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  1. Football, of course. In fact, Spanish word to say football is "fútbol", directly derived from it and which is pronounced in the same way. Btw, I had not said anything abut Spain match against Iran... The good feelings after Portugal match were gone. It seems we have not learnt to play this kind of teams. Concerning yesterday's matches, France improved, although I think they could have tried to score more goals in second half. And Croatia was always the favorite of the group D. Just with the name (Argentina) you win nothing, Argentina is a complete disaster. I thought they could qualify second, but who knows...
  2. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Weekend June, 15th-17th: Every drop over 50%. World Cup has hit really hard.
  3. Colombia was with 10 players since minute 3...
  4. There are 8 different world champions in Football/Soccer in 20 editions 6 different world champions in Basketball (17 editions) 9 in Handball (25 editions) 7 in Volleyball (18 editions) 4 in Rugby (8 editions) 5 in Hockey (13 editions) 6 in Water polo (17 editions) 5 in Cricket (11 editions) I do not see big differences between football and other group sports. On the other side, does anyone have doubts about which studio will win the year in terms of box office? We all know which one will win (and which one will win next year). That is absolutely predictable. Sports are not.
  5. peludo

    Black Panther > Infinity War Domestic Club

    Of course. All those figures are asuming that the film is well received, as happened with Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast. For that reason I said "I would not be too surprised...". There is nothing locked. Just potential.
  6. Sure, but being a good result, taking into account the very good reception of the first part, one could have expected a higher opening/total. That's all.
  7. Because although it started slower (the $99m OW figure is for 5-day opening), it had great legs. The total for JW2 is likely to be lower than for JW. Today, films are more frontloaded than 3 years ago.
  8. Good luck! And enjoy it. It is great when your country play in this tournament. It is really exciting.
  9. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Weekend 15th-17th (provisional): 1. Jurassic World 2: €2.8m (-60%) 2. I feel pretty: €0.2m (NEW) 3. Solo: €0.2m (-61%) 4. Deadpool 2: €0.2m (-50%) 5. Campeones: €0.2m (-47%) World Cup is hitting hard. Audiences of every match, not only Spain's matches, are being quite high.
  10. Just to think in a Brazil-Germany possibility in next round is great. But it is too early to know anything. After second match of each country we will be able to speculate. For the moment, and when not even all teams have debuted, it seems that there are not easy teams in the WC, maybe excepting Saudi Arabia. And we will see what happens today in Belgium-Panama. I think Panama could be the weakest team of the tournament. The real prize for them is to be playing the WC. But who knows if without any pressure they can give us more surprises... Exciting tournament for sure.
  11. That is what I meant. France have some great players but I do not see any style, any plan. It remembers me to PSG: a very good team looking at names but when they face big European teams they fall. IMO, France is a young team and need more experience playing together. And a plan. I know that the beginning of a WC is hard, but I doubt that Deschamps has any plan right one. For that reason, I do not think France is at the same level than Brazil, Germany or Spain. In a good way, of course. The quality obviously exists.
  12. Pretty agree. France have great players, but how do they play? Do they have a recognizable plan? I am watching the match against Australia and I do not see anything special. IMO they could explode during next Euro or WC.
  13. Well, I have recovered good feelings after a so hard week for Spain. It has been a good match, although I do not think it has been so good as some you are saying. Spain has played quite well, but they need to generate more chances. And we have commited 3 mistakes that have generated 3 goals (incredible the effectivenes of Ronaldo). The penalty is an unnecessary foul of Nacho. De Gea obviously fails in second one. And the third goal comes from an avoidable foul of Pique. I am a bit concerned about De Gea (2 enormous mistakes in last 3 matches), and both Silva and Iniesta who are not in their best shape. On the other side, Costa and, mainly, Isco, are superb. From now, and if nothing strange happens, both Spain and Portugal should qualify. The difference of being first or second will come about which one scores more.

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