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  1. The latest promos show Harley and Cassandra blowing up a woman thug chasing them by car. Will the MRAs calm down now? (obviously not but now the "Only men are the bad guys" excuse is gone now)
  2. All this dumb gloom and doom that precedes a DC release before the reviews are even out just make the DC threads way more bloated than most of the other threads (unless it's something like an SW thread where the dumpster fires are much bigger). Anyways, love the posters for this so far. Think the trailers could have focused more on the actual BoP but you can't argue against marketing depending on Margot Robbie's Harley, the only tried and tested character on screen. And the songs so far have been great. Can't wait for Sway With Me.
  3. For the record, it's not just Pattinson who is older than Bale when he was cast in BB but Wright is older than Oldman when he was cast in BB, Kravitz is older than Hathaway when she was cast as Catwoman in TDKR, Dano is older than Carrey when he played Riddler in Forever and Farrell is just a couple of years younger than DeVito when he was cast as Penguin in Returns.
  4. Pretty sure Shazam is the floor for this despite the R-rating limiting family demos. Shazam was about a totally unknown character and sandwiched in between the MCU's first female led solo teased in Infinity War and the film that was the payoff for 10+ years of build-up. Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn is already a tested character, this will benefit from being the first CBM of the year, and Feb is weak in terms of competition. Also, think this will work very well as a Valentines/Galentines movie on its second weekend.
  5. This coming back to life nearly 3 years after filming and still looking decent
  6. Inhumans suck lol. There is a weird caste system, the lead couple are cousins married to each other (in the comics, the husband's brother pervs on his sister-in-law too), there is trading of teenage girls for marriage in order to secure strategic alliances. It's basically all the uncomfortable bits of Game of Thrones without the interesting mythology or character depth. Haven't seen the flop show but assuming most of these elements were removed, in which case it must have just been generic af. I agree with the idea that the Eternals are being used to introduce the mutants into the MCU. Which brings up a fascinating situation where the MCU would have used up most of their non-mutant heroes except for Fantastic Four before the mutants arrive. So will the future of the MCU (Phase 6 onwards?) be as mutant-dominated as the comics in the 80s, 90s and early 00s?
  7. Also, they've been friends for a long time apparently so that comfort level must have shone through during the chemistry reads.
  8. Is it possible DOM may have Top 4 movies of the year all directed by women and starring women? (as Gemma Chan's Sersi was said to be Eternals' protagonist at SDCC). Imagine if BOP breaks out too. Should be an interesting year.
  9. Both also had the most effective first trailers among 2019 films, when they eventually dropped.
  10. That's actually far more accurate than I expected, as in I can see how the few disparities happened. A weak August/late July really helped propel TLK across the movies ranked 2-4 in that list. If FFH and TLK had their release dates switched, who knows how their BO would have shaken out, especially with their respective reviews. Glass died by its reviews and poor WOM so no surprise it didn't make the Top 10. Which only leaves DP. Is it possible the bad reviews and crowded marketplace played a bigger role than expected? Did GOT S8 actually kill some people's anticipation to watch Sansa lead a CBM?
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