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  1. As long as Statham doesn't have a Amy Smart moment with the shark. Actually...let me rethink that...
  2. In all fairness, he found that 100m+ budget again, without Leo. Granted he had to call on nearly every major actor of his past in the to do the Irishman and get Netflix to go while hog, but that shit is way over 100m.
  3. You set your goals too low. ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE SHARKS FACE. Bomb either way, but it wins if they deliver on that.
  4. The Snowman OVER 40M

    Fassbender deserves better. Or...does he? Ok, no sympathy.
  5. Its a flop. Paramount is losing money (as they do) But it's ... Amazing. I'm a box office junkie who recognizes our game ain't no thing. It's just numbers and bullshit. I love the box office thing. But mother! was legit.
  6. It might be that good. Maybe. This is a box office forum though, so with regards to that...don't hold your breath. Youll die.
  7. Put yourself in Leias shoes...who would you rather hug? Ok, yes...I'd hug Chewbacca. You got me. I say that even without any context of the scene. I wouldn't normally hug a 7 foot furry man over Daisy Ridley but its fucking Chewbacca. JJ you failed.
  8. I saw...well, it's hard to explain. Neither? Yet both? Don't ask.
  9. My impressions are...what I saw was quite good. That's no short though it's like 20+ minutes long. But this movie isn't too long. Really, is that the shortest major big budget movie in awhile?
  10. This will be a nice primer for learning to deal with movies that ignore prior sequels. Then, we watch Terminator 3.
  11. I don't know really what to expect from this. Hope they really have a good idea. But, Carpenter soundtrack? I'll take it.

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