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  1. China uses to be a very frontoaded market. And CNY is a massive attendance period so the demand is burnt very quickly. Let's remember that it has been grossed over $1.2b in the whole market in just 7 days. That is what DOM uses to make along a whole good month.
  2. First of all, welcome to the forums My feeling is that non usual bockbusters are way more unpredictable and have more potential, not only in China, but everywhere. A blockbuster can have the initial boost of the hype and a big opening to take advantage but to have good legs it depends more on multiple views. But if a drama/comedy connects with people... sky is the limit.
  3. Yes, you are right. I can not remember any other film making 80 or 90 million on Monday or Tuesday. Although let's remember both days have been holidays.
  4. Maoyan already has Hi, mom over DC3 in final estimated gross: Hi, mom: 5.21b DC3: 4.58b Btw, I do not know if it is a record, but with Monday, CBO has grossed over 1b Yuan for 4 days in a row.
  5. It is curious that DC2 could have won too in 2018 after Monster Hunt 2 collapse. But then Operation Red Sea appeared and beat both of them. Detective Chinatown, being so favorite on Friday, will rank again 2nd of the CNY period. As @druv10 says, this can only happen in CBO.
  6. Right now, DC3 OW is at $384m ($350m without service charges). If I am not wrong today it has to finish with 710 to beat EG OW. It needs 55m more and it has done 28m from 18 to 19 hours, and 7 million during last 20 minutes. It is going to be close.
  7. I am thinking that we can have 2 films over $600m released the same day. But I still think about the 1 billion film
  8. Maoyan is already predicting 3.77b for Hi, mom. That means #5 all time. We have two monsters: one meh after initial expectations and another unexpected. This is why I love to follow CBO
  9. Well, the ranking of top grossers both DOM and WW is full of mediocre films. This is not any novelty
  10. About this, when DC3 beats WW2, the #1 in China will be bigger than #1 DOM, the #2 in China will be bigger than #2 DOM, ... until 4th spot. It will be the first time it happens. Before DC3: DOM vs China (I use current ER for Chinese grosses) 1. The Force Awakens (936) vs Wolf Warrior 2 (880) 2. Endgame (858) vs Ne Zha (778) 3. Avatar (760) vs The Wandering Earth (721) 4. Black Panther (700) vs Endgame (658) After DC3: DOM vs China 1. The Force Awakens (936) vs Detective Chinatown 3 (over 1b) 2. Endgame (858) vs Wolf Warrior 2 (880) 3. Avatar (760) vs Ne Zha (778) 4. Black Panther (700) vs The Wandering Earth (721)
  11. almost 5 times? A bit lower. China 1.4b vs USA+Canada 365m = 3.8 times (and with quite lower ticket prices) Anyway, yes, China is giant with still a long way to grow in BO (mainly in no so big cities or regions). Said this, I do not know if DC3 will be beaten so soon. The current number 1 (Wolf Warrior 2) was released 3 years and a half ago. BTW, with 1.017b Yuan it has already matched Endgame OD ($157m)
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