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  1. With Japan, never say never Said this, outstanding run, wherever it finishes.
  2. Thanks for your interest. I am fine I hope all of you are fine too. I have read a couple of threads, and I did a couple of posts, but I had not realized of this Japanese surprise. To see that its 3 first weekends are the best ever is absurd. Is there any similar case around the world? If it exists, it must be a local film in a not very well known market. I can not remember something close to this. Even more in a so developed market like this one. One could think that this would be easier to achieve in a developing market, where records are set continously. But here? It is shocking. More than Endgame, IMO.
  3. I have not followed too much BO lately for obvious reasons, and I am seeing this shocking run now. It is always great to see this kind of runs, although I recognize that I am not happy seeing how the best animated film I have seen is losing the throne in Japan. I have not read the whole thread, but it seems it could be headed to at least 35b Yen. Applying the proportion that @CoolK gives: 31-Day Cumulative Total: ¥23,218,611,650 ($221.6 million) / 17,428,943 *est.* With 35b Yen it would be at about 26.27 million admissions when Spirited Away sold about 23 million, if I remember well. But being the hardest market to predict, who knows where it can finally land. Just a question since I do not know this manga/anime. Is Demon Slayer so good? or it is having other key factors for this perfect storm?
  4. Sadly true. If nothing changes, Spain is heading to another lockdown.
  5. Hard to say without any prevision to get back to normalcy. For the moment the biggest film WW in 2020 is a Chinese film, with another one heading right now to about 450 million, so we will have the top 2 with Chinese films. The second covid wave is increasing so I do not think we can see a HLW film winning the year. Next year? who knows. We already know that films like WW84, Black Widow, F9, or even The Eternals have that potential. But the real question is when we will be back to normalcy. While we are not in better conditions against covid, a Chinese film has more options than any HLW film. For example, there is a film, Detective Chinatown 3, scheduled next February (it should have been released during last CNY), which has more buzz than Endgame. Will it reach $1b? probably no, but never say never with Chinese box office.
  6. When is it expected to be released? Edit: I have already seen it on Maoyan. CNY 2021. It will be fun to follow its run.
  7. With that result, for the moment, the 2 biggest films of the year worldwide will be Chinese. Obviously this is tricky since it is an abnormal year, but still relevant. I do not know the Chinese schedule for upcoming films, but maybe in December we could see more local hits? or it is too much to expect? For example, Detective Chinatown 3 was expected to be the winner of the CNY period before covid destroyed everything. Will it be released anytime soon? maybe during next CNY? or before the end of 2020?
  8. Two big local films will be released tomorrow. One of them, Jiang Ziya, if I am not wrong, is related to Ne Zha, the 2nd biggest film ever in China. I do not know the title of the other film. For the moment, Jiang Ziya is at 100m in presales and the other one is at 75m. I guess we can expect big numbers from both, specially from Jiang Ziya.
  9. I do not know if it has been said, but Love you forever PS figures for tomorrow and wednesday are absurdly different. Is this that kind of movie which makes about 50% of its total gross during the opening day? I remember to have seen cases like this in the past.
  10. And let's see what happens since September with so many new covid cases...
  11. I have to check my sources. And I recognize my sentence is too alarmist. My apologies. Anyway, I did not say anything about ICUs. Just that there are early signs of future problems. I read last week that "12 de Octubre" hospital (one of the biggest of Madrid) had stopped ambulatory surgeries, preventing from a probable rise of new entries in hospitals. If everything were normal, this would not happen. I do not think we will live the same situation than in March-April, but the increase of new cases is worrying.
  12. Yes. Most of new cases (around 70%) are people under 30 years old, and most of them asymptomatic. But there are some early signs about some saturation in Madrid region
  13. I am pessimistic. Many new cases every day
  14. Yes. Ending of 2001 and beginning of 2002 was a horrible period for XRs. The worst I can remember. Looking at Potter case, on the other side, it was benefited in its latest entries, since 2008-2010 period was the best I can remember. DH2 even added 3D fever with still very good XRs.
  15. By the end of 2001, euro was weaker than dollar. It was about 1€ = 0.9$. So dollar amounts were lower than euro amounts: https://fxtop.com/en/historical-exchange-rates.php?A=1&C1=USD&C2=EUR&DD1=15&MM1=11&YYYY1=2001&B=1&P=&I=1&DD2=15&MM2=12&YYYY2=2001&btnOK=Go! Applying that XR to Spain: €27.6m = $24.7m, what fits with BOM figure. For this reason I have always found really meritory that both HP1 and FOTR could make those OS amounts with a so heavy weight from Euro markets relative to other markets. Just to put into context, nothing excepting the LOTR sequels, Avatar and a local film has sold more admissions in Spain since then. I do not know what to say about UK case. It is true that HP1 did 66 million pounds, what would mean about those $95m you say (about 0.7 pounds = 1$). But I would not doubt too much about OS total gross. If I am not wrong, meanwhile BOM updates the total OS gross with what the studio say, BOM figures for each markets are given with other sources, what could not be really updated. Anyway, as you say, Warner should announce the billion mark with the Chinese re-release.
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