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  1. And then obviously the thread will be archived to the vault never to be spoken of again.
  2. I’m probably late but I think we should really only compare Endgame’s legs to the legs of all of the previous films that opened with $357m.
  3. For Australians or any political junkies out there. Polling places for the Federal election close at 6pm on the east coast in about 45 minutes. Results should start in about 90 minutes to 2 hours.
  4. All done. Much quicker then at the State Election. Polling Place where I voted. Enter the door at the left and exit on the right. I had to queue behind 3 people.
  5. My re-watch entailed the first 20 minutes of the first and the last 10 minutes of the second on my phone at work. I'm set.
  6. Yes, but Daenerys didn't find out about Varys via the actions of the girl. Tyrion told Daenerys.
  7. Just in time for the last 10 seconds.
  8. Bosch is messed up here. Before the arrival of Prime Amazon sold the rights to SBS so SBS still have the ongoing rights to show it first. However, Prime initially announced season 5 would be on Prime here on 19 April the same as everywhere else but it didn't appear. Then, in the middle of the next week I happened to notice it was available. I watched two episodes that night. The following night I went to watch another episode and it was gone. Apparently someone at Prime stuffed up. Prime are now saying 18 October and it still hasn't appeared on SBS. https://tvtonight.com.au/2019/05/the-very-strange-case-of-bosch-season-5.html
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