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  1. Mangold's involvement makes me *slightly* curious, but otherwise this seems like a bad idea. An aged Indy is about as appealing as an aged Bond: the characters are not iconic because they're deep, they're iconic because they're vicarious.
  2. VOD is the wrong term really - it's content on vertically integrated platforms that's the game-changer. Disney blockbusters have basically defined the last decade and it's all but confirmed its release strategy won't be the same going forward, even with the end of the pandemic. That can't be ignored. Seismic shifts always seem inconceivable until they aren't, as any music exec riding high in the 90s would probably agree. No, I don't think cinema will die tomorrow but I sure as hell wouldn't invest in any theater operating companies anytime soon. Maybe somewhere down the line when cinemas finally settle into their vinyl phase. 😉
  3. Had a feeling this would happen. The UK's actually been doing really well at vaccines but even so I never hear about people desperate to get back to the cinema this summer. They want to be outside in beer gardens, talking to friends they haven't seen in a year. Disney isn't stupid. It's not like I was going to watch this film but I can still appreciate it's all a bit sad - cinemas are fucked and VOD has so little sense of occasion. Once a type of convenience becomes the new normal it's hard to go back.
  4. Unless we have totally different definitions of 'buzz' (I'm starting to think we are), you guys are insane. People were massively hyped for Tenet, as they would be with any Nolan movie, and the entire industry was using it to gauge cinema's future for the pandemic. It also had a shit-ton more advertising. Again, I'm not saying it was a good movie. And really it doesn't matter, because we'll have no way of comparing how GvsK actually did at the end of the day.
  5. Lol, no. Not saying Tenet was particularly good, but it was a Nolan movie + the first big pandemic theatrical release. The buzz was incomparable.
  6. Anecdotal but I really don't feel like there's some huge pent-up demand to rush back to cinemas in the UK. Pubs yes, cinemas no.
  7. I have no strong opinion of these noms. Nothing seems especially egregious, but it's just harder than ever to care about awards this year.
  8. I'd be totally ok with 'event movies' dying. Looking over the last couple of decades, there really haven't been many good ones.
  9. They've copied the tone and style of the Joker trailer wholesale. Not a bad strategy.
  10. Damn, the RT score really fell out from under this movie. As a Brit I couldn't watch it even if I wanted to, but its reception has been more interesting than most SH films.
  11. That's such a good reason to freak out, my cynical mind has already kicked in and makes me wonder if it's some kind of genius publicity stunt.
  12. What would count as 'good' at this point? I mean, it's going to make bugger-all in the UK for instance.
  13. Cinemas will probably be shut in London for much of December and January if the current infection rates are anything to go by and the city/much of the country is moved into tier 3 restrictions. I get that at this point WB probably doesn't care too much about cinema box office, but...
  14. Is this actually releasing in the UK in mid-December? For its own sake I hope not...
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