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  1. My source got a little curt with me last time I talked to him, so I haven't bothered him lately, but I tried today. And he's out of the office until December! But he did say that MTC is looking at about 160m for F2 though. Not that that is of great value or anything, but it's all I got.
  2. In a franchise where KK actually fired the writers/directors when they were almost done filming and replaced them. Sure, THIS is the movie with too much interference from the studio.
  3. No, I mean I tried to cheat, but the sites online will only accept up to 14/15 letters, which means it wouldn't work when we have 19 letters.
  4. Better than me, but that's only 17 letters. All the anagram solvers online I found restrict it to 14/15 letters, lol
  5. Okay, so at the bottom of https://flambeauty.life/#home in the About section, there are 19 bolded letters... RRDHAMSOFAWMLOETIAN Who wants to unscramble that?
  6. I thought I was going to be more productive today without a game, but instead I'm less productive because I can't stop watching that replay.
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