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  1. To be honest I've always found MCU action scenes to be mostly shite. For me they're something to endure between the meatier character interaction. The Russos can film a decent punch-up but that's as far I'd go - nothing else stands out to me. Just hire Martin Campbell already. ETA: no I haven't seen Shang-Chi yet
  2. Apparently Black Widow had a major issue with dialogue and action scenes feeling like they were made by two completely different directors. Marvel should probably not hire people it doesn’t trust to do major components of their films if the effect is so jarring.
  3. All the people who lost their shit at the original title saying reviews were mixed should apologize. That mod was a clairvoyant. 😔
  4. Hard to have a strong opinion of that number. Pretty good in the circumstances, but I would also understand the studio dragging its feet on a sequel with anywhere close to a similar budget.
  5. Just saw an article titled "Why doesn't Dune have a post-credits scene?" Thanks, MCU.
  6. The way things are going in the UK I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last movie I'll (maybe) see at the cinema before covid restrictions kick in again. The government's currently in full-on denial mode but that can only last so long.
  7. Yup, sounds like a populist movie-maker to me. I'm not defending Nolan, he's been wildly hit and miss for the last decade. But he 100% thinks he's making movies aimed at as many people as possible. I personally wish he would get a bit pretentious and make an obtuse sub 50 million film, but that ship's sailed.
  8. Wes Anderson is my biggest film blindspot. Beyond amusing compositions I just don't get the appeal at all. But I also appreciate that Hollywood needs more popular auteurs like him, not fewer.
  9. People always call Nolan 'pretentious' but it's completely the wrong word for him. He not a director trying to make the next Seventh Seal, he's trying to make the next Star Wars. And it's his populist impulses that are usually the problem.
  10. Wahlberg's somehow an even bigger miscast than Holland, even playing a younger version of the Sully character. It's like they really couldn't be fucked.
  11. I doubt this movie will be good but I also think that having a younger Drake to separate it from functionally-already-movies videogames is a better idea than it first seems.
  12. The market has done the talking as far as Gibson's movie career's concerned. I'm actually surprised anyone still has enough faith in him to carry a presumably still quite expensive TV show. Maybe they got him cheap.
  13. The lore of John Wick was never as interesting as the films seemed to think they were. It was a neat backdrop in the first movie but it got really old really fast.
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