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  1. Sure, the movie wasn't sold on his name, but are you serious? He wrote and directed it, the great WOM is because he made a great movie.
  2. Damnit B! You missed a perfect opportunity for a Star Wars related pun!
  3. You didn't have to say it. I According to the wayback machine, Jumanji was at 87% after 6k reveiws on Dec 17th. https://web.archive.org/web/20191217154808/https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/jumanji_the_next_level Now, 14 days later, it is at...87% after 20k reviews! Weird huh? Where are all the conspiracy videos for that one?
  4. TROS has running BO? No wonder it stank!
  5. Well, yes. This is the same group that didn't make toys for a certain something they didn't want to spoil and they lost millions from that blunder. They don't always make the best decisions, lol.
  6. I am 100% in agreement that they need to scale back. I mentioned in another thread that you could totally make a movie set in the Star Wars universe that's budgeted like John Wick 3, smaller in scope and make plenty of money. They obviously don't need to spend 400-500m per movie. Especially when you are releasing them only two years apart. That's just not enough time to get hyped up and build the anticipation either.
  7. I know the merch isn't as strong as it used to be, but how bad can it be?
  8. The theatrical gross for these movies aren't the only way they are making money, you know? Would I be disappointed if I were them, of course! You always want to make as much as possible, but you are acting like the sky is falling. Do you think they have made a profit of $4b across all streams of revenue that their Star Wars movies have generated? If so, it's not a bad investment.
  9. That's fair, I didn't even bother with it after the first movie, but I also wouldn't consider myself a HUGE HP fan though.
  10. I guess for me, I have a hard time understanding the mentality behind one single movie turning people completely off a series. Like you're done and that's it, no more interest. You've spent years and years being a fan, in many cases, literal decades being a fan, but that one movie just killed all the interest for you. I don't like the prequels and I think TROS is quite a bad film, but I'm not swearing off Star Wars because I didn't like it. I just don't get it.
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