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  1. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    October 12th-14th Friday was national holiday, so drops have been softer than usual. There are even some increases. Venom is making what some other big SH films do, like Civil War, BvS or Deadpool (around €10-11 million). The only recent films of the genre which are bigger are Avengers films. Very good result. "First Man" starts soft (in the same way than "A star is born"), but I think it will have a good run with good drops. "Cold War" increases a 21% relative to OW. It has had incredible reviews. Some critics say it is the best film of the year. It should have a long run, although I do not dare to give a final prediction. Incredibles 2 ranks already #2 of the year, just behind Jurassic World 2. But it will not reach top spot. Anyway, excellent result. Pixar always rules here. And Campeones is back again to top25 after 28 weeks...
  2. Good luck for Brazilian people along upcoming years. I wish the miracle happens, but let's be realistic...
  3. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    It is not unusual to see something like that. Beyond Incredibles, this year we have other 5 films in top 10 after 10 weeks: * Perfectos desconocidos (local remake of "Perfetti sconosciuti") ranked #8 after 10 weeks and abandoned the top 10 after 12 weeks being on it. * Peter Rabbit ranked #10 after 10 weeks. * Campeones ranked #3 after 10 weeks and abandoned top 10 in week 15. * Jurassic World 2 ranked #9 after 10 weeks. * El mejor verano de mi vida (local film) ranked #10 after 10 weeks.
  4. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    October 5th-7th: Venom rescues a dead BO. Very good opening. Just a bit behind both Deadpool: Deadpool OW: €3,514,862 (516,698 admissions) Deadpool 2 OW: €3,289,495 (492,630 adm) First Deadpool did €10.2m and Deadpool 2 €9.4m. We will see a similar result for Venom. Soft start for "A star is born". With some good legs thanks to good critics and awards season, it should still reach €4m. Campeones leaves top 25 after 26 weeks. Will it return? who knows...
  5. My data are obviously wrong, or at very least, incomplete. Thank you
  6. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    September 28th-30th I will not comment the results. They are so sad... not even 1 film over €1m and just 1 over 100k admissions. Very poor weekend, probably because "Fiesta del Cine" was coming next 3 days. But even Fiesta del Cine has not been very good: Wednesday: 570,161 admissions Total 3-day: 1,339,946 admissions (-18% relative to October 2017) Films have not been too attractive to take many people to theaters as happened in other editions. And there have been Champions League matches on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  7. There was a Spanish film last year, "Contratiempo" (English title: "The invisible guest"), which did $25m. It is not an extreme gross, but quite relevant for a foreign film not coming from USA. According my data, there are only 4 non USA foreign films which have grossed over 300m Yuan ($43m), and those films were 2 Indian and 2 Japanese films. Nothing from Europe.
  8. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Fiesta del Cine: Tuesday: 432,770 admissions That means a -12% relative to Tuesday of October'17 edition (495,580 adm) For the moment (2 days): Fiesta del Cine - October 2017: 876,816 admissions Fiesta del Cine - October 2018: 769,066 admissions (-12.3%)
  9. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Fiesta del Cine: Monday: 336,296 admissions That means a -12% relative to Monday of October'17 edition (381,236 adm). But a 320% higher than last Monday, Sep 24th.
  10. Well, it seems that it is not true. Hello Mrs. Money is not even making 1b Yuan.
  11. Even although it is being released today (for Sunday) another $350m film.
  12. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    September 21th-23rd: Mediocre numbers. Probably, people are waiting for more attractive films. And maybe because Fiesta del Cine will be celebrated next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (€2.90 tickets). Soft opening for Johnny English. It will clear €3m, but I do not know if it will reach €4m. Previous films: Johnny English (2003): €5,939,255 (1,280,954 adm) Johnny English 2 (2011): €5,087,631 (796,740 adm) The Nun is having very good drops. I think it can challenge "It" (€11.3m). Incredibles 2 has already outgrossed the first part unadjusted. Campeones still on top 20 after 25 weeks...
  13. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    September 14th-16th: The Nun repeats on top with a good hold under 50% and after a meh opening of Predator. Nun could try €10m, what would be a very good result ("It" did €11.3m last year). There are 4 local films among top 10, something unusual. Campeones increases again after being selected as the Spanish contender of Foreign language Oscar. It was released in April 6th and it still ranks #17. In the same weekend (24th), Avatar ranked #27. There are not available data, but maybe Titanic was the last film ranking so high after nearly 6 months.
  14. I probably watched the original film 30 or 40 times when I was a child. It was magical for me. And I recommend it to every child. I do not know if this new version will reach the quality of the first one and if today children will devour it as people did with the original, but it is THE family movie. And at Christmas. I can be wrong, but it has everything to be a success. I would not bet under $300m, and it can probably go higher. Let's remember that the original adjusts to $724m...
  15. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    After some weeks of holidays living offline, I recover the weekly charts: September 7th-9th: Impressive OW for The Nun. on par to "It". I do not know if it can go as high as "It", but it should reach at least €8m. Incredibles 2 is very close to match what the first part did unadjusted (€19.5m) and going towards €21m. But it will not reach the total admissions (3,984,470 adm). The Meg reaching €10m is quite remarkable. I never thought it would go so high. Hotel Transylvania 3 has outgrossed both previous parts in gross (€11.6m and €11.0m) and in admissions (1.7m and 2.0m) Jurassic World has outgrossed Finding Nemo and already ranks #22 all time unadjusted. Next station is Minions (€24.4m). Hard to reach.

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