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  1. Both looks great but the white one is killer. Would have look great with her hair braided like in EG.
  2. Hopefully Blade for the Feb 22 date. Cause Blade and BP2 back to back is such a mood. Don’t know if it can be finished in time but July 22 for GOTG3 would make sense.
  3. I’m there just for the “Hong Kong action movies” tag. Sidenote, but Onward looks like a complete bore to me base on what’s been released so far. Well, I guess we’ll see.
  4. I’m an Avengers fan and I ain’t even mad lol. Cause they speak the truth. Especially now that Avengers OG6 is mostly done, the Avengers team ain’t all that anymore 😛 Gotta love Kumail with that funny jab at Chris Pratt lol. This cast is so lit, and that’s not even half of them.
  5. Don’t care about the Kit Harrington reveal. Hopefully his role is small. That cast of 10 Eternals is enough. So glad Marvel is wise and realized they wasted Gemma Chan and rectified that with a lead role. Most anticipated Phase 4 movie easily now. Sorry Taika.
  6. Amen brother! And that cast of The Enternals! Holy shit! 10 Eternals with an Asian actress as lead. And an extremely diverse cast overall. @MrPink Gotta be Taika who? about this. And even Tony Leung can’t beat this. I think Eternals take the cake for my most anticipated Phase 4 easily now.
  7. Presented Steve “I can draw good, I ain’t impressed with your poor artistic choices” Rogers.
  8. Okay okay. I am actually Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer. You found me out. So cheer up.
  9. Pretty good number for TLK. Drops from Tuesday might seem harsh due to big Tuesday numbers but weekly drops offer more perspective. @Jat-One‘s style of providing numbers has now reached absolute height with all percentage drops and total provided, aka stealing the jobs of other members lol. @Thanos Legion EG barely holding on to 250k daily streaks. How many days does it have now? Thursday gonna be make or break point.
  10. A granted expansion in China at the time would certainly made the #1 movie WW goal accomplished much earlier. But like others mentioned, can’t ask much more from China when EG landed such a highly ludicrous release period that almost always reserved for local movies. In fact, I doubt we will see foreign/Hollywood movies getting that release date again in the near future. Sidenote: Thank goodness the biggest BO goal for EG is done. So tired of all the back and forth will it/won’t it baits, and pages of alts accounts conversing with each other.
  11. Almost forgot this one existed. We stan, right? Gonna be interesting to see an action movie from Ang Lee. It’s been quite a while since he directed one.
  12. Almost forgot this one is coming out cause I’ve been avoiding promos and spoilers. Definitely looking forward to the movie even more cause of the confirmed involvement of Digital Foot Technology.
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