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  1. Sure. In fact, it has a chance to become the 6th film ever reaching 1 billion OS excluding China. The 5 films which did it are: Avatar: 1.825b Titanic: 1.339b Endgame: 1.323b Infinity War: 1.010b TFA: 1.007b * Numbers taken from BOM
  2. I do not know what to say. I precisely did the breakdown because the reported data seem strange. Summer is obviously a season which weekdays are better than rest of the year, but this case seems really curious.
  3. After this weekend, TLK has entered in top 10, over Endgame, which was at #10. The top 10 is right now: * Both gross and admissions figures of TLK are estimated TLK is locked to outgross LOTR and TFA. And I think it has a chance to beat Ocho apellidos catalanes and become the 5th biggest film ever. €36m would imply a bit over 6 million admissions, very similar to what animated film did (6.3 million).
  4. If TLK's total is really $33m, as it was announced yesterday in TLK OS thread, weekdays are dropping way better than weekends. 2nd week Weekdays: €6.0m Weekend: €4.5m Cume: €18.5m 3rd week Weekdays: €4.2m (-30%) Weekend: €2.2m (-51%) Cume: €24.9m 4th week Weekdays: €3.3m (estimated) (-21%) Weekend: €1.3m (estimated) (-41%) Cume: €29.5m (estimated)
  5. The $33m Spain figure implies TLK is already the biggest film of the year over Endgame. And it enters in top 10 ever. It should still have enough fuel to outgross the 3 LOTR films and TFA, becoming the 3rd Hollywood film ever, just behind Avatar and Titanic.
  6. Valentine Day. It seems China celebrates several days like this along the year. Btw, Maoyan has risen its prediction for Ne Zha to 4.743b Yuan
  7. TDK was the 2nd biggest CBM film OS by the time it was released, just behind Spider-man 3. The next one outgrossing it was TA and then TDKR. Some seem to forget how hard was for CBMs to make huge numbers OS before both MCU and China started to rise. Concerning OS numbers, this is just a little example, but if the movie or Phoenix are awarded you can count with a similar gross in Spain to MCU films. It is not too much because of the weight of Spain in OS numbers, but it is something. The awarded films always get very good grosses here. I think the expectation keeps rising. And it is the only CBM film until February. People need its drug periodically. I am out.
  8. Ne Zha: at 21pm is already at 154m. Btw, ER has dropped to 7.04. I had not seen over 7 since I follow Chinese BO, last 3-4 years.
  9. I have seen 10 films of him (I am trying to see all of them). I could rank those 10 films as follows: Spirited Away (A+) Princess Mononoke (A+) My neighbour Totoro (A+) Castle in the sky (A) Ponyo (A) Kiki's delivery service (A-) Porco Rosso (A-) Howl's moving castle (A-) Nausicaä in the valley of the wind (B+) The wind rises (B+) IMO, Spirited Away is the best animated film ever. And it is among my 10 favorite films (and maybe in top 5). It is an absolute masterpiece. Mononoke is epic. And probably, the most adult Miyazaki's film. It is thrilling. Talking about children oriented films, both Totoro and Ponyo are magical. If I had seen it being a child I would probably see both over and over again. I had Pixar as the best studio of animation, but I discovered Ghibli some years ago and I think it is already a step over. I love Pixar, but Ghibli is really special. And Miyazaki is Ghibli's soul.
  10. That is really hard to say. Spain is not very different to the rest of the world. If A2 makes huge business everywhere, it will do the same here. With current ERs, Avatar's gross is $85m, so $50m would mean a 41% drop (I am not taking into account inflation). It is definitely possible, but just speculation as everything around this film.
  11. That seems a way bigger drop than I had calculated for TLK. If the cume reported yesterday is true ($28.1m), that would mean that weekdays have been amazing and competition released this weekend has really hurt it.
  12. In fact, beyond Wolf Warrior 2 in China and both TFA and Endgame Domestically, is there any other Chinese film which had done a bigger 2nd weekend than Ne Zha? I can not remember any other. So it would be the 4th biggest 2nd weekend ever in every market.
  13. The $28.1m Spanish figure implies a 33% weekly drop. If it drops in the same way from now it would finish with about $45m. Let's say $40m for the moment and we'll see what happens during upcoming weeks. The $40m would mean to be the 3rd biggest dollar gross for a Hollywood film, just behind Avatar ($111m) and Titanic ($48m), and basically tied to ROTK ($39.9m).
  14. This could be the 3rd film of the year over $600m (DOM did it last year for the first time). To think that Endgame, after its amazing run, can finish ranking 3rd of the year is incredible.
  15. I would not rule out that Aladdin can finally sell more admissions than Endgame. The gap is lower than 100k... Unless TLK makes something like €50m, Aladdin is undoubtedly the run of the year.
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