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  1. kowhite

    Mandy l September 14th 2018 I Nicolas Cage

    I heard this got good response at...Sundance? I think that’s where.
  2. This is something. Worst case scenario, this still does way better than I thought. I will eat your crow Mr Statham.
  3. You do realize there’s only one streaming service this could even go to and it’s doesnt launch until end of 2019?
  4. Ok Im going to correct you. They WILL be going direct to streaming with 100m plus movies. But, not this. And this isn’t just 100m plus, I’m sure it’s a lot more. But...yeah, there will be 100m movies direct to streaming.
  5. 1) most movies make a loss cause they’re not profitable 2) I don’t think you understand how residuals work. Hint...you can’t dodge residuals based on costs...they’re not part of the calculation. Ever. Ok, maybe some taxes.
  6. Ahh, you’re taking about the Pacific Rim formula. Unfortunately, said formula doesn’t work in most places cause it makes no fucking sense. But, this involves Legendary so you never know.
  7. Yeah, too bad it’s not getting that Disney “push”.
  8. I can believe a breakout. Not...60m ow breakout, but a breakout. Saw it last night it’s a lot of fun. Def a good classic romcom. I can get on board with north of 60m.
  9. In all fairness...this is only one bad movie in. DoFP was awesome. And, if you weren’t paying attention, Hugh Jackman wasn’t a big reason why. So yeah, carry on. And ill I’ll be honest. Could’ve been great. Xavier and Magneto were great casting. For the money guys, JLaw. So yeah.another. And I want it to be good. There’s so much there. Man, but, blah. But man...so much there. Don’t know what to think.
  10. No one cares anymore. He just got older, and the box office situation changed. And yet...the Cruise Missle is still killing it. Sure, he’s no Avengers...but best movie star out there. I’ll stand by his crazy any day.
  11. I wont argue that. But, it could still be that trashy good. Piranha tried and gave the gore. This could be closer.

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