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  1. There are a lot of names that American pop culture makes vaguely familiar to OS people without them knowing exactly who they are. Tonya Harding is definitely one of them, I had to look up who she was. That's no comment on BO potential, just noting a weird quirk of not being American.
  2. Perhaps by now we can put to bed the notion that Aronofsky is 'the next Kubrick' simply after how much he has described his intention of this film down to the smallest detail. Seriously, has another art-house director ever lifted the veil so much?
  3. I actually didn't like the very early games — 3D platforming without an analogue stick doesn't work, like, at all — but the two recent ones were good fun, in a linear rollercoaster sort of way.
  4. Almost clicked on that but then, totally out of character, decided to wait. I live down the road from the london IMAX and will almost certainly catch this on there, so might as well let it be fresh. Glad to hear it looks great, though.
  5. Lol, just noticed the photoshop fail on the poster. Honestly, with all the money they spend on these productions, is it really so hard to just get the cast to pose specifically for marketing materials? Anyway, no reason to hold out any hope this will break the video-game curse.
  6. I've just been in China for a bit: going by some of the posters out there you'd think it was a team-up movie between SM and IM.
  7. I wouldn't count that as it got great reviews out of the gate (not that you were the one who brought it up). As for the Shining razzies... eh. Many thought it was bad at the time but they weren't appalled by it. Just disappointed and rather bemused.
  8. I haven't seen mother so can't comment on its quality, but it sounds like you're agreeing with me. (No idea what TTOL is.)
  9. I clicked on the first page to see who the director was, saw 'David Fincher' and suddenly got excited. Bit of a letdown to find it's now the Hunger Games guy, but hey-ho.
  10. I'd say this movie had a damn solid run. The problem is they've already blown their load using Iron Man so I don't see what the possible new draw is if they want a big increase for the next film. But hey, I doubt they'll complain if it scores another 850m.
  11. I'm definitely interested to see the movie, but the kind of stuff that tends to get labelled as a 'misunderstood masterpiece' years down the line are films that are met with a general shrug upon release, — eg. Blade Runner, Shining, etc — and no-one's greeting this film with a shrug, whatever their feelings on it.
  12. "We may have lost millions, but the trolling level was incredible" - Paramount junior exec

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