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  1. Wow you already go that low. I’m still awaiting for signs of uptick in presales that it should have in the next 2 days. At the moment, thinking 135M 4-day.
  2. Let’s say it’s gonna made 350M domestic. So that leaves 350M for the rest of the world. Asian territories (including China) combined will be about $100M or less, and that if Japan can account for at least half that amount. South American countries total will be around $50M or under considering how it was for Rogue One. Europe should, in theory, as a SW-biased region, easily make 100M+ for Solo. But early presales indications from the OS threads don’t look encouraging either. 700M is a very good target for over/under at the moment. If domestic OW go below 110M for 3-day, then I’d say under is a pretty safe bet.
  3. Star Wars never have much of a presence in Asian countries, SK included, with the exception of Japan, which is understandable considering its aging population. Doesn’t help that the new Disney SW movies often time relying heavily on nostalgia that was never there for SK audience. And I like a few of the new characters, but I can see why they’re not appealing to the young generation who just got introduced to the franchise. I follow SK entertainments through music, movies, TV shows, etc... and I hardly ever see SW making a presence in pop cultures. Many other popular old Hollywood movies are well known and often referenced there. But not SW. TFA got the curiosity factor and had a respectable gross in SK, but the drop off shown in Rogue One and TLJ was staggering and telling. Solo better hope for Europe and Japan to turn up big, cause Asian and South America countries won’t.
  4. You should read them. All are very quality content. I can assure you. It could be better, but Lordmandeep is holding himself back to get ready for the long weekend ahead, so things are a bit lacking. But it’s quality nonetheless. Great works guys. Keep it up.
  5. That’s a hella generous multiplier off of previews. Why would the multiplier be 1.5x to almost double what a SW movie capable of?
  6. @Lordmandeep Is it a bit early to start your campaign toward a weekend ban? I mean, you’re doing great. But don’t get banned till we get a Friday number at least. Pace yourself, man.
  7. Number of showtimes for DP2 at my local theaters was about on par with GOTG2, which is why comparable presales point me to 19M predicts for its Thu previews. Considering the ways the weekend has been going for DP2, seems like my area was a pretty good representation for Sat as well. As for Solo, to have number of showtimes both under DP2 and GOTG2 is just not a good sign to me. Especially for a movie in the SW franchise no less.
  8. When’s the deadline @JB33? I’m a bit on the fence right now. If presales continue to be slow into Tuesday, then I think under AWE is a very very good bet.
  9. What’s your trajectory break down that can get IW to that number? LOL at Solo’s predict. You just want to watch the world burn, huh?
  10. Hmm, quite uncharacteristically muted increase for DP2 in Brazil compare to other South American territories. Maybe the bumps is bigger in lc?What’s the ER like for DP vs. DP2? @Fullbuster

    It only fell relatively big in UK (but still solid business all things considered) The rest of Europe (ones that have numbers reported) either stay flat or slight decrease (with Italy showed good growth) South Korea more than doubled DP’s opening while openings in Latin America countries showed increases ranging from 30% to 50%+ So I’m not surprised at the opening. And it’s a great number. Best ever for Foxmen in the OS markets I believe.

    176M OS opening is incredible. Did it open to all the major markets (minus Japan and China) this weekend? Any big ones left? I think 2.5x legs OS is reasonable for a finish around 440M. Plus 10M in Japan. So 450M. Could go higher but gotta factor in Solo (no matter how bad it might do) and Jurassic World releasing earlier in the OS markets.
  13. Lmao. So the Rth’s number was spot on. I admittedly overestimate Disney’s undying love for the 40% drops. But hey, it’s a learning process and a step in the right direction for Disney. After the million times of sticking with 40% Sun drops for BP, at least they show improvements with IW.
  14. If y’all want a true pessimistic prediction, then the one to ask is @fabiopazzo2. He will redefine the meaning of pessimistic for y’all.
  15. Aw, sorry about that. I was indeed kidding lol. Sarcasm is like 50% of how I go about with my posts on here lol. I’m so used to it that I don’t even think to add any connotations/indications. My bad.

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