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  1. Contratiempo increases relative to Tuesday. @firedeep was right about it being a leggy film. Great to see that a Spanish film can make "big" things in China.
  2. Fate of the Furious grossed some dollars too... Kong grossed $168m (BOM) And I guess you only mean Hollywood films, but among foreign films, Dangal (India) did $193m.
  3. I referred to you as a boy too. I am sorry. I did not see who I was talking to. Said this, you would be surprised about what kind of names do have some people around the world...
  4. Really? I did not know it was being released in China. It did not reach $4m in Spain. Nice surprise.
  5. Fortunately, Apes can win somewhere. I think the trilogy is really good and I think it deserved a better box office ending. And this can be a good example that China can go massively to see very good films, since some people think that Chinese people only devour trash.
  6. According Lumiere: Russia: 8.4 million admissions Germany: 6.9m UK: 6.6m France: 6.6m Spain: 4.2m Italy: 3.6m Poland: 1.7m Netherlands: 1.6m Belgium: 1.0m These markets add up 40.6 million. And there are some markets like Turkey, Czech Republic or Hungary with 700-900k admissions each. It fits.
  7. The Dark World grossed 342m Yuan, a bit less than Man of Steel (394m) and less than half of Iron Man 3 (754m) if we talk about SH films in 2013. But this one has Hulk and Dr. Strange.... Maybe 600m (about 90m dollars) could be a good target for it. But there are people here who know the market way better than me. That is just my asumption.
  8. If he means worldwide, he should not be worried about that. It is making close to $900m, over Wolf Warrior 2 right now (we still have to see if WW2 can make more relevant business outside China). If it ranks #4 or #5 after September, I do not see 6 or 7 films from now until the end of the year that can make it miss top 10 of the year. Just for reference, Suicide Squad ranked #10 in 2016 and did $745m, way behind than SMH.
  9. If you mean top 10 in China of the year that is impossible. The 12th film of the year is already Despicable me 3 with 1.038b Yuan ($158m with current ER). If it makes more than 758m Yuan (Buddies in India gross), what seems likely according what I am reading here, it will rank #13. But we are still in September. From now until the end of the year it will probably drop several spots in the yearly ranking.
  10. He posts (pretty accurate) estimations. The total day data are not complete in that moment. Some theaters are accounted during upcoming days (if I am not wrong). Same happens in US: official data are not published until next morning.
  11. I have that list somewhere. I will post it if I find it
  12. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

    ROTK was on par to FOTR in terms of admissions (TTT is a bit behind). ER were REALLY horrendous in 2001. And FOTR was released the same year than HP1, making $100m less. LOTR was bigger in Europe for instance, but HP1 was bigger OS (mainly because Japan). But yes, probably the 3 films (HP1, FOTR and ROTK, in this order) would adjust over 1 billion OS without China boost. We are talking about enormous monsters.
  13. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

    This was one of the biggest OS runs ever. Probably bigger than recent TFA, Furious or JW, since it did not have 3D or China boost. To make $650m in 2001 is really astonishing. ER were way worse than now (Euro was weaker than Dollar, for example). Probably the only bigger OS films are both Cameron juggernauts and it is probably on par to Star Wars, E.T. and Jurassic Park (I can not measure Gone with the Wind or Snow White being so old films). I can not remember another one more impressive.
  14. If we make the all time OS-China list we can obtain extremely different results
  15. Yes. For that reason I do not see the EU ratio increasing relative to first part. It can increase in gross in EU, but less than in Latin America or Asia, so the ratio will probably drop.

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