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  1. Up to 72.5M in Brazil. Definitively passed Mexico in total. Absolutely amazing number. @Fullbuster What is the official dollar total gross for Titanic? I see some source say 70M+ and some are 75.5M or so. Either way, EG will pass that easily.
  2. 102.3M OS weekend could be enough to put it No. 1 OS as well, and #1 weekend WW. China hold is better than expected.
  3. Tony Stark is that dramatic big talk bitch who never in a million years would admit that he’s jelly soft inside. That shield is ugly though lol. But at least it seems like it should be more functional than the claw shield thingy he got in IW.
  4. Countdown for Endgame Reaching 900M domestic: Not gonna happen Countdown for Pika’s OW Reaching 300M OW: 280M to go Overall, this weekend thread is going great.
  5. Well, in my experience, the prayer circle for EG 357M worked. But that’s like the only one so
  6. Looks like most of Asia is not gonna be here for Pika. Good thing it at least got holiday release in Japan to boost the gross (like EG)
  7. 4PM previews is just ridiculous. Is WB the only one doing that atm? Really hope no other studios follow suit.
  8. Will easily cross 700M with their projected 80-85M weekend but only “likely” to cross Black Panther? Go home Deadline, you’re drunk.
  9. 5.7M previews 87M Fri (including previews) 122M Sat 91M Sun 300M weekend on the dot. @CJohn vindicated!
  10. If this is not the main reason why Marvel is doing multiverse, I’m suing.
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