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  1. You doubt they're worried? Well they should be. Again, it's not about whether cinemas will be open - it's about demand being crippled even if they are.
  2. UK poll show that 59% of respondents are still uncomfortable about going back to cinemas: https://twitter.com/benatipsosmori/status/1278638844020166656 Forget this summer, if I was a movie exec I'd be worried about winter releases at this point.
  3. I give it 24 hours before Trump starts insisting that he was the one who first said everyone should wear masks.
  4. This movie has become a weirdly useful indicator for gauging how the US is handling the virus as a whole. Every delay = things are still going badly.
  5. Fingers crossed that 5 times is the charm for a decent JP sequel! 🤞
  6. Granted, although Scotland and Wales's death per capita is nothing to brag about either.
  7. ^ Just came here to post that. Can't believe how lax they're being, and I doubt it'll encourage people to come. The US gets all the bad press but make no mistake, in its own way the UK has been crap at this too.
  8. The Prestige is still Nolan's best movie and Interstellar's reception was perfectly fair. It was a deeply flawed film that had admirable ambition.
  9. There are reports from European countries that after initial customer flurries from shops reopening, retail footfall is about 50% of what it was the same time last year. The fear is still real, even in countries doing far better than the US. I've long held that WB were mad to even entertain the idea of not getting Tenet the hell out of summer and nothing has yet to change my mind on that. If their (unlikely) goal is to take a hit for the industry to get people into cinema-going again then fine, I guess, but I think they'll still be disappointed.
  10. UK GDP shrunk by over 20% in April. Totally unprecedented numbers. Looks like another lost economic decade straight after the last one.
  11. You think it's bad in the movie, try reading the original book. I forget the exact wording but when she meets her (now free) ex-slave after returning home she instantly begins ordering him about and "his eyes shone at the relief of finally being told what to do again."
  12. I went from thinking 'this was a bad idea' to basically surrendering a minute later and chuckling. Were it not for [waves hand] absolutely everything going on I suspect this would have had a nice little run.
  13. I wouldn't watch this in July as I live with a vulnerable person and the UK's lockdown easement strategy has thus far been a shambles. I'd still be surprised if WB sticks to that date because space restrictions mean the film simply can't make that much money even if people aren't already concerned about the virus. That said... as a box office watcher it'd be undeniably interesting to see how the movie fares as a canary in the coalmine if it stays where it is.
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