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  1. *Reactive (Forgive me, the misuse of the word 'reactionary' is an irrational peeve I have, and am currently seeking therapy to get over.)
  2. I'm not going to read the script but I'm mildly relieved it's taken the mean-spirited approach. The worst thing it could have done was to have its cake and eat it by making the Joker some kind of hero we root for (unless it does? In which case, that's bad).
  3. Dude, no-one would give a shit about Dr Sleep were it not for the endurance of Kubrick film. It'd be a TV movie. (Much like King's own Shining movie. )
  4. Oof. That's gonna polarize people. It's weird, because whether King fans like it or not, The Shining is really Kubrick's legacy now. Interested to see how it plays out.
  5. A good 'trick' question to ask someone is when the first movie came out. Almost no-one can believe it was as early as 1995.
  6. The Shining's a top 5 film for me so it's hard not to be slightly intrigued, but given how much King loathed the movie it does feel a bit have-your-cake-and-eat-it for this to hark back to its imagery so much. Also, the book this is based on got pretty bad reviews as I recall.
  7. Yeah, my Mum's a good bellwether for how much something/someone has permeated even the darkest recesses of pop culture. Can guarantee she doesn't have a clue who Thanos is. Avengers yes, Thanos no.
  8. Looking at the TV spot, I hate all the shots that 100% copy the compositions of the original. Really feels like watching a videogame adaptation.
  9. This whole idea seems really redundant to me. The cut scenes in the games were sophisticated enough to function as movies anyway and watching the action set pieces on film is never going to be as fun as playing them. The only logic I can grasp is that Hollywood really, really wants to create another Indiana Jones for this generation, and if it has to steal it from another medium then so be it.
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