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  1. I understand, but even Marvel does not announce trilogies with known properties , RJ is supposedly doing something brand new, one film at a time is best approach, I hope they approach the first film that way.
  2. Bob seems smarter that KK, she gives people trilogies before even the first film comes out, do they have backups if the first films fails, so many questions
  3. Is TRoS even confirmed for D23 yet? Will they announce anything there, maybe surprise with Obi-Wan series?
  4. i think this will do well, finally a blockbuster for adults during a Summer filled with empty disney blockbusters
  5. it doesn't need Father's day, its has 4th of July holiday in 2nd weekend. But it be cool if they had sneak previews on Father's day, or screenings of the original.
  6. why are you so negative? what's wrong with making a sequel for fans of original. they can make a sequel like Dark Fate to appeal to younger crowd and look like shit in process.
  7. times have changed, Paramount had 5 of 10 of top grossing movies that year. Disney had 1 in the top 10 and it was R-rated.
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