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  1. I have faith Marvel will convince me yeah this is what I want to see! Cant lie, right now it’s Marvels Solo. But shit, I liked Solo well enough. Didn’t think I would would. And yes I loved Last Jedi.
  2. Ok, Farewell was a pretty great movie. Liked it a lot. But can I say...I went to a free screening, pre-bought out by god knows who...and it was 80% empty. Like, walk up and you’re in. Then, I saw another screening like that. No I didn’t go. But, it’s a good movie. Watch it!
  3. Out! Not because I believe it won’t happen, but because I don’t WANT it to happen. Tarantino forever. He’s great,
  4. It still lost money. Kinda bombed? I want this one to make the money. Kinda wanted Blood Diamond to do that too, solid flick. Expecting this to be better.
  5. I’d say huge, but...who didn’t expect this? It’s printing money. Won’t lie, 6 months ago I thought it could go higher. But...profit!
  6. I did not, still liked it a lot. I did grow up on video games, Sega kid though.
  7. Im just hoping I’ll watch something I want to watch again. Not since Casino Royale. If this can deliver more than enjoyable but forgettable I’ll be pleased.
  8. Possibly. My guess, he’s not even in the first act. Dies in the beginning of the third act. TWIST: He dies in the 4th act and this movie is truly creative? Oh who am I kidding.
  9. But, let’s be real... The Mutli-verse is real! I think, to be confirmed in a future movie, crow put on ice for later. I’ll get back to you when it happens. BTW, your cap locks is broken.
  10. Ok, I’m going to say out. But... I said out on this opening less than the first. I’m thinking I might have some crow on that. Might open bigger. But, more frontloaded. So, still out on this. No take backs though, so, I’ll take my L if this opens bigger and I kinda think it might. Legs will def be worse though, so this club is now where I live.
  11. Arnold is a supporting character in this, isn’t he? How much is he even in the movie I wonder? That’s not even a bad thing really, nothing against you Arnold. Granted they better make his time good.
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