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  1. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Weekend 10-12th August: Very good opening for The Meg. It should manage 1 million admissions. For a film like this, we could have expected half of that. Incredibles drop is just meh even taking into account the big opening, but as an animated film it should start to drop better. JW2 is reaching €24m. It is having incredible late legs for a blockbuster of this size. Campeones has been preselected (3 candidates) to compete for the Foreign language Oscar of the next year. It can have a second run during awards season. It could cross €20m barrier.
  2. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Weekend 3-5th August:
  3. Nemo/Dory was a similar case. Nemo (39/61) had a better ratio OS than Incredibles (42/58). But 13 years later, Dory changed to 47/53 with a superb DOM run. And you have to add that Incredibles is about the favorite genre of USA (at least this year). I do not find too strange this climb in DOM percentage.
  4. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    I do not have any concrete reason. Maybe people have become tired of this franchise. I personally like the franchise, although I did not like too much the last film. I remember it a bit boring (maybe in a second viewing I change my opinion). I enjoyed a lot 1, 3 and 4, and I will see this one.
  5. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Weekend 27-29th July: Mission Impossible in Spain: MI 1: €9,997,005 - 3,141,962 adm MI 2: €13,246,773 - 3,372,446 MI 3: €7,058,955 - 1,324,539 MI 4: €7,156,075 - 1,111,606 MI 5: €6,133,601 - 1,007,896 With this opening, MI 6 will fight for not being the worst of the series. Jurassic World already ranks #29 in the all time unadjusted list. It is having very good drops. I think it could still reach €24m (first part did €22m) and rank #22, between Minions and Finding Nemo. Excellent run. Campeones ranks #11 after 17 weekends, the same than Avatar. Ocho apellidos vascos ranked #16. Incredibles 2 is being released today. HT3 will be hurt, but it can outgross what its predecessors did (maybe over €12m).
  6. Amazing achievement. That means, today, about $442m. Even adjusting by inflation you do not find too many dramas that have done this amount in USA.
  7. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Weekend 20-22th July: Mamma mia! did €13,640,812 and sold 2,389,447 admissions. It seems really hard for the sequel to match those numbers. Hotel Transylvania: €11,589,122 - 1,742,592 admissions Hotel Transylvania 2: €11,040,729 - 2,020,545 adm Incredibles 2 comes next week, so HT3 should gross as much as it can during these nexet 7 days. The first Incredibles did €19,521,020 and sold 3,984,470 admissions, on par to Toy Story 3, Up or Inside Out. JW2 is beating first part in both euros (€22,005,243) and admissions (3,596,797) Ant-Man 2 has already beaten the first part (€3,811,833 and 673,674 admissions). Beyond these data, Infinity War still ranks #23 with €20,453,302 and 3,432,982 admissions I did not post the 13-15th weekend data. If anyone is interested, I will post it.
  8. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Weekend July 6th-8th: Infinity War leaves top 20. Right is at €20,416,579 and 3,426,724 admissions. Ant-Man and the Wasp has been released on Wednesday, so the €2.16m figure is a 5-day opening. With a €1.27m weekend I think it could try 4.5-5m in total (the first one did €3.8m) Although this chart still does not show it, Jurassic World has already beaten Infinity War. Summer weekdays is giving it a good boost, grossing more during Monday-Thursday than at weekend. Campeones still ranks 10th after 14 weekends, the same than 8 Apellidos Vascos. Avatar was 16 weeks in top 10.
  9. Maoyan is predicting 3.3b for Dying to survive
  10. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Weekend June 29th-July 1st: Way better drops than last weekend. JW2 should reach €20m, Close run with Avengers.
  11. ER is dropping a lot. Currently at 6.69.
  12. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Weekend estimates: 1. Jurassic World 2: €1.1m 2. Sicario: Day of the soldado: €0.3m 3. Hereditary: €0.2m 4. Luis & the Aliens: €0.2m 5. El mundo es suyo: €0.2m Good drop for JW2 (-25%). With Spain out of the World Cup, football is no more an excuse for bad figures in BO.
  13. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Weekend June, 22th-24th: Curiously, JW2 will be the lowest grosser and attended film of its director (J.A. Bayona) in Spain: The Impossible: €42m A Monster Calls: €26m The Orphanage: €25m Jurassic World: €20m? Concerning Deadpool 2, it is close to first part but it is not matching it: €10.2m and 1.638 million admissions. Overall, a very poor weekend.
  14. I have been reading about Animal World for some weeks. What can we expect from it?
  15. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Weekend June, 15th-17th: Every holdover drops over 50%. World Cup has hit really hard.

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