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  1. Yes. Why would he care about it SO MUCH that he would get 'pissed off?' It's not like there is anything at stake other than bragging rights, which really only gets bragged about by you and the rest of the Jim Gang.
  2. I've seen this sentiment multiple times, and I'm curious if you guys honestly think Cameron gives two shits about it?
  3. That is what Mojo says: This is the foreign total as of 1/2/11: Yet this is the foreign total right now:
  4. So then would you say this is a disappointing number?
  5. 6 of my 12 grades were in fact spent in a school district that now no longer exists because it was so terrible. They did however go to the football state championship game 6 years in a row and won three of them. so yay?
  6. You are the one that specifically mentioned the scientific method when talking about this! As if that is the only possible solution! I guess I'm only still going because I'm really confused why you care about deflecting this so much. Why is it so important to you that one movie from your favorite director that made a lot money, can't be 100% proven to have sold more tickets than the other movie from your favorite director that made even more money?
  7. Question - Did Titanic sell more tickets than Avatar Hypothesis - Yes, I think it did! Experiment - We know how much Avatar made from 3D and IMAX as well as the average ticket price compared to Titanic Analysis - Based on the calculations, you can determine that yes, Titanic sold more tickets than Avatar
  8. Wait a minute, I'm so confused. We are comparing two Cameron movies here, why are you so opposed to Titanic selling more tickets?
  9. Well, there are posters here that have done tons of research and estimations, and while I can never remember what they are, I think Avatar is in the 75-80m ticket range, and Titanic is well above 100m. It's really not even close.
  10. Titanic didn't have IMAX, 3D, or any PLF. How in the hell would Avatar even sniff Titanic's admissions?
  11. Ah, I see what my problem was! I stopped reading after: "I predict that it will soon become clear that Disney also made a big mistake in signing that Spider-Man deal with Sony." RIP Far From Home
  12. The ending of TS3 was basically engineered in a lab to get the most tears possible out of its audience. It's so overtly manipulative that it borders on laughable. And this is coming from the guy that will cry literally EVERY TIME "When She Loved Me" comes on in TS2.
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