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  1. Thanks, you're right, I completely forgot that Jackie debuted over a year ago. I'm wondering if any movies have had delays of over 1 year but still did well at China's box office.
  2. Salman Khan's Bollywood hit Bajrangi Bhaijaan will release in China on March 2nd, 2 years and 8 months after its worldwide debut. Are there any other films that had such a long gap between their original opening and their China premiere? Any others that had gaps of more than 1 year?
  3. Dangal had a 101x OD multiplier in Taiwan earlier this year. That's the biggest OD multiple I've ever seen. Is anyone aware of a bigger one?
  4. Thanks Olive. I love Sichuan food, I've just never had it in Sichuan. Looking forward to seeing your home province.
  5. Likewise, my friend! I'll be back in China next week, but not in Beijing, alas. I've always wanted to see the pandas, so I'm heading to Chengdu.
  6. Hi guys, Rob Cain here, author of the Forbes article. I'm an old friend of Firedeep, and used to read this forum every day. I love all the contributions you guys make, but since Firedeep's been less of a presence here I check in only occasionally. Thanks for all your passion and your intelligent insights!
  7. Has anyone heard about possible Chinese elements/involvement in the upcoming Avatar films? I know they've signed on with New Zealand, but I'm guessing they may still incorporate Chinese money/expertise/locations/story lines. China will be the biggest non-US market by far for these films, so it seems likely the producers would want to make them as appealing as possible to Chinese audiences.
  8. I've just spoken with one of TF4's producers. Apparently the film's China release has now been moved up to June 25th, and the Shanghai premiere will be a week earlier than that.
  9. The Chinese distributor--CFG or Huaxia, or both--pays for distribution and marketing, though they tend to spend very little, 5-6 million RMB or so in many cases. The Hollywood studios have increasingly stepped in with their own marketing and advertising spends to augment the Chinese distributors' spending. These numbers can be substantial-- Paramount is said to be spending over $15 million in cash on TF4's advertising, and there will be tens of millions more in co-op advertising and 'soft dollar' promotion of the film.
  10. I'm seeking info on marketing costs and VOD and TV revenue for recent theatrical releases in China. I can swap the info that I have. Please message me if you have data. Specifically, for either Chinese or foreign films released in China in the past 18 months, I'd like to get: 1. Marketing costs -- Prints, advertising, promotional tie-in value, etc. 2. VOD revenue 3. TV license fee revenue Thank you!
  11. Archerdude, why do you say DMG bungled Looper? The producer is a friend of mine and he told me he was very happy with the China grosses. It earned 1/3 as much in China as it did in North America, which was a solid performance for 2012.
  12. Yes, that's the place, the China Millenium Monument. I'll be there for 5 days. Sorry about the Facebook link, I obviously wasn't thinking clearly.
  13. Will anyone else be attending the Beijing Int'l Film Festival next week? If so please let me know. I'll be there April 15-20 with several of my movie projects, as company number A1056. I've set up a Facebook page for foreigners who will attend, which you can find here.
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