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  1. I live for Carol Danvers’ Airforce pilot swag and punching of old lady. Biggest complaint about that trailer is the severe lack of bald Jude Law.
  2. 85M would put the sequel jump from original for AM2 in the same ballpark as GOTG>GOTG2, but 95M would be an incredible increase, easily MCU best. Both JW2 and I2 holding well. Gonna be a good weekend.
  3. @Chewy Did Legend Peyton Reed deliver on the Romantic Comedy promise? Gonna decide whether I’ll see it this weekend.
  4. I don’t know, Stellar Stellan running around naked is pretty dark
  5. Sam

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    Should be around $925-935M by this Sunday. So 1B sometimes next weekend, Sat most likely.
  6. Hawkguy! I’m not crying. Great looking team there, except for War Machine lol, right @Chewy? My only complaint is why Thor all the way in the back?
  7. Same. Don’t listen to @aabattery and co. We are the ones who have the right opinion about JP3. And they know it, they just don’t want to accept it.
  8. That’s cool. In the mean time, can you do this first for us?
  9. The cast is a delight! They made the movie less boring than it actually was. Major work needs to be put on the script and directions. Hopefully they’ll do that with the sequel. B-
  10. This movie is just really...inert and boring. I don’t ask for much with human characters in creatures/monsters movies; but they should be at least serviceable. All the human characters in FK ranged from annoying to nonsensical. Script was mediocre, and actions were subpar. Only highlight was some good tension building in the mansion, but then it also fizzled out pretty quickly. Not much worse or better than its predecessor JW, but that one at least had an novelty hook of an operating park. This one is just empty and void of excitement. C- I guess (JP3 remains the best JP sequel and seems like that won’t change anytime soon)
  11. I suspect that Capt. Marvel first trailer/teaser gonna be promoted with Venom, aka the upcoming guaranteed mega hit 21st movie of the MCU franchise
  12. Overwhelmingly positive reactions for Lilly. Ike Perlmutter must be one happy man.

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