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  1. It is. You should try it! Very easy to make too, not much effort required. It’s great how Bong used such a simple dish as a symbolism and statement about social classes.
  2. Yes! Song is the man. IMO a very versatile and charismatic actor. He obviously had done better roles but a personal favorite of mine is his character in The Good, The Bad, and The Weird. It was so fun. In fact, that was a great fun movie in general.
  3. Still reeling in the win for Bong. So deserving. Though I’m still awaiting the day my man Song Kang Ho aka the current best actor in the world to get more recognitions too.
  4. Been a fan of Bong for a long time. A #Bonghive as our forum calls it. So happy that he basically swept all the big awards last night. Personally, I think he had done better works than Parasite, but of the nominees this year, Parasite is still easily the best out of them so well deserved. Hopefully, this monumental win put him on the map for more people to check out his works. Looking forward to future projects from Bong. Such a great speech when he won Best Director, so down to earth and likable. Really love his shoutout to Quentin for having been rec-ing his
  5. I’m more concerned and creeped out by what looks to be a life-sized model of Wonder Woman in the back.
  6. With all these overnight fans of auteur film makings that Derrickson gathered, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to get to see the exclusive #releasethederricksonscut movement. Will be a first for MCU.
  7. I do wonder if Beta Ray Bill is gonna be in this movie. God, I hate that horseface. But if Taika wants to tap into that furries community then all the power to him.
  8. It looks dreadful. And whatever RDJ thinks he has going for that accent, he doesn’t have it. The dialogues coming from the animals seem the worst though. I’m usually good at enduring bad kids movie for my little cousins, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it through this one.
  9. Well, at least Scott Derrickson can take solace in finding out that he actually has fans who admired his ‘artistic’ craft and flair. All 2 or 3 of them in this thread.
  10. Let’s not beat around the bush and be real honest, this is the best news that came out of this movie yet.
  11. The way you just put your foot down is HOT. ...wait, you said no more homosexuality talk? Oops, sorry.
  12. Vin Diesel aiming for that Endgame nostalgia. Sounds pretty reasonable.
  13. I guess I can see 510-530 ‘boring’ in a sense that it’s not under 500M, which our forum would collectively declared as disaster, but then it’s also not quite upper 500s, which some would take as a win after all the doom and gloom. It’s like a bit middle ground. Hence ‘boring’. But yeah, under Rogue One is pretty bad.
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