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  1. Did they finally shut down his Matthew alt?
  2. Yeah, I was just checking the Regal I’m going to next week, and I noticed that Fri/Sat had 3am shows. I know Thursday’s will go that late because of that upfront demand, but if it trends like this all weekend? Jesus. I know apparently Empire 25 is going straight through from Thursday to Sunday, which is fucking insanity.
  3. Yeah, I think spillover and WOM, if on the right level, could lead to a crazy Monday/Tuesday double whammy.
  4. Man, I just have no idea, lol. On one hand, yes, I could totally see Endgame making another 16m in presales over the last week. Hype and anticipation are going to peak and people will want to get their tickets. On the other hand, we are reaching a point in presales that we have never reached before and what the hell else is left to even be able to buy, lol. So, they might not increase that much because there isn't a lot left to buy. I have no fucking clue 😂
  5. I do not know anything much about IW unfortunately aside from that last number we have. 34.2m as of this afternoon.
  6. I haven't updated it because I'm lazy, but Grim confirmed BATB was 10m.
  7. Oh, I forgot to mention that my source said MTC is officially aboard the $300m train.
  8. EG - 34.2m PD - 346k JW:C3 - 329k
  9. Heh, that is a good question! I worked at 5 different theaters and only one of them did well with late shows(but still not close to around-the-clock). But every time we attempted them, we wouldn't keep a full staff the entire time, we would know how many tickets we've sold and cut accordingly. The worst part is anticipating the late show sell out. You NEVER want to end on a sell out. However, if you don't think something will sell out and don't add a later show at the right time, then you screwed yourself because you post it after everyone has looked and you didn't have one. So that late show only sells like 8 tickets instead of like 50-60 or whatever.
  10. Shit, we want them to give me numbers, not die laughing!
  11. Monday/Thursday are my go-to days because that’s what the majority of past comps are. However, I can only ask, I’ll get the numbers whenever they give them to me.
  12. They will pull shows out of their fucking ass. Easiest fixes are just earlier/later starts, since those won't effect as many other movies. But if it gets really bad, they will slice and dice everything in the way.

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