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  1. "A Disney spokesman said Ms. Johansson’s suit had no merit and is “especially sad and distressing in its callous disregard for the horrific and prolonged global effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.” This is pretty tone deaf coming from a $300 billion corporation that has been gloating and giving out bonuses in the middle of a pandemic because of the success of Disney+.
  2. The current tally. https://covidlive.com.au/report/cases-olympics
  3. There was something missing from The Last Dance. It will be available internationally here on this YouTube channel. .
  4. Current vaccine situation in Australia. The vaccine split so far is probably about AZ 60:40 Pfizer. AZ is manufactured here at the rate of 1 million doses per week (although apparently this has dropped in recent weeks) and Pfizer deliveries have mostly been around 350k per week but this week and going forward are 1 million per week and hitting 2 million per week in September. Moderna vaccine is starting in September as well at 1 million per week. We have a "waiting for Pfizer" cohort here as only AZ is available for those over 60 due to the limited Pfizer supply. This m
  5. There was one single seeding of delta in Sydney, most likely from a FedEx freight crew, to an unvaccinated (waiting for Pfizer) transport driver. Greater Sydney is now in the strictest lockdown of the whole pandemic and there have now been 1418 cases in NSW plus more in Victoria which is also in lockdown. Last night South Australia also went into lockdown with a handful of cases. All from 1 limo driver. In South Australia you can’t travel beyond 2.5km for exercise. Fun fact By the end of this week NSW will have carried out more COVID tests then then population of
  6. Didn’t even realise there were previews. AUD2.29 is from around half the country whereas the previews would have been everywhere but NSW so about two thirds.
  7. It's going to crash this weekend in Australia.
  8. Event has a heavy presence in NSW and nothing in Victoria. NSW is roughly 30% of the national market. It wouldn’t surprise me if Event has 50% of it’s revenue from NSW.
  9. She’ll occasionally message me for her password.
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