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  1. Didn't early marketing have Knights of Ren? I suspect they are mostly cut out of film now, given they are barely mentioned now
  2. Despite the push for the filmmaker's version of the film, insiders tell The Hollywood Reporter no announcement is imminent.
  3. So Sony should have made the female 21 Jumpstreet instead. Or the CA MIB 21JS cinematic universe.
  4. Can't wait for the excuses for why Charlie Angel's bombed so bad, I'm sure to blame streaming will be the popular one
  5. what's wrong with Sony, they are sitting on a billion dollar franchise with Masters of the Universe
  6. 58% Rotten by critics now, but it seems those non-critics that watched it at least thinks its ok or better only 79 reviews by critics on release day, Sony hid this to the last minute
  7. lots of views of new trailer views, sample what i saw below twitter paramount 13.4m youtube para 16m youtube one media 13m facebook 4.5m
  8. a little off topic, but why Favreau would not want to direct a Disney Star Wars film, he prefers smaller scale character based stuff, sort of a slam at what disney mcu/star wars machine produces in theaters 😎 , i simply don't understand why disney can't experiment with under 100m films
  9. Atom tickets buy 2 Get 1 Free last week was $5 off 2 DS tickets studios do these deals when low sales
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