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  1. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Good guess. "definitivo" is the exact word to say definitive
  2. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Yes, it is the top 5 of last weekend.
  3. I do not get the disappointment calls. This film was supposed to do 600-800m Yuan until last week. And it has done that amount in 3-4 days. The weekdays seem low after the impressive OW? maybe, and as some people have already said here, we have to wait until next Friday to know if it is a weekend film. But just to remember that, right now, it already ranks #6 among SH films, just behind IW, Venom, Ultron, Civil War and, finally, Ant-Man 2, which is falling tomorrow. Just some patience and enjoy the run, which is already great.
  4. peludo


    Just to think that possibility exists seems unreal. Who would had thought it after Justice League?
  5. Is there any chance this can get a release in China? I do not know why I had discarded it. Btw, 2018 OS grosses WITHOUT China are: 1. Infinity War: $1.009b 2. Jurassic World 2: $627m 3. Incredibles 2: $581m 4. Black Panther: $541m 5. Bohemian Rhapsody: $423m And then: 6. Deadpool 2: $416m 7. Mission Impossible: $390m 8. Venom: $378m 9. Fantastic Beasts: $370m There are not (for the moment) more films over $500m OS excluding China. FB2 is not reaching it and we will see what happens with Mary Poppins or Aquaman. Anyway, and whatever happens, it is already an absurd result. Just amazing.
  6. Let me think... if it has done $29m OS this weekend and $4.5m comes from Japan, it has done $24.5m OS-Japan. It is not absurd to think in 40-50 million more in those markets from now since holds are out of the world everywhere. You never know with Japan, but another $30m could be reachable with this kind of "drops". And it has done $6m in USA with a 25% drop, Maybe another 15 million? Even 20 with Christmas? 596.5 + 45 (OS-Japan) + 30 (Japan) + 20 (USA) = 691.5m... what about $700m WW? And of course, this would mean $500m OS... without China
  7. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Weekend provisional data: 1. Wreck-it Ralph 2: €2.3m (NEW) 2. Superlópez: €1.4m (-22.5%) 3. Bohemian Rahpsody: €1.1m (-16%) 4. Grinch: €1.1m (-40%) 5. Fantastic Beasts: €0.6m (-37%) Long weekend (both Thursday and Saturday have been National holidays), and many people have not worked on Friday. Better drops than usual. But even with that, the best hold among top 5 has been for Bohemian Rhapsody. It is becoming absurd. Yesterday it was reported that the cume is $21.7m, what means €19.1m with current ER. And it could easily do another €2.5-3m, and trying €22m. That means to be the second biggest film of the year, just behind JW2. In terms of market size and comparing to USA, it is equivalent to $375m DOM.
  8. According Maoyan, 1.245b
  9. It is not so astonishing as Japan but, in Spain, it is targeting a x4.5 multiplier relative to a 5-day opening.
  10. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    Weekend provisional data: 1. The Grinch: €1.8m (NEW) 2. Superlópez: €1.7m (-26%) 3. Bohemian Rhapsody: €1.2m (-27%) 4. Fantastic Beasts: €0.9m (-48%) 5. Widows: €0.6m (NEW)
  11. I do not know if this has been said but The Grinch is the 200th film making $200m in USA. And it makes that "Gone with the wind" leaves the top 200 after 79 years...
  12. It seems confirmed that the usual 600-800 range for every SH film not called Avengers has been definitely broken.
  13. peludo

    TAQUILLA | Spain Boxoffice

    November 23rd-25th: Superlópez is a local film based on a quite popular Spanish comic. It is a direct parody of Superman. It was created in 1973 and it has had quite success along the years. More info about the comic and the character here. With this opening and holidays during next weeks it should try 7-8 million. Fantastic Beasts is not holding as well as the first part did: FB1 (2nd wknd): €2,282,674 - 325,076 adm (-45%). The cume after 2nd weekend was €7,686,366, so FB2 is €800k behind. It should reach €10m, and maybe try €11m, but I am not sure if it will go higher (first part did over €13m). Bohemian Rhapsody has another very good drop, under 30%. I think €18m are close to be locked, and €20m are becoming more and more probable. Incredible run, A star is born continues in top10 after 8 weeks.
  14. I've seen than a Ghibli classic, My neighbour Totoro, is being released on December 14th and presales have already started. Does it have any chance of making some relevant figures?
  15. Of course. There is nothing wrong being second. What Avatar did was astonishing. And myself do not think that TLK can reach what it did. But 0.5A (turning back to the topic) is extremely low.

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