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  1. It kind of looks like a place to just sit and think about cinema.
  2. A theatre for the true cinefile. I wondered what these looked like.
  3. The chemistry is good as expected but they don’t really have much to work with. As others have said it was just flat. My last IMAX experience was The Dark Knight with a special introduction from Nolan. Now this.
  4. Moderation A reminder. Please do not use the word "retard" or any words derived from "retard" in a pejorative way. Regards BOT Staff
  5. The Avatar Thread at the old mojo forums was epic. All gone now. Stupid Amazon and IMDb.
  6. There are so many MCU films even the actors forget which ones they are in. Or maybe Marvel just told her it was The Avengers to get a bonus film out of her contract.
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