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  1. "I'm warning you, Chris, if this movie fails we're only giving you 8 more chances." - studio exec
  2. There was an article a while back on white male privilege that focused on the many chances Hollywood kept giving Armie Hammer despite his near constant series of flops. I have to think it's even more true of Chris Hemsworth. Sure, Thor 3 was big but at this point the MCU could have a hit film starring a chewed-up tennis ball. That's not really a diss on Hemsworth, by the way: my suspicion is he's like Colin Farrell - a likable character actor trapped inside a leading man's (incredibly ripped) body.
  3. I said before that this movie would hurt Hardy's career and I was wrong. It looked terrible, and by many accounts is terrible, but his name above the title got it to that OW number. He's now the number one idiosyncratic action star.
  4. Hatebox

    Vice | Opening Wide on Christmas

    I wouldn't count on a massive Republican backlash. Trump fans hate Bush and the Iraq legacy as much as liberals (even though many probably supported it at the time).
  5. Hatebox

    Vice | Opening Wide on Christmas

    It's a bit weird that Bale and Rockwell sound exactly like their characters while Steve Carrell just sounds like... Steve Carrell. Anyway, looks fun. Political satire might be dead thanks to Trump but it still feels like a good time for a semi-humorous Bush administration critique. Will likely catch it at the cinema (damn you, staggered UK release date).
  6. Bombs away. I like steampunk though, so it's kind of a shame.
  7. How could BvS have a true sequel, by your parameters? Batman vs Superman 2, where they fight all over again?
  8. Hatebox

    Vice | Opening Wide on Christmas

    At work so can't watch the trailer but holy shit at that makeup. I had a lot of time for The Big Short so very interested in this. Funny how the Bush era's brand of political awfulness seems almost quaint today. And by 'funny' I mean 'fucking depressing'.
  9. I still can't quite forgive First Class for wasting so much time on mutant-kids nobody cared about and not going for broke with a Xavier/Magneto movie. Oh well, I guess we'll get the reboot in a few years.
  10. Saw a TV spot last night - I know it's blasphemous to complain about CGI on the forum these days but the effect of Hardy's face superimposed against the venom gunk looks shockingly bad, kill-any-chance-you-might-be-interested-in-it bad. What a clusterfuck of a studio Sony is.
  11. Everyone in this movie looks so bored. I suspect the audience will be too.
  12. I hope Hardy's getting paid a lot of money for this, because I can't see it being good for his career.
  13. Damn, he really does look similar to Ledger from a distance. Very curious choice.

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