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  1. This sounds great. The horns and drums make it sound like one of Shirley Walker's grander scores from the animated series.
  2. Dune has overt themes of: Colonialism (more pronounced now with the native Fremen being POC) Imperialism Environmentalism Feminism Theocratic dictatorship People keep comparing it to Star Wars on the space setting with high tech weaponry battles, but thematically it's more Fury Road meets Game of Thrones. House Atreides and House Stark parallels are strong. House Harkonnen is a mix of House Targaryen and Lannister.
  3. That's what Hollywood gets for trying to make THIS happen before Spring Awakening, Fun Home and Hadestown.
  4. I'm not sure if it works like that because Civil War needed to be released in 2016 for Infinity War and Endgame to be massive in 2018-19. Pre-Covid, the MCU fed successive films to be bigger with consecutive movies over the years, both in terms of team-ups (IW, EG, CW) and solos (BP, IM3, FFH, CM), with the exception being an overtly low scale film like Ant-Man and the Wasp which the Eternals is clearly not.
  5. There's literally just a 60M gap between the CW/FFH/CM trio and IM3 WW. 😅 They are all in the Top 20 highest grossing films of all time anyway, in the 16-20 positions,
  6. By that logic, everything under 900M or so is bottom tier hence my previous question.
  7. What is the bottom limit of "mid-tier" if 1.1B+ films like CM and FFH are also a part of it?
  8. Really? I thought they were on the same level of public awareness pre-2017. Of course though, It is a helluva cheaper to make than Dune.
  9. There's still plenty of room to blame it on HBO Max (DOM) and the resulting high quality prints floating online for piracy (OS).
  10. If anything, BW overperformed especially PA considered. The film would have been a MONSTER if it had come out in 2013-2017 period when the character was at the peak of her popularity, pre Ghost in the Shell/"I should play a tree" era ScarJo souring opinions on her and before Wonder Woman/Captain Marvel took advantage of the novelty of female superhero movies. Still though, ScarJo has a strong case against PA and its impact on the box office. Second weekend of Shang-Chi should be very interesting for her lawyers.
  11. That's like saying there was the possibility of superhero fatigue in 2015 after Fant4stic flopped or in 2019 after Shazam! underwhelmed.
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