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  1. Maybe there's just less hype for this film in general so it feels like there's less marketing? (No, I'm not trying to start a flame war: the film might very good and people might love it! But it's hardly controversial to say general anticipation for it is a tad more muted than the previous two.)
  2. Seen posters for this bragging that it's 'produced by the visionary director of Black Panther,' which is surely stretching the 'from the' marketing gimmick to breaking point.
  3. Gerwig and Waller-Bridge purporting to be big fans of this movie is interesting. I get that it's a small industry and that if you're in it you pretty much have to play nice, but I didn't expect them to be that effusive.
  4. Solo had no business existing in the first place. Rogue One (which I also think is a bad film but there's no denying it made a lot of money) gave the studio really false expectations of how much people wanted these kind of prequels.
  5. "She works in a year-round Christmas store, wearing an elf costume and hawking tacky ornaments for the boss (Michelle Yeoh) she knows only as "Santa."" If such a store exists in London, I've yet to see it.
  6. I do think that once this movie's done they'll wait a few years and just reboot the OT. It's not like that's any more ridiculous than Disney remaking their classics in live action. Ultimately mass audiences only really care about the Skywalker saga so some kind of reimagining is inevitable down the line.
  7. The only thing Top Gun 2 has going for it is its director. There is zero nostalgia value for the first film.
  8. Ha, I guess I had. I should probably get around to watching those movies.
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