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  1. I'd be totally ok with 'event movies' dying. Looking over the last couple of decades, there really haven't been many good ones.
  2. They've copied the tone and style of the Joker trailer wholesale. Not a bad strategy.
  3. Damn, the RT score really fell out from under this movie. As a Brit I couldn't watch it even if I wanted to, but its reception has been more interesting than most SH films.
  4. That's such a good reason to freak out, my cynical mind has already kicked in and makes me wonder if it's some kind of genius publicity stunt.
  5. What would count as 'good' at this point? I mean, it's going to make bugger-all in the UK for instance.
  6. Cinemas will probably be shut in London for much of December and January if the current infection rates are anything to go by and the city/much of the country is moved into tier 3 restrictions. I get that at this point WB probably doesn't care too much about cinema box office, but...
  7. Is this actually releasing in the UK in mid-December? For its own sake I hope not...
  8. Does it really matter? Endgame brought people back from the dead, I don't think watertight continuity has ever been big concern of Marvel's.
  9. I haven't watched SM films since Raimi's third and... I probably won't start now, but in a weird way I find it rather touching that Garfield has a shot at playing him again. He always seems like he's about to cry when he talks about the character.
  10. Lol, it's like everyone was waiting for Nolan to break cover. Robbie and Reeves probably have a point given their respective star power. This really is a PR clusterfuck.
  11. God has spoken, and He is not pleased. I'd be interested to know what Denis Villeneuve thinks, not that he'll say it publicly right now. I doubt he's particularly happy Dune will debut on TV. I wonder if he pushed back against the idea at all.
  12. Matrix 4 is the big surprise for me. If the film's actually good (a big if) that would have been quite a treat on the big screen. Now people will just be watching it on TV. Feels very weird. But then, it's been that kind of year.
  13. I still expect this to go the D+ route. In a few months the service will need something new to maintain/increase interest and frankly the US vaccine distribution probably won't be good enough that everything's back to normal by even next summer.
  14. Just to throw it out there, but maybe a small part of this decision was informed by the possibility that WB knew it had a stinker on its hands? No, I'm not saying they're dumping an incredibility expensive tentpole and it's clearly pandemic related, but... maybe that made the decision a tad easier? The trailers did look abysmal. (Not trying to start a flame war, just thinking out loud.)
  15. Bond will never give up on a theatrical release. I can see Marvel being slightly more open to that given Disney has a platform to promote and there's another 27 MCU movies in the pipeline.
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