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  1. I suspect they'll be positive in a 'they pulled it off' sort of way at the very least. They're generally polite to even the lesser MCU movies (hi Capatain Marvel!) so this'll be fine.
  2. Yeah, I'm not totally convinced Marvel wouldn't want more Iron Man cameos and RDJ more $10m+ paydays. Who knows what 'permadeath' even means given Spider-Man and Black Panther are obviously returning anyway.
  3. But they don't (on film, at least), because mass audiences are much more interested in the OT characters than the universe.
  4. This is a pretty good video essay on why music biopics almost always suck (or are, at least, vaguely unsatisfying): TL;DW - they always focus on a series of snapshots from the artist's life over decades, instead of focusing on a single, contained period a la The Social Network. Hell, even Spinal Tap was about a single tour. They also barely examine the craft of songwriting, making the big hits feel like bolts of inspirational lightning, which is bollocks.
  5. I'm never gonna watch this, but its BO take has been truly staggering. At least as impressive as any MCU/SW/insert franchise performance.
  6. Obsessions with cast-members outside the movies is always funny. I remember being into Lost (for my sins) and the fandom always taking it really badly if the actors gave interviews where it was obvious they didn't really give a shit about the show, like it was some personal affront. It's just a job. They really don't care about any of this that much, and nor should they.
  7. This does rather cement my theory that the SW universe is not in of itself particularly interesting or that much of a draw: it was always about the OT characters. No matter how much the makers pretend they're moving forwards they really can't help themselves.
  8. "Rise of Skywalker" Well, we knew this movie would be nothing but safe fan-service.
  9. You could argue it was more important for Shazam to be a critical darling than whatever meagre profits it may have made. WB really need DC to be seen as a wheelhouse that can produce good (or at least entertaining) films and against all odds they're slowly getting there.
  10. I'm down for some Nolan period thriller time-travel mind-fuckery but I'm slightly suspicious of that synopsis. Yay for Fichtner possibly being in the film though.
  11. Yeah, the UK has always an up and down relationship with SH movies. The MCU is obviously popular here but not quite in the 'phenomenon' bracket that Bonds and Potters reached. I suspect Endgame will beat IW though, the advertising is definitely more apparent.
  12. Given hardly anyone's actually impressed by CGI anymore that's a risky strategy. (But who am I kidding, this will still make all the money.)
  13. Curious to see what this will do in the UK. IW was the tenth biggest film ever here (but after that the next MCU movie is Black Panther way down at 34).

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