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  1. Covid depends on people behaviour. I am really tired of people living as if nothing happens here in Spain (both local and foreign people). And now, we have the same infections daily level than in January. And cinemas could be closed again. Covid is not the responsible, but people, who still do not learn to live with this shit.
  2. The semi-final which involved Spain was seen by 15 million people here (1/3 of the population). You can count with horrible numbers in both Italy and UK on Sunday.
  3. Well, with current exchange rates, WW2 gross is $889.7m, so it could have sense.
  4. I have loved it. Even better than BvS Ultimate Edition, which already was really good. My only problem with it is the epilogue. It's really frustrating to see how it opens so many arguments and we'll never see how they are concluded. 9 out 10 for me.
  5. You're welcome Yes, that is the projected total right now. But it will updated by the end of the day and, sadly, that projection will drop like a stone because reception is mediocre. A 8.1 rating, which will probably be lower along upcoming days, is really bad.
  6. Let's hope reception is good enough to make good numbers beyond the OW.
  7. According BOM, it needs another $2.5m. I do not know if it have been released DOM yet, but it should be reachable. Concerning Spanish figures, it is a pity that they are only at theaters for 1 week, because the 3 films could have accomplished more curious targets: FOTR: It has already reached 7.1 million admissions, but it will not able to reach €32m (€31.66m right now) TTT: It should reach €30m (€29.81m right now) and maybe 6.5 million admissions (6.43 right now), but it will not be enough to enter in both top 10 unadjusted (Joker €30.5m) and adjusted (The
  8. FOTR is the 3rd most attended film in Spain in latest 20 years. Just Avatar and Spanish affairs (aka Ocho apellidos vascos) were able to beat it. Being my favorite blockbuster ever, I am really glad to see this reception. It is great to see it again in theaters.
  9. I do not know if it will be enough to get a good run, but The Two Towers scores right now a 9.5 in Maoyan.
  10. It ranks 4th today, but it already ranks 2nd for Saturday, just behind Detective Conan. In fact, FOTR's presales figure for tomorrow has nearly matched the current Friday's gross. But yes, still low numbers.
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