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  1. Probably to a certain degree but I think if it’s good, it can still maybe do better than Last Knight (well, only domestic). It still has to carry the burden of Last Knight though and the whole franchise.
  2. I heard it comes out in March. And that Tim Burton directed it. Sorry, I’m annoying sometimes. I had to.
  3. Theyll need more than 15 minutes of new footage, since they have to cut out like...5 minutes of stuff? I may be overshooting but still. 15 steps forward, a...few steps back?
  4. Ok, I’m out on a limb here ...but maybe massive reshoots mean..,he made a good yet not marketable movie? No, I am not saying Snyder Cut was good or even existed. Or that even happens. Ever, even here. Just stirring the pot. But what if...Josh Tranks Fantastic Four wasn’t terrible? M Night would like to know.
  5. Ok interesting question...will this be the Avengers of the Unbrekable thingy franchise? Or will it just...make less than Split cause nobody really cares about Bruce Willis anymore? Or, like, almost as much as Split? I’m kinda feeling...it’ll do well, but mostly riding off Split. Even if it’s amazing. How many of us are really Unbreakable nerds?
  6. Dumbo...Aladdin...Lion King. Its possibly too much too fast. I feel like one will be like...yeah, pretty good...one will be like...hmmm I don’t know...and the other will make bonkers money. Yet all will be profitable. But one...bonkers money.
  7. I’m excited for this. I hope they really find a way to make Newt a more compelling lead though. The world is so compelling though. He’s not bad but...he’s gotta carry a lot of movies...
  8. Lets be honest, half of Zimmer scores are people pretending to be Zimmer. Heck that’s half of major motion pictures. Yes, hyperbole. Whatever, bring me that Wonder Woman theme.
  9. Im not too hopeful about this movie’s prospects but...and it’s a big but... What if it’s good? I’m certain everyone is coming at this like it won’t be. But...what if it’s goooood? Like, pretend it will be.
  10. It really didn’t, unless you think hey, women star in things and we like that...is somehow a beat you over the head message. Sorry you felt like that.
  11. He’ll be the Felicity Jones of the X-men universe. Yeah, they should skip that cameo that movie ain’t happening.
  12. I don’t care what anyone says, love this movie. Excellent Mad Max ripoff. It ranked well even the Mad Max legacy. Sure, Road Warrior is better, Fury Road stomped it...but it’s solid entertainment and the money...it’s on the screen. I can see it and I love it.
  13. It is a mess of a timeline. I expect nobody but Reynolds Deadpool to survive what happens. I think DP lives. Most popular of the Fox X bunch, and most able to fit in. That being said...DoFP and Logan are better than any MCU movie, I stand by that. with regards to this film, I hope it’s a good send off for Singerverse.
  14. kowhite

    Crazy Rich Asians over 150 million club

    Yup, this club wins. Congrats to the OP. I certainly didn’t expect this.

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