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  1. I think that's a tad disingenuous, but either way if this movie is on par with BR2049 then good - I'll enjoy it a great deal.
  2. That trailer really didn't need to be thee and a half minutes long. I hope that doesn't become a trend. But yeah, looks suitably epic. I suspect the two jokes they chucked in were in fact the only jokes in the whole movie, but I see why they were included. I'd still be surprised if this makes a lot of money.
  3. Looking forward to this but I absolutely think WB are taking a bath box-office wise. Yeah hype is tangibly higher than BR2049 but that means bugger all. More than happy to be wrong on that.
  4. My main problem with that movie is how fucking ugly it looks. They managed to make the imagery of a wacky space opera with all these weird aliens... dull. I know Marvel gets a lot of shit for its washed-out color grading, sometimes unfairly, but it's absolutely applicable there. Anyway, Black Widow. Curious to see how it does in the UK. I've long said that returning to the cinema seems far lower down on the list of priorities for brits than the US and I wonder if that'll pan out with this movie.
  5. I think you're right but I also think the degree to which Marvel really dips its toes into different genres is often overstated. No, Winter Solider is not a 70s-esque spy thriller - it's an action-heavy superhero movie with an unambiguous good guy, the usual 3 act structure, and it happens to have fewer jokes than most MCU entries. (And that's not a bad thing! It might be Marvel's best movie).
  6. I personally wouldn't count those because filming a single trilogy from the get-go is so different to a first movie exploding and the studio doubling down on that success after the fact. But I suppose they would be a good example of a single filming schedule at least not compromising coherent storytelling.
  7. Yeah, they're fair shouts. Not without their issues but they're at least different enough from each other that they don't feel like one movie cut in half.
  8. MCU notwithstanding, have any sequels filmed back to back ever been good? I think the John Wick films have only ever been ok so there's no great height to fall from, but it strikes me that these back to back filming schedules rarely result in good movies.
  9. Sounds decent enough. MCU reviews are either polite or gushing. These definitely lean more towards the polite end which I suppose doesn't really matter after the year we've had. Shame it's not the lean spy-thriller some hoped for and instead the increasingly frenetic CGI action we're used to. EDIT - Just read that there's a sequence in the movie set to a somber cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit. If it's done unironically then fucking lol.
  10. TIL that Christopher Nolan's favourite F&F movies are the first and Tokyo Drift. https://theplaylist.net/christopher-nolan-bond-fast-furious-alien-3-20201210/
  11. Hopefully this film has more than one act, unlike its predecessor which felt like a two-hour beginning then abruptly ended.
  12. It's sad that I now see Idis Elba's presence in something as a bad omen.
  13. It really baffles me that some people lose their shit over 'elitist' critics in the context of the MCU when in reality critics are massively kind to these movies. Captain Marvel has a 79% RT for gods sake. Critics are your unwavering allies here!
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