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  1. Because the actual person calling every single shot, every single take for 17 hours a day is Robert Rodriguez. Nobody is saying Cameron isn't highly involved or invested, he obviously was.
  2. Well, yes, but we should wait for actuals. Not that it's going to change THAT much, but you know.
  3. There are always going to be outliers. Justice League, MPR, and BR2019 was kinda too. Maybe CM will be too, but we just have to wait and see. But generally speaking, the numbers we get are certainly far more reliable than what any single person hears "on the streets."
  4. Duh, the precedent is that James Cameron is involved! Have you heard of the legs his last two movies got?!?!?
  5. That's all? I thought this was going to increase next weekend?! It's a holiday today, max drop anyways was going to be 50%.
  6. You guys laugh, but this could pull a MPR or a Solo. I don't think it will, but we need to see more data as it gets closer. It started off with such a bang that it seemed like the sky was the limit, but it has cooled off. There is a chance that could have been it and it will play kinda standard from there.
  7. This is a great number relative of expectations and compared to other manga adaptations.
  8. That's a really strong Saturday for Alita. While I mostly enjoyed it, I'm glad to see Rodriguez make something good for a change. He has been on a losing streak for a (long)while and I'll be very curious to see what he can do next. 1. El Mariachi 2. Desperado 3. Alita 4.The Faculty
  9. And I'm saying that if you think that isn't possible for Avatar I don't know what to tell you. They are always looking for the quickest and easiest buck. Hell, speaking of Cameron, we are getting the fucking SIXTH Terminator film soon. That was an original and they have tried and tried to make that happen again and again because that's what franchise filmmaking is!
  10. Sequels are still sequels no matter their source. This is how Star Wars started and I doubt anyone would give these many new Star Wars movies the same courtesy.

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