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  1. Just got out. So many thoughts but it’s all jumbled right now. Gonna write detailed review later. Glad I was in self-blackout mode and managed to avoid spoilers. Sersi is my goddess. That’s all for now.
  2. Got my tickets for tomorrow matinee. So excited 😍 BF is even more excited than I am cause of Jolie and he’s so valid for that.
  3. For years all we ever gotten from Marvel are the obligatory shirtless abs, and some cleavage shots. But nothing past that. Of course it takes a poc woman director to finally make a horny marvel movie. We rejoice. (well, there was kinda naked Stellan Skarsgard running around in Thor but we don’t talk about that)
  4. So it’s usual business in a MCU movie thread after reviews dropped. I’d say it’s entertaining but after the other 25 times, it has become too routine and some users antics already getting old. I’m all for some funny chaotic trolling and antagonization to spice things up but can y’all get a little more creative at least. Anyway, the whole cast look so hot at the premiere. I’m ready and excited to see hot people doing hot stuff.
  5. The word “dep la” is also low key insulting even if it’s the characters calling themselves that. Like I guess they think it might be a term of endearment or inside jokes between friends. But in certain circumstances it’s equivalent to me looking at someone appearance and calling them “beautiful but in like an exotic way” and that’s not it. I’m Asian American and I couldn’t even connect with whatever it was they try to do in Raya so I was not at all surprised about its reception from SE Asians. It really was such a wasted opportunity and disappointment.
  6. This is a sexy post. Your hand in marriage please. Tony Leung is not a nobody in the world of Asian cinema. He’s a known famous actor so the investment and interest already there before people even watch the movie. Of course, he is also handsome and incredibly charismatic. But another big factor, the biggest factor really, is the romantic aspect of his character. Asians love them romance, sprinkle in some angst and tragedy and we would be all over it regardless of age (the countless hours and tissue boxes my female family members spent on K-drama yearly would attest to that). It’s no
  7. Fala Chen is mesmerizingly beautiful. I too would have given up villainy for her in a heartbeat and went crazy and delusional if I lost her too. The trope of crazy love being the motivation for villainy is not uncommon in Asian movies, but I’d say it’s definitely not typical in superhero movies, especially for MCU. So that’s another refreshing difference that made Shang-Chi stood out to me as well.
  8. I have missed a lot of big changes around here so this must have been super late but congrats on becoming Admin! So fitting and deserved! Also I was getting a bit worried that other staff been letting Tele getting away with too much nonsense around here, so it’s good we at least have you on our side to reel him in.
  9. Mackie slander aside, I logged on and see someone defended Sebastian Stan (lack of) charisma and almost logged off. Debate and opinions is one thing but flat out lying is a whole other thing.
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