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  1. I do not know the potential of the releases of the CNY 2022, but if I am not wrong the CNY OW this year was 4.5b combined ($700m). In that case, I do not see how USA+Canada can compete with that.
  2. And Far from home was the movie after Endgame. It could have exploded as IM3 did after TA.
  3. Homecoming was close to SM2 atfer 13 years inflation and FFH beat every Raimi movie (not by much) after 12-17 years. I do not deny that 880m or 1.13b are considerable grosses, but having the support of the biggest brand ever, and with that enormous trailer for the character which was Civil War, I find those numbers disappointing for the most famous Marvel character, even more when MCU has been able to manage 1.1b-1.2b films for way less known characters like Black Panther, Iron Man or Captain Marvel. Relative to MCU standards, Spideys results have been really average for the moment
  4. I see the same figure in several local webs. And those webs mention Sony as the source, so it seems correct.
  5. IMHO, I do not think it will reach it. In December it uses to be many local releases making good numbers, so it should lose many screens. I think it will land about 5.75b-5.76b
  6. I recognize that to say both films suck is just my opinion. It is just I do not care about RTs ratings, if you mean high critic. I think both Spidey's are among the 3 or 4 worst films of the whole MCU. But looking at the numbers, none of them did specially impressive figures. Excluding Chinese grosses to make a fair showdown, Spider-man films have done this: SM1: 820m SM2: 783m SM3: 875m TASM1: 708m TASM2: 615m Homecoming: 764m Far from home: 932m Homecoming is under the whole Raimi trilogy and not too far from the first TASM. FFH had
  7. That's right. Anyway, I am changing the multiplier for the lower opening to 2.8, so the final range would be 607-699. Basically, million up, million down, the same range.
  8. 2.75 multiplier in case of lower opening (217*2.75) 2.70 in case of higher opening (259*2.7)
  9. If NWH opens to $200m I do not see how it can miss $550m, even if the film sucks like the other 2 Spideys MCU's films. Asuming the OW range 217-259 that I read some posts above, I would see it in the 600s final (2.70-2.75 multiplier). These numbers are always asuming the same quality than both predecessors. Of course, if the film is good enough, 700s would be the target and even EG would be in danger. But I do not trust in this hypothesis.
  10. Avatar was an original film, not a n-sequel.
  11. Sure. EG was the Star Wars, Harry Potter or LOTR of current generation. That is undeniable.
  12. Concerning Spain, 70% of EGs, would mean about €20m ($22m), quite reasonable target in normal conditions. Now we only have to wait those conditions are not changed because of f**ing covid.
  13. Sure. The week after Christmas uses to be the most crowded in Spain in the whole year (LOTR managed minimal drops after nearly record OWs, being released on 17-19 December, very similar dates to NWH release). And we have an extra holiday on January 6th (Three Kings). You can easily see flat drops along the holidays, even increases relative to previous weekends, like happens in USA. Said this, even although my environment is not really fan of SHs, there was real excitation about Endgame (even myself went to see it on OD with 8-10 people more), but nobody is asking me about going to
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