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  1. It's still a role that comes across as pretty lightweight compared to the gold standard in its own genre, Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman. Damn, now that is a performance that was robbed of a nomination and awards recognition in even an all hands on deck year. Pfeiffer turned down Clarice Starling for Catwoman as she felt Selina was a much better match for her than Starling. And the truth is... you can't even disagree with her decision or even straight up say her performance wasn't as iconic and memorable as Foster's in SotL. Those two characters winning their respective players Best Actress in back to back years would have been the most legendary thing to happen. Robbed.
  2. What's WB's July obsession when August worked just as well for them with Suicide Squad and Crazy Rich Asians? Is it a Nolan thing post-Interstellar?
  3. Her fall from optimistic feminist fangirl while starting out to broken cynic ready to throw every other woman professional under the bus to cater to the worst elements in every fandom is worthy of a parody biopic starring Kate McKinnon. But then again they could make that exact same movie based on someone actually relevant like JK Rowling.
  4. I think Ava would've been cool if it had just been criticism of AWiT or even her hiring for New Gods. But Grace did the unthinkably stupid and petty when she said Ava was trying to "hijack the success of Black Panther from Ryan Coogler" just because Ava joined in the celebrations of the film's success with the rest of the African-American community. That's a new dimension of Karen even for Grace.
  5. I don't know how much it affected the BO, but I think Grace's BOP "scoops" definitely had an impact on the hardcore Snyder fanbase who tend to be on the fence when it comes to non-Snyder movies. She created a weird spin where she pitted Yan against Snyder, trying to implicate that "Yan was the direction" critics wanted the DCEU to head in and WB was kowtowing to them, cementing their decision to leave Snyder behind in the dust. She tried to showcase BOP as a threat to everything Snyder and all that he represented, including the Snyder Cut, definitely with the intention of turning his fanbase against BOP or at the least, disinterested in showing up. It's shitty that these social media influencers have the power to just pull narratives out of their asses that gain traction, but it's inevitable in a world where a hashtag literally leads to the production and release of a multi-million dollar director's cut.
  6. Love it when directors personally squash these fake scoopers. Honestly, if I were Yan, I would have stepped in much earlier. It's been nothing but nonsense about the film from Grace for more than a year now, putting out a "spoilers" video months before release and insinuating that the film, and by extension, Yan, was homophobic in her depiction of Black Mask and Zsasz, based on no concrete evidence. To try and spin it as "good intentions" and "support" on finally being confronted about it is such BS on Grace's part. LMAO get out of here.
  7. I love this guy. And welcome all the ways he's gonna fuck with nerds like this in the 2020's.
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