  6. Stunt casting gigantic stars as the villains has always been a mixed blessing for the franchise, and right now I'd just settle for a good medium-sized movie. Pattinson could go either way, but the fact that he's gone from the most mocked set of movies in living memory to people generally being ok with him for this means he's done something right.
  7. Lol, we now live in a world where Pattinson is called out for being 'edgy'. Imagine that being used as an insult against him ten years ago. It's a testament to how far he's come since Twilight, really.
  8. The 8 year gap between the first two movies is notable in of itself. Obviously they wanted to cash in on Smith's superstardom.
  9. January's often a good time for UK releases - we tend to get the award movies that have staggered openings from the US.
  10. 1. Empire 2. Hope 3. Solo 4. Last Jedi 5. Return Jedi 6. Awakens Won't dignify the rest with a ranking, because I'm an edgelord.
  11. Wasn't it the opposite? It developed a cult following years later for being so unapologetically turned up to 11? I know Tarantino and Edger Wright are fans, amongst others...
  12. Only watched the second movie once but I recall it being almost unbearable to get through. Like a 2.5 hour hip-hop video... which I appreciate was very much the intent.
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