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  1. One by one I have a spreadsheet where I collect every film I have been watching since some years ago (not every film I have ever watched, though), with some relevant data like the date I watched it, year, director, country, or the grade that each film has in some relevant sites like filmaffinity (very good Spanish site with English version, if you want to look at) or rotten tomatoes.
  2. Edit: Seeing the numbers, posts and, mainly, Corpse's projections it seems F2 will beat WWY
  3. Right now: 1900s: 33 1910s: 1 20s: 5 30s: 24 40s: 38 50s: 57 60s: 58 70s: 71 80s: 137 90s: 274 2000s: 433 2010s: 245 Total: 1,376 I have probably seen some more, but these are what I have classified.
  4. Frozen did €3.1m last weekend. It has dropped about a 10%. For those who do not know, Friday was national holiday, and today, Monday, is holiday in 8 regions out of 17. This explains the good holds.
  5. IMHO, it overperformed DOM. I do not find nothing special in the film beyond being the first female CBM. I do not get the Homecoming comparison. Spidey is WAAAAY more well known by GA than Wonder Woman.
  6. Catalonia will not be independent. At least not without a deep change in current Constitution which will not be done. Maybe Spain could change its status towards a federal system, but not with independent states (we have more nationalistic issues like the already well known Basque Country because of 40 year ETA's terrorism or with way lower strength, in Galicia). Spain is a really complicated country. Sorry for the off-topic.
  7. Just to notice that the $32.2m figure reported for Spain means €29.27m (using 1.10 ER), what implies that Joker is already the biggest CBM film ever in Spain, over Endgame (€29.18m).
  8. I do not understand. What do you mean? How much did Nemo gross in France? or how is possible Nemo could be that big in France?
  9. I have found that, at least, Ice Age 3 and Finding Nemo had bigger openings: Ice Age 3: 2,403,734 Finding Nemo: 2,056,621 I do not know if there is any other bigger than F2.
  10. Yes, it has that chance. IMO, the target is €25m, what means about $27.5m. But if it is able to hold well and with so many holidays it could reach those $30m (€27m).
  11. I think it can go higher than that. Some examples of big movies released the weekend before Thanksgiving: Catching Fire: x1.73 Fantastic Beasts: x1.95 Mockingjay 1: x1.96 Mockingjay 2: x1.60 An animated film uses to have way better legs than this kind of franchises. Dory's number ($486m) should be reachable.
  12. You were right. I had taken into account some markets where it has not been released (Australia, Brazil, Russia, ...). Anyway, amazing opening. Heading to billion OS.
  13. €5.2m: provisional OW for Frozen 2. €1.7m for "Si yo fuera rico". Amazing hold (-19%) after the €2.1m OW. Another local hit. We will see where it can finish. €0.5m for Joker, which should outgross Endgame by next Sunday.
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