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  1. New South Wales reopens to fully vaccinated international travellers from 1st November 2021. That means anyone from anywhere for any reason.
  2. There’s sellouts but that’s because there’s not many sessions. Theatres may have reopened but it’s still not full capacity.
  3. I’ve worked through the whole lockdown. Although, we’ve only been open 4 days a week. I can’t work from home for my job. Fortunately, I had my 2nd shot the same week the outbreak started.
  4. Saw Shang Chi yesterday at George St. It's been getting Gold Class and VMAX sellouts since the reopening on Monday.
  5. It's not even playing at George St. I've seen the same Indian movie in 3 or 4 languages at George St in the past.
  6. Zero interest in Free Guy. It's been on Disney+ for a couple of weeks here.
  7. 10 days to go and cinemas reopen in NSW. Bookings are available now. By the time of reopening NSW will be over 90% first dose and 75% second dose.
  8. Session times and bookings for 11th October onwards are available now in Sydney.
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