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  1. So happy how great TS4 run turned out to be. I was a little worried after it’s OW.
  2. TLK overtook Hobbs and Shaw. Nice! These holds are pretty good overall
  3. That article also says Hobbs and Shaw did about 8.5 million yesterday.
  4. Wow...another epic Tuesday jump for The Lion King
  5. Will Lion King be above Hobbs and Shaw today?
  6. Woah i didn’t know TLK got an increase in theaters. I wonder if a movie will top 5000 theaters this year? Maybe Star Wars?
  7. Toy Story 4 should have another Godly hold this weekend. Very nice!
  8. Toy Story 4 legs are just amazing and look at Aladdin still doing Aladdin things. Also epic Tuesday number for The Lion King
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