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  1. Concerning Spain, Avatar DOUBLED the previous all time record. It grossed €77m against the €38m from Titanic (it is at €41m right now, but it grossed €3m after Avatar, along 2012 re-release). Said this, Avatar did not matched the admissions record figure. It still ranks second (9.5 million), behind Titanic (11.2 million). I do not see anything beating Avatar in euros or grossing over $100m here (it did $110m) in maybe next 20 years. It had the highest average ticket price ever (in 2009-2010 the Crisis still had not hit us so deeply) and the 3D boost was absurd. We can look at admissions figure to see it better: 8 Apellidos Vascos, 2014 local hit, sold exactly the same amount of admissions than Avatar (9.5 million). However, it grossed a 29% less than Avatar (€55m vs €77m). Another data: with today average ticket price (€6.5), 10 years after the release, Avatar would gross today €62m, still €15m behind first part. Even Titanic, the most attended film ever still do not adjust (€72.8m) to what Avatar did (€77m).
  2. peludo


    This. Europe is where Marvel should focus to expand. Latin America and Asia beat records movie after movie, but Marvel is still well behind the biggest franchises in Europe (HP, LOTR or Star Wars)
  3. peludo


    Great analysis. Concerning Spain, I think the total could approach $30m, but since it is a conservative prediction, I understand the figure given.
  4. peludo


    Watch "Grave of the fireflies" and you will see what is a depressing movie. It's amazing, but I have never felt so bad after watching a movie.
  5. I guess that after initial crazyness, it has recovered normality.
  6. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Good start for the local comedy "I leave when I want". Huge drop for Dumbo, about 60% when it had dropped only a 19% on second weekend. Same 60% drop for Shazam!
  7. peludo


    Both Thursday and Friday are national holidays in Spain. Catalonia (Barcelona region) is the exception: Thursday is a workday but next Monday is holiday. At the end, two holidays in the whole country. And every education level (from primary school to university) have holidays the whole week. Many people go on vacation or see the Easter processions. The attendance for those processions are MASSIVE in Spain. Said this, we should see better holds than usual during this week.
  8. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    It is not usual to have presales reports unless it is a record breaker as Endgame is. Scarelol has already posted the last available data. But as soon as I know any new data I will post it
  9. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Sure, every data is always useful and well received
  10. Iron Man did $15m in China. Endgame can reach that amount 11 days before its release (I guess it will do tomorrow)...
  11. 8 pages during last 5 hours in a presales foreign market thread... Before becoming mad with 5-day predictions let's remember again that we are not talking about an usual weekend. Sunday is a working day. In fact and if I remember well, just Saturday is not a working day (please, correct me If I am wrong). But it is undeniable that numbers for midnights and OD are astonishing. First 3b Yuan foreign film?
  12. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Two last weekends March 29th-31st April 5th-7th: Dumbo is obviously the great surprise. It started very strong, but the second weekend drop rises it to another level. To compare, Jungle Book did: OW: €3,879,566 2nd wknd: €2,798,835 (-28%) (€7,626,680 cume) Dumbo is just €350k behind. But Jungle Book had a 27% and a 21% drop at 3rd and 4th weekends, respectively. We'll see if Dumbo is able to keep that pace. Anyway, €13m should already be the floor. Shazam! starts with €1.5m. 4.5-5 million should be the target. Pet sematary targets €2.5m. "Dolor y gloria" has had two good drops (-28% and -24%). It has already reached a x3 multiplier. €6m should be reachable, what would mean a x5 multiplier. Captain Marvel is holding very well. Rising the previous projection 11.5-12 to €12.5m. "Us" heading to 3.8-4 million. Green Book is now the oldest film in top 25. It already has a 8.19 multiplier. It could finish with €9.5m. Bohemian Rhapsody has finally left the top 25 after 22 weeks. Last data is €27.6m, what means a x6.13 multiplier from the 5-day opening... It has ranked #13 all time, just €94k behind the #12 spot.

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