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  1. With all these overnight fans of auteur film makings that Derrickson gathered, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to get to see the exclusive #releasethederricksonscut movement. Will be a first for MCU.
  2. It looks dreadful. And whatever RDJ thinks he has going for that accent, he doesn’t have it. The dialogues coming from the animals seem the worst though. I’m usually good at enduring bad kids movie for my little cousins, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it through this one.
  3. Well, at least Scott Derrickson can take solace in finding out that he actually has fans who admired his ‘artistic’ craft and flair. All 2 or 3 of them in this thread.
  4. Let’s not beat around the bush and be real honest, this is the best news that came out of this movie yet.
  5. Vin Diesel aiming for that Endgame nostalgia. Sounds pretty reasonable.
  6. I guess I can see 510-530 ‘boring’ in a sense that it’s not under 500M, which our forum would collectively declared as disaster, but then it’s also not quite upper 500s, which some would take as a win after all the doom and gloom. It’s like a bit middle ground. Hence ‘boring’. But yeah, under Rogue One is pretty bad.
  7. I have a feeling that after all the back and forth about TROS performance, it’s gonna end at a ‘boring’ total of around 510-530 DOM.
  8. Consider how this movie is such a collection of bad fanfics, Imma throw Star Wars: Fifty Shades of Rey in there as a candidate for apt title.
  9. With more days passed and more news about its development, this movie has firmly cemented itself as my most anticipated Phase 4 movie. (Sorry Taika) Now that the OG Avengers is done, and second grade Avengers will never be able to measure up, Imma need a new team to stan. Hopefully The Eternals is that team. I too echo the desire to see an MCU movie being released during holiday season. But I’m also fine with the current date too, get to see it sooner, so can’t complaint.
  10. That was well stated. Another thing to add about Star Wars’s appeal (or lack thereof) in China is the actual quality of those lightsabers fights/duels. I mean, they’re all kinds of bad when compare to even the standard staged sword fights you normally see in wuxia movies. I have always admired Star Wars for its cultural impact, and I enjoy it greatly for the space opera aspect, but growing up as a big wuxia fan, I have always found those action scenes in Star Wars pretty...laughable? (no offense to the fans, just personal preference and experience)
  11. Frozen 2 performance is amazing. South Korea really love them musicals. I saw SK singers and idols keep covering Speechless and Into the Unknown on shows and social media. Speak to the impact of the songs on movie’s performance in SK.
  12. It would be quite sad as a fan to see how the finale of this trilogy just kinda petered out. But I have not been a fan since TFA so I just find the downward trajectory quite... amusing. Although, as a AoU fan, I will say that I’m happy to see that movie’s title of “highest grossing disappointment” continues to live on! And seems like it’ll live for another few years too at least. Right? @Arendelle Legion @Lordmandeep
  13. I wasn’t too impressed by the trailer content, but I’m just real happy by the existence of the trailer itself. Providing that Marvel keeping the May 1st release date, I’ll be watching it Thursday night, it’s a good way to celebrate a birthday. I’m excite!
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