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  1. I just don’t think piracy for films in Australia will have any more or less of an impact on WW84 then it did on Aquaman, Endgame or Star Wars.
  2. Article about some independent cinemas on the NSW South Coast. This time last year they were heavily impacted by bushfires. The Gala Twin Cinema is an interesting one. It was actually once a much larger theatre when opened in 1948. Now the main theatre is just the upper level of the original theatre. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-11-19/wollongong-south-coast-cinemas-innovate-to-beat-covid/12895062 Cinemas and the film industry in general in Australia. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2020-11-16/filmgoers-hold-ticket-to-saving-australias-cinemas/12886600?nw=0
  3. At the moment in Australia theatres are open nationwide. With the limited available content and capacity restrictions the box office is around 25-30% of this time last. Due to the drop off in demand opening hours have been reduced and there doesn’t seem to be as many screens in use in the big complexes. By Boxing Day it’s quite probable there will no longer be any restrictions in the theatres. WW1984 will have a severely limited release Domestic and Europe. However, it’s performance in Australia could be a good indication of how it would have gone elsewhere.
  4. South Australia went into an extremely harsh lockdown simply because one person claimed he picked up a pizza rather then say he actually worked at the pizza place.
  5. At least we still have a big Boxing Day movie. Presumably cinemas in every state will be at full capacity by then. Australia > Domestic.
  6. The NRL restarted with round 3 on 28 May with cardboard cutouts for a crowd. The season will conclude tomorrow night with the game 3 deciding State of Origin at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. It will be a capacity crowd of 50,000.
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