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  1. If it’s indeed over 3 hours long then I better see Hawkguy onscreen (with his midlife crisis haircut) for at least 2/3 of that time, Russos. That’s the only payoff that matters in Endgame tbh.
  2. The amount of Hawkguy in the trailer pleased me. A bit surprised how Bruce got no spotlight at all as an original Avenger. I can already tell Endgame will kill me, but I will live for the Thor/Carol broship.
  3. I haven’t been following all promo materials but how hard is Disney pushing the International Women Day release angle in the domestic market? Pretty sure most Americans have little to no idea about such celebration lol. Its gonna be a selling point for overseas markets though so the movie has that going for it.
  4. Dude is wearing sunglasses indoor. That is already a sign telling us to not waste our time hearing what obtuse things he has to say.
  5. Some folks in this thread need to do better at expressing their fake concerns
  6. My guess is 258M. Over Infinity War. After the second weekend that is. Don’t think it’ll get there, but if Capt. Marvel break March OW record, MCU will hold the opening records of four consecutive months Feb-May (until Pika comes and destroys May OW record of course)
  7. Totally. And you should see the dubbed version too, that’s just the law.
  8. The opening with Marvel Big Three () leading into introduction of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel is cool as fuck. Best TV spot yet. I’m ready.
  9. I live for Carol Danvers’ Airforce pilot swag and punching of old lady. Biggest complaint about that trailer is the severe lack of bald Jude Law.
  10. 85M would put the sequel jump from original for AM2 in the same ballpark as GOTG>GOTG2, but 95M would be an incredible increase, easily MCU best. Both JW2 and I2 holding well. Gonna be a good weekend.

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