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  1. Today is Jan.17, and there are still no films listed. Another delay? Or we could still see today some changes?
  2. I will never understand the split between original run and re-releases. IMO, money is money, no matters when it is grossed. That means that a film keeps the interest through the time.
  3. Maybe with next, and probably, last Miyazaki's film. Even although the site is extremely Hollywood driven, I expect huge numbers for it. It should be funny to follow that run.
  4. Yes. Ticket price increase was quite normal along the years we have data (end of 1960s) until maybe 2011-2012, when the economical crisis hit deeply the country (over 25% unemployment). Since those years ticket price has not increased. Some years it has even dropped. One data: the biggest year in unadjusted gross is still 2004 with about 690 million euros. 15 years ago... That year were sold more than 140 million admissions. Today we barely cross the 100 million admissions and 600 million euros. Add to that the null increase in ticket price during this last decade and you get the lack of recent titles in both all time lists, adjusted and unadjusted. You can see that, with the exception of 2019, which has been exceptionally amazing in terms of hits, and a couple of phenomenons like TFA or BR, 10s films are just local hits, something really strange taking into account that Spanish people, in general, do not like local films too much. A curious data to see what I am saying: during the 2011-2016 period, Hobbit 2 was the only HLW film able to win the year. The rest of years were won by a local hit (Torrente 4, The Impossible, both Ocho apellidos and A monster calls). It is really strange considering that attendance for local films are usually a 15-20% of total market facing a 60s-70s% of HLW films. 2019 has been a really exceptional year, with 7 films over €20m (absolute record). But can we asume this is the beginning of a positive trend? Maybe, but I am skeptical.
  5. Spain Yearly - 2019 1. The Lion King: €37,154,837 2. Joker: €30,098,570 3. Avengers - Endgame: €29,195,935 4. Aladdin: €25,155,067 5. Toy Story 4: €20,783,054 6. Frozen 2: €18,196,926 7. Dumbo: €14,490,892 8. Padre no hay más que uno: €14,212,649 9. Spider-man - Far from home: €14,212,649 10. Star Wars - Rise of Skywalker: €13,210,804 All time - UNADJUSTED: 1. Avatar: €77,032,767 2. Ocho apellidos vascos: €55,379,948 3. The Impossible: €42,408,547 4. Titanic: €41,615,692 5. The Lion King (2019): €37,154,837 6. Ocho apellidos catalanes: €36,144,160 7. Star Wars - The Force Awakens: €33,274,236 8. LOTR - The Return of the King: €32,935,490 9. LOTR - The Fellowship of the Ring: €31,339,713 10. Joker: €30,098,570 11. LOTR - The Two Towers: €29,800,443 12. Avengers - Endgame: €29,195,935 13. Pirates of the Caribbean 2: €28,272,305 14. Shrek 2: €28,207,541 15. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: €27,693,789 16. Bohemian Rhapsody: €27,600,041 17. The Others: €27,254,163 18. The Da Vinci Code: €26,782,492 19. The Sixth Sense: €26,556,361 20. A Monster Calls: €26,154,390 21. The Orphanage: €25,061,450 22. Aladdin (2019): €25,155,067 23. Toy Story 3: €24,985,359 24. Up: €24,922,426 25. Star Wars - The Phantom Menace: €24,503,065 All Time ADMISSIONS: 1. Titanic: 11,265,694 2. Avatar: 9,536,218 3. Ocho apellidos vascos: 9,347,647 4. E.T. The Extraterrestrial: 8,146,517 5. Doctor Zhivago: 7,258,059 6. LOTR - The Fellowship of the Ring: 7,042,372 7. Star Wars - A New Hope: 6,900,868 8. LOTR - The Return of the King: 6,812,893 9. The Sixth Sense: 6,762,476 10. El Padrecito: 6,595,454 11. LOTR - The Two Towers: 6,433,088 12. The Others: 6,410,561 13. The Lion King (2019): 6,375,947 14. The Lion King (1994): 6,319,833 15. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: 6,313,206 16. Star Wars - The Phantom Menace: 6,259,121 17. The Impossible: 6,129,025 18. Shrek 2: 6,079,145 19. Jurassic Park: 5,971,488 20. Jaws: 5,918,830 21. Ocho apellidos catalanes: 5,762,258 22. For a few dollars more: 5,520,971 23. Pirates of the Caribbean 2: 5,495,970 24. The Graduate: 5,368,231 25. Torrente 2: 5,321,969
  6. No, it does not work in that way. The official number is the WW figure that we already have. Each local figure can be modified because of some late adjustments but the real WW number is what we already know.
  7. To drop from #5 to #11 or #12 in 2 years is not because of developing markets. TLJ did not work in Asia either. Edit: it is finishing DOM, OS and WW, closer to Rogue One than to TLJ. There is obviously something wrong with this trilogy.
  8. I do not know if this has been said but... OS yearly ranking of Star Wars films: Star Wars: #1 of 1977 Empire Strikes Back: #1 of 1980 Return of the Jedi: #1 of 1983 Phantom Menace: #1 of 1999 Attack of the Clones: #3 of 2002 Revenge of the Sith: #2 of 2005 Force Awakens: #2 of 2015 Rogue One: #8 of 2016 The Last Jedi: #5 of 2017 Rise of the Skywalker: OUT of top 10 of 2019 (it will finish #11 or #12) 2019 OS Ranking Just Solo, which ranked #38 of 2018, had a worse ranking.
  9. Btw, according the-numbers.com, Parasite is, by far, the new WW champion: All Time Worldwide And New Zealand is the new biggest market: Single Market
  10. In terms of admissions HP1 beat to all of them. Behind HP1, the 3 LOTR films (I have doubts about which one sold more admissions WW, FOTR or ROTK). And then, the other HP films.
  11. This. $575m is objectively a success in terms of absolute numbers. The problem is to put that amount into the SW context. The conclusion of Skywalker saga is finishing closer to a spin-off like Rogue One than to the previous chapter.
  12. To say that HP was not dominant is absurd. The 7 first films did sistematically $800-$900 million WW and 600m OS along a decade, until the final chapter exploded. The only franchise comparable during the 00s decade was LOTR, but it only lasted 2 years. And HP did those amounts without 3D and the explosion of expanding markets. And maybe DH2 seems to be the biggest entry, but HP1 was the real monster of the franchise. To do $660m OS in 2001 with worse ER than today was shocking. It did $100m more OS than its main competitor, my adored FOTR. Until that moment, only Titanic had had a bigger OS run. And just maybe Jurassic Park, The Lion King, Star Wars IV or E.T. could be comparable. And finally, to mention that DH2 ranked #12 all time in China by the time it was released. Today, to make #12 a film needs $365m...
  13. Spain's presales look very good, but I thought the same about Frozen 2 and it is being disappointing, so I think it is better to wait.
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