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  1. I REALLY wish I had the patience to scour through all the youtube/website rumors and keep a list of every one of them and throw it back in their faces, lol. They spend SO MUCH time trying to bring some people/movies down with random ass shit it's so annoying when they don't have to face the repercussions of spreading lies as truth, all while talking about the MSM as biased.
  2. Yeah, by all accounts and especially compared to the other SW films, TLJ seemed to go off without a hitch. And yeah, I'll wait to get the news from an official source. But I bet lots of money this little tidbit ends up in lots of youtube videos like so many other random ass 'sources'.
  3. Obviously, everything will get overshadowed by Frozen 2. But let's not act like these two are competing movies. There's no rating yet, but I can't help but think this will be R. Parent's will obviously take their kids to see F2 over this, it's not a kids movie. It's also budgeted around $40m, which means it's not going to take a lot to break even.
  4. The point is that the biggest and loudest voices of the hate parade are Star Wars fans first. Maybe they saw Looper, but I'd be willing to bet most of them haven't seen Brick or Brother's Bloom and certainly won't see Knives Out.
  5. No, most of the reactionaries online don't give two shits what Johnson is really like or whatever. They will hate him no matter what.
  6. It's so bizarre to me. I know that's not the only reason people hated TLJ, but I'd bet all the money that if everything was the same except Luke had an awesome lightsaber fight with Kylo Ren(which would have been fan service to the max) people wouldn't hate it nearly as much. Now a thing that isn't even an official trailer, for the 9th movie in a franchise spanning DECADES, has clips from all the movies - and suddenly Disney is desperate and it's full of fan service.
  7. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/movies/story/2019-07-31/bruce-lee-tarantino-once-upon-a-time-in-hollywood This is a really good article on this whole thing that I suggest everyone read. It gives a look to BOTH sides of the argument. Here are a few excerpts: “I think the movie is about the burden that certain idols have had to bear,” said veteran film critic Walter Chaw, who sees the scene as one in which Lee doesn’t lose, even if he’s knocked down a peg. “Bruce Lee has become posterized or memed to this point where he’s this wise Eastern philosopher who was also indestructible. The amount of rage around the idea that Bruce Lee could even be beaten in battle is really disturbing to me, because it dehumanizes him.” At the time of his brief 1966-67 run on “Green Hornet” as Kato, sidekick to the titular superhero, Lee might have felt a kinship to Dalton, a TV star with an uncertain future and something to prove — particularly for Lee as a rare Asian American star scrapping to claim space for himself in white-dominated Hollywood. Portraying Lee as anything less than his mythical legend in that scene, Chaw argues, adds dimension to how we think of him. And about that scene in particular. Are there details embedded within the text of the film, as specific and referential as Dalton’s faux spaghetti western posters, that might offer deeper context to Lee’s brief appearance in “Once Upon a Time”? The flashback fight scene, for example, is framed as Cliff’s memory; remembering Bruce Lee as a blowhard chump he beat up might be an easier explanation for his stalled career than the whispered accusations of domestic violence that trail him. The scene opens on the Fox lot where “Green Hornet” was filmed, panning down from a billboard for the Pearl Harbor war drama “Tora! Tora! Tora!” — a film that wouldn’t be released until 1970, three years after “Green Hornet” was canceled. Lee’s later-era hairstyle too is anachronistic, another indicator that Cliff’s memory, or even the film’s memory, is subject to hazy misremembering. I noticed the Tora Tora Tora billboard in the background, but I didn't know that that came out so much later than Green Hornet. I promise it wasn't done on accident either.
  8. I'm linking an article about this whole thing in the RTM thread. It's really good and of course talks about that scene. Obviously, since that's curiously the one scene most people can't stop talking about.
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