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  1. Holy shit!!! Finally got around to seeing this.. The Short A++ and the movie A+++++++. Will be seeing this again love all the characters!! Joy and Sadness especially. Shoutout to Amy and Phyllis from the office.. Pixar Fucking shit up once again!!!
  2. Saw it twice this past week in Imax 3D! I don't understand the hate it's getting this shit had everything And then some.. Will be back for a few more slices.. A
  3. Gonna be a good year at the movies! Fast 7 is starting the domino effect and it's gonna continue all the way till Star Wars... mmmmmm we eatin. Movie was A1 btw.
  4. Throughly enjoyed the hell out of this!! Saw it in Imax! Definitely going back for 2nd's!! A+
  5. Would have to agree with both above me. Fun,exciting and thrilling ride. Will and Margot mmmmmmmmmmm my god. Can I get 2 table spoons of that please. A
  6. Can't Fucking wait!!! See cube son is playing him and damn whoevers playing eazy sound pretty spot on..
  7. Nice @ that number!! I work at AMC and this bitch has been selling out all week.
  8. ask me about my weiner!! -Jonah Hill

  9. A+ My favorite Marvel movie. I've seen it twice since friday and will go back for more. Shoutout to Mr.Gunn and the cast. Bring on GOTG 2 my soul is ready.
  10. Fuck everybody!! Jk but seriously y'all had me thinking this was Revenge of the fallen bad. I had a blast. Actually happy they rebooted it.. Got some fresh meat. If I had to rank this it would go T1, T3, This and way downnnnn ROTF... B+ though will go see again.
  11. This is the type of movie I didn't want to end. The cast was phenomenal. Will probably watch again tonight. A
  12. Whoa der boi (in my big sean voice). Lost for words. A
  13. Baby did you fart? Because you blow me away.. Saw it twice Thursday and Friday both times very nice in my borat voice. Liked the whole cast! Shout out to Rose Byrne she was funny and cute mmmmm. Will see this a 3rd time before it's all said and done.. A
  14. All this hatorade going around had me scared. I Fucking loved this. Perfect blend of Everything. 2nd viewing is a must for me.. A-
  15. Went in not reading any of the books. I thought it was good.. Love me some shailene, Most likely will see again. B+
  16. Saw this christmas day! So much fun. I sweat if Leo or my guy Jonah don't get any reconigtion for this backhands will be dealt. 10/10
  17. I wanted to like this but just couldn't it was all over. Needed more Ms.Wiig. not much too say, Saw at the end that Ben himself directed this should of let someome else do that.. 6/10
  18. To keep it short this was fuuuckin great. That 2 plus hours flew right by, Didn't want it to end. Bale,Adams(mmmmmm),Cooper and J.Law(god just sit on my face) all were exceptional!! A+
  19. Holy shit! This was above and beyond! Going to see it again on Friday as a double feature with American Hustle.and that scene LMFAO!!! A
  20. If anybody saw that Nintendo 64 christmas video that was my emotions throughout this movie! Fucking loved it. J.Law mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! And the supporting cast ok, I see you. No Jake Sully.. A+
  21. So what is the official #? I really thought this would be closer to DH1..
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