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  1. 37 minutes ago, wildphantom said:

    Great start for Venom. 
    Mind-boggling numbers for NTTD. That it’s likely heading for top five all-time after the 18 months we’ve had really does defy belief. 

    It would be like a movie making $600-700 million in the US during these times. Remarkable. 

    JB run here is like 1B++ in the US

  2. On 10/14/2021 at 3:59 PM, charlie Jatinder said:


    07-13 October 2021

    Rank Title WIR Admits
    1 No Time to Die 2 227,852
    2 Margrete den Første (dk) 4 42,621
    3 Dune 4 20,843
    4 Ternet Ninja 2 (dk) 8 20,644
    5 The Addams Family 2 1 9,967
    6 Paw Patrol: Filmen 7 6,181
    7 Forsvundet til Halloween (dk) 1 4,883
    8 After 3: After We Fell 6 3,032
    9 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 6 1,924
    10 Pagten (dk) 10 2,020



    NTTD 542,457 total. 2nd week 28% drop.

    Dune 171,067 total.

    Ternet Ninja 2 833,388 total.

    JB is doing good here. Look for increasing numbers next week for many movies

  3. 9 hours ago, el sid said:

    Liked it better when I watched it a second time (now I saw that I'm not the first person with that impression). Maybe I expected too much when I saw it for the first time. IMO the film is ok (6.5/10).
    PS: Didn't know that a 4th film exists. I saw 2 & 3 not long ago and yes, that one with the group wasn't bad either.

    A 4th🙃😄


    Including Freddy v Jason there were 8 movies before the remake. Plus a TV series that ran for 2-3 years. We got a lot of Freddy back them from 1984-1994

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  4. 12 hours ago, SnokesLegs said:

    Well, it definitely seems like Halloween Kills is getting screwed over in the UK. At my local Cineworld, it’s in the small/mid size screens and only has one more showing per day than Candyman is currently still getting. At The Light it’s got two showings per day in one of their smallest screens…


    I know it’s up against Bond and Venom, but you’d have thought it’d have at least got one of the bigger screens on a Friday/Saturday night.

    Same here in Denmark. Only a few evening screens in small rooms. JB and Venom are selling way to good

  5. 12 minutes ago, charlie Jatinder said:


    30 Sep - 6 Oct 2021

    Rank Title WIR Admits
    1 No Time to Die 1 314,605
    2 Margrete den Første (dk) 3 54,767
    3 Ternet Ninja 2 (dk) 7 31,498
    4 Dune 3 25,365
    5 Paw Patrol: Filmen 6 11,474
    6 After 3: After We Fell 5 4,203
    7 Pagten (dk) 9 4,138
    8 Respect 6 3,865
    9 Kandis for livet (dk) 2 2,503
    10 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 5 2,468



    NTTD added another 43K during weekdays. $6.3M 1st week.

    Dune drop 55% to 150,224 total. Full run shall go for 200-225k range.

    Ternet Ninja 3 mantains at #3. Total after 7 weeks is 812,744. Should easily add another 100-125k.


    Shang Chi manage in Top 10.

    Thanks for all your good work Charlie. In 8 days we have a long fall holiday break almost nationwide for 9 days straight days incl 2 weekends. Ticket sales will increase big time. Some movies will double. Its almost like Japans Golden week.

    Looks out for those numbers

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  6. 31 minutes ago, AJG said:


    Looks like we have a controversial movie on our hands. I thought that ending was a flop. 

    It's like watching one of those alternative scenes for a TV show a studio would film in order to hide the true ending from leaking (like when Smithers shot Mr Burns)



    It had no impact. No weight. It wasn't earned.

    i really agree with you all the way and i love the Simpsons compare. 
    MANY Bond fans will hate this movie and MANY will surely love it. But it wont`t go down in history as one of the good ones. This will not age well IMO

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  7. 2 hours ago, Nostalgia said:

    NO Time To Die is more and more of personal bond movie than what audience expect from a bond movie 


    Story is wafer thin and screenplay is painfully slow , runs more on interconnection of characters & melodrama with limited action , even things at stakes seems silly & uninteresting , only people who are etched into bond movies can connect with it.


    Though limited , action sequences are extremely well composed but not thrilling and no where to bond level. 


    Performances are top notch , but despite the run time all main characters (Female leads , Villains) are totally under utilised.     


    Cinematography , lighting is stunning but didn't have many wide or long shots needed for a Bond Film to take the feel of gorgeous locations and impressive ART WORK.


    Ending is silly , rushed , unnecessary and forceful , doesn't get the intended emotion or output it wants , again only people who are etched more into Bond only may connect.


    How I felt right after first viewing


    Casino Royale 4.5/5 G.O.A.T

    Skyfall 3.25/5 Good

    No Time to Die 2.75/5 Strictly Average

    Spectre 2.5/5 Below average

    Quantum of Solace 2/5 Flop





















    Totally agree with almost everything. They really fucked up the Craig era big time with this one. Horrible villan(s) and where is all the cool action that comes with such a long expensive movie??


    As a huge JB fan this really frustrates me.

    Did i really wait this long for this???

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  8. Like @wildphantom says




    But seriously. I hated it. And im the type that likes almost everything.
    It was to long and draaaaaged sometimes. I can`t say anymore without spoiling but i have a feeling that many Bond fans will hate this and as many will love it to death.

    There are so many wrong things with this movie IMO..


    Stay away from spoilers


    Im very very disapointed 


    3,5/10 for me

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