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  1. Honestly, this is purrrfection. The trailer brought me back to life every and all of the 9 times I watched it. Tom Hooper is now my God. Bless.
  2. Boy, who would have thought there comes a day when Brett Ratner is vindicated.
  3. They seemed deliberate about including her in that random going to the mall scene with other young mutants, making it seems like she’s gonna be part of the new team. But then they ended up only including Nightcrawler, cause he has a helpful power I guess.
  4. Still had no idea why in Apocalypse, they wasted effort in making a point and cast the Asian girl for a literal nothing role. She appeared in like maybe 2 scenes just to show off that she wore the 80s version of the apparently iconic yellow jacket?
  5. 45M would be decent all things considered (bad presales, mediocre receptions/audience scores). Even with bad legs, surely 70M+ is reasonable?
  6. Read a recent Rolling Stone interview with Kinberg when he stated the main reason Wolverine is not in Dark Phoenix. According to him, even though everyone and their mothers who know the story of Dark Phoenix, and who would be expecting to see the “love story between Logan and Jean Grey” (lol wut?!), Hugh Jackman is just too old for Sophie Turner that it wouldn’t be right to involve him. Boy, that tell all about how much are Kinberg really aware about the story he’s touted and adapted twice.
  7. So what is Dark Phoenix looking at for 4-day opening? $40M?
  8. 7.5M is not really a projection but rather optimism which I’m banking on the holiday weekend to deliver Actually looking at numbers though, Parasite opened to around 3.4M admissions for 4-day weekend so I think around 2.5M admissions for Thu-Sun this week seems more in line. 13M finish will be tough. Summer days can help with the legs, but June is normally not the best summer time to maximize the legs. I think it was mentioned a couple days ago in the thread, but looking at top local movies, the overwhelming majority of highest grossing movies were released either in late July/early August or during December/January frames.
  9. Parasite is steadily doing well. Hoping for 7.5M+ admissions by end of this weekend.
  10. Oh, so not T’Challa’s love interest but his romantic rival. Okay, I can be on board with this.
  11. If they’re repeating the Magneto/Professor X’s [sexual] tension for the umpteenth time in this movie, did they at least finally resolve it with some explicit scene? Asking for a friend. @MrPink
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