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  1. Sure, but it still has influence in many people. Why? Who knows...
  2. I guess Avatar will be re-released. 12 years gap and Cameron's ambition should be enough for it. And it does not need too much to outgross EG. I have doubts with Avatar sequels. I was convinced that it would not match the original success, but I do not have so clear now. It will be a really interesting run to follow. Anyway, I agree that excepting Avatar sequels, I do not see anything with that potential during next years. Marvel's next ending? Who knows, but it is hard to repeat what this first saga has done. I mean: how can you make a bigger film than EG? Right now, I can only imagine one scenario: a Marvel-DC crossover. But that is a chimera.
  3. FYC The first of them, Once upon a time in America, is incredible, an absolute masterpiece. Its runtime is 4 hours, but I could be watching 40 hours... IMHO, at the same level than 2 first Godfather and in my top 5 ever.
  4. I subscribe each word. I am shocked about how much info he is giving us about each film. @The Panda Congratulations in advance for your hard work. It is AMAZING. Thank you very much
  5. April 25th-May 1st April 25th Star Trek: The motion picture: 7/10 Avengers (Infinity War): 8/10 The wind rises: 8/10 April 26th Avengers (Endgame): 7/10 Soccer days (Spanish film): 7/10 April 27th Beetlejuice: 6/10 April 29th Catch me if you can: 6/10 April 30th S.W.A.T: 3/10 May 1st Transformers 4 (Age of Extinction): 4/10 10 Cloverfield Lane: 7/10 And for the moment, since May 2nd: May 2nd Star Trek 2: The wrath of Khan: 7/10 Its a mad, mad, mad, mad world: 3/10 The grapes of wrath: 10/10 (beyond it is a masterpiece, an absolutely necessary film, even more in these days) May 3rd Fast & Furious 1: 7/10 May 4th Fast & Furious 2: 6/10 Beyond this, I am watching The West Wing, which I had not seen before (Season 2, Episode 5). For the moment, 8/10. A very good show, but talking about politics I still think Borgen (Danish show) is better.
  6. Just PMed my list, although I do not know if I am on time. My list: 1. Casablanca (1942) 2. The Godfather (1972) 3. Once upon a time in America (1984) 4. The Godfather 2 (1974) 5. The grapes of wrath (1940) 6. To have and have not (1944) 7. The deer hunter (1978) 8. The dirty dozen (1967) 9. JFK (1991) 10. The great escape (1963) 11. L.A. Confidential (1997) 12. The secret in their eyes (2009) 13. To be or not to be (1942) 14. Ryan's daughter (1970) 15. Paths of glory (1957) 16. The Shawshank redemption (1994) 17. Casino (1995) 18. United 93 (2006) 19. Grave of the fireflies (1988) 20. Cold War (2018) 21. Goodfellas (1990) 22. The bridge on river Kwai (1957) 23. Ben-Hur (1959) 24. The Seachers (1956) 25. The sea inside (2004) 26. The Irishman (2019) 27. Das Boot (1981) 28. Apocalypse Now (1979) 29. Life of Brian (1979) 30. All the President's men (1976) 31. In the name of the father (1993) 32. The Hunt for Red October (1990) 33. Spartacus (1960) 34. Once upon a time in Hollywood (2019) 35. First Man (2018) 36. Hateful Eight (2015) 37. Gladiator (2000) 38. Singin' in the rain (1953) 39. Lawrence of Arabia (1962) 40. The Third Man (1949) 41. The social network (2010) 42. Spotlight (2015) 43. Saving private Ryan (1998) 44. City of God (2002) 45. The Pianist (2002) 46. Munich (2005) 47. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) 48. Schindler's List (1993) 49. An education (2009) 50. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)
  7. I think this has not been posted yet. Not a single second of footage:
  8. Sadly, that is true. Right now, I do not know what is happening with Spain's data. Madrid's official data say that 7,000 people have dead, but real data seems to be close to 13,000. Extrapolating, Spain could really be at about 35,000 deaths right now... Edit: Madrid is BY FAR the most affected region, so the lineal extrapolation should not be taken too seriously, but it is obvious that there are more deaths than the official number. Maybe not 35,000, but way more than 20,000 for sure.
  9. Spain - Thursday 182,816 positive cases (+5,183 relative to Wednesday) +2.92% 19,130 deaths (+551) +2.97% 74,797 healed (+3,947) +5.57% 88,889 active cases (+685) +0.78% These are official data, but real data? who knows... There is a mess with data, since each region government is uploading with their own criteria. And it seems that death number is way higher since there are many people dead in retirement homes and in their own homes still not accounted. There is a gap of nearly 5,000 deaths just in Madrid area, the most hit region with already over 1,000 deaths per million (the whole country is at 409). I will continue giving the official update but it is far from reality, which seems way worse... Fortunately the pressure over ICUs is going down.
  10. I absolutely understand your point. I did not want to say we will be with lockdown until a vaccine is ready. That would imply a total collapse of the economy, more dangerous than the virus itself. But even if we come back to streets there will be social distancing for sure. People will be VERY cautious in their social relations. And that implies directly to cinemas. In terms of being pessimistic or not, I prefer to be realistic and what I am seeing and hearing here makes me think that we have a long way till the end of this crisis and back to our previous lifes. From my POV, too high optimism about something that is probable to not become real can take you to frustration and that would imply an even worse pessimism at the end. Btw, Mods, sorry for talking about virus here too. I have just realized this is the China Box Office thread.
  11. Spain - Wednesday 177,633 positive cases (+5,092 relative to Tuesday) +2.95% 18,579 deaths (+523) +2.90% 70,850 healed (+3,346) +4.96% 88,204 active cases (+1,223) +1.41% We can see the end of the long weekend effect in numbers. Positive cases rise, but deaths and healed people keep the trend. With these data active cases rise again.
  12. I wish we could turn back as soon as possible, but I am pessimistic. I am reading opinions which say that, unless we have a vaccine, the social distancing could last until 2022. With that premise to think in turning back massively to cinemas or other crowded events soon seems a chimera. And since the virus will be here to stay forever you have to take into account an irrational factor: fear of being infected. And then add the huge economical crisis we will face, probably bigger than the 2008 collapse. I am afraid this will be a really slow process.
  13. I am starting to think the same... I do not see cinemas opening here until, at very least, September or October. And even if they are opened, people will avoid crowded places for a long time.
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