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  1. Nah, I'm still out of the game. It just so happened that I went to see Shang-Chi and talked to my old boss and he was like, "I'll still hook you up whenever, just gotta ask." So when he gave me those other numbers they were just internal projections, not presales. I forgot that's what I did all those years ago, lol. Also, they only ever tracked presales before release, nothing after, so I wouldn't have anything on SC in terms of hard sales for the upcoming weekend.
  2. lmao, it's been so long I forgot how to do it. yes, this is their projection for this weekend, NOT pure presales.
  3. SC - 38m M - 9m Projections NOT presales because I'm an idiot
  4. Sure, the movie wasn't sold on his name, but are you serious? He wrote and directed it, the great WOM is because he made a great movie.
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